Download The Devil to Pay by Hugh Ryan (.ePUB)

The Devil to Pay by Hugh Ryan
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Overview: Kilkenny, 1324. Alice Kyteler, outspoken daughter of a wealthy Flemish banker, has survived four husbands and is beset by the gossip and rivalry of a medieval Anglo-Norman town. Her beautiful maid is Petronilla, child of an itinerant shoemaker, her lover Sir Arnaud le Poer is seneschal and lord of south Leinster. Her nemesis is Richard de Ledrede, English Fransciscan, scholar, poet and now bishop of Ossory, determined to reassert clerical power and restore the dilapidated cathedral. To him Alice embodies the moral laxity of the age, her irreverence and knowlege of healing feeding his anger and obsession with witchcraft. Outside the city walls the native Irish are resurgent after 150 years of dispossession. In the streets of Kilkenny, crowds gather around the stake. In The Devil to Pay, Hugh Ryan tells the true story of Alice and Petronilla — portrayed against a backdrop of the struggles between Norman and Gael — bringing to life a remarkable tapestry of this pivotal era in Irish history.
Genre: Fiction > General Fiction/Classics Historical


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Download Detective Grandma Series by Corrine Winters (.ePUB)

Detective Grandma Series by Corrine Winters (1-2)
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Overview: Corrine Winters is author of the Kitchen Witch of Casper series, the Midlife Magic & Mystery series, and the Motorcycle Witch Mysteries, among many others.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


1. Hexes & Hearing Aids – Every town has its secrets, but in Oakwood, they’re dying to get out…
Dorothy Hensley isn’t just the head librarian. She’s also an amateur sleuth – or is about to become one. When the tranquility of Oakwood is disrupted with a mysterious death, she’s on the case. But the victim is an electronics salesman with a dubious past, and the list of suspects is longer than Dorothy’s overdue books list.
Armed with her quick-witted granddaughter Zoe, her sassy familiar Buttons, and a teapot full of determination, she’s ready to crack the case… And maybe, just maybe, impress her old flame, Frank, who’s recently moved in next door.
But will Dorothy be able to shelf this mystery before she becomes overdue?
Or will her dreams become a forgotten chapter in her life’s book?

2. Knitting Needles & Night Spells – This housewarming just went from a party to a funeral…literally.
Nothing stops a party like a death – and with it being the construction magnate, there’s no end to the suspect list! Dorothy Hensley is on the case, though, and with her granddaughter Zoe and her familiar Buttons, she just might be able to impress her old flame. This trail is a winding one…
And the truth is even more twisted than they could have imagined.
As they dig deeper, dark secrets unravel, casting long shadows over their once peaceful town. Can these three navigate this maze of deception and bring the true puppet master to light?
Or will their investigation chill their once cozy town forever?

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1. Hexes & Hearing Aids

2. Knitting Needles & Night Spells

Download Royal by Leila James (.ePUB)

Royal by Leila James (Brutal Boys of SIN Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 945 kb
Overview: The hunter is hungry, and I’m his prey.
I never dreamed I’d be a sorority girl, but from the moment I arrived at my mother’s alma mater, the sisters of TZE have welcomed me with open arms. Unfortunately, Kingston University has hidden monsters of its own. I thought I’d be safe here, but I’m not.

My past has found me. And it intends to chase me down.

These brutal boys of SIN have a singular focus—making my life a living hell. I don’t deserve the hate they’re doling out or the games they’re playing with my head.

One savage hunter. One unhinged stalker. One brutal fighter.


They can’t make me run. I won’t submit to fear. Been there, done that. The truth of that night is a hazy memory, and the skeletons of our shared past are buried deep. If a few depraved frat brothers insist on unearthing them, I’ll make sure I’m not the only one who suffers.

Sigma Iota Nu. Where sinful souls come out to play.
Genre: Romance


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Download The Trap by Gregg Dunnett (.ePUB)

The Trap by Gregg Dunnett (Detective Erica Sands Book 2)
Requirements: epub reader, 386 kb
Overview: A twisted killer. His estranged daughter. A shared obsession with murder.

Erica Sands keeps her family legacy locked away – very few people know that her father is in a high-security prison, forever stained by the blood of his many victims. But when the body of a woman is found in an isolated cottage, a cryptic note concealed nearby, Erica is once more dragged into her father’s dark orbit.

As Erica investigates the chilling scene, she uncovers eerie threads tying the murder to her own shadowy past. But before she can unravel the mystery, her father gets in touch – claiming to possess crucial information about the case. The thought of seeing him sickens her, but she knows ignoring the invitation could be almost as dangerous as accepting it…

The investigation takes a harrowing turn when twin girls are snatched from the local school gates on a sunny afternoon. Could these innocent children be the killer’s next trophies?

With a sophisticated predator still on the loose, and Erica’s father doing everything he can to break her, the stakes have never been higher.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


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Download The Last Cosmonaut by Brandon Q. Morris (.ePUB)

The Last Cosmonaut by Brandon Q. Morris
Requirements: epub reader, 844 kb
Overview: The year is 2029, and East Germany is celebrating its 80th anniversary as a socialist state. Cosmonaut Mandy Neumann has been aboard the east german space station for several weeks and is waiting for her replacement to arrive. But when the first inexplicable accidents occur, she starts to suspect that someone is sabotaging her mission. Shortly after, she loses contact with ground control and has to fight for her life.

The only person who can help her is Tobias Wagner, a police lieutenant. He’s trying to track down a missing physicist who was involved in the construction of the space station. The trail leads him to a restricted military area in the eastern part of the country, where he quickly runs into trouble with his superiors. Because what Wagner discovers seems to endanger the existence of this nation – and perhaps even the entire world.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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