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Killer in the Crowd by P N Johnson
Requirements: PDF, ePUB, AZW3 reader, 2.3 MB
Overview: Cath Edgley is a normal schoolteacher at a normal high school… until she hears the shocking news that fading rock star Raven Rain has been murdered.
Because, to Cath, Raven Rain is more than just a picture on a magazine – he was also the ex-lover of her missing mother, Betzy Blac, lead singer of ’80s punk girl band, Décolleté. A woman who went missing over 30 years ago.
Warned by a string of mystery text messages to “trust no one”, Cath is inspired to solve the mystery of her mum’s disappearance, once and for all.
Cath finds herself thrust into the sordid underbelly of the ’80s music scene, when rock and roll played second fiddle to the sex and drugs.
Along the way, she also finds herself playing a new role: unwitting replacement lead singer for Décolleté on their first tour in over 30 years.
Can Cath find the killers before she becomes their next victim?
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download No Trace by Michael Trant (.ePUB)+

No Trace by Michael Trant
Requirements: PDF, ePUB reader, 2.06 MB
Overview: From the author of WILD DOGS comes an electrifying combination of outback action thriller and the classic locked room mystery. ‘Did you have to kill them all?’ It’s the question Gabe Ahern has been running from since he bust open a major criminal operation – and left a dozen men dead. He knows that one day the ‘bad guys’ will come for revenge. A skilled dog-trapper, Gabe has one rule: leave no sign, leave no trace. And for the last year he’s been successfully hiding out on a friend’s remote cattle property in the Pilbara. But when Goldmont Station opens its gates to a bunch of city folk eager for an authentic outback experience, Gabe can feel eyes on his back. Are all these visitors really tourists?
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download My Mira Saga series by Dustin Stevens (.ePUB)

My Mira Saga series by Dustin Stevens (#1-5)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 2.15 MB
Overview: Dustin Stevens is the author of more than 40 novels, the vast majority having become #1 Amazon bestsellers, including the Reed & Billie and Hawk Tate series. The Boat Man, the first release in the best-selling Reed & Billie series, was named the 2016 Indie Award winner for E-Book fiction. The freestanding work The Debt was named an Independent Author Network action/adventure novel of the year for 2017.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller

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1. Spare Change
Nothing More Than A Walk In The Park…

It was supposed to have been a celebration. A night out among friends. A chance to celebrate the culmination of ten long years.

For the last decade, Kyle Clady has served as a Navy SEAL. He endured sleepless nights, hellish environments, personal injury, and strained relations. He fought enemies foreign and domestic on multiple continents.

At long last, it is over. He is free to return home to San Diego, to the wife that endured by his side, to the plans they made for the future.

Little does he know that waiting there for him is an eventuality far worse than anything he ever encountered in the military…

2. Office Visit
“You think this is about you?”

Just six simple words, they comprised the last sentence ever uttered by the man that killed Kyle Clady’s wife. A sentence he is unable to get out of his head, the possibilities it contains keep him awake at night, spurring on his every movement. But little does he know, he isn’t the only one affected.

Across town, two meetings take place almost simultaneously as a result. The first involves the people that hired the hit, the action taken a part of a business decision that still needs to be seen through. Twenty miles away, a second takes place, held by the men that the shooter rode with, people considered closer than brothers, that would do anything to mete out their own form of justice.

3. Fair Trade
“Who the hell are you two?”

Nothing in Kyle Clady’s world is as it should be. His wife is gone. He can’t bear to set foot in his home. He’s back sitting vigil at the hospital, hoping his brother-in-law will survive the night. His head aches and his hand hurts from his confrontation with members of The Wolves motorcycle gang just hours before.

All a result of trying to unravel the path leading away from his wife’s murder. A path that has now presented him before the diminutive Fran Ogo and her granddaughter Valerie, two women with little in common beyond their shared lineage.

Together, they seem even less sure of what is going on than Kyle, the only certainty exists being that whatever started with the death of his wife is still a long way from being completed.

4. Ships Passing
“You’ve started something you can’t finish.”

Little more than a week ago, Kyle Clady’s life made sense. In the waning days of a decade spent as a Navy SEAL, he and his wife were about to embark on an adventure together. The details of it weren’t even complete yet, the two of them with an entire world to finally explore.

Now, she is gone. Not only in body, but every possession, every memento, every tangible memory he has, all consumed by the fire that turned his home to cinders.

A fire started by The Wolves, the motorcycle outfit responsible for his wife’s death. A fire meant to serve as a direct challenge, drawing Kyle out into the open. For ten solid days, Kyle has been in a race to catch up. To use the brief moments he has between bouts of overwhelming grief and anger to piece together what happened and why. A search that continues, even in the face of these newest obstacles…

5. Warning Shot
“There was somebody else there tonight. They got at least two of the Wolves, and they also got the same thing I was after.”

In the wake of his most recent encounter with the Wolves, Kyle Clady decides a new tact is needed. For as satisfying as slowly extracting his revenge might be, it isn’t what his wife would want. And it is getting him no closer to answering why she was targeted in the first place.

Going back to the last known point of emphasis he has, he begins to come at things from a new angle. He aligns himself with new allies, speaking with the local churches and politicians, all while trying to avoid the watchful eyes of the police, the Wolves, and a dangerous new adversary he never considered. Taken together, it sends him down paths he never considered, taking him perilously close to place he never would have imagined…

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Download 2 Novels by Alan Russell (.ePUB)

2 Novels by Alan Russell
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: Critical acclaim has greeted Alan Russell’s novels from coast to coast. Publishers Weekly calls him "one of the best writers in the mystery field today." The New York Times says, "He has a gift for dialogue," while the Los Angeles Times calls him "a crime fiction rara avis." Russell’s many novels have ranged from whodunits to comedic capers to suspense, and his works have been nominated for most of the major awards in crime fiction. His novels have garnered him a Critics’ Choice Award, the Lefty (awarded to the best humorous mystery of the year), and two San Diego Book Awards. A native and long-time resident of California, Alan Russell is a former college basketball player who these days barely can touch the rim. A proud father of three children, Russell is an avid gardener and cook, and fortunately is blessed with a spouse who doesn’t mind weeding or washing dishes.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller

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Multiple Wounds
Holly Troy’s mind is a complex maze of myth and reality, multiple personalities vying for time in the spotlight. As an artist, she is creative and compelling. As a witness, she is painfully unreliable, unsure of even which person she was the night of the murder. Even Holly can’t be sure of her own innocence. Homicide detective Orson Cheever never thought he would find himself playing psychologist to a Greek goddess in a modern-day murder investigation, but many of Holly’s personalities come straight from classical mythology, from Cronos and Pandora to the Fates. As Cheever attempts to unravel truth from myth, he learns that there is even more to Holly than meets the eye. One personality in particular—that of a five-year-old girl—hits a little too close to home, and Cheever is forced to finally pull back the dark curtains of his own past in order to uncover the truth in this psychological thriller.

Capturing the seedy and sordid side of life isn’t anything new for photojournalist-turned-paparazzo Graham Wells. But when a shoot turns deadly—secretly causing the car crash that takes the lives of two beloved public figures—he knows the ensuing media spotlight could easily destroy him. Fortunately, no one else knows his shameful secret except for a mysterious CIA operative, and that clandestine agent swears he’ll keep quiet…for a price.

Blackmailed into documenting the orchestrated downfalls of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Graham finds his role in the operation disturbingly murky. But the picture soon begins to clear and comes into horrifying focus after he prevents the suicide of celebrated actress Lanie Byrne, revealing a sprawling web of lies that reaches from the glittering lights of Hollywood to the dark political intrigue of Europe and Washington, DC.

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Download Troy Bodean Tropical Collection (0-8) by David F. Berens (.ePUB)

The Complete Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Collection by David F. Berens (#0-8)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader, 2.22 MB
Overview: 9 x Tropical Thrillers packed with action, suspense, and characters you will never forget. The complete Troy Bodean omnibus edition will have you on the edge of your seat and laughing until you cry with every page you turn.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


0. Tidal Wave – From Afghanistan to New Orleans, meet Troy Bodean.
1. Rogue Wave – There’s a killer on the loose in the arrogantly shabby town of Pawleys Island.
2. Deep Wave – Deep in the water off the Key West coast, a submerged shadow catches Troy’s eye.
3. Blood Wave – An abandoned lighthouse, a missing twin sister, and a deranged tennis pro about to go serial.
4. Dark Wave – Steal a painting, kill the artist, sell for millions. Ocean’s 11 meets Magnum P.I.
5. Skull Wave – Two severed heads are better than one.
6. Shark Wave – A dead maid found in a closet full of drugs and money, corrupt politicians, and a couple of has-been strippers looking to make a quick buck.
7. Conch Wave – A bus full of quirky characters join Troy on a ride toward Key West … but they don’t make it without a bunch of mayhem. (This short story bridges Shark Wave and Gator Wave.)
8. Gator Wave – A massive gator is terrorizing (eating) the locals in Islamorada and Troy is on the hook again.

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