Download The Explorers’ Gate by Chris Grabenstein (.MP3)

The Explorers’ Gate by Chris Grabenstein
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 73 mb
Overview: Follow the intrepid 12-yeard old Nikki Van Wyck on her fantastic adventure in New York City’s Central Park where wildly magical things happen after dark. Nikki will have to use her vast knowledge of the urban oasis in an epic contest to choose the next king for the curiously strange creatures who call Central Park their home.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Download The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein (.MP3)

The Crossroads by Chris Grabenstein (The first book in the Haunted Mystery series)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 159 mb
Overview: ZACK, HIS DAD, and new stepmother have just moved back to his father’s hometown, not knowing that their new house has a dark history. Fifty years ago, a crazed killer caused an accident at the nearby crossroads that took 40 innocent lives. He died when his car hit a tree in a fiery crash, and his malevolent spirit has inhabited the tree ever since. During a huge storm, lightning hits the tree, releasing the spirit, who decides his evil spree isn’t over . . . and Zack is directly in his sights.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Young Adult Fantasy


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Download Practical Caravan – February 2020 (.PDF)

Practical Caravan – February 2020
Requirements: .PDF reader, 96 MB
Overview: Practical Caravan is Britain’s best selling caravan magazine. Since 1967, it has been helping caravanners choose the best destinations, best caravans and giving them the best advice to get the most from their touring caravan.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers


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Download Slay Ride by Chris Grabenstein (.MP3)

Slay Ride by Chris Grabenstein (The first book in the Christopher Miller Holiday Thriller series)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 227 mb
Overview: Scott Wilkinson is a successful young advertising executive on his way to the top. Christopher Miller is an FBI legend who has been willing to do whatever it takes to see that justice is done. However, at age 50, he’s ready to spend more time with his family. Two weeks before Christmas, Scott goes on a routine business trip that will forever entangle their two lives. It starts like so many others. Wilkinson calls for a car service to take him from his home to the airport. But the driver of Lincoln Town Car 716 is late. When he finally shows up, he drives like a maniac, and Wilkinson feels fortunate to reach the airport alive.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Home, Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein (.MP3)

Home, Sweet Motel by Chris Grabenstein (The first book in the Welcome to Wonderland series)
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 137 mb
Overview: Eleven-year-old P. T. Wilkie may be the greatest storyteller alive. But he knows one thing for a fact: The Wonderland Motel is the best place a kid could ever live! All-you-can-eat poolside ice cream! A snack machine in the living room! A frog slide! A giant rampaging alligator! (Okay, that last one may or may not be made up.) There’s only one thing the Wonderland doesn’t have, though: customers. And if the Wonderland doesn’t get them soon, P.T. and his friend Gloria may have to say good-bye to their beloved motel forever.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Download The Righteous Spy by Merle Nygate (.AZW .MOBI)

The Righteous Spy by Merle Nygate
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 1mb

Eli Amiram is Mossad’s star spy runner and the man responsible for bringing

unparalleled intelligence to the Israeli agency. Now, he’s leading an audacious

operation in the UK that feeds his ambition but threatens his conscience.

The British and the Americans have intel Mossad desperately need.

To force MI6 and the CIA into sharing their priceless information, Eli and his

maverick colleague Rafi undertake a risky mission to trick their allies: faking

a terrorist plot on British soil.

But in the world of espionage, the game is treacherous, opaque and deadly…

A twisting international spy novel, The Righteous Spy is an intriguing tale of

espionage that portrays a clandestine world in which moral transgressions

serve higher causes. A must-read for fans of Homeland, Fauda and NCIS,

it will also appeal to readers of Charles Cumming and John le Carré.

Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller Spy


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