Download The Last Dying Light by William Havelock (.MP3)

The Last Dying Light: The Last of the Romans, Book 1 by William Havelock
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 907mb
Overview: Rome has fallen into darkness.

Its legacy remains alive in Constantinople, whose leaders struggle to retain control of a decaying land. Yet famine, war, and an encroaching night leave the Eastern Empire trending towards ruin.

Faint hope arises as a new dynasty ascends to the throne of Caesar. Bearing witness to such events is Varus, a young Herulian slave to the aging yet powerful Justin, who unveils a bold plan held by two generations of Romans – to retake the West and reclaim their homeland.

Following Justin’s dream, Varus enlists with the Roman Army and discovers the carnage of 6th Century warfare. As a mysterious horde of black-shielded invaders devastates the Empire’s northern provinces, Varus’ unit is called upon to defend under the leadership of Belisarius, one of Justin’s most promising commanders.

As Varus prepares for the sacrifices to come, however, he begins to question Justin’s secrets, seeking answers regarding his true identity and place as a pivotal figure in the Empire’s survival.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction


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Download Only With You Watching Me by Jason Lenov (.ePUB)

Only With You Watching Me by Jason Lenov
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 201 KB
Overview: Jeff and Lauren’s marriage has fizzled.
Lauren has needs she hasn’t shared with Jeff. Jeff is overworked and tired.
An intimate moment is interrupted by a knock at the door. Turns out Lauren forgot a few of the boys were coming over to move a couch.
Jeff’sreaction to seeing his wife ogled by three strangers is perplexing. Butwhen they return to the bedroom the situation turns explosive.
It turns out Lauren needs more than Jeff has been delivering.
Just imagining his wife with another man turns Jeff’s crank like nothing has before.
And Lauren’s got just the guy in mind…
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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Download Avarice by E.H. Reinhard (.ePUB)

Avarice by E.H. Reinhard (Hank Rawlings – On the Hunt Series Book 5)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 230 kb
Overview: Lending a hand to the bureau’s organized crime unit, FBI serial killer hunter Hank Rawlings lands in Miami while investigating a man who may be responsible for over a dozen murders.

As the evidence trickles in, the true nature of the man’s crimes starts to come into focus. He’s a provider, a matchmaker who will pair anyone who wants to kill with the perfect victim.

But this provider isn’t acting alone, and he and his partner have no plans of going out easy.

Armed to the teeth, they’ll simply take out anyone who stands in their way, whether they have a badge or not.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download A Golden Skulls Wedding by Rebecca Joyce (.ePUB)

A Golden Skulls Wedding by Rebecca Joyce (Golden Skulls M.C. Book 6)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 302 kb
Overview: You have been cordially invited to a Golden Skull Wedding!

The club is in turmoil.

Deception is everywhere.

No one knows who to trust.

As the tension rises in the clubhouse, some turn away from the brotherhood.

Reaper knows he is about to lose everything because of a decision he made many years ago.

Lost in his own lies, a secret from his past comes crashing forward.

With no way out, Reaper comes up with a dangerous plan to keep his past hidden.

Because the secret he never wanted to be aired just might be the catalyst to bring the whole club down around him.

As the Vice President of the Golden Skulls, Ghost knows Reaper is spiraling.

Shocked about the truth he’s learned, Ghost enlists help from an unlikely ally.

The cost is great, but Ghost will willingly defy Reaper to save his brothers.

Phantom is waiting for Ascari.

She knows he’s coming for her.

When she learns the truth about Reaper, she must make a decision that will change everything.

The club is no longer the brotherhood she knows.

It’s now every woman for herself.

As the club gears up to celebrate the wedding of their President and his Ol’Lady, friends and acquaintances arrive to celebrate with the happy couple.

Reaper knows the wedding is a mistake.

Ghost knows the Golden Skulls will never be the same again.

Phantom knows that if she wants to survive, she must reach out to her past.

Allegiances will be tested as a dark, sinister secret comes to light.

Grab your invitation and dress for the occasion because nothing will prepare you for this Golden Wedding.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.1 mb
Overview: I should know better than to want Bret Starling.

But I need him.

My stepbrother is the only person I know who can connect me with the real estate mogul who owns the land that’s perfect for my wildlife sanctuary. I exhausted every last option before I knocked on Bret’s door, and he knows he has me exactly where he wants me.

So we make a deal. He’ll help me if we pick up where we left off, playing a dangerous game, pushing each other’s limits.

Everything is different on Bret’s turf. He’s back with his band, and he’s given his fans an all-access pass to his life. But when the wrong video goes viral, our secrets are all over the internet.

This isn’t a game anymore, and there’s more than just my reputation on the line. I should’ve known better than to put my future in Bret’s hands.

But now, I think I’ve fallen for him. And he’s more than ready to up the ante.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Rescued By the Alien Gladiator by Carlotta Page (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Rescued by the Alien Gladiator by Carlotta Page (The Outlaws of Deep Space 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2 mb
Overview: Emery’s whole world has fallen apart …

I was just beginning to get my life together when I was abducted by aliens and dumped on a deserted planet with four other women. Believe it or not, finding a way back to Earth isn’t currently my biggest problem. Nope, I’ve gotten myself separated from the others and trapped in a cave with a huge male alien who doesn’t understand a word I say.

Torksten’s world is threatening to implode …

For seven long years I fought in the arena as a gladiator slave. Now I am free, and I have made a new life for myself on a deserted planet in deep space, away from everyone else’s problems. That is, until a ship crash lands in my forest and Emeryel stumbles into my cave. Soon I am questioning whether being alone is really what I want. But how can I contemplate a life with Emeryel when her very presence threatens my stolen freedom?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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