Download Edge of Darkness by M.A. Church (.ePUB)

Edge of Darkness by M.A. Church (Dragons of San DeLain Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 358 kb
Overview: Sometimes the dragon gods make mistakes.

That’s the best rationale Hudson can come up with. How else can he account for the fact that the one he’s falling in love with is not his fated mate? Getting involved with someone he doesn’t share a soul bond with could be devastating, but Hudson is willing to take the risk. Connie is his and nothing will stand in his way of having him.

Sometimes the dragon gods might be more clever than anyone gives them credit for.

A sassy human stumbles into Hudson and Connie’s life, upsetting their very existence. How can Hudson and Connie have a soul bond to Kit… but not each other? Are the Fates drunk? Or testing them? Dragons are possessive creatures, and that’s before adding in one of them is a thousand-year-old royal in charge of the dragons of San DeLain.

Sometimes it’s better not to question the dragon gods.

But things aren’t always as they appear. Danger stalks the streets of San DeLain in the form of an old enemy once thought dead. What’s real? What isn’t? As Kit struggles with a nightmare from his past, Hudson and Connie try to figure out how to keep their very breakable human in one-piece and happy. Fate is a tricky, tricky thing, and sometimes?
Well, sometimes Hudson has just gotta trust the dragon gods as the darkness edges closer.
Genre: Romance MM


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Download God Class II by N.J. Evans (.ePUB)

God Class II by N.J. Evans (Saga of the God Class Book 2)
Requirements: epub reader, 411 kb
Overview: The first battle of an old Emperor versus a new God is over, but the war has only just started.

Silas has survived his first days on Galleon as the new Deity, but only barely. The power he wields, that same power that he can pass on to others, has put him in a difficult position, as now those he trusts tries to obtain some of it for themselves. After experiencing the pain and loss they have experienced, he begins to wonder if gifting them with a Class of their own will be their salvation, or their undoing.

Meanwhile, Emperor Rainier toils against new powers against him and plans for how to crush it before it spreads. Using his own tainted blood, he works to create a force to overwhelm his opposition against those he sees as threats to the peace he fought to achieve.

The long awaited sequel to God Class will see new Demi-Gods brought into power, new horrors of the tainted blood appear, and the rise and fall of rebel houses against the conquering empire of Rainier. Throughout this, Silas, the new Deity of this world, will have to face the consequences of his actions and learn what it means to be a God.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Prince of Vice by Ivy Wild (.ePUB)

Prince of Vice by Ivy Wild (Boston Bloodlines)
Requirements: epub reader, 776 kb
Overview: He’s a dark, decadent mafia prince worth billions.
Every woman’s dream…
and my own, personal nightmare.

Arrogant, ruthless, and let us not forget
on trial for murder,
he is the epitome of trouble.

Normally I wouldn’t have taken such a difficult client,
But money talks.
And in his case?
There’s almost too much of it.

I’m supposed to be defending him,
But it’s him who starts breaking down my defenses.

Now I’m living at his mansion,
the lines between client and attorney are starting to blur,
and so are my feelings toward him.

He’s awakening dark fantasies inside of me,
and I’m exploring things that feel as dangerous
as they are exciting.

My name is Isabella Moretti
and Primo Maldonado
is my new vice.
Genre: Romance


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Download Forget the Feckin’ Wellies by Genesis Bird (.ePUB)

Forget the Feckin’ Wellies by Genesis Bird (The Travel Diaries of Jess O’Maly 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 389 kb
Overview: Toss your wellies by the door and bumble along with Jess and Liam.

Awkward Millennial, Jess O’Maly, is stuck. Five years after experiencing a traumatic, life-changing event, she feels like a cat lady living on auto-pilot—surviving, not thriving—and she certainly isn’t getting laid.

Perhaps it’s Lady Destiny at work when Jess is invited to Ireland for both a tech conference and a reunion of her trip twenty years ago. Maybe, she thinks, this is her second chance at life.

Jess takes the plunge and immediately finds herself swept into the charm of the Irish landscape. It’s not long before she bumps into an old crush—like, literally. She might have knocked him off his feet if he wasn’t so… built. Jess has thought of Liam more than a few times since their kiss twenty years ago and now, here he is—walking away.

Wait. What?

Liam Walsh, everyone’s go-to guy, is also feckin’ stuck. New home, new job—but he can’t shake off his nasty ex. Despite being surrounded by people, he feels so alone.

Liam’s twenty-year high-school reunion is just days away and he has no intention of attending—until he learns that Jess O’Maly, keeper of his jilted, teenage heart, will be there, too. Hazy memories of their forbidden kiss haunt his conscience—shite. He has an apology to make.

What will happen with this decades-old forbidden flame? Will they ignite on this lost-love journey along the Irish Coast—or, will a bunch of other feckin’ malarkey get in the way?
Genre: Romance


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Download A Sensual Summoning by Rachel J. Roman (.ePUB)

A Sensual Summoning by Rachel J. Roman
Requirements: epub reader, 633 kb
Overview: When exiled witch Faye Kyteler discovers a spell book hidden in the ceiling of her home, she never expected to accidentally summon the Daemon held prisoner within its’ pages. Now bound to her, the sullen, cantankerous Rafael is anything but what she expected an incubus to be when he demands she find a way to free him, or else.

But something is wrong. The world has changed in the centuries since Rafael has been imprisoned. All the Daemons have disappeared and the magic that once thrived on earth, is dying.

Forced to work together, frosty suspicion soon morphs into a fiery passion Faye isn’t sure is due to her own feelings or the seductive power of an increasingly hungry incubus. A hunger that Rafael is hellbent on resisting.

As she navigates the alluring world of Daemons and the dark past that brought them together, an old evil is awakening. Now, Faye must do her part to save a world that shunned her or risk losing it, and Rafael, forever.
Genre: Romance


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