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World War III – Home Front by William C. Seigler (As Day Turns to Night Book 1)
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Overview: In America, it had been a long hard struggle since the Whisky Rebellion, and "We the People" were losing.
A hundred years ago, President Wilson and Congress sold us out to the bankers. President Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex had gone unheeded. Now the country found itself trillions of dollars in debt, the dollar virtually worthless, and half the population on the dole.
The war began with Israel attacking Iran’s nuclear power plants. The Iranian response was like nothing the world had ever seen.
Syria, Iran, and Russia were allied. China played its cards close to the vest. The west backed allies of Al Qaeda in Syria.
Years of pitting rich against poor, black against white against brown had left America fractured. The elites who thought themselves our rulers and the lapdog news media had turned American against American.
Then the executive branch decided it did not really need Congressional approval for anything and began to fill internment camps with anyone Washington considered a threat. This final act of oppression mobilized a large part of the country.
As the world fell into yet another world war, bands of patriots took up arms.
Genre: Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic


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