Download All Books Collection by Emery Hall (.ePUB)

All Books Collection by Emery Hall
Requirements: ePUB Reader / 4.1 MB
Genre: Erotic

  1. Back Door MILF_ A Lesbian Younger Woman and Sexy MILF Erotic Short
  2. Cam Girl Next-Door 1_ My Next-Door Cam Girl_ A Reverse Age Gap FF Erotic Short
  3. Cheating with the Handywoman 1_ A First Time Lesbian Erotic Short
  4. Cheating with the Handywoman 1-4_ The Full Collection
  5. Cheating with the Handywoman 2_ Close Call on the Countertops
  6. Cheating with the Handywoman 3_ Almost Caught in Her Marital Bed
  7. Cheating with the Handywoman 4_ Florence’s Final Decision
  8. Dirty Lesbian Doctor 1_ Medical Exam with the Lesbian Physician
  9. Dirty Lesbian Doctor 2_ First Time Medical Exam From Behind
  10. Lesbian Boss Babes_ Pleasing My Hot Lesbian Boss
  11. Lesbian Boss Babes_ Punished From Behind by My Lesbian Boss
  12. Lesbian Boss Babes_ Ruined by My Hot Older Lesbian Boss
  13. Lesbian Boss Babes_ Taken from Behind by My Older Lesbian Boss
  14. Lesbian Boss Babes_ Teased After Hours by My Lesbian Boss
  15. Naughty Lesbian Professors_ Pleasing My Professor_ First-Time Lesbian Explorations
  16. Naughty Lesbian Professors_ Pleasing My Professor_ Lessons with the Lesbian Librarian
  17. Naughty Lesbian Professors_ Pleasing My Professor_ One-Night Stand with My Lesbian Professor
  18. Naughty Lesbian Professors_ Pleasing My Professor_ Student Turned Lesbian By Her Hot Older Professor
  19. Naughty Lesbian Professors_ Pleasing My Professor_ Taken from Behind by My Lesbian Professor
  20. Not Just Roommates_ An Erotic Lesbian First Time Experience
  21. Rescued by the MILF_ Summer Fling With a Hot Older Lesbian
  22. Straight to Lesbian Experiment 1-3_ The Full Collection
  23. Straight to Lesbian Experiment 1_ Straight Girl Topped and Turned Gay by Her Hot Butch Best Friend
  24. Straight to Lesbian Experiment 2_ A Hot Halloween Hook-Up
  25. Straight to Lesbian Experiment 3_ Sexy Secretary’s Turned Gay by Her Hot Boss

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Download All Books Collection by Ava Hayes (.ePUB)

All Books Collection by Ava Hayes
Requirements: ePUB Reader / 138.6 MB
Genre: Erotic

  1. 3 Short Swaps_ Gender Transformation, Switching
  2. 8 Swap Stories_ Transformation, Gender Swap, Switching
  3. A Day at the Beach_ Gender Swap
  4. A Dream Come True_ Step-Sister Switch
  5. A Night To Remember_ Gender Swap
  6. All In_ First Time Feminization
  7. Animal Cross(dress)ing I_ First Time Gender Change
  8. Animal Cross(dress)ing I-II_ Collection
  9. Animal Cross(dress)ing II_ First Time Feminization
  10. Bachelorette _ First Time Feminization
  11. Bachelorette Party_ First Time Feminization
  12. Beach Babes_ First Time Gender Change
  13. Bear Trap_ First Time Feminization
  14. Becoming Belle _ First Time Feminization
  15. Becoming Brittney_ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  16. Becoming Chad’s Girl_ Gender Transformation
  17. Becoming Chloe_ First Time Feminization
  18. Becoming My Boss’s Daughter _ Crossdressing, First Time Feminization
  19. Becoming My Twin Sister_ First Time Feminization
  20. Becoming The Heiress 2_ Gender Swap
  21. Becoming The Heiress_ Genderswap
  22. Bosom Buddies_ Gender Transformation
  23. Changed_ On The Run
  24. Christmas Party Transformation_ Gender Transformation
  25. College Girls _ 5 Book Genderswap Bundle
  26. Come Inside_ Gender Swap
  27. Come With Me_ 8 Book Bundle, Transformation, Gender Swap
  28. Couples Therapy_ Gender Transformation
  29. Cowgirls_ Gender Swap
  30. Daniel’s Dress_ Gender Transformation
  31. Daniel’s First Movie _ Crossdressing, First Time Feminization
  32. Dirty Cop_ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  33. Dirty Girls_ First Time Feminization
  34. Dolled Up_ Transformation, Gender Change
  35. Drag Me To Heaven_ First Time Feminization
  36. Dress Up Doll_ First Time Feminization
  37. Enchanted_ Genderswap, Transformation
  38. Euro Trip_ French Kiss Part 1, Gender Swap
  39. Euro Trip_ French Kiss Part 2, Gender Swap
  40. Euro Trip_ French Kiss Part 3, Genderswap
  41. Exploration_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  42. Feminized Behind Bars
  43. Feminized By My Boss
  44. Feminized By My GF_ First Time Feminization
  45. Feminized By My Sugar Daddy_ First Time Feminization
  46. Feminized By The Rockstar_ First Time Feminization
  47. Feminized From Dork To Diva_ First Time Feminization
  48. Feminized On Film_ First Time Feminization
  49. First Time_ Gender Swap, Transformation
  50. Follow Me_ First Time Gender Change
  51. From Stud To Starlet _ Genderswap
  52. Full Service_ Gender Change
  53. Gender Fantasy_ 10 Books, First Time, Feminization, Transformation. Bodyswap, Gender Switch
  54. Gender Play_ 8 Books, First Time Gender Change,
  55. Getting Dirty_ Crossdressing, First Time Feminization
  56. Girls Have More Fun_ 5 Book Bundle, Genderswap, Transformation
  57. Guilty Pleasure_ First Time Feminization
  58. Happy Ending_ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  59. Hypnotized _ First Time Feminization
  60. Locked Up & Transformed_ Genderswap, Feminization
  61. Magic Wand_ Gender Transformation
  62. Making The Billionaire Pay_ First Time Gender Change
  63. Masquerade Magic_ First Time Gender Change
  64. Mistaken Identity_ Gender Swap
  65. Mister to Mistress_ First Time Feminization
  66. My Christmas Transformation_ Transformation, Gender Change
  67. My Genderswap Christmas_ First Time Feminization
  68. My Stepsister’s Plaything_ First Time Feminization
  69. My Summer Transformation 1_ Genderswap, Transformation
  70. My Summer Transformation 2_ Summer Switch_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  71. Naughty Girls _ 5 Book Genderswap Bundle
  72. New Year’s Kiss_ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  73. New Year’s Transformation_ Gender Swap
  74. One Little Pill_ Genderswap
  75. Operation Femme_ First Time Feminization
  76. Passport To Pleasure_ Gender Transformation
  77. Pauper To Princess_ First Time Feminization
  78. Penthouse Suite_ First Time Feminization
  79. Pleasure Palace_ Gender Swap
  80. Possessed By Paige_ Crossdressing, Feminization
  81. Punk Rock Girl _ First Time Feminization
  82. Red Light District_ Bodyswap
  83. Remote Control 1_ Transformation, Gender Change
  84. Remote Control 2_ Transformation, Gender Change
  85. Santa’s Little Helper _ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  86. Second Chance 1_ Gender Swap
  87. Second Chance 1-3_ Collection_ Gender Swap
  88. Second Chance 2_ Starting Over_ Genderswap
  89. Second Chance 3_ The Journey Begins
  90. Secret Fantasies _ 8 Books, Gender Transformation, First Time Feminization, Bodyswap
  91. Sensual Swaps_ 5 Book Genderswap Bundle
  92. Shooting Star Switch_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  93. Sissy Nanny_ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  94. Someone’s Watching_ A First Time Feminization Novella
  95. Sorority Girl_ Gender Swap
  96. Sorority Sister_ First Time Feminization
  97. Spa Day_ Transformation, Gender Change
  98. Splashed!_ Gender Transformation
  99. Stimulus Check_ Gender Transformation
  100. Summer Dreams_ Gender Swap, Transformation
  101. Summer Job _ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing
  102. Supernatural Switch_ Bodyswap
  103. Swap Stories _ 8 Book Bundle
  104. Switched & Swapped Anthology_ First Time Feminization, Transformation, Gender Swap
  105. Switched By A Wish_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  106. Switched By Aliens_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  107. Switched by the Stars_ Bodyswap, Gender Swap
  108. Switched By The Witch_ Body Swap, Gender Change
  109. Switched Collection_ Body Swap, Gender Change, Crossdressing, Feminization
  110. Switched With My Best Friend _ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  111. Switched With My Classmate_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  112. Switched With My College Professor_ Bodyswap, Gender swap
  113. Switched With My Crush_ Feminization, Gender Swap
  114. Switched With My Secretary _ Bodyswap, Gender Swap
  115. Switched With My Stepsister_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  116. Switched With My Teacher_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  117. Switched With The Cheerleader_ Gender Change, BodySwap
  118. Switched With The College Girl_ Body Swap, Gender Change
  119. Switched With The Femmebot_ Gender Change, Feminization
  120. Switched With The Girl Next Door_ First Time Gender Change
  121. Switched With The Homecoming Queen_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  122. Switched With The Pleasure-bot_ Gender Swap
  123. Switched With The Prom Queen_ Gender Change, Body Swap
  124. Switched With The Schoolgirl_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  125. Switched With The Supermodel_ Bodyswap
  126. Switched_ By My College Professor
  127. The Chase_ A Genderswap Novel
  128. The Christmas Collection_ Gender Transformation
  129. The Crossdressing Collection_ Crossdressing, Gender Swap, First Time Feminization
  130. The Experiment_ Gender Change, Transformation
  131. The Feminization Collection_ First Time Feminization, Gender Swap, Transformation
  132. The Gender Swap Collection_ First Time Feminization, Crossdressing, Gender Swap, Transformation
  133. The Genderbender Chronicles_ 10 Books, Transformation, Genderswap Bodyswap, Feminization
  134. The Genderswap Collection_ 8 Books, First Time Feminization, Transformation, Bodyswap, Gender Change
  135. The Girli App_ Gender Transformation
  136. The Good, The Bad And The Sissies_ Welcome To Chez Femme
  137. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Feminization_ Feminization, Gender Change
  138. The Little Pink Pill_ Gender Change, Transformation
  139. The Magic Switch_ Bodyswap
  140. The Oasis_ Gender Change, Transformation
  141. The Perfect Getaway _ Gender Swap
  142. The Pink Drink_ Transformation, Gender Change
  143. The Ritual Switch_ Gender Swap, Switching
  144. The Spy Who Transformed Me_ Gender Change, Transformation
  145. The Switch Glitch_ Gender Change, Transformation
  146. The Switch_ Genderswap, Feminization
  147. The Transformation Bundle_ Feminization, Gender Change, Transformation, Crossdressing
  148. The Transformation Cafe_ Gender Change, Feminization
  149. The Transformation Diary _ A Gender Swap Novella
  150. The Transformation Diet_ Gender Change, Feminization
  151. The Transformation Files Part 1_ Bodyswap, Gender Change
  152. The Transformation Game_ Feminization, Gender Change
  153. The Transformation Ring_ Transformation, Gender Change
  154. The Transformation Tales_ 10 Books, First Time Feminization, Crossdressing, Gender Change, Bodyswap
  155. The Transformation_ A Feminization and Gender Change Novella
  156. The Ultimate Gender Change Collection_ 25 Books, First Time Feminization, Bodyswap, Transformation, Crossdressing
  157. The Ultimate Genderbender Anthology _ 25 Books, Transformation, First Time Feminization, Genderswap
  158. The Ultimate Genderbender Bundle_ 25 Books, Transformation, Feminization, Bodyswap
  159. The Ultimate Genderbender Collection_ 25 Books, First Time Feminization, Crossdressing, Gender Change, Bodyswap
  160. The Ultimate Genderbender Megabundle_ 50 Books, Gender Transformation, Crossdressing, Bodyswap, First Time Feminization
  161. The Ultimate Genderswap Collection_ 20 Books, First Time Feminization, Crossdressing, Bodyswap, Gender Change
  162. The Ultimate Transformation Collection_ 25 Books, First Time Feminization, Crossdressing, Gender Change, Bodyswap
  163. The Vixen Vaccine_ Transformation, Gender Change
  164. The Wish_ Genderswap, Transformation
  165. Trained To Please_ Gender Swap
  166. Transformation Hotel_ Feminization, Gender Change
  167. Transformation Island_ Feminization, Gender Change
  168. Transformation Magic_ Gender Change, Transformation
  169. Transformation Tech_ Gender Change, Transformation
  170. Transformation Treats_ First Time Gender Change
  171. Transformation Vacation_ Feminization, Gender Change
  172. Transformed At The Rave_ Transformation, Gender Change
  173. Transformed By Aliens_ Genderswap, Transformation
  174. Transformed By My Teacher_ Feminization, Gender Change
  175. Transformed By My Trainer_ Feminization, Gender Change
  176. Transformed From Geek To Goddess_ Gender Change, Transformation
  177. Transformed From Warrior To Wench_ Transformation, Gender Change
  178. Transformed_ Gender Transformation
  179. Transforming The Student_ Gender Change, Transformation
  180. Transforming The Tough Guy_ Gender Change, Transformation
  181. Transforming The Troop_ Feminization, Gender Change
  182. Under The Influencer_ First Time Feminization
  183. Undercover_ Crossdressing, Feminization
  184. Virtual Paradise_ First Time Gender Change
  185. Virtually Transformed _ Gender Transformation
  186. Voodoo Doll_ Gender Transformation
  187. Were-Girl_ Transformation, Gender Change
  188. Wild Ride_ Crossdressing, First Time Feminization

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Download Fishboys of Vernazza (Short Stories) by John Sam Jones (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Fishboys of Vernazza (short stories) by John Sam Jones (2003)
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 617 kb
Overview: Moving through city steam rooms, rugged north Wales mountains and estuaries facing other places, the young men in this collection make choices. Risky sex, new romance and easy understanding, a mortgage on a semi or keeping a lid on it all for the sake of family, status and belief… These sensual stories by prize-winning author John Sam Jones reveal a lucid prose, etched with echoes of the sea that signal eternity in very different worlds.

“Those who enjoyed Welsh Boys Too will find that Fishboys of Vernazza is even better. These ten stories are sometimes poignant, often witty and always perceptive.”
Genre: Collections > Fiction > Short Stories (Single Author) > Lgbtq+ > Gay


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Download Ace Anthology series by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (.ePUB)

Ace Anthology series by Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (Editors)(#01~37)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 12 MB
Overview: Jack Dann is an American writer best known for his science fiction, an editor and a writing teacher, who has lived in Australia since 1994. He has published over seventy books, in the majority of cases as editor or co-editor of story anthologies in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. He has published nine novels, numerous shorter works of fiction, essays and poetry and his books have been translated into thirteen languages. His work, which includes fiction in the science fiction, fantasy, horror, magical realism and historical and alternative history genres, has been compared to Jorge Luis Borges, Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll, J.G. Ballard and Philip K. Dick.

Gardner Raymond Dozois is an American science fiction author and editor. He is the founding editor of The Year’s Best Science Fiction anthologies (1984–present) and was editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine (1984 – 2004), garnering multiple Hugo and Locus Awards for those works almost every year. He has also won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story twice. He was inducted by the Science Fiction Hall of Fame on June 25, 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Short Stories, Anthologies


Ace Anthology series
Jack Dann and Gardner Dozois have jointly edited a series of themed science fiction and fantasy anthologies, published by Ace Books. The series has been published since 1982, usually with one or two volumes per year, with 35 volumes as of 2007. The series was originally known as the "Magic Tales Anthology Series" until 1995. Before that time, each of the volumes was themed around a certain type of "magic" entities; this guideline was abandoned in 1996 when the series switched its focus to more strictly science fiction themes, beginning with Hackers. The stories selected for the books tend to be reprints of previously published stories, some of them decades old. Each book has a preface by the editors, along with a short introduction for each of the stories, focused on other works by the story’s author.

    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 01 Unicorns!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 02 Bestiary!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 03 Mermaids!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 04 Sorcerers!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 05 Demons!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 06 Magicats
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 07 Dogtales!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 08 Seaserpents!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 09 Genometry
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 10 Little People!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 11 Magicats II
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 12 Unicorns II.
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 13 Dragons!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 14 Invaders!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 15 Horses!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 16 Angels!
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 17 Dinosaurs II
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 18 Hackers
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 19 Timegates
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 20 Clones
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 21 Immortals
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 22 Nanotech
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 23 Armageddons
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 24 Future War.
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 25 Aliens Among Us
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 26 Genometry
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 27 Space Soldiers
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 28 Future Sports
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 29 Beyond Flesh
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 30 Future Crimes
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 31 A I s
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 32 Robots
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 33 Futures Past
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 34 Dangerous Games
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 35 Beyond Singularity
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 36 The Dragon Book
    Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois (ed) – 37 Wizards

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Download Collection of 57 Books by Donald E. Westlake (.ePUB)

Donald E. Westlake Collection (All were edited by me and many of the novels were fully edited/created by me)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 41,808 KB
Overview: Donald Edwin Westlake (July 12, 1933 – December 31, 2008) was an American writer with more than one hundred novels and non-fiction books to his credit. He specialized in crime fiction, especially comic capers, with an occasional foray into science fiction and other genres. Westlake created two professional criminal characters who each starred in a long-running series: the relentless, hardboiled Parker (published under the pen name Richard Stark), and John Dortmunder, who featured in a more humorous series. He was a three-time Edgar Award winner and, alongside Joe Gores and William L. DeAndrea, was one of few writers to win Edgars in three different categories (1968, Best Novel, God Save the Mark; 1990, Best Short Story, "Too Many Crooks"; 1991, Best Motion Picture Screenplay, The Grifters). In 1993, the Mystery Writers of America named Westlake a Grand Master, the highest honor bestowed by the society.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


As Sheldon Lord and Andrew Shaw:
A Girl Called Honey – Lawrence Block & Donald E Westlake (as Sheldon Lord and as Andrew Shaw)
Sin Hellcat – Lawrence Block & Donald E Westlake (as Andrew Shaw)
So Willing – Lawrence Block & Donald E Westlake (as Sheldon Lord and as Andrew Shaw)

As Tucker Coe:
01 Kinds of Love, Kinds of Death – Tucker Coe
02 Murder Among Children – Tucker Coe
03 Wax Apple – Tucker Coe
04 A Jade in Aries – Tucker Coe
05 Don’t Lie to Me – Tucker Coe

Philip – Donald E Westlake

Dortmunder Series:
08 Don’t Ask – Donald E Westlake
12 Watch Your Back! – Donald E Westlake
13 What’s So Funny – Donald E Westlake
Horse Laugh – Donald E Westlake
Now What – Donald E Westlake

Grofield Series:
08b The Damsel – Richard Stark
10b The Dame – Richard Stark
12b The Blackbird – Richard Stark
14b Lemons Never Lie (HCC-022) – Richard Stark

The Getaway Car – Donald E Westlake

361 (HCC-009) – Donald E Westlake
A Likely Story – Donald E Westlake
Anarchaos – Donald E Westlake (Curt Clark)
Baby, Would I Lie – Donald E Westlake
Brother and Sister – Donald E Westlake (as Edwin West)
Brothers Keepers – Donald E Westlake
Comfort Station – Donald E Westlake (as J Morgan Cunningham)
Cops and Robbers – Donald E Westlake
Dancing Aztecs (aka A New York Dance) – Donald E Westlake
Ex Officio – Donald E Westlake (as Timothy J Culver)
Gangway – Donald E Westlake, Brian Garfield
God Save The Mark – Donald E Westlake
Help, I Am Being Held Prisoner – Donald E Westlake
High Adventure – Donald E Westlake
Humans – Donald E Westlake
Killy – Donald E Westlake
Levine – Donald E Westlake
Man Hungry – Donald E Westlake
Memory (HCC-064) – Donald E Westlake
Sacred Monster – Donald E Westlake
The Busy Body – Donald E Westlake
The Comedy Is Finished (HCC-105) – Donald E Westlake
The Cutie (aka The Mercenaries and The Smashers) (HCC-053) – Donald E Westlake
Trust Me on This – Donald E Westlake
Under An English Heaven – Donald E Westlake

Sam Holt Series:
01 One of Us is Wrong – Samuel Holt
02 I Know a Trick Worth Two of That – Samuel Holt
03 What I Tell You Three Times is False – Samuel Holt
04 The Fourth Dimension is Death – Samuel Holt

Short Stories:
Collected Stories – Donald E Westlake
Heaven – Donald E Westlake
Short Stories – Donald E Westlake
Starship Hopeful (Vol 1-6) – Donald E Westlake
Take it Away – Donald E Westlake
The Risk Profession – Donald E Westlake
The Sweetest Man in the World – Donald E Westlake
The Winner – Donald E Westlake
They Also Serve – Donald E Westlake

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