Download WAVO: Transcriber for WhatsApp v1.6 b7 [Platinum]

WAVO: Transcriber for WhatsApp v1.6 b7 [Platinum]
Requirements: 7.0 and up
Overview: WAVO: Transcriber for WhatsApp is the ultimate tool for anyone who wants to transcribe voice messages for WhatsApp. With support for over 90 languages our app is highly accurate and incredibly easy to use making it the perfect solution

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With WAVO you can easily transcribe your voice messages with just a few taps. Our app offers fast and reliable speech to text converting with high accuracy ensuring that your transcribed text is as accurate as possible. Plus with support for over 90 languages you can transcribe messages in almost all languages.

WAVO is not only limited to converting speech to text for WhatsApp voice messages but can also transcribe audio files saved on your phone. This makes it even more convenient to transcribe important recordings for work school or personal use.

Key features of Transcriber for WhatsApp include:

– Transcriber for WhatsApp: Easily convert the voice of WhatsApp voice messages to text.
– Support for over 90 languages: Transcribe messages in almost any language with high accuracy.
– Fast transcription process: Save time and increase productivity with our efficient transcription process.
– Convert voice to text of audio files saved on your phone

Our app is perfect for anyone who needs to transcribe their WhatsApp voice messages or audio files quickly and accurately. Whether you’re a student professional or just someone who wants to keep track of important conversations WAVO is the perfect tool for you. With our powerful transcription capabilities and user-friendly interface Transcriber for WhatsApp is an excellent tool that simplifies the process of transcribing audio files and voice messages on WhatsApp.

The WAVO: Transcriber for WhatsApp app provide easy conversion of voice messages to text from WhatsApp making it an excellent tool for individuals seeking a straightforward method of transcribing such voice messages or audio files.

Platinum subscription unlocked;
Cleaned & Optimised apk;
Ignore subscription/purchase banners;
Modded By ZackModz

Whats New:
Bug fixes.
Android 14 support.
Billing 6.0.1.

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Download Chatbot AI – Ask AI anything v3.3.5 b335 [Premium] [Mod]

Chatbot AI – Ask AI anything v3.3.5 b335 [Premium] [Mod]
Requirements: 5.0 and up
Overview: Introducing the newest and smartest way to chat – a mobile app powered by the advanced GPT-3 & GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 technology. This app lets you have engaging conversations with an AI chatbot that can provide you with insightful and accurate answers.

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With the power of GPT-3 & GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 the AI chatbot can understand and respond to a wide range of questions making it the perfect companion for anyone who values intelligence and convenience. You can ask the chatbot anything from general knowledge questions to personal queries and it will provide you with a thoughtful response. The AI chatbot is designed to understand the context of your questions allowing it to give you personalized answers that are relevant to your needs.

The app is user-friendly and easy to use. Simply open the app and start typing your question and the AI chatbot will respond in real-time. You can have a conversation with the chatbot just as you would with a human and the chatbot’s responses are designed to be natural and engaging. The app also saves your previous conversations so you can go back and refer to them whenever you want.

– AI chatbot powered by GPT-3 & GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 technology providing smart and accurate answers to all your questions
– User-friendly interface allowing for seamless and engaging conversations with the chatbot
– Ability to understand and respond to a wide range of questions including general knowledge and personal queries
– Real-time responses that are natural and engaging
– Contextual understanding of questions allowing for personalized answers
– Option to save previous conversations for future reference
– Ideal for those who value intelligence and convenience
– The perfect solution for anyone looking for information advice or just a casual conversation.

This mobile app is the perfect solution for anyone who values intelligence and convenience. Whether you’re looking for information advice or just want to have a conversation the AI chatbot powered by GPT-3 & GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 technology will provide you with smart relevant answers that will leave you impressed and satisfied. So why wait? Download the app today and start chatting with the smartest AI chatbot on the market!

* This application is not officially associated with any third-party application or company and it does not purport to represent any such entities in any manner. The purpose of this application is solely to provide a mobile interface for interacting with an AI chatbot.

* This app is not Chat GPT itself but rather a software developed using the publicly available OpenAI GPT model. We were granted permission to use OpenAI’s API on GPT 3.5 GPT 4 model for the purpose of developing this application.

* We wish to emphasize that no data utilized by this application is collected or saved by us.

Mod info:
◉ Premium / Paid Features Unlocked;
◉ Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Services;
◉ Rating Popup Disabled;
◉ Onboarding / Intro Activity Removed / Disabled;
◉ Promo Apps removed from the settings tab;
◉ AOSP compatible (No Google);
◉ Optimised resources;
◉ Manifest and APK root path cleaned;
◉ Debug code removed including .sources Tags;
◉ Original package signature changed;
➥ Modded by ZackModz

Whats New:
No changelog.

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Download Journey: Diary, Journal v5.2.0H-play [Premium]

Journey: Diary, Journal v5.2.0H-play [Premium]
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Overview: Join millions of Journey users and create a healthier, happier mind. A sanctuary for your mind and soul, Journey will help increase your positive energy, be more grateful and a calmer mind by building healthy thinkings through journaling.

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Journal for your Mind & Soul. Google Editors’ Choice

Join millions of Journey users and create a healthier, happier mind. A sanctuary for your mind and soul, Journey will help increase your positive energy, be more grateful and a calmer mind by building healthy thinkings through journaling.

We’re more than just a journal, or a diary; we’re your own motivational coach and happiness trainer. Let’s embark on a fabulous journey of self-improvement today.

Top Reasons You Need Journey:

⁃ Want to find a place to keep daily reflections privately
⁃ Want to pour your feelings/brain dump
⁃ Want to keep a affirmation and gratitude list
⁃ Struggle to maintain a journaling routine
⁃ Want to get out of depression
⁃ Have anxiety and cannot calm the thoughts in your mind
⁃ Track the achievements you’ve made in life

Journey Benefits:

⁃ Focus and Concentration
⁃ Better Sleep
⁃ Managing Stress
⁃ Calming Anxieties and Meditation
⁃ Happiness
⁃ Healthier Mind
⁃ Better Habits
⁃ Motivation

Integrated Coaching:

Ready for a healthier mind? Take your life to a new level by using our integrated journaling prompts by Journey coach:

⁃ Inspire Me
"One good quote is worth a book". Receive daily inspirational quotes by famous people. Think and write how the idea applies to your life.

⁃ Gratitude 365
"Whether you appreciated and give thanks for will increase in your life". Write 3 things you are grateful based on a topic of the day.

⁃ Love & relationship
Reflect on your romantic relationship and identify habits that you need to build, problems that you need to fix, and the issues that you need to prevent in your relationship.

And More…

Journey Features:

⁃ Sync to cloud via Google Drive
⁃ Passcode and fingerprint protected
⁃ Available on mobile, desktop and web
⁃ Integrate Journey coach: a daily/weekly journaling prompt
⁃ Beginners step-by-step guide to journaling
⁃ View entries in timeline, calendar, map
⁃ Advanced search: Activity, mood, favorites
⁃ Compose entries via email
⁃ Link to Zapier

To learn about Journey, please visit this page:

Permissions Required
⁃ ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: Determine precise location to retrieve places and weather
⁃ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Import diary entry
⁃ WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Export and share journal entry

Note -Coach programs are not unlocked.
– Google Login Will Not Work

What’s New:
* Interlink entries: Copy entry Uri and insert a link in body text to link between entries
* Custom templates: Save and use your own custom templates
* Duplicate your entries
* Bug fix: Handle other cloud services
* Display sync status of entry

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Download Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader v1.2.0.34 [Premium]

Flexcil Notes & PDF Reader v1.2.0.34 [Premium]
Requirements: 8.0+
Overview: Easy Note-taking! Markup PDF, make your own notebook, memo & digital planner!


Flexcil: The world’s ultimate note-taking & PDF reader for Android

Experience the best note-taking app loved by 3 million users!
Whether you’re taking notes, reading PDF document, editing notebook, managing memo or creating your own digital planner – use Flexcil!

Boost your document productivity with Flexcil!

Highlight easily and capture images or text in the documents or scribble notes with pen gestures.
With gestures, summarizing documents into a notebook becomes more efficient.

☆ Selected by Apple and Samsung
● Flexcil is on the iPad displayed in Apple’s offline store as a demo app
● Featured more than 20 times as a ‘Featured App’ by Apple Appstore in the U.S., China, the U.K., Japan, Germany, Australia, and Thailand.
● Selected to join Samsung Electronics’ startup acceleration program ‘C-Lab Outside’

● Edit, annotate and organize PDF documents & Notebook
● Beautiful handwriting with vector-based pen engine
● Organize and manage your documents AND notes
● Summarize your ideas on notebook
● Endless pen colors, sizes, and fonts that can help your effective note-taking
● Instantly open any PDF documents for reading and studying
● Zoom to read small text

● Capture everything on the documents to your notes
● Save your time – Link between the original source and captured text or image is automatically created
● Pinpoint every data on the documents from your study notes

● Provide pleasant experience when reading PDF or taking notes with Pen Gesture mode – FLEXCIL EXCLUSIVE
● Easily highlight and underline text on the documents with GESTURES – You ONLY need 2 STEPS!
● Drag and paste text to the PDF documents or notebook flawlessly.
● Add text and annotate with ease
● Capture images and documents to the notes smoothly
● Annotate PDF documents can’t be more simple
● Improved the tiring, old fashioned way of note-taking which results in wrist or palm pain

● Use Flexcil while other apps are open – view PDF and take notes at the same time during class!
● Simply drag & drop text or image from other apps to PDF or notes
● Edit to PDFs at once
● Advanced view options that boost your productivity when reading documents or taking notes : full screen view, vertical scroll, view 4 pages, and so much more

● Create digital planner pages with ease
● Hundreds of colors and pen stroke sizes that enrich your note-taking process
● Aesthetic note covers & templates
● Endless creativity ー perfect for artist, writer, student, teacher, researcher, or anyone that wants to make note-taking more fun
● Proven to boost productivity & pleasant note-taking experience

● Zoom
● Notion
● Google Classroom
● Google Drive
● Dropbox
● Box
● Digital Textbook
● ebooks
● and more!

● Simulate real-life note-taking by using S-Pen – easy to use for all ages
● Guarantees ZERO touch malfunctions when taking notes
● Support S-Pen button & Air Actions – Enhance convenience of PDF reading and note-taking experience even further

Take your note-taking to the next level with Flexcil.
Download the most comprehensive, easy to use, and innovative study tool on the Google Play Store today!

What’s New:
Additional [2024 Undated Planner] provided only to premium customers

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Download Headway: 15-Min Book Summaries v3.26.0 b32600000 [Subscribed]

Headway: 15-Min Book Summaries v3.26.0 b32600000 [Subscribed]
Requirements: 6.0 and up
Overview: More than 18 million people have already joined the Headway community to become the best versions of themselves. How about hopping along on this self-growth journey?

Image Image


• 1500+ books summaries with the world’s best ideas
Learn the main insights from any nonfiction title in less than 15 minutes. Whether you want to listen or read we have you covered with concise summaries on any topic.

• Personal growth plan
Set your goals and start a 30-day personal growth plan. Track your progress learn new skills at your own pace and enjoy the process of becoming a better you!

• Gamified challenges
Boost any life area with our gamified challenges: Success Wealth Healthy Relationships Modern Parenting Self-Confidence Emotional Intelligence and many more. Choose the area you want to improve and follow the challenge to see excellent results in less than a month.

• Daily insights
Start your day by tapping through a portion of daily wisdom. It’s the best way to enhance your morning routine and maintain a learning habit.

• Spaced Repetition feature
This recall technique helps turn your favorite insights into flashcards and go through them whenever you want. It’s also an excellent tool for those learning English as you can turn any unknown word into a flashcard and quickly memorize it.

• Highly personalized approach
We pick every piece of bite-sized content according to your goals and needs.

• Quality of summaries
Our professional writers and editors polish every key idea in our hand-crafted content to create the best learning experience.

• Inspiring & motivating
• Huge library of book summaries
• Easy to read & listen
• Would recommend

Headway is a bite-sized learning app for those who strive to grow. Helping users worldwide to become happier and more confident their subscription-based service is designed to be worked into a busy schedule. — Daily Mail

Professional writers and editors of the Headway team up with the best voice actors moderators and other team members to deliver an experience that is unmatchable in terms of quality. — Mobile App Daily

Whether you’re taking a 15 minutes break commuting to and from the workplace or stuck in traffic you can use the app to learn productivity or leadership hacks. — MakeUseOf

Got an idea about how to make your growth with Headway better? Please email and our Support Jedis will pass it on to the rest of the team.

Whats New:
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