Download The Willing Mrs. Talbot by Unknown (.ePUB) *ADULT*

The Willing Mrs. Talbot by Unknown
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Overview: She moved her lovely, slender digits up and down along the pounding tool, pinching and tugging on his flesh in a familiar fashion. He moaned and shuddered under her caress, feeling the boiling come churning in his balls, wildly, now.

“Come on, come on, work on it, scum,” he snarled, pulling on her hair, cruelly. “I need to mouth fuck you, bitch, mouth fuck you, good!”

“Ohh, God, Dash, don’t be this way,” she moaned, shuddering as a spasm of pain and despair raced through her. “Don’t treat me like this, darling!”
Genre: Adult Material


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Download Step-Father s Sins by Unknown (.ePUB)*ADULT*

Step-Father s Sins by Unknown
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Overview: She allowed his cock head to come away from his belly so she could roll her tongue lazily over it.
She could see in the blue moonlight that the piss hole at the tip of his prick was opening and closing like a tiny mouth.
Melinda used the very tip of her tongue, which the concentrated on keeping as pointy as possible, to playfully lick at the piss hole.
"SUCK ME!" MacIntyre called out.
He was desperate.
He was begging.
Genre: Adult Material

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Download Playing Dirty with the Doctor by Conner Hayden (.MP3) *ADULT*

Playing Dirty with the Doctor by Conner Hayden
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Overview: A young woman joining a new medical practice has to go for a first check up. When she sees the attractive doctor is excited at the sight of her in her underwear she decides to have some fun and lets him have sex with her on the examination table.

This story is a work of fiction and contains sex scenes and is suitable for adults only. All characters are fictional and are over 18 years old.
Genre: Adult Material Romance / Erotica


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