Download The Bratva’s Kidnapped Bride by Deva Blake (.ePUB)

The Bratva’s Kidnapped Bride (Levov Bratva Book 1) by Deva Blake
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 228 kB
Overview: The head of the NY Bratva dragged me into his mansion and forced me to marry him.

He’s the biggest enemy of my Italian Don dad, and much older than me.

He says he’ll make me his mafia bride, to fully possess my curves.

I should run, but the next thing I know…he’s got my belly growing with his heir.

I walked straight into his hell, and he took his chance.

His white shirt is stained with blood and his hands are red and strong.

He says he’ll protect me against my abusive family no matter what.

He says he’ll cripple anyone who comes near to me or his baby.

I did not want to be here, but at night I find myself in his bed.

His possessive hands claim my bruised curves and make me beg.

Beg for things I thought I didn’t want from the merciless Bratva.

Beg for things I dare not speak out loud in the daylight.

Will the Bratva daddy claim his princess and his baby?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Discreet Desires by M.K. Moore (.ePUB)

Discreet Desires by M.K. Moore (Forbidden Fruit)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 274 kB
Overview: Jackson Prince

I wasn’t prepared for her. I should have been, but my princess took me by surprise. With one look at her, with the dark circles under her eyes and the overall gaunt appearance, I knew she needed me. Taking her body was selfish, but it tied her to me in all ways. I take the world’s weight off her shoulders and help carry her burdens. I’ll do whatever it takes to take care of her and make her mine.

Jeniveve Palmer

I gave him my body as payment for his help. He took it again and again. It should have been a fucked up business arraignment, but instead, he calls me princess and treats me like one, not like the whore I made myself. He saved my brothers, and for that, I’ll let him do whatever he wants to me. He does all the dark, depraved things I secretly craved. How did he know? He made me fall in love with him, but I know I shouldn’t get used to this. It’s going to kill me when he tires of me, but I’m his for as long as he’ll have me.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Savage Assassin by M. James (.ePUB)

Savage Assassin by M. James (The Savage Trilogy Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 533 kb
Overview: A man with no mercy wants my hand in marriage. But this princess won’t be bartered away.

My sister angered Diego Gonzalez, the most powerful cartel boss in Mexico, when she refused to bend to his will. Now, with her out of his reach, he’s turned his attention to the only means of getting his revenge–demanding that my father hand me over, or start a war.

But my father has alliances. And they send someone to rescue me. Someone who will turn my entire world upside down.

Levin Volkov is something out of a fantasy. Nearly two decades older than me, handsome beyond belief, a dangerous man–and an honorable one, who’s only job is to get me out of danger, and back to Boston where I can be safe with my sister. As far as he’s concerned, I’m a job, and nothing else.

But fate has other ideas. Before we know it, we’re stranded–trapped together with no hope of rescue, and the clock on our lives ticking away. I know there’s things I want to do before I die–and one of them is standing right in front of me.

Levin says I’m too young. Too innocent. That I’m his responsibility. That he’d never be able to live with himself if he did the things I want him to. But I’m old enough to know I don’t want to die a virgin–and that I want the one thing I never thought I’d have.

The chance to choose.

Levin Volkov thinks he’s all wrong for me. But this savage assassin is the one I want.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Chasing River by M.C Sakala (.ePUB)

Chasing River by M.C Sakala
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.3 mb
Overview: Lips of honey and eyes of fire.

Armani Nnandi was always the good girl.

She was always the girl with the perfect grades, the one who never broke the rules and almost never went out. She thrived off of academic validation always striving for the top spot and nothing less. Her parents expected nothing less of perfection from her and she’d always known it, what kind of daughter would she be if she were to ever let them down?

But what happens when she gets cast away to one of the most prestigious art academies in France all on her own, no parents, no rules and all the freedom she could’ve ever asked for. But rumor has it that something’s not quite right at St Kathrines, that there’s doors opening past midnight, pathways that lead to nowhere and hushed secrets. Armani is about to learn that sometimes the skeletons hidden in one’s closet tend to resurrect.

Armani made herself and her parents one simple promise, no boys until after college. But that was until she found herself entangled in the beautiful chaos that was her art class rival River Kennedy. It was clear that he was one of God’s favorites, with silvery blue eyes and looks that could kill—he was art. But every masterpiece has a story behind it, and River’s happened to be crashing into him and drowning him all at once.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe (.ePUB)

Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe (The Chronicles of Luminaera Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 733 kb
Overview: Legends speak of an ancient city among the clouds that achieved unrivalled technological advancement millennia before our time…

A city that became a benevolent Empire, spreading its knowledge across the world. But all that remains are myths and legends. A bedtime story. For after the great cataclysm that almost destroyed the entire human race in ages past, the world was sent back into darkness and no evidence has ever been found of the lost city’s actual existence.

But Elara, a young and talented mechanic tired of her ordinary life in the workshop, has always dreamed of Luminaera. For whatever reason, she’s always been drawn to these stories.

After receiving a cryptic message from the past, she will join the enigmatic Captain Orion aboard his airship “The Ascension” on a journey to uncover the secrets of the lost city among the clouds.

As their attraction to one another grows, they must overcome obstacles, solve mysteries and face unparalleled betrayal. And they must face a powerful organisation with ancient dark secrets that will stop at nothing to silence them.

When their partnership develops into a romantic relationship, their bond will be threatened as Orion’s own past demons emerge to test the strength of their love.

Even then they will be faced with a fateful choice. One which the future of humanity might depend on. But will they make the right call?

Come along in this thrilling steampunk adventure of romance, mystery and intrigue. This is only the beginning of their journey.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Addiction by K.L. Jessop (.ePUB)

Addiction by K.L. Jessop (Salvation Society)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 420 kb

Life can leave you vulnerable when you least expect it—it can leave you lost with nowhere to turn. Life can bring you down hard, and my god did I fall.

At war with my thoughts and feelings, I drank away my demons because I was too scared to voice them.

I was living a lie, yet the one I craved I didn’t know how to grasp.

Afraid, I ran in the direction of a freedom that never came.

Then I saw him, and he changed everything.

He changed me.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


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Download Empire Without End by Theodore Hodges (.ePUB)

Empire Without End by Theodore Hodges (The Breakdown Universe Primers)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 957 kb
Overview: On the far side of darkness and despair, hope endures.

It has been two centuries since the death of the Old World, where the skies bled fire, and the gods wept poison upon the realm of man.

But all is not lost.

Vast armies pound their drums throughout the New World. Gods and angels anoint their chosen peoples. The age of darkness is over. After two hundred years of chaos, mankind has finally awoken. With the might of Old World industry, the power of New World magic, and the dream of a better future, men and women from across the planet stand beneath the banner of a black eagle.

Their mission is to reclaim humanity’s ancient birthright.

Their deeds will forge an empire without end.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Sebastian’s Secret by Felicity Brandon (.ePUB)

Sebastian’s Secret (The Dragon Guardians #1) by Felicity Brandon
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 251 kB
Overview: From USA Today Bestselling Author, Felicity Brandon, comes a dragon shifter romance series enveloped in her signature dark romance.

Four dragon brothers with a mission.

One dangerous secret they’re sworn to protect.

My father’s legacy haunts me.

Bound to find a mate from birth,

I resist romance at all costs.

Until she crashes into my life.

With her sharp tongue and dazzling eyes,

Rebecca Monroe is one woman I can’t say no to.

But then I discover who she really is—

The sister of our greatest rival.

The one woman I shouldn’t crave.

How can I trust her with the Vaughn family secret?

But how can I bear to let her go?

I’m doomed to fail whichever path I choose,

But one thing is certain.

The redhead with the come-to-bed eyes is mine.

Whatever anyone says.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Paranormal


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Download Her Devil by H.L. Packer (.ePUB)

Her Devil (Pendleton Prep #1) by H.L. Packer
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 570 kB
Overview: I should have known that this was coming…

I’d done the right things, chosen the right friends, kept my grades up, primped and primed and smiled when I was supposed to, and then I escaped the clutches of the man they’d chosen for me. What. An. Idiot.

Or not, I suppose.

If I spend the year at Pendleton Prep, I can go back on my merry way. The problem is that life here is not exactly what I expected.

I’m not just another student, here to serve her time and get out. Oh no, that would never do. I’ve been wrapped up and served on a platter for the Devils of Pendleton Prep.

They’re hot, stupidly hot, and involved in something I want nothing to do with.

More than one of them has her set in their sights, but she’s already entangled in the world of the elite, they just don’t realise it yet. Where ten begin, only three will end… how far will they go to secure their place?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram (.ePUB)

Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram (Cinder & Ella #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 581 KB
Overview: It’s been almost a year since eighteen-year-old Ella Rodriguez was in a car accident that left her crippled, scarred, and without a mother. After a very difficult recovery, she’s been uprooted across the country and forced into the custody of a father that abandoned her when she was a young child. If Ella wants to escape her father’s home and her awful new stepfamily, she must convince her doctors that she’s capable, both physically and emotionally, of living on her own. The problem is, she’s not ready yet. The only way she can think of to start healing is by reconnecting with the one person left in the world who’s ever meant anything to her—her anonymous Internet best friend, Cinder. Hollywood sensation Brian Oliver has a reputation for being trouble. There’s major buzz around his performance in his upcoming film The Druid Prince, but his management team says he won’t make the transition from teen heartthrob to serious A-list actor unless he can prove he’s left his wild days behind and become a mature adult. In order to douse the flames on Brian’s bad-boy reputation, his management stages a fake engagement for him to his co-star Kaylee. Brian isn’t thrilled with the arrangement—or his fake fiancée—but decides he’ll suffer through it if it means he’ll get an Oscar nomination. Then a surprise email from an old Internet friend changes everything.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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