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Bill Crane series by Jonathan Latimer (#2~3)
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Overview: Jonathan Latimer was born in Chicago on 23rd October 1906. His main series character was the private investigator Bill Crane. An important character in the development of the hard boiled genre. A notable title is Solomon’s Vineyard, the controversy over the content saw the US publication delayed by nine years. The author later concentrated on screen plays and also worked for five years on the Perry Mason television series.
Genre: Mystery

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2. Headed for a Hearse
Just days from meeting the reaper, a convicted murderer hires Chicago’s most hard-boiled PI to save his neck—before the executioner can claim it..
Robert Westland’s death is just around the corner when he finally decides to fight the murder rap that’s sending him to the electric chair. Fingered for his wife’s grisly demise, Westland is in a bind, and his last hope is Bill Crane, a booze-soaked detective who’s as ruthless with a quip as he is when trawling the streets for Chicago’s most brutal criminal element.

Crane’s got just a few days to suss out the real killer—someone clever enough to off Westland’s wife and lock her in a room whose only key belongs to Westland himself. Fueled by an abundance of liquor and a habit of bad manners, Crane sets his sights on a cast of oddball characters among whom hides a murderer. But in 1930s Chicago, everyone’s got a secret, and the pressure is on for Crane to separate the dangerous from the truly homicidal before it’s too late.

3. The Lady in the Morgue
A vanished corpse leads a hard-drinking PI on a madcap chase..
More than forty corpses fill the cold Chicago basement, but no crime has been committed here. After all, there are supposed to be bodies in the city morgue. Tonight, one is attracting particular attention: a beautiful young woman whose apparent suicide captured the imagination of every newspaper editor in town. Learning how and why she died is too great a task for any cub reporter. Only Detective Bill Crane is up to the job. A few minutes after Crane wakes from a nap in the morgue, the mysterious woman’s body has disappeared. With the howls of the mental patients as a soundtrack, Crane leads the police on a wild search through the hospital and across Chicago, stopping for a nap or a cocktail whenever the situation demands. It may be a matter of life and death, but that is no reason to rush.

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Download Stone Woman by Veronica R. Tabares (.MOBI)

Stone Woman by Veronica R. Tabares
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 389 KB
Overview: Archaeological research is not what Nicole has in mind for her honeymoon with Michael. But then again, she also doesn’t realize what the dark jungle of Belize has in store for the newlyweds.

Suddenly embroiled in murder, corruption, and ghostly apparitions, Nicole finds herself no longer on a honeymoon but on a rescue mission. Will Nicole gather the courage to face both real and supernatural mysteries?
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Cozy Christmas Chaos: Christmas Collection by Julia Koty (.ePUB)

Cozy Christmas Chaos: A Mira Michaels Christmas Collection by Julia Koty
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Overview: Read both of Mira’s Christmas adventures in this 2 novella set.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller Cozy


Christmas Kitten Chaos:
Mira’s snarky cat, Arnold, finally gets his own story.
Told from the point of view of Mira’s trusty cat, Arnold, this short story is about the trials and tribulations of being a cat-dad to three rambunctious kittens during the Christmas holiday. Even more challenging, Arnold’s rivals arrive with Mira’s sister Darla, on Christmas eve.

The twin cats are psychic and annoying, forcing Arnold to use every ounce of patience to be a good cat for Christmas. To make matters worse his kittens go missing and he must partner with Darla’s twin menaces to save them. Quickly things go sideways, the tree is toppled, Santa’s cookies spill to the floor.

Is there enough Christmas magic to fix this year’s Christmas Kitten Chaos?

Christmas Santa Chaos:
Santa is missing! Can Mira find him in time?
The fact that Mira can hear her cat announce the impending snowfall is not helping her nerves. Her sister is arriving in four hours for Christmas Eve dinner, and everything just has to be perfect, including the tree lighting ceremony afterwards.

The snowstorm and her snarky cat are just the tip of the iceberg of the problems Mira has today. When Santa goes missing Mira decides she must find him while trying to complete dinner on time.

As Mira and Aerie race around town to find Santa before the festivities begin, Aerie insists they enlist the help of family and friends. But can they find out why Santa has been missing the day’s events and still create the festive holiday dinner they all dream of?

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Download Trouble in the Dragoons by Minnie Crockwell (.MOBI)

Trouble in the Dragoons by Minnie Crockwell (Will Travel for Trouble #18)
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 247 KB
Overview: Minnie and Ben are back for more murder and mayhem! Minnie Crockwell, recreational vehicle enthusiast and traveler, and her ghost companion, Ben, are heading to boondock in the beautiful Dragoon Mountains of southern Arizona.

Minnie just wants to hike in the majesty of the fanciful rock formations of the Dragoons, not worry about hunters and guns and shootings.

But she doesn’t manage to hike more than twenty minutes before she hears gunfire, and she finds out all too soon that it wasn’t wildlife that got shot.

Minnie thought watching her water use was going to be the hardest thing about boondocking. She wasn’t ready for Trouble in the Dragoons.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller Cozy


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Download Money: The Reign by Jay Barnette (.ePUB)

Money: The Reign by Jay Barnette
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 288 KB
Overview: Tank and Big have been friends and business partners since elementary school. As they grew in the drug game, they figured out different ways to make money. In doing so, they controlled their own areas of DC. Once they found a reliable connect that had the best cocaine and access to any other drugs they may have wanted, they decided to expand. Instead of taking over another area or beefing with other neighborhoods, they formed a business family and became the connect to the people they invited into the fold. This went over well. They were the connect to most of DC and had started to expand into neighboring states. In the process, they became extremely large. If anyone messed with any of the family members then they would have to answer to all of them. They learned from other organizations’ mistakes, how to succeed. Not giving the family a name makes it harder for the police to say it’s a criminal organization. Leaving the heads of the areas in place distracts the focus from them. All was moving well until they became so big that their connect wanted to take Big and Tank out and replace them with someone he could control. All at the same time when Tank was ready to walk away from the drug game and just go legit like his big brother. This adventure will have you mesmerized and guessing what comes next.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download The Papal Assassin’s Wife by S.J. Martin (.ePUB)

The Papal Assassin’s Wife by S.J. Martin (The Papal Assassin series 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 948 kb
Overview: It is 1088, King William the Conqueror is dead, and his two eldest sons are about to go to war for the throne of England. It is a turbulent time in Europe, and Chatillon, at the heart of it all, must decide which of William’s sons the Pope should support. Should it be the eldest, Robert Curthose, Duke of Normandy or William Rufus, who has already crowned himself King of England?

Piers De Chatillon, the tall, handsome master swordsman, powerful Papal envoy and assassin, has finally married the beautiful young Isabella Embriaco. He intends to turn her into a top political courtesan, assassin and spy. She will be trained to bring him valuable information by moving through the noble beds of Europe and removing those men who cause him problems. His dangerous lifestyle will repeatedly put her life at risk as she becomes a pawn in a deadly game.

Chatillon, involved in the imminent war between the two brothers, disregards the warnings of his friends to take care. They know a brutal Saracen pirate is out for revenge and will try to kill Chatillon and his new wife. Chatillon sends Isabella to Ghent on her first mission to kill an old enemy of his, not realising she is now carrying his child. Meanwhile, the Saracen assassins follow close behind her, and Chatillon is over a hundred leagues away in Normandy, too far away to save her.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download The Merlin Stone by John Paul Davis (.ePUB)

The Merlin Stone by John Paul Davis (The White Hart Book 4)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 495 kb
Overview: In Medieval England, the defence of the realm in times of need rested on the shoulders of twelve men – a secret brotherhood of knights, who answered only to the king and queen . . .
They were called The White Hart . . .
As they are now . . .
1915: A precious gemstone is stolen from a Northumberland castle following a German air raid. Though its existence is known only to a select few, local rumour has long connected it with an artefact possessed by the legendary Merlin that disappeared from the royal treasury in 1232. Contemporary chroniclers wrote of the stone as a talisman in battle.
And capable of rendering its holder invisible.
Present Day: When an identical gemstone is listed for auction by the descendants of the chief suspect, none in the White Hart doubt that the Merlin Stone has resurfaced. While the stone’s return is long sought, for Mike Hansen and his grandfather, Bennett, there is an added complication: their ancestor’s role in the theft. No sooner is the stone in sight than the mission is compromised.
For Mike Hansen and Kit Masterson, the stone’s recovery poses a challenge like none other. To uncover the truth, Hansen must delve not only into the darkest chapters of Britain’s history but his family’s. A priceless artefact remains lost: one, if the medieval legends are true, had the potential to bring cities to their knees . . .
To save an innocent loved one may mean sacrificing thousands . . .
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Chapman’s Pool by Morton Ross (.ePUB)+

Chapman’s Pool by Morton Ross (MacIntyre Murder Mysteries #2)
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 5mb
Overview: Merryn MacIntyre is no ordinary 15-year-old. He possesses an extraordinary gift, one that empowers him to track down murderers who long ago evaded justice.

In Chapman’s Pool, the thrilling sequel to Wintour’s Leap, Merryn is once again tasked with solving the mystery of a missing woman. It’s eight years since Sorina Luca vanished while revisiting the Romanian orphanage where she was sent as a young child. Guided by a voice from the dead, Merryn begins to unravel the shocking truth behind Sorina’s disappearance.

Homing in on the criminal gang responsible for Sorina’s fate in 2012, Merryn inadvertently becomes a target himself. Now he must find a way of exposing the criminals’ abhorrent operation while avoiding the attentions of the assassin sent to silence him.

In a heart-stopping climax at Chapman’s Pool, a wild and desolate cove on the Dorset coast, the devastating power of nature strikes without warning, threatening the life of the very person the voice is desperate to save…
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Owl of Death by W. J. Costello (.ePUB)+

Owl of Death by W. J. Costello (Owl the Assassin #1)
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.2mb
Overview: Joe Bolt.

Code name: Owl.

Assassin for hire.

A Syrian conspiracy. America framed for a barbaric act. Russia on the warpath.

Syrian assassins are sent to America to protect the conspiracy.

The CIA wants to stop them. They want the conspiracy exposed. They hire Owl for the job.

He must act fast. War between America and Russia is imminent. The clock is tickin
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Minos by Edwin Page (.ePUB)+

Minos by Edwin Page
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.2mb
Overview: Susan is being held captive by a madman who tells twisted stories from his childhood. Sam, a trainee doctor, takes the case of Mrs. Adams, whose husband has turned to drink to dampen his misery.

Susan attempts escape while Sam attempts to illicit a response from her catatonic patient. The man in the next hospital room begins to rant about a beast in the trees that he must face as Mrs. Adams’ husband tries to subdue and obliterate the past.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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