Download Murder in Postscript by Mary Winters (.ePUB)

Murder in Postscript by Mary Winters
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Overview: When one of her readers asks for advice following a suspected murder, Victorian countess Amelia Amesbury, who secretly pens the popular Lady Agony column, has no choice but to investigate in this first book in a charming new historical mystery series.

Amelia Amesbury—widow, mother, and countess—has a secret. Amelia writes for a London penny paper, doling out advice on fashion, relationships, and manners under the pen name Lady Agony. But when a lady’s maid writes Amelia to ask for advice when she believes her mistress has been murdered—and then ends up a victim herself—Amelia is determined to solve the case.

With the help of her best friend and a handsome marquis, Amelia begins to piece together the puzzle, but as each new thread of inquiry ends with a different suspect, the investigation grows ever more daunting. From London’s docks and ballrooms to grand country houses, Amelia tracks a killer, putting her reputation—and her life—on the line.
Genre: Fiction > Historical Mystery


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Download Once to Die by T.S. Epperson (.ePUB)

Once to Die by T.S. Epperson (The Other Side of Dead Book 1)
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Overview: He imagined his death would be the end, but he has found no rest in the afterlife…

Perry is homeless, and desperate to get off the streets, after losing his best friend Bobby to gang violence. When Perry witnesses a drug deal, he finds his own life in peril.

Father John is exhausted. Burned out after fifteen years of ministry, he seeks a sign that he is on the right path. At the driest point of his spiritual life, a beautiful woman is tempting him. He knows he is a soul in danger. When a murder victim shows up begging for help, he fears all hell is breaking loose.

A young man wanders an existential maze between heaven and hell, good and evil. He darts between worlds involuntarily, terrifying a Catholic priest, a college professor, and a world-famous musician. Evil wants him, and time is running out.

Mind-bending events erupt to threaten the spiritual foundations of both the living and the dead. Life, sanity, and salvation hang in the balance. With the veil between here and there in tatters, the very fabric of the universe seems to be unraveling.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Charlotte Gibson Mysteries by Jasmine Webb (.ePUB)

Charlotte Gibson Mysteries by Jasmine Webb (6-7)
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Overview: Jasmine Webb is a thirty-something who lives in the mountains most of the year, dreaming of the beach. When she’s not writing stories you can find her chasing her old dog around, hiking up moderately-sized hills, or playing Pokemon Go.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


6. Kalikimaka Killer – Christmas in Hawaii is all surfing Santa Claus, palm trees strung up with lights and… murder?
It’s the most wonderful time of the year on Maui, although not so much for one of Zoe’s patients. Zoe is convinced the woman was murdered, despite her death being ruled accidental, but the police won’t listen to her so she goes to Charlie for help. The two of them, along with Dot and Rosie, set out to get justice for Zoe’s patient.
But what initially looks like it might be a simple case quickly becomes complicated, and Charlie finds herself in more danger than cookies left out on Christmas Eve. Oh, and is that Jake standing under the mistletoe?
All Charlie wants for Christmas is to catch a murderer. That’s not too much for a girl to ask for, is it?

7. Surfboard Stabbing – When Maui’s biggest local surfing event of the year hits the island, Charlie plans on sticking to the sidelines, cheering for Zoe, safely away from the water. But on day one of the competition, a body washes up on shore, and it’s one of Vesper’s ex-boyfriends.
With Vesper quickly emerging as one of the prime suspects, Charlie, Dot and Rosie jump into action to clear the former surfer’s name and find the real killer. But Jake is in charge of the case, and their new relationship is about to be dealt a challenge as they decide to take different tracks.
Add to this the problem of the gangsters in Seattle, and Charlie has her hands full. Will she save her relationship with Jake and solve the case, saving Vesper’s freedom in the process? Or will the killer get to her first, causing Charlie to wipe out—permanently?

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Download The Teesside Vote by John Nicholson (.ePUB)

The Teesside Vote by John Nicholson (Nick Guymer #14)
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Overview: Julie is standing in a by-election to be the MP for the Teesside North and Central constituency. With just two weeks to make a big impression, can she persuade enough people to vote for what she calls a “gobby feminist?” Are the candidates she’s up against, everything they purport to be? There’s certainly something unusual about each of them.

As Nick prepares for a new life being the husband of an MP, very odd things begin to happen in the election. And when old lover of Julie’s turns up to help her, the question she must answer is how far is she prepared to go to get elected? Is she prepared to sacrifice everything she believes in and holds dear? And will that include Nick? The choices she makes will affect their lives forever.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Marlow And Sage Mystery Series (#1-4) by Lee Strauss (.ePUB)

Marlow and Sage Mystery series by Lee Strauss – (A Nursery Rhyme Suspense #1-4)
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Overview: Lee Strauss is the international bestselling author of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense Series (Mystery/Thriller), The Perception Series (young adult dystopian), and young adult historical fiction. She is the married mother of four grown children, three boys and a girl, and divides her time between British Columbia, Canada and Dresden, Germany. When she’s not writing or reading she likes to cycle, hike and practice yoga. She enjoys traveling (but not jet lag :0), soy lattes, red wine and dark chocolate.
Genre: Mystery l Thriller

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Gingerbread Man (Book 1)
Marlow’s just a regular geeky college freshman with little to no experience with girls, so when he has a semi-flirtatious chat with a cute girl online, it’s almost more than his nerves can handle. Then the girl is brutally murdered. Or is she? Marlow finds himself teamed up intelligent and savvy Sage Farrell, a girl so far out of his league he feels blinded in her presence – literally – damn glasses! Together they work to find the identity of @gingerbreadman. Can they stop the killer before he strikes in more worlds than one?

Life Is But A Dream (Book 2)
When danger lurks in your sleep…dreams aren’t real…unless they are…when someone wants to watch you drown…you’d better pay attention.
Sage and Marlow are reunited in this second book of A Nursery Rhyme Suspense serial series. When Sage’s dreams merge with Marlow’s they know something strange is connecting them. But when the drowning dreams start to come true, Sage wonders if she can prevent her own death.

Hickory Dickory Dock (Book 3)
hen the future is murder. After a tumultuous freshman year solving the mystery at Detroit University, Marlow Henry and Sage Farrell look forward to a calm and uneventful summer break. Not gonna happen. Before Marlow can even make his blossoming relationship with Dakota official, Sage pulls him into her new discovery – a math equation that opens a window in time and space which allows them to witness a murder. Fate pulls them into a war-torn and deserted version of Marlow’s neighbourhood where they are forced to help a rebel group counterattack. The group’s ethics are questionable and Marlow has a personal reason to distrust the leader. Plus, members of the small, rebel community keep dying, even outside of the warzone. The situation is more dire and twisted than Marlow and Sage can fathom. No one is safe. No one can be trusted. Despite their past partnerships, they find that they can’t even trust each other. How can they save the world if they can’t save themselves?

Twinkle Little Star (Book 4)
When you’re dead wrong. Sage Farrell regrets missing her chance to be more than friends with Marlow Henry. But being alone and lonely in her sophomore year at Detroit University is the least of her problems. On a dark, quiet forest road something jumps in front of her truck, literally from out of nowhere. It wasn’t a deer or elk that she hit, but the beautiful media star Crystal Morrisette. Marlow and Sage are pulled into yet another unexplainable mystery. Who killed the media star and how did she just appear out of thin air? And how are they going to prove to the police that Sage is innocent of this crime? There’s a madman on campus getting crazier by the day and now his sight is set on Sage and Marlow. They have to put their heart issues aside until they find a way to stop him, because there’s no sense falling in love if you’re dead.

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Download Captain Maddox Series by Jack Hayes (.ePUB)

Captain Maddox series by Jack Hayes (Books 2-4)
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Overview: Jack Hayes is a journalist for one of the world’s largest news companies. He has reported from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and many others. When he’s not reporting or writing novels, he enjoys music, reading, Italian cuisine and spending time with his son.
Genre: Thriller

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Blood red Sea [02]
The year is 1944. After five hard-fought years, the Allies are close to victory. But Germany still has one last secret – and one that could still turn the war in its favour. Travelling on a U-boat to Japan is a highly explosive uranium bomb, the first of its kind. But why are the Nazis giving such a precious weapon to the Japanese? And where might the Japanese use it? In London, Special Operations Executive Captain Maddox is given a simple task. Stop the U-boat at all costs.
A British, French and American team is assembled for the mission. They will strike a mysterious island controlled by the Nazis where the U-boat is scheduled to stop. But nothing about this job is what it appears to be. The British, the French and the Americans all have their own agendas — and so do the Germans. And none of them involve Captain Maddox making it to the end of the war alive.

Saving Hitler [03]
For Captain Maddox, it will be the strangest mission of a long and hard war. Not killing Hitler…but saving him. Poor health has forced Maddox into retirement after a series missions that would have finished off lesser men. He thinks his war is over. Then Major Lyle turns up at his door with one last job. The Allies want to capture one of Hitler’s many doubles – a man who he believes possesses vital information that could shorten the war.But why do they need Maddox for this strike? Lyle isn’t saying. After assembling a joint British-American team, they plan to attack the Nazi fort where the man they need is located. But Maddox can sense something is wrong. Nothing goes the way it was planned. It appears that Lyle has a secret agenda. Soon Maddox’s suspicions are confirmed when someone on the mission starts slowly killing off the team one by one… And Maddox is plunged into one of the War’s darkest episodes – where friends become enemies and enemies friends. Will he save Hitler? Or his own skin…

No Easy Mission [04]
Maddox is weary and vengeful. He has resigned himself to retirement and no longer wants to fight in a war that has cost the lives of so many friends. He certainly isn’t happy when his former colleague, US Major George Lyle, pays him a visit at his home. But Lyle has a deal to offer. If Maddox joins him for two more missions, Lyle will leak five important names: the men who ordered Maddox’s previous team to their deaths. Despite his doubts, Maddox agrees. But the mission is one of his hardest yet. It is January 1945 and the chances of Germany winning the war are fading. A breakaway group of Nazi extremists have uncovered a 13th Century plague pit in Poland and built a biological-weapons facility on the site. Their plan is simple but deadly: release Pneumonic Plague – an airborne variant of the Black Death – through the Port of London. With a mortality rate of more than 99%, the Nazis estimate at least 12 million will die. To prevent the disease spreading, Britain will be forced to close her ports. Supplies to the Western Front will dry up. Germany will crush the Allies in France. Rather than destroy the monastery with an aerial bombardment and risk unleashing the plague, the Allies need men on the ground to infiltrate the compound and destroy it. Maddox and Lyle put together a small, specialist unit to go behind enemy lines. But the Germans have captured a member of the Polish Resistance who has knowledge of the attack. The Nazis know Maddox is on his way…

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Download The Second Sister by Claire Kendal (.ePUB)

The Second Sister by Claire Kendal
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Overview: An obsessive quest to solve the mystery of her older sister’s disappearance puts a young woman in mortal jeopardy in this taut, sophisticated novel of psychological suspense from the author of the “truly riveting” (New York Times) The Book of You. An intoxicating cocktail of loyalty and secrets, lies and betrayal, reminiscent of Rosamund Lupton’s Sister and Kimberly McCreight’s Reconstructing Amelia.

A decade ago, Ella Brooke’s older sister, Miranda, vanished without a trace. With every passing year, Ella has come to resemble more closely the sister she lost—the same dark hair, the same piercing blue eyes—and now she’s the same age Miranda was when she disappeared.

Ella has never let go of her sister. She can still feel Miranda’s presence, still hear her voice. She still talks to her. What holds Ella together is her love for her sister’s ten-year-old son and her work as a self-defense expert helping victims.

Ella is certain that Miranda was taken, and that one man is key to her disappearance: Jason Thorne. The tabloids report that a new link has been found connecting Miranda to this sadistic serial killer locked away in a psychiatric hospital. Ignoring warnings from the police and the disapproval of her parents, she seeks Thorne out. Ella will do whatever it takes to uncover the truth—no matter how dangerous…
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond #4) by Peter Lovesey (.ePUB)

Bloodhounds (Peter Diamond #4) by Peter Lovesey
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Overview: A rare stamp and a corpse are discovered in Bath within hours of each other. As he investigates, Inspector Peter Diamond discovers that both the person who found the stamp and the victim belong to the Bloodhounds, an elite group of mystery lovers, who now urge Diamond to bring the murderer to justice. But there’s a hitch: the body lies inside a padlocked houseboat and the only key is in the pocket of a man with an airtight alibi.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Her Last Chance by HJ Reed (.ePUB)

Her Last Chance by HJ Reed (DI Crow Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 460 kb

A bullet to the brain. An estranged daughter. And a spate of brutal murders.

A bullet lodged in the frontal lobe is bound to cause a few health issues. For DI Al Crow, it’s just the beginning.

When his estranged daughter Rosie is accused of being involved in a grisly murder, Crow becomes her only hope of being acquitted.

Desperate to save his daughter, Crow goes all out to solve the case. He knows this is a chance to repair a rift that has torn his family apart and to prove to his bosses that he’s still up to the job.

The stakes are high, but things are complicated.

To solve the murder, Crow must reckon with his ex-wife’s connection to a seasoned, ruthless conman and Rosie’s relationship with a dangerously unstable psychologist. Can he crack the case and save his family and his career?
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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Download Operation Storm King by Elliott Sumers (.ePUB)

Operation Storm King by Elliott Sumers
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Overview: Historians tell us that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt died of a stroke in Warm Springs, Georgia. Operation Storm King tells of a shocking, yet entirely plausible alternative version, an audacious Nazi raid to kidnap FDR from West Point.

Starting in January 1945, “Operation Storm King” follows a small team of Nazi commandos as they penetrate New York Harbor, and sail up the Hudson River in the revolutionary Type XXI U-Boat. Their mission: kidnap the American President and force the United States into an alliance with Germany against Russia. When FDR’s heroic but ultimately suicidal actions foil the plot, Vice-President Truman covers up the kidnapping, and creates the myth of FDR’s peaceful death to prevent public panic.

Seventy-five years later, Mai Zhao, a hard driving woman West Point cadet discovers the shattered U-Boat wreck in the Hudson River, and uncovers its shocking secrets. The U.S. national security apparatus goes on alert. Zhao’s unstoppable efforts to uncover the truth threatens to undermine the American public’s faith in government. Washington mobilizes powerful political and legal forces to stop her.
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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