Download Uneasy Street by Rachel Sherman (.ePUB)+

Uneasy Street: The Anxieties of Affluence by Rachel Sherman
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 5 MB
Overview: A surprising and revealing look at how today’s elite view their own wealth and place in society. From TV’s “real housewives” to The Wolf of Wall Street, our popular culture portrays the wealthy as materialistic and entitled. But what do we really know about those who live on “easy street”?

In this penetrating book, Rachel Sherman draws on rare in-depth interviews that she conducted with fifty affluent New Yorkers–including hedge fund financiers and corporate lawyers, professors and artists, and stay-at-home mothers–to examine their lifestyle choices and their understanding of privilege. Sherman upends images of wealthy people as invested only in accruing and displaying social advantages for themselves and their children. Instead, these liberal elites, who believe in diversity and meritocracy, feel conflicted about their position in a highly unequal society. They wish to be “normal,” describing their consumption as reasonable and basic and comparing themselves to those who have more than they do rather than those with less. These New Yorkers also want to see themselves as hard workers who give back and raise children with good values, and they avoid talking about money.

Although their experiences differ depending on a range of factors, including whether their wealth was earned or inherited, these elites generally depict themselves as productive and prudent, and therefore morally worthy, while the undeserving rich are lazy, ostentatious, and snobbish. Sherman argues that this ethical distinction between “good” and “bad” wealthy people characterizes American culture more broadly, and that it perpetuates rather than challenges economic inequality.

As the distance between rich and poor widens, Uneasy Street not only explores the real lives of those at the top but also sheds light on how extreme inequality comes to seem ordinary and acceptable to the rest of us.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General


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Download The Hunt Club Chronicles Bundle by Heather Boyd (.ePUB)

The Hunt Club Chronicles Bundle by Heather Boyd
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 487 KB
Overview: Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she weaves sizzling English set love stories that push the boundaries of regency era propriety to keep readers enthralled until the wee hours of the morning. Brimming with new ideas, she frequently wishes she could type as fast as she conjures new storylines. While writing full time north of Sydney, Australia, Heather collects dust bunnies in all corners of the house and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family into submission.
Genre: Erotic Romance MM


Almost an Equal: When the Duke of Byworth’s empty marriage is threatened by the revelations in his wife’s diary, both he and his steward, Henry Stackpool, attempt to recover it separately. Yet they are drawn together by the secrets of their past and an intoxicating mutual lust. But can true happiness exist for a duke and a former whore when their positions in society are so unequal?

Barely a Master: The trappings of wealth and power give the Duke of Lewes little joy and certainly no pleasure. Tormented by grave mistakes he made with a past lover, Aiden’s determined to end it all. Terrance Bridgewater is in London briefly en route to a ship bound for the continent to see the things he’s only read about. Running into the dark and dangerous Duke of Lewes is a complication he’d hoped to avoid.

Hardly a Stranger: The Duke of Staines has the worst luck in wives and lovers. A widow for fifteen years, Ambrose is busy running his gentleman’s club, snatches pleasure from transient lovers, and relies on Francis Redding to provide intelligent companionship between social engagements. There is only one problem with his relationship with Redding; the man would make the perfect lover, if only he wasn’t a dependant servant.

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Download Embracing the Wide Sky by Daniel Tammet (.M4B)

Embracing the Wide Sky: A Tour Across the Horizons of the Mind by Daniel Tammet
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 164 MB
Overview: Owner of “the most remarkable mind on the planet,” (according to Entertainment Weekly) Daniel Tammet captivated readers and won worldwide critical acclaim with his 2007 New York Times best-selling memoir, Born on a Blue Day, and its vivid depiction of a life with autistic savant syndrome. In his fascinating new book, he writes with characteristic clarity and personal awareness as he sheds light on the mysteries of savants’ incredible mental abilities, and our own.

Tammet explains that the differences between savant and non-savant minds have been exaggerated; his astonishing capacities in memory, math, and language are neither due to a cerebral supercomputer nor any genetic quirk, but are rather the results of a highly rich and complex associative form of thinking and imagination. Autistic thought, he argues, is an extreme variation of a kind that we all do, from daydreaming to the use of puns and metaphors.

Embracing the Wide Sky combines meticulous scientific research with Tammet’s detailed descriptions of how his mind works to demonstrate the immense potential within us all. He explains how our natural intuitions can help us to learn a foreign language, why his memories are like symphonies, and what numbers and giraffes have in common. We also discover why there is more to intelligence than IQ, how optical illusions fool our brains, and why too much information can make you dumb.

Many readers will be particularly intrigued by Tammet’s original ideas concerning the genesis of genius and exceptional creativity. He illustrates his arguments with examples as diverse as the private languages of twins, the compositions of poets with autism, and the breakthroughs, and breakdowns, of some of history’s greatest minds.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction


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Download You South Africa – 17 January 2019 (.PDF)

You South Africa – 17 January 2019
Requirements: .PDF reader, 51 MB
Overview: You has a simple recipe for success – spoil your readers and give them exactly what they want. It’s part of everyday life for more than 2 million English-speaking South Africans, filled with excellent articles which interest, inform and touch readers. There are human dramas, medical and scientific discoveries, general interest news, consumer issues, fashion and glamour. And don’t forget the interesting fiction, sport, motoring news, craftwork, recipes, home and school projects, crosswords and exciting competitions. It’s an irresistible combination, and everything is presented in a well-finished, colourful magazine.
Genre: Magazines & Newspapers


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Download A New Love for the Jamestown Brides by Indiana Wake (.ePUB)

A New Love for the Jamestown Brides by Indiana Wake (#1-2)
Requirements: ePUB reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: Indiana Wake was born in Denver Colorado where she learned to love the outdoors and horses. At the age of eleven her parents moved to the United Kingdom to follow her father’s career. There her mother raised horses. Indiana escaped into fiction and dreamed of the West and all the friends she had left behind. From that day onward she loved stories and was often making up her own as well as reading others.
In 2014 she was approached by a friend from church and decided to start and publish those stories. She has had multiple no 1 bestsellers and has been a bestselling author in the Religion and Spirituality category. You can be sure that her books are clean and wholesome and she hopes you will enjoy them as much as she loves to write them.
Genre: Romance


Breaking the Chains of the Past (#1)
In Bestselling Author Indiana Wake’s new book courageous women cross the Atlantic to become Mail-Order Brides and find their Happily Ever Afters.
Twenty-two-year-old Constance Dearborn is deeply in love with wealthy London attorney Russell Melton. Upon learning Constance doesn’t have a large dowry Russell turns his back on Constance and marries another.
Heartbroken, Constance agrees to become a mail-order bride and head to Jamestown, Virginia to assuage the financial burden on her family. The journey to Jamestown is long and arduous. Fortunately, Constance befriends other strong women searching for love and a new life in Jamestown.
Arrival in Jamestown finds the women being introduced to various men looking for wives. While women have more rights in the new colony Constance finds the process of finding a husband dehumanizing.
After 10 years in the new colony thirty-three-year-old farmer Jack Thornton is looking for a hard-working, educated and practical wife. Constance agrees to marry Jack but has difficulty adjusting to married life while still loving Russell.
Will Constance be able to break the chains of her past and find true love with Jack before it’s too late?
You will love this this sweet romance as courage overcomes adversity and love finds a way of Breaking the Chains of the Past.

Love’s Hardest Choice (#2)
Diana Walton is a strong independent woman who has been dealt a tough hand. After years of making her father’s business her life, he leaves it to her brother when he passes. Diana’s brother treats her poorly which leads Diana to take a dim view on men in general and search for a way out of her situation.
Diana leaves England for Jamestown, Virginia with a fool proof plan that will leave her in charge of her destiny. Diana decides to marry Arnold Price an older man with lands and a good business. She believes he is unwell and knows when he passes, she will inherit. What Diana never counted on was feeling something for him. While it’s not love she has a fondness for Arnold and has formed a friendship. When he passes Diana feels lost and discontent with the motives behind her recent decisions.
Diana begins attending church in Jamestown. The Reverend is concerned for his latest member. He sees a deep sadness in her and is determined to discover what is haunting her.
Can the Reverend help Diana find peace with herself and her choices?
Will she be able to accept the love offered or will she let guilt crush her beneath its heavy weight?
Find out in Love’s Hardest Choice a sweet mail order bride romance suitable for all ages.

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Download A Short History of South-East Asia by Peter Church (.ePUB)

A Short History of South-East Asia, 6th Edition by Peter Church
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 11 MB
Overview: Explore the fascinating history of south-east Asia

A Short History of South-East Asia, Sixth Edition is the latest in a series of updated texts spotlighting this fascinating region. With revised chapters for all of the countries in this geographic area, this interesting text paints a remarkable overview of the characters and events that have shaped this part of the world. Founded upon a deeply perceptive observation of the late founding Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew, this book brings shape to the idea that ‘to understand the present and to anticipate the future, one must know enough of the past, enough to have a sense of the history of a people.’ With an approachable writing style and comprehensive content, this unique text was written for business readers interested in improving their understanding of this important region.

With globalization continuing to gain momentum, south-east Asia is emerging as an important business sector for many industries. Not only does this open up professional opportunities, it exposes individuals in other parts of the world to the unique histories and cultures of the area. If you are interested in learning more about the region, this abbreviated text is a wonderful resource.

Explore historic and political developments that have taken place throughout south-east Asia

Quickly navigate text organized by country, allowing you to dive into the events that have shaped Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam

Gain an important global perspective, which can prove valuable on personal and professional levels

Leverage your new understanding of the region’s past to better understand its present and anticipate its future

A Short History of South-East Asia, Sixth Edition is an abbreviated history of south-east Asia written with business readers in mind.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History


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Download Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison (.ePUB)

Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison (The Madame X School of Sex #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 196 KB
Overview: Ever since her fiance left her, Sarah Caldwell has led an unremarkable life. She goes to work, she pays her taxes and she always separates the whites from the colors. The most exciting thing in her life is fantasizing about her hunky boss Quinn Sanders, who has no idea how she feels.

All she wants is the chance to do something exciting. Anything to prove she’s not as sexually inept as her former fiance made her feel.

When Quinn Sanders gets a call from an old friend, the last thing he expects to hear is that his paralegal Sarah has signed up for sex school. He left his life as Master Q behind for a reason and once vowed to never set foot in the Madame X School again.

But he’s lusted after Sarah for years and if sex education is what she needs…

Master Q is about to come out of retirement
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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Download Mail Order Bride: A Family to Love Boxed Set by Emily Woods (.ePUB)

Mail Order Bride: A Family to Love Boxed Set (Books 1 – 6) by Emily Woods
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.4 MB
Overview: Sometimes all you need is a second chance to find love

A Sweet Western Romance Boxed Set from #1 Bestselling Author Emily Wood

Tragedy is a part of daily life, especially on the western frontier. Six couples have faced tragedy that makes them doubt they will ever know love again. If they are going to move on with life, they will have to take a risk and have faith. Can they find a new family to love?

The Family to Love Boxed Set is a collection of clean western romance stories from #1 Bestselling author Emily Woods. If you like clean, historical fiction about men and women who have been widowed and need a new chance at love, you will truly enjoy the Family to Love series!
Genre: Fiction > Romance Western


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Download A Billionaire Clean Romance Collection 1 by Cathy Blossom (.ePUB)

A Billionaire Clean Romance Collection – Box Set 1 by Cathy Blossom
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 441 KB
Overview: Three full-length clean romance stories:

A Billionaire Guest
A Billionaire Writer
A Billionaire Movie Star
Genre: Fiction > Romance


The Billionaire Guest
Lilly is hiding from the world. Theo is focused on his billionaire business. As they check into The Royal Quinton Hotel, love is the last thing on their minds.
Lilly Franklin has won a stay at the hotel. She intends to stay in her room and use room service for everything she needs. She’s trying to forget how an evil ex-boyfriend changed her life beyond recognition.
Theo Myerscough is also staying at The Royal Quinton. He’s there strictly on business. His job is to provide his father with a detailed report on the ancient hotel. Once Theo has done that, his father can begin his hostile takeover of the property. The hotel is not up for sale, but that won’t stop the ruthless Myerscough family from proceeding with their plan.
Lilly and Theo literally collide in the hallway of the hotel. Theo is surprised at his instant attraction to Lilly, and all thoughts of business flee his mind. When Lilly’s mum later asks a favour of him, he immediately agrees as it means spending a lot of time with Lilly.
Lilly is not so sure about Mum’s plan. While she likes Theo, she doesn’t want to be dragged away from the safety of her hotel room. However, Mum insists, and Lilly reluctantly agrees to her plan. As Lilly begins to fall for Theo, she’s unaware of the secret he’s keeping from her. The secret which will break her heart.

The Billionaire Writer
Melissa will never fall in love with a writer again, not after what had happened last time. But then she meets Declan Leandro.
Melissa Sutton works for Chapman Publishing House. She is asked to take their billionaire client, Declan Leandro, to his publicity events for the next few days.
Things get off to a terrible start when Melissa arrives at Declan’s mansion and mistakes him for a would-be attacker. She defends herself, causing injury to Declan in the process. Once that misunderstanding is cleared up, Melissa and Declan begin their publicity events and it’s not long before love blossoms between them. But Melissa can’t put her dark past behind her and she is reminded of another writer who betrayed her and broke her heart. But Declan wouldn’t do that, would he?
Declan is wary of taking anyone into his confidence as many people have taken advantage of him and his money in the past. But after meeting Melissa, he can see she isn’t impressed by his money or fame. What’s more, Melissa is kind, intelligent and beautiful. Declan finds himself falling head over heels in love with her. Melissa even shares details of her past relationship with him and he can see how much she’s been hurt. It’s not long before Declan decides to tell her about his top-secret writing project. But the details of his project are soon leaked. By Melissa? Would she do that to him?

The Billionaire Movie Star
Hazel has no time for love; she’s too busy with her work. Max always has time for his next adventure, and that includes falling in love.
Hazel Ford runs her own cleaning business. Thanks to her detailed schedules, she is organised and efficient. She knows exactly what her day will look like. That changes when the famous actor, Max Marcotte abruptly enters her life. Max injures himself and Hazel feels obliged to take him to the hospital.
As she is forced to spend more time with Max, her feelings of irritation begin to change to love. This new love is severely tested when Max’s public status is suddenly destroyed, and Hazel is the only one who can help him.
Max Marcotte can’t stop himself from leaping into his next big adventure. But his latest escapade results in a broken arm, and a meeting with a beautiful woman. Max is instantly attracted to Hazel, but it’s clear she doesn’t feel the same way. Happy circumstances lead to them spending time together and Max is overjoyed when Hazel’s feelings towards him change for the better. Hazel is the only one who can help

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