Download Cruiseliner Hades 7 by Craig Martelle (.ePUB)

Cruiseliner Hades 7: A Lost 77 Worlds Tale by Craig Martelle with the Gamers (Guy Martelle,‎ Paul Bachleda,‎ Nathaniel Y. Sims,‎ Jamie L. Soule,‎ David Arellano,‎ Eddie Jonas,‎ Stephen A. Lee,‎ James M. Ward)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.0 MB
Overview: Technology made people afraid. Their future uncertain and their past fading, they struggled, some to embrace their new world, but others fought the changes. Join this story of eight adventurers who come to the Ruins of Juneau to set things right. A Ranger, a bear-like beast, a military man, and five others stepped off a cargo ship. Juneau lay before them. What do they do?
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy


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Download The Guilty Ones by Joy Ellis (.ePUB)

The Guilty Ones by Joy Ellis (DI Jackman & DS Evans #4)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 536 KB
Overview: Jackman’s sister-in-law Sarah disappears to London and throws herself into the river. What drove her to this? She was a woman with a seemingly happy home life and two beloved sons.

DI Jackman and DI Evans dig into Sarah’s life. And Jackman realises he knew almost nothing about his sister-in-law’s past.

Then, they discover a woman in a neighbouring village died in similar circumstances.

What is the connection to a convicted murderer whose family are convinced he is innocent? Who is really pulling the strings?

DI Jackman and DS Evans of the Fenland police face a battle against their most dangerous and deadly adversary. And in a case so close to home can Jackman keep his feelings under control?
Genre: Mystery & Thriller


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Download Stone Cold Series by J.D. Weston (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Stone Cold Series by J.D. Weston (John Weston) (#1-3,6)
Requirements: ePUB | MOBI Reader, 589 KB | 2.6 MB
Overview: John Weston was born in London, England, and is now enjoying the crystal clear waters and golden beaches of Dubai with his partner. His writing is action-packed and fuelled by his passion for creative storytelling. When he is not writing, John is taking photographs, and enjoying the outdoors. He craves a simple life.
Genre: Mystery & Thriller

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1. Stone Cold
They crashed the heist. They killed his sister. They’ll pay in blood.
Harvey Stone knows the murder business like the back of his hand. As the adopted son of an East London gang boss, he’s had plenty of opportunities to perfect his bloody craft. Now, he’s one hit away from avenging his sister’s brutal murder. All he’s missing is the name of the killer—a secret his closest allies are finally ready to reveal.

To claim his reward, Harvey must eliminate the rival gang and assassinate their ruthless leader. If he pulls off the mission and exacts his revenge, he’ll lay down his bloody weapons for good, but one botched shot could lead to torture, death, and an all-out gang war.

2. Stone Fury
The lives of twelve young girls are being sold. The seller is on Harvey Stone’s hit-list.

When ex-hitman Harvey Stone learns of a shocking, human trafficking ring taking place in his old stomping ground, he is sickened. But when he discovers the name of the person running the show, an opportunity arises to cross one more name off his list.

Can Harvey save the ill-fated girls, and serve justice to those who are most deserved?

3. Stone Fall
One evil terrorist with a plan to change the face of London. One kidnapped child, and one priceless jade Buddha. Only Harvey Stone and his team of specialists can prevent disaster.

When Harvey and the team intercept a heist to rob a priceless jade Buddha, little did they know they would be uncovering a terrorist attack on London’s St Paul’s Cathedral, and a shocking hostage scenario.

Can Harvey and the team stop the terrorists, save the little girl and rescue the priceless Buddha?

6. Stone Rush
Europe’s slave trade is alive. MI6 are falling down, and Harvey Stone is caught in the middle.

Harvey yearns for the quiet life, but when a close friend is captured and tortured, and refugees are forced into slavery, Harvey is forced out of retirement.

Can Harvey put a stop to the human traffickers and save the girls from a torturous death? Can he prevent the gang’s devastating plans?

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6. Stone Rush


Download DarkWorld: SkinWalker Box Set Vol II by T.G. Ayer (.ePUB)

The DarkWorld: SkinWalker Series Box Set Vol II by T.G. Ayer (#4-6)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.6 MB
Overview: In the DarkWorld the things that go bump in the night are most likely true. And the problem is they are probably not sticking to bumping around in the night. They are everywhere. Your work colleagues, your teachers, even your friends. They’ve been living that way for a long time. And you haven’t noticed because they don’t want you to. You’re much better off not asking any questions.
Box Set II Contains: Blood Promise, Scorched Fury, & Fate’s Edge
Genre: Fantasy


Blood Promise (#4)
Kailin Odel, alpha shapeshifter and demon hunter, made a deal that helped her save her sister’s soul: a Blood Promise. Now, the High Priestess of the DeathTalkers is calling in her marker, and Kai had better hope she can hold up her end of the bargain, because either way, it’s all about to hit the fan…

Scorched Fury (#5)
The Great Ash Trees – supernatural guardian trees of the DarkWorld – are dying, and Kai enlists the help of MetalSinger & Fae Queen Tara to find those who threaten the stability of all the realms.
Then, Logan – still in his cryo-induced coma – makes a request of Kai that she cannot refuse. "Save her." Whether Logan lives or dies, Kai is determined to fulfil her promise to find the girl from Logan’s memories and help him find peace.
What Kai doesn’t expect is to find her in a world on the brink of extinction, a world Kai didn’t even know existed. But there is more at stake than a missing girl. Can she keep her promises or will it be an impossible ask?

Fate’s Edge (#6)
Kai Odel finds life without Logan a little hard to handle, but she is soon distracted from issue of the heart when she’s held responsible for a terrible crime. Kai is forced to go into hiding, and with the help of her closest friends and allies must find a way to clear her name before the Council executes its punishment: death by beheading.

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Download Wild Innocence by Candace McCarthy (Dempsy #2)(.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Wild Innocence by Candace McCarthy (Dempsy #2)
Requirements: ePUB / MOBI Reader, 3.30 MB Retail
Overview: A Pampered Belle. . .

Devastated by her fiancé’s betrayal, young Rachel Dempsey fled a life of privilege in Baltimore’s high society for a hard-scrabble existence at her father’s mission on the rugged shores of Lake Superior. There she tended the wounded brought to the mission’s infirmary and vowed no man would ever touch her heart again–certainly not Black Hawk, the disturbingly sensual Ojibwa warrior she was tenderly nursing back to health.

A Fearless Brave. . .

Black Hawk had never allowed a woman to distract him from the dark dream of vengeance he had harbored against his hated Sioux enemy since boyhood. But soon the warmth in Rachel’s eyes began melting the ice that shrouded his soul, and when danger threatened the mission, the fierce warrior spirited away the beautiful white angel to the safety of his own village. There Rachel discovered a new peace among the gentle Ojibwa, while the tenderness in Black Hawk’s fiery touch ignited a sudden passion–convincing them both that they shared a love as bold and timeless as the untamed plains of the wild Northwest.
Genre: Romance / Historical / Western


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Download Tyler’s Saga (#1-3) by Shay Roberts (.ePUB)

Tyler’s Saga by Shay Roberts (#1-3)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 278 KB | 819 KB
Overview: Shay Roberts writes in the paranormal fiction and fantasy genres. He believes that every proper book should have both stirring love scenes and epic fights. Shay, a medieval combat expert, is the founder of the Academy of Arms, a non-profit medieval martial arts school in Los Angeles. He is an instrument-rated pilot with an MA in Screenwriting, a BS in Biology, and a BA in English. Shay has been writing stories since he was old enough to hold a crayon. Unfortunately, he wrote those stories on the walls.
Genre: Fantasy

Image Image Image

1. Dragon Blood
What price would you pay for dragon superpowers?
My name is Tyler. I’m a relic hunter searching the heart of Africa. I get chased by a**-biting hyenas and captured by topless women with AK-47s. Yes, that really happens, but that’s not the worst of it.

My trip takes a freaky turn when I hook up with a sexy dragon worshipper who wants to transform me, or die trying. And that would be me dying, not her!

2. Dragon War
Roman Soldiers, armed with guns, are trying to kill the dragons.
My name is Tyler. I’ve managed to survive my dragon-shifting adventure, and now I’m at the Time Academy, a place where the students hate me and the professors are up to something.

The only thing I really like here is Rosemarie. She’s a fellow student, and the woman destined to be my mate. She has all these sexy tattoos. You wouldn’t believe what they do.

Rose and I risk the wrath of the Academy when we team up to fight Alexander Argyros. The dragon-slaying maniac has gone back to ancient Britain and armed a Roman legion with guns. They’re killing anything with two leathery wings. What did those poor dragons ever do to him?

Dragon Soul (#3)
Tyler and Rose get trapped in Ancient Greece!
My name is Tyler. I’m now an agent with Specta Aeternal—the time police. Just as my life is going to hell, Rose shows up with a warning about a coming apocalypse.

We team up and go to Ancient Greece to stop this disaster. Our old enemies follow, and if they catch us, the whole world will die.

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Dragon Soul (#3)


Download Sheep of God by Todd Kreisman (.MOBI)

Sheep of God by Todd Kreisman
Requirements: MOBI Reader, 808 KB
Overview: In a quiet Arizona town, Talbot Ward—who believes he is endowed with supernatural powers—finds himself with an opportunity to use his hypothetical gifts to take advantage of the good, God-fearing people who live there.

Following the apparent resurrection of a pastor, Talbot convinces the members of a Baptist congregation that he is not merely a messenger of God, but God himself. He assembles a throng of avid followers who relinquish their material possessions, giving themselves over to the glory of their new messiah. As Talbot’s sermons grow violent, some of the sheep in his flock wonder if they’ve been had, and begin to fear for their lives.
Genre: Thriller


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Download Eagles by Lewis Orde (.ePUB)

Eagles by Lewis Orde
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 572 KB
Overview: He lived for vengeance, power . . . and the love of one woman.

Roland Eagles is orphaned at fifteen when German bombs destroy his family. After lying about his age, he joins the British army, seeing action at El Alamein and Normandy before participating in the liberation of Bergen-Belsen where he is forced to confront his own heritage while sparing an SS officer — a good German — who is fated to play a key role in Roland’s life.

After the war, Roland makes headlines by eloping with the beautiful daughter of a foreign diplomat — only to lose his wife in childbirth. While a nanny raises his daughter, Roland uses a gambler’s nerve to build a financial empire which will allow him to meet, on equal terms, the wealthy family who shunned his father for marrying a woman of a different faith.

From the innocent passions of his first love to the tight embrace of money and power — from World War II Germany to London, Paris, and New York of the 1970s — Eagles is the remarkable saga of a man who overcomes a series of setbacks to emerge triumphant. In Love. In business. And in family.
Genre: Historical Fiction


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Download Walls of Silence by Ruth Wade (.ePUB)

Walls of Silence by Ruth Wade
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 439 KB
Overview: The patient has a story that isn’t told and which no one knows of. It is the secret, the rock against which he is shattered. Carl Jung.

The Great War is over but for Edith Potter an equally devastating conflict is about to begin. She is unhinged by a secret so terrible her conscious mind doesn’t acknowledge it.

It is 1927 and Dr Stephen Maynard is using the new science of psychoanalysis to restore her sanity. From his first meeting with her in the lunatic asylum, Dr Stephen Maynard is determined to bring her back to reality. During the long challenge, her disturbed behaviour forces him to confront his limitations – already severely stretched by the presence of someone prepared to use whatever weapons they can to ensure she maintains her silence.
Genre: Historical Psychological Thriller


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