Download Lilith’s Shadow Series by Benjamin Medrano (.ePUB)

Lilith’s Shadow Series by Benjamin Medrano (.ePUB)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 3.1mb
Overview: I was born in 1985 in Sacramento, California. I never knew the region, with my father moving to Utah, where my earliest memories begin. The youngest of the family, I have several older siblings, who protected and tormented me by turns. I love them dearly, and appreciate that my family has supported me in my hobbies.
I write lesbian fiction, primarily focusing on high fantasy but also occasionally dabbling in science fiction, and I often include darker themes to my books as well.
I’m a huge fan of tabletop roleplaying games like Pathfinder and play them as often as I’m able to do so. I’m also a fan of computer strategy games and RPGs, with my favorites in each category being the Homeworld series and Final Fantasy VII.
I’ve read Fantasy and Science Fiction since I was in second grade, and my heart of hearts will always have a fond place in my memories for Brian Jacques, whose works truly let my imagination soar.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Born a Queen (Lilith's Shadow Book 1) Down with the Queen (Lilith's Shadow Book 2) Queen's Move (Lilith's Shadow Book 3) Queen of Diamonds (Lilith's Shadow Book 4) Queen's Journey (Lilith's Shadow Book 5) Queen's Gambit (Lilith's Shadow Book 6)
1. Born a Queen (Lilith’s Shadow Book 1)
For some, hopes, dreams, and ambitions come easily. Not so much for Lilith. Created by one of the most feared supervillains, Shadowmind, she has no past of her own and only a passing familiarity with the world as it is. With a death sentence hanging over her head due to who created her and how, she escaped into the world to see and explore, and perhaps find a meaning to her life. There she encounters heroes and villains alike, including those who brought her maker to justice.Gina and Rachel are superheroines in San Francisco, and freak chance brings them into contact with Lilith. As they interact, the three grow to be friends… but with villains after them, who knows what the future will bring?

2. Down with the Queen (Lilith’s Shadow Book 2)
Despite all odds, Lilith has gained acceptance from two heroines who should hate and fear her very existence. Gina and Rachel have agreed to help Lilith attempt to get the death sentence on her head rescinded, but they have to work carefully. Their time runs short, though; Doctor Johnson’s plots advance, and other villains are infiltrating San Francisco.In the end, the question becomes what to do when Lilith’s identity is discovered and all hell breaks loose. Despite the risk of death bearing down on her, Lilith decides that she’s tired of simply running away.

3. Queen’s Move (Lilith’s Shadow Book 3)
Lilith thought moving would make her life easier.Having survived a death sentence, Lilith believed moving to Paragon City would be safer, as there she’d be one of countless superhumans. Her dreams are short-lived, however, as the plots of the sinister Dreamer and a malevolent alien intersect with her attempt to build a new life with Gina and Rachel.Unfortunately for them, Lilith isn’t willing to let the villains do as they please.

4. Queen of Diamonds (Lilith’s Shadow Book 4)
Destruction looms on the horizon.As she settles into life in Paragon City as a new heroine, Lilith is slowly adapting to how her life has changed. One of those changes is an invitation to speak at a renowned superhero convention in Las Vegas. Hopeful that this will be a chance to turn her reputation around, Lilith chooses to attend with Gina and Rachel.Unfortunately for Lilith, Destruction Corps hasn’t forgotten its humiliation, and she’s walking into a trap. One that could end the lives of thousands if she and the heroes don’t act quickly enough.

5. Queen’s Journey (Lilith’s Shadow Book 5)
Bereft of her friends, Lilith must find a new path.As the consequences of her visit to Las Vegas continue to cascade, Lilith finds herself almost alone in Paragon City, while Gina and Rachel travel to England to determine the full extent of what happened to them. With her path forward in life unclear, Lilith decides she needs to build new friendships and decide what it is she truly wishes to do.The only question is whether she has time, as one of the most insane villains on the planet sets his eyes on her.

6. Queen’s Gambit (Lilith’s Shadow Book 6)
The end is nigh.With Gina and Rachel back, Lilith finds herself reminded that relationships are hard, even as she strives to move on with her life and adjusting her newfound confidence. Yet once again she finds herself without time to adjust, as Shadowmind has chosen to make her move at last.Lilith’s maker has no place in her plans for her wayward creation, and the question becomes: What will Lilith choose when faced with Shadowmind’s ultimatum?

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Download Lupus Deus by Sophia Moore (.ePUB)

Lupus Deus by Sophia Moore (.ePUB)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader
Size: 1.4mb
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Overview: In a world where Lycans are a myth, the werewolves believe of a monstrous beast whom they call, Lupus Deus—a wolf god behind the name Zaliver.
The gods become unhappy with Zaliver, who has spent hundreds of years bringing slaughter on the face of the earth. Thus, Vivian is created as the latter’s mate to tame his loathsome nature.
However, Zaliver is the only one of his kind—deprived of having a mate of his own.
What could have turned a seductive blue-eyed wolf god into a vicious demon? Will Vivian ever find happiness in her much-awaited mate when love could mean death?

Lupus Deus: A Werewolf Romance by [Sophia Moore]

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Download Home Improvement edited by Charlaine Harris, Toni L.P. Kelner (.ePUB)+

Home Improvement: an anthology of stories edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner
Requirements: ePUB/MOBI reader 1.1 MB
Overview: The editors of the New York Times bestselling Death’s Excellent Vacation bring home a new collection…with a never-before- published Sookie Stackhouse story!
There’s nothing like home renovation for finding skeletons in the closet or otherwordly portals in the attic. Now, for any homeowner who’s ever wondered, “What’s that creaking sound?” or fans of “how to” television who’d like a little unreality mixed in with their reality shows, editors Charlaine Harris and Toni L. P. Kelner return with an all-new collection of the paranormal perils of Do-It-Yourself.
Sookie Stackhouse resides in these pages, in a never-before-published story by #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris. And New York Times bestselling authors Patricia Briggs, James Grady, Heather Graham, Melissa Marr, and nine other outstanding writers have constructed more frightening and funny fixer-upper tales guaranteed to shake foundations and rattle readers’ pipes.
Genre: Urban Fantasy


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Download Mortlake series by David Longhorn (.ePUB)

Mortlake series by David Longhorn (#1-2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.5 MB
Overview: David Longhorn was born in North East England long before the internet, but fortunately they had plenty of books in those days! He enjoyed reading all sorts of fact and fiction in childhood and also became a huge fan of old horror movies and the BBC’s Ghost Stories for Christmas on television, despite losing a lot of sleep as a result.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Image Image

1. Wolfsbane
When savage death stalks the British countryside, there’s only one man to call…

In the aftermath of a vicious attack, Tara Pride, a young American student, doesn’t know where to turn. Terrified and distraught over the death of her friend, she’s convinced this is more than just wild dogs or rabid animals. So she reaches out to the one man who might believe her—paranormal investigator and Cambridge professor, Marcus Mortlake.

At first glance, Mortlake seems an unlikely candidate to battle the supernatural considering his eccentric character. But despite his curmudgeonly exterior, Mortlake has faced evil beyond imagination, and put his life on the line countless times to defend humanity.

Now, Mortlake and Tara find themselves facing a deadly enemy: Rupert Gonfallon, a wealthy and sadistic Lord, who owns the land where the attack took place. And Mortlake is certain Rupert is connected to a string of bloody murders.

But the truth is even more dangerous than the professor suspects. A pack of savage killers lurks within the Lord’s estate harboring a sinister agenda. Infecting themselves with an ancient curse to gain power and strength, these ravenous beasts claim the dark forests as their territory.

Now, their infection is spreading. And unless Mortlake can stop them, the countryside will run red with the blood of fresh prey…

2. House of Whispers
Evil rises up from the shadows of Haslam House…

As paranormal investigator Marcus Mortlake recovers from his latest battle with the supernatural, he finds himself haunted by a face from his past. His former lover calls to him from beyond the veil of sleep. But are these disturbing visions just dreams… or something far more sinister?

Meanwhile, Mortlake’s new assistant, Tara Pride, has discovered a paranormal site worthy of investigation. Haslam House has no shortage of restless spirits prowling its dusty halls, communicating with the owner’s young daughter through pictures and drawings. The spirits whisper their pleas to be saved from a dark presence, whose hunger for souls has grown ravenous over the centuries…

Vowing to rid the house of this deadly force once and for all, Mortlake and Tara prepare to do battle. But will Mortlake’s tricks and Tara’s fledging psychic abilities be enough to stop a being who has preyed on humanity since the dawn of time? Or will their souls join the other victims, trapped for all eternity in Haslam House…

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Download Tales of the Sun Eater: Volume 1 by Christopher Ruocchio (.ePUB)

Tales of the Sun Eater: Volume 1 by Christopher Ruocchio
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 451 KB
Overview: Seven stories from the universe of the Sun Eater written by award-winning author Christopher Ruocchio and collected here for the very first time.

A new horror comes to a centuries-old war… A machine witch on trial for crimes against her own humanity… Pirates in the black of space… Here are tales of the far future, of a time where mankind reigns across the galaxy: a time of war, of great evil, and of greater heroes.

Here are tales of the Sollan Empire, and of the barbarians who dwell in the cracks between its stars. Here are tales of strange, far worlds. Tales of battle, of desperation, and holy law. And here, too, are tales of a man who will change the fate and future of the galaxy as a whole. Tales of the Sun Eater, of Hadrian Marlowe himself.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy



    The Demons of Arae
    Victim of Changes
    Not Made for Us
    The Night Captain
    The Duelist
    The Parliament of Owls
    The Pits of Emesh

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Download Askarjan by Robert Clark (.ePUB)

Askarjan by Robert Clark
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 457 KB
Overview: When a team of askarjan, genetically enhanced Rakorian solders working for the Council of Planets lands on earth, The Council sends a squadron of worships to retrieve them. The Grathorkian Confederation, think the Council is invading earth, dispatches a fleet to protect the planet. The Council, thinking the Grathorkians are invading earth, sends a fleet to protect earth. When xenophobic humans attack Grathorkian diplomats the Confederation, thinking the Council was behind the attacks, lands combat troops. Now sure the Grathokians intend on conquering them, the people of earth, aided by the Askarjan team, resist. Both the Council and the Confederation fleets have the ability to destroy a planet almost without effort. With the two powerful groups of aliens trying to protect earth, will the planet and its residents survive the devastating help the aliens are unleashing?
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Deep Space Boogie by Scott Baron (.ePUB)

Deep Space Boogie by Scott Baron (Warp Riders #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 359 KB
Overview: When it hits the fan you call in the best. Unfortunately for planet Earth, the best were busy.

Mankind had won the Great War, defeating a terrible enemy after surviving an alien apocalypse that had nearly wiped out all of humanity. When the dust had finally settled, a new coalition of humans and the alien rebels who had fought beside them was formed, and with it, the rebuilding began.

But when a strange attack craft warped in from the depths of space and attacked one of the survey teams without provocation. It seemed Earth and its new allies had a brand new enemy on their hands. One they knew nothing about. On high-alert and in dire need of intel, a rag-tag team was quickly formed to race out into the void to track them down. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan.

An unstable warp sent them tumbling off course, spitting them out in the distant reaches of the galaxy. They were lost, andthey were without backup. But out in the depths of space, it seemed they were not alone.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Nothing But Bones: The Chaos Rifts by J. Carrarn (.ePUB)

The Chaos Rifts by J. Carrarn (Nothing But Bones #2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.0 MB
Overview: A year after the battle for Skulltown and Silt’s defeat, Solus is still trying to find a way to restore his status window. Straying deeper into the wastes, he searches for his original sphere, hoping that perhaps it can offer him a solution. Instead, he stumbles upon an ancient hidden installation and finds an AI of a different caliber. It might have the knowledge to help him, but is it trustworthy enough?

On the return trip, Solus meets a new adversary: a new kind of undead that is almost as powerful as himself. When he finally manages to return to Skulltown, he finds that he isn’t the only one that these strange new undead have attacked.

As more and more mindless and highly aggressive undead begin to appear, disturbing news arrives from beyond Skulltown. Black rifts are appearing in the wasteland, ejecting both sentient and mindless undead. The only one who may have the solution is also the one least likely to help him: Scathia, the mysterious leader of Silt, the one who awoke Vingria, and the one who seems bent on world domination.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Champions of Solus: Emergence by Chad Moss (.ePUB)

Emergence by Chad Moss (Champions of Solus #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 932 KB
Overview: Two warriors are chosen by Solomeus, God of Light, to be his champions in an epic war. Theus, who has obtained the power of a demon, and Bragon, who has the blessing of an angel, must work together as they are descendants of a long-extinct clan, the Eudeo. They are tasked with finding and destroying an ancient relic their ancestors crafted. However, they are not the only ones seeking the relic. Hell sends forth its own champion in Horothan, strongest of all demon lords. Also, Viscaro, a necromancer wielding magic thought long lost, wishes to find the relic to increase his power and ascend to the status of that of a god. The story quickly turns into a race across Solus, a world so massive that there are still corners left undiscovered and untamed. This is a tale of sacrifice and struggle, good versus evil, Heaven versus Hell. It becomes a test that tries everyone’s mind, body…and even their very soul!
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Shadows of Ash by Adrian J Smith (.ePUB)

Shadows of Ash by Adrian J Smith (The Nameless #2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2 MB
Overview: To survive hell, you must make a deal with the devil…

In the aftermath of a global catastrophe that has killed billions, old enemies become allies in order to survive. When Ryan Connors and his former recon team, the Nameless, form an alliance with the Yakuza they learn of a new plot that could lead to countless more deaths. Armed with this new knowledge, and driven by revenge, Ryan and his team launch a desperate bid to stop OPIS from executing their plans to destroy the world.

In America, prisoner Zanzi Connors is offered a way out and a chance to find her father and join the fight. But her freedom comes at a cost, forcing her to do something that goes against everything she believes–take another life. Like father, like daughter, even though they are separated by fate, Ryan and Zanzi are bonded by a common mission to save humanity. No matter what the personal cost, even if it means their own lives.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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