Download The Black Bird Oracle by Deborah Harkness (.M4B)

The Black Bird Oracle by Deborah Harkness ( All Souls series, Book 5) Narrated by Jennifer Ikeda
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 935mb
Overview: The first shadows fall on a Friday afternoon when a single, dying raven lands on the pavement in front of Diana Bishop, harbinger of an invitation that reads, ‘It’s time you came home, Diana’.

Diana is a witch and scholar; her husband Matthew Clairmont, a vampire. Their intense love for one another awoke the dark powers within her and dissolved the Covenant between the three species – Witch, Daemon and Vampire – that live alongside humans. Now, the governing Congregation has decided it must test the magical powers of their seven-year-old twins, Pip and Becca. Concerned with their safety, Diana decides to forge a different path for her family’s future and travels to Ravenswood, the Proctor family home.

There, Diana begins a new era, becoming her great aunt Gwyneth’s pupil in higher magic. It’s time to confront her family’s past – and her own, inescapable desire for greater power.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Paranormal Romance


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Download Truecaller: Block Spam Calls v14.14.8 [Beta] [Gold]

Truecaller: Block Spam Calls v14.14.8 [Beta] [Gold]
Requirements: 8.0 and up
Overview: Truecaller identifies unknown callers, record & blocks spam calls swiftly.


Stay protected from robocallers and scammers with Truecaller. Our powerful Caller ID identifies who is calling and why, so you can decide whether to pick up or not. Use the powerful dialer to call friends, family, or look up a phone number. Truecaller identifies and warns you about fraudsters, telemarketers, and other unwanted or unknown numbers. The Advanced Spam Detector automatically blocks and protects you from unwanted calls and SMS.

AI Call Scanner:
Increase your security with AI Call Scanner, integrated into the dialer.
This model detects and differentiates between human and AI-synthesized voices, protecting you from potential scams and fraudulent activities.
Activate AI Call Scanner with a dedicated button within the Truecaller dialer. The call is merged with our secure phone line, recording a voice sample. Our AI model then analyzes the sample to let you know if you’re speaking to a real person or a bot.
Enjoy peace of mind and added security with AI Call Scanner, allowing you to confidently verify caller authenticity and protect yourself from phone scams and fraudulent activities.

Truecaller Assistant: The Smartest Call Screening and Voice-Based Virtual Assistant:
Save time and improve spam detection with the AI-powered Assistant that answers your calls.
The Assistant uses machine learning and speech-to-text technology to ask questions to the caller, helping you identify who they are and why they called.
The Assistant can determine with over 90% accuracy if the call is spam, a scam or a robocaller, helping you decide whether to answer or reject the call.
You can also use your voice to let callers hear your familiar voice, adding a personal touch to the screening process.

World-Class Spam Call Blocker & Detector:
Block spam & scam calls and SMS. The Caller ID identifies numbers, and the spam call blocker auto-blocks telemarketers, robocallers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more.
The phone numbers on the spam list are updated by millions of users in real-time, helping you block spam calls, robocalls, and fraud.
Advanced call blocker for blocking spam calls from countries, similar phone number sequences, robocallers, unknown numbers, telemarketers, and more.

Call Recorder:
Record incoming and outgoing calls within your app to boost productivity.
AI-Generated Call Subjects generates relevant subjects for your calls, simplifying organization.
Call Summary automatically summarizes conversations, enabling you to quickly grasp essential points.
Receive a written transcript for easy reading, listening, and referencing.

Powerful Caller ID & dialer with reverse number lookup:
The leading Caller ID shows who is calling, even if the number is not in your contacts.
The Caller ID tells you if an unknown caller is a business or spam number.
Use Truecaller Voice (VOIP) calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free.
Video Caller ID: Delight your friends and family with a short selfie video.
Reverse Number Lookup: Look up numbers to find the person’s name.
Backup and restore call history, call logs, contacts, messages, block list, and settings to Google Drive.

Use Truecaller as your main texting app to send & receive, schedule future messages, and more.
Automatically identify & block unknown, spam, scam, or telemarketing SMS.
Automatically organized tabs for your text messages: Personal, Important, Other, and Spam.

Truecaller Premium – Upgrade and get access to:
No ads
Truecaller Assistant
Call recording
AI Call Scanner
Know who viewed your profile
Advanced blocking and filtering options – the ultimate spam blocker
Announce Calls: Know who’s calling without looking at the phone
Incognito mode: View profiles privately
Get the Premium badge on your profile
30 contact requests a month

Truecaller doesn’t upload your phonebook to make it public or searchable. Trusted by 383 million users globally, we exist to make your communication safer.
Got feedback? Write to or visit Truecaller Support.

Mod Info:
✪ Gold Features Unlocked
✪ CPUs: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a
✪ Debug Info Removed

What’s New:
A newly redesigned block screen with extra levels of spam protection
Introducing Truecaller Assistant, A premium feature that screens your calls, asks questions, detects spam, and lets you know if the call is worth answering or if you should just let it ring
Introducing caller ID for WhatsApp calls
Faster call experience
Smaller app size

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Download Bendy: Crack-Up Comics Collection by Mike Mood (.ePUB)

Bendy: Crack-Up Comics Collection by Mike Mood
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 54.2MB
Overview: This collection of vintage 1930s-1940s Bendy comic strips is a must-have for those wanting to peek into the silly, scary world of Bendy and his friends.
For those dying to know more about the simple, darkly funny cartoons produced at Joey Drew Studios, look no further than this illustrated collection of comics based on the exploits of Bendy, Boris the Wolf, Alice Angel and all their friends. This collection of vintage comic strip adaptations brings to life the best of the many cartoon features produced by Joey Drew Studios. Fans of all ages won’t want to miss this never-before-published romp that brings to life the world of Bendy.
Genre: Comics


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Download Paranoid Gardens by Gerard Way (.CBR)

Paranoid Gardens by Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, Chris Weston, Dave Stewart and Nate Piekos
Requirements: .CBR/.CBZ reader, 73.4MB
Overview: Loo is a nurse at the most bizarre care center in the universe. The staff are not entirely human and the cases downright unearthly. Aliens, ghosts, superheroes and more creatures plague its hallways as both doctors and patients and the hospital itself seems to be somewhat self-aware. Loo believes that despite a recent failure at her job she’s been given some sort of higher calling in this mysterious place and decides to rise to the challenge. Along the way she must fight her way through corrupt staff members, powerful theme park cults and her own personal demons and trauma to meet this challenge and discover what secrets the gardens hold.
Genre: Comics


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