Download ChronoTemplar by Burt Wrenlaw (.ePUB)+

ChronoTemplar by Burt Wrenlaw
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.3MB
Overview: You don’t always get a second chance… unless you’re a pawn for an eldritch horror that: (A) can bend time, and (B) is a sore loser.

Justin Thyme is not a good man, nor one destined for glory. He was meant to die in obscurity, yet another level 82 Templar that was just about to get chewed up by a horde of skittering monstrosities clawing at humanity’s last enclave.

One short conversation with a time-splitting monstrosity later, and Justin finds himself flung five years into the past—right when the Earth was first chosen to host the 9,947th Gladiatorial Games.

Justin must now do all that he can to help save the world from crumbling under the twin pressures of monsters and murderers. But it’s not all about grinding experience, gaining the most levels, and kicking the most ass. He can’t even stand out too much, lest he draw the attention of the other eldritch horrors observing Earth’s struggles for their amusement.

No, it’s all about making the right connections, sowing the seeds of hope, culling the pests causing despair… oh, and exploiting the hell out of the System with his ‘borrowed’ ability to tweak time to his advantage.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy | Cyberpunk


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Download 8 Fantasy Novels by John Gwynne (.ePUB)

8 Fantasy Novels by John Gwynne
Requirements: .ePUB Reader
Size: 21.39MB
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Overview of books:-

(The Bloodsword Trilogy 1) The Shadow of the Gods
(Faithful and the Fallen 1) Malice
(Faithful and the Fallen 2) Valour
(Faithful and the Fallen 3) Ruin
(Faithful and the Fallen 4) Wrath
(Of Blood and Bone 1) A Time of Dread
(Of Blood and Bone 2) A Time of Blood
(Of Blood and Bone 3) A Time of Courage

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Download BDSM Checklist Series by L DuBois (.ePUB)

BDSM Checklist Series by L DuBois (1-14)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 7.44mb
Overview: Lila (writing as L. DuBois and Lila Dubois) is a top selling author of paranormal, fantasy and contemporary erotic romance. Having spent extensive time in France, Egypt, Turkey, England and Ireland Lila speaks five languages, none of them (including English) fluently.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic

A is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 1) B is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 2) C is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 3) D is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 4) E is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 5) F is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 6) G is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 7) H is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 8) I is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 9) J is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 10) K is for…: Standalone Billionaire Kidnapping Club Romance (Checklist Book 11) L is for… (Checklist Book 12) M is for…: A standalone medical-themed romance (Checklist Book 13) N is for… (Checklist Book 14)
1. A is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 1)
“A darkly sensual look into the BDSM lifestyle that melted my e-reader and my heart. I’m thankful there are twenty-five more letters in the alphabet.”—New York Times bestselling author, Jayne RylonDo you know your A, B, Cs?The overseers of LA’s most exclusive BDSM club have a sexy new game that all members must play, and experienced sub Anna has no choice but to participate, despite the fact that she’s is only months away from being bonded.Master Jensen knows who, and what, he wants—Anna—but when he’s assigned the first letter of the alphabet he must prove to himself, and the lovely submissive, that he’s willing to push them both to their limits, and maybe beyond.When Anna and Jensen are forced to face the depth of their desires, and the painful origins of their relationship, they’ll learn that the worst pain comes not from a whip, but from the heart.

2. B is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 2)
There’s a new game at LA’s most exclusive BDSM club, and everyone has to play.Mae never imagined she’d be assigned to the most dangerous letter of alphabet… or paired with the most sinister Dominant in the club. The BDSM Checklist game doesn’t scare Xavier, but he prefers leather and steel, and the submissive he’s partnered with thinks silk ribbon is bondage equipment.Pushed to her limits both physically and emotionally, Mae is shock to discover how much she enjoys Xavier’s touch. But in the end it isn’t just Mae who will be affected by the unexpected chemistry between two seeming opposites. Xavier will have to decide if he’s willing to trust the lovely sub with the truth about himself, as he proves to her that there’s a darkness in her—a darkness that just might match his own.

3. C is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 3)
The A, B, Cs have never been so sexy.Beth is the perfect sub: quiet, obedient, and well trained. After years of membership in LA’s most exclusive BDSM club she’s served many of the most demanding masters and mistresses…and she’s bored.James is a committed Dom who enjoys nothing more than a bratty sub he can “punish” until they’re both satisfied. The last thing he wants is a serious submissive.Beth is on the verge of leaving the club when she’s paired with Master James as part of the BDSM checklist game. They’re both surprised to find that the hyper-obedient Beth is hiding the true depth of her submission, and James will have to decide if he’s willing to break his own rules to give Beth what she needs.

4. D is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 4)
There’s a new game at LA’s most exclusive BDSM club, and everyone has to play.Cleo knew the overseers of Las Palmas, L.A.’s most exclusive BDSM club, would use their new checklist game to pair her with one of the more serious Doms. She never dreamed she’d end up with the Dom who has the power to destroy her soul—her first Master, and ex-husband, Hadrian.Hadrian hasn’t been to the club in years. After the fiery dissolution of his marriage, he threw himself into work, doing his best to forget his beloved submissive, who also happens to be his ex-wife.When Cleo and Hadrian are forced together once again, they’ll have to decide if they’ll play the game and explore the letter D…or if it would be easier to walk away from BDSM altogether.

5. E is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 5)
A stern, demanding Master.Aram Green knows he’s a cliche—the divorce lawyer who doesn’t believe in love—the Dom who uses structure and rules to control his emotions. He has no intention of letting the checklist game—a challenge designed by the overseers of his exclusive BDSM club—change him, or the way he dominates. A passionate, wary submissive.Charlie is both thrilled and terrified by the crazy checklist game. She came to BDSM because of her love hate relationship with her body, which makes it hard for her to open herself to new Doms. But when she meets Master Green she’s drawn to the older man, who is both stern and intensely passionate.A challenge neither will back down from.Determined to push them both, Aram takes her outside the club to complete the more risky items on their checklist, a decision that brings emotion into their play. Determined to keep their relationship confined to the checklist game, Aram pushes Charlie away. When she runs from him, he’ll have to decide if he’s willing to relax his own rules, and fight to keep Charlie even after they’re done with the letter E.Important note: an uncorrected proof version of this book was mistakenly uploaded on 14 February 2017. The correct file is now in place as of 7am PST on 15 February. If you received the uncorrected proof version, please use Manage My Kindle ( to obtain the corrected version. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.

6. F is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 6)
F is for kinky, sexy, fun.Katrina walked away from her last Master, swearing she was done with BDSM, but the desire to submit never went away. Desperate for release, she joins Las Palmas, LA’s most exclusive BDSM club. Dante loves kinky sexy and beautiful submissive women. He may be stern when he’s ordering a sub to kneel for him, but he’s not interested in dominance and submission as a lifestyle. Las Palmas is his outlet, his place to play.Katrina’s first day as a member coincides with the start of the checklist game. She’s been desperately wanting to submit once more, and Master Dante is sexy, kind, and seriously dominant—all the things a sub could wish for. But when they take on the letter F and all the kinks, toys and activities associated with it, Katrina learns the past doesn’t always stay dead and buried.

7. G is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 7)
Given away to another Dom.Of all the things Sejal expected from the letter G, having her Master give her away was never one of them.As a member of LA’s most exclusive BDSM club, Sejal has to play the club overseer’s new game. A game where everyone is assigned a letter and with their partners has to explore every item that begins with that letter on the BDSM checklist. Collared and bonded to Master Sato, Sejal assumes he’ll be her partner, but one of the first items on the checklist is “given away to another Dom.” Sejal’s Master gives her to Master Cortland Dowell, a ridiculously sexy Dom who looks at her in a way her own Master hasn’t in far too long.Cortland is a good Dom. It’s one of the few things he’s good at. And being a good Dom means when Master Sato passes over Sejal’s leash his first thought is making sure the beautiful submissive is okay with what’s happening.Though they seem like very different people, Sejal and Cortland soon realize they’re a perfect fit as Dominant and submissive. The problem is she’s only his for the weekend, unless, of course, Cortland decides that instead of giving her away temporarily, Master Soto meant the other item on the checklist—giving away his sub…permanently.

8. H is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 8)
Rosa hoped becoming a submissive would fix her relationship with Liam. It hasn’t. Liam has loved Rosa nearly half his life, but he knows he doesn’t make her happy. The one thing he wants more than anything is to keep her safe. He would never hurt her–she’s been hurt enough.When Rosa and Liam are assigned to the letter H as part of their BDSM club’s new checklist game, a chance to come together instead becomes a reason to drift further apart. With so many items on the list for H, they aren’t the only people assigned to the letter. Thinking it will make her happy, Liam allows Rosa to join another Dom’s harem. Pushed to his breaking point by what he sees his lover doing, Liam will decide if their past will stop him from becoming the Master she needs, or if he’ll accept the darkness of his own desires.

9. I is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 9)
Who knew a little ice could burn so hot?Master Raine needs control the way fish need water. His life outside LA’s most exclusive BDSM club is chaotic, and as a result he demands complete obedience from his submissives. Chastity is delighted when she learns she’s been assigned the letter I  as part of the club’s checklist game. After all, there’s nothing she loves more than a spanking or flogging, both forms of impact play. She’s in for a surprise, when she learns that “impact” isn’t even on the list. Chastity is an excellent submissive, but hates rules. Master Raine is a careful Dom, but without structure he becomes ruthless. Their deceptively simple list of toys becomes something so much more when the truth about who they really are is revealed. 

10. J is for…: Standalone Billionaire Club Romance (BDSM Checklist Book 10)
J is for…. nothing?There’s nothing on the BDSM checklist that starts with the letter J. That should mean Grif and Davina, an established Dom/sub pair, will have an easy time with the Checklist Game. But when the overseers of Las Palmas, LA’s most exclusive club, challenge them to push their personal boundaries, they’ll find that they don’t know each other as well as they think.Grif wants more from Davina—they’re perfect together as master and submissive, but despite the intimacy of their power exchange, they’re essentially strangers. He doesn’t even know her last name.Davina needs submission, and the only man she trusts to Master her is Grif. She trusts him with her body, but not with her secrets. She wants to keep it that way, but once they start playing the game, will she be able to keep her past hidden from the man she might be falling in love with?A simple challenge, a complicated relationship, and a night that could change everything.

11. K is for…: Standalone Billionaire Kidnapping Club Romance (Checklist Book 11)
K is for kidnapping.Oliver Sanz is intrigued by the opportunity his BDSM club’s new checklist game presents. Assigned to the letter K, he gets to kidnap the lovely submissive Kumiko. One weekend together with a list of items and then they’ll part ways.Kumiko Ito is annoyed that she’d doesn’t know who her Dom is, but she knows she doesn’t want to play a game. Her once carefully planned life is in turmoil and she needs a serious Dom to help her get out of her head. A new partner, and a new game, might be one change too many.The first time they touch Kumi realizes there’s a problem—Oliver is the kind of man she could fall in love with, but he doesn’t believe in mixing BDSM and romance. How can she avoid falling in love, and in lust, with a Dom so strict he makes the kidnapping seem like the sexiest thing to ever happen to her.

12. L is for… (Checklist Book 12)
When Las Palmas announces the checklist game, Victoria Contreras isn’t concerned, she’s intrigued. Even more so when her partner is none other than Master Cain.Cain Ward enjoys trading verbal barbs with Victoria, but now they’re going do more than match wits. They’ll take on every “L” item on the BDSM checklist in a weekend of leather-wrapped pleasure and pain.When their time together is over, only one questions remains. Will Cain admit that he bribed the overseers to make sure he finally got to put his hands on Victoria?

13. M is for…: A standalone medical-themed romance (Checklist Book 13)
Is there a doctor in the club?M is for medical, but an intense medical scene is only first of the things Master Zidan had planned for Cali. Their past is complicated, but what they once had is long dead. To survive the game, Zidan decides they should role play…as the most extreme versions of dominant and submissive possible. The role play, plus the letter M, means they’ll both be pushed to their limits. Physical…and emotional.When their past refused to stay dead, the checklist game becomes a catalyst for a fight that’s been years in the making. They’re about to find out that the checklist game is not for the faint of heart, or those whose hearts could still be broken.Each title in the Checklist series is a standalone story

14. N is for… (Checklist Book 14)
“A great book for a sunny HOT HOT start to Spring – double entendre intended.”If they’d met at a bar, Daniel and Autumn would have gone home together. They’re both single, and their attraction is instant, their chemistry amazing.But they met at Las Palmas, L.A.’s most exclusive, private club for people with certain predilections. Both assigned to the letter “N”, they’ll have to work through their checklist items while fighting their attraction to one another.There’s no club rule that says they can’t date, however, Autumn has a rule of her own. Never date Doms.Daniel might be the one man who could make her happy for the rest of her life, but she won’t let herself fall for him. And even if she did…the minute he learned her secret, Daniel would walk away. But her perfect man has a dark secret of his own, and a weekend of intense play might just mean that both their secrets will come to life.

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Download China Trade by S.J. Rozan (.ePUB)

China Trade by S.J. Rozan (Lydia Chin & Bill Smith #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 276KB
Overview: It’s a city within a city, of smells, sounds, dark shops, and close-knit families; it’s a world all its own. And in all of New York’s Chinatown, there is no one like P.I. Lydia Chin, who has a nose for trouble, a disapproving Chinese mother, and a partner named Bill Smith who’s been living above a bar for sixteen years.

Hired to find some precious stolen porcelain, Lydia follows a trail of clues from highbrow art dealers into a world of Chinese gangs. Suddenly, this case has become as complex as her community itself–and as deadly as a killer on the loose…
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Download Murder by Patrick Logan (.ePUB)

Download Murder by Patrick Logan (Detective Damien Drake #3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 612KB
Overview: There are more than 10 million ebooks available online, but there is only one that predicts murder before it happens.

Detective Damien Drake is from the old guard, and he doesn’t have time for reading, let alone staring at a glowing screen. But when gets called in to help with a case, he suddenly finds himself thrust into the world of digital books.

And one particular story, about murdered women, their lips painted bright red with their own blood, captivates not only Damien, but the entire world.

Except these books aren’t fiction, they’re real. But unlike other true crime stories, not all of these murders have been committed… yet.

Download Murder: A Terrifying Psychological Murder Mystery is the third book in the Detective Damien Drake Series, which merges the grittiness of the movie Se7en and the psychological breadth of Hannibal to create truly original detective stories that will make you want to lock your doors and stay inside… and turn off your tablet, computer, and eReader.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Private Affair (Rockford Security #3) by Rebecca York (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Private Affair (Rockford Security #3) by Rebecca York
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 870 KB
Overview: Does everyone have something to hide?

Olivia Winters and Max Lyon knew each other way back when, but she was one of the cool kids, and he was a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Olivia’s a successful model now, and Max a PI much in demand. When Olivia’s old high school friend is murdered-and a raft of accidental deaths may be murders, too-Max is the only man Olivia can trust to help her investigate.

As they team up, Max is blown away by Olivia’s courage under fire, and Olivia finds that the bad boy she remembers from the fringes of her social circle might just be the best man she’s ever met…
Genre: Fiction > Romance > Contemporary > Suspense


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Download The Vagrants by Brian Moreland (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

The Vagrants by Brian Moreland
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 812 KB
Overview: Beneath the city of Boston, evil is gathering.

Journalist Daniel Finley is determined to save the impoverished of the world. But the abandoned part of humanity has a dark side too. While living under a bridge with the homeless for six months, Daniel witnessed something terrifying. Something that nearly cost him his sanity.

Now, two years later, he s published a book that exposes a deadly underground cult and its charismatic leader. And Daniel fears the vagrants are after him because of it. At the same time, his father is being terrorized by vicious mobsters. As he desperately tries to help his father, Daniel gets caught up in the middle of a war between the Irish-American mafia and a deranged cult of homeless people who are preparing to shed blood on the streets of Boston.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy > Horror


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Download Gloriana Nascent by Lucy Lancaster (.ePUB)

Gloriana Nascent by Lucy Lancaster
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 384kb
Overview: Henry VIII is dead, and history will never be the same.
The year is 1536. Three claimants vie for his throne: Anne Boleyn, who fights for her young daughter Elizabeth; Mary Tudor, who sees the hand of Providence at work; and Henry FitzRoy, the king’s illegitimate but recognised son.
Factions form and battles are fought over who will win the Crown.
Will this war tear the kingdom apart, or will a ruler emerge victorious who can unite England?
This is a full-length alternate history novel.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Own the Eights: The Complete Series by Krista Sandor (.ePUB)

Own the Eights: The Complete Series by Krista Sandor
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: Sizzling Chemistry ♥ Witty Banter ♥ All the swoon
Let the games begin!
A Pride & Prejudice-loving bookstore owner goes toe-to-toe with a cocky, panty-melter of a fitness trainer. A contest could change everything…but only for one of them!
Genre: Romance


The Complete Own the Eights Series:
♥ Own the Eights
♥ Own the Eights Gets Married
♥ Own the Eights Maybe Baby

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Download The Cut by Chris Brookmyre (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

The Cut by Chris Brookmyre
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1MB
Overview: The supremely entertaining, moving, and unpredictable new thriller from multi-award-winning bestseller Chris Brookmyre is a wholly original masterpiece and the best crime novel of 2021.

Millie Spark can kill anyone…….

A special effects make-up artist, her talent is to create realistic scenes of bloody violence.

Then, one day, she wakes to find her lover dead in her bed.

Twenty-five years later, her sentence for murder served, Millicent is ready to give up on her broken life – until she meets troubled film student and reluctant petty thief Jerry.

Together, they begin to discover that all was not what it seemed on that fateful night . . . and someone doesn’t want them to find out why.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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