Download Hell on Wheels by Sue Ann Jaffarian (.ePUB)

Hell on Wheels by Sue Ann Jaffarian (An Odelia Grey Mystery #9)
Requirements: Epub reader, 1.84 Mb
Overview: When Odelia Grey and her husband, Greg, attend a rugby match to cheer for their quadriplegic friends, the last thing they expect is to witness a murder on the playing court. Complicating matters is their friendship with the killer–and with the second person who turns up dead. It doesn’t help that Odelia’s pompous boss, Mike Steele, is embroiled in a mystery of his own–one that leaves more than his super-sized ego bruised and battered.

Odelia enlists the help of family and friends, and gets some surprising assistance coming out of left field. But with a murderer calling the shots, Odelia wonders if she can tackle this dangerous case or if she’s out of her league.
Genre: Mystery


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Download Voodoo Plague Series by Dirk Patton (.ePUB)

Voodoo Plague Series by Dirk Patton (4 – 6)
Requirements: ePUB Reade, 1.5 MB
Overview: Dirk Patton lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area with his wife. He also publishes free short stories to Smashwords (just search by his name). He has always wanted to be an author, but has only recently made the time to pursue his passion.
Genre: Horror, Zombies

Image Image Image

Red Hammer : An old enemy rises, revealing plots within plots as the survivors struggle to reach safety and find the missing. Those infected by the virus are getting smarter and deadlier. As the world continues to crumble, some are lost while new dangers appear at every turn. In the most sweeping story so far in the Voodoo Plague series, Red Hammer ratchets up the danger and intensity.

Transmission: With the virus mutating, new dangers appear that threaten a bloody end to the struggle for survival. The next wave of infection sweeps across the remaining population. Betrayal threatens the alliance with the GRU. Roach descends deeper into madness, hiding in plain sight as he plots to capture Katie. With Rachel still missing, it’s up to Major Chase to rescue her and reaffirm the alliance to bring down the Russian president.

Days Of Perdition: With Katie kidnapped by Roach, John must not only save her but also deal with the betrayal of the new President. Days Of Perdition opens with the story of how Katie survived and reached Oklahoma City. Now that John knows she is alive nothing will stop him from rescuing her, but will he find her in time?

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Voodoo Plague Series: 1 – 3: viewtopic.php?f=1293&t=845106&hilit=Dirk+Patton

Download Coffins by Rodman Philbrick (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW3)

Coffins by Rodman Philbrick
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI & AZW3 readers, 1.4 MB
Overview: Physician Davis Bentwood, making a lengthy housecall at the Coffin family mansion on the coast of Maine, finds the newborn grandson of Captain Cash Coffin, stiff and cold as a block of ice, in a cradle not ten feet from a roaring fire. Young Davis can find no medical explanation for the baby’s death.

After a mysterious accident at the family shipyard caused the simultaneous death of his twin sons, Cash Coffin locked himself in study, and threatened to shoot anyone who approached. Cash’s youngest son, the dwarf Jebediah, has asked his old friend Davis to try to help the old man.

Another Coffin son, an experienced ship’s master, dies at sea in a freak accident that defies a natural explanation. And on a moonless night, Davis Bentwood is awakened by an eerie light that leads him to the Coffin family’s darkest secret.
Genre: Historical, Horror


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Download 3 Novels by José Carlos Somoza (.ePUB)

3 Novels by José Carlos Somoza
Requirements: ePUB reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: Jose Carlos Somoza was born in Havana in 1959 and now lives in Madrid. A psychiatrist, he is the author of six novels. In 2000 he was shortlisted for the Nadal Prize, one of the most important literary prizes in Spain. The English debut of one of Spain’s most dazzling younger writers.
Genre: Mystery


1. The Athenian Murders – In this brilliant, highly entertaining, and intriguing novel, Jose Carlos Somoza intertwines two darkly compelling riddles, forcing us to confront the ways in which we interpret reality.

In ancient Athens, one of the pupils of Plato’s Academy is found dead. His idealistic teacher Diagoras is convinced the pupil’s death is not as accidental as it appears, and asks the famous Heracles Pontor, the "Decipherer of Enigmas," to investigate. As the death toll rises, the two men find themselves drawn into the dangerous underworld of the Athenian aristocracy, risking their own lives to solve the riddle of these young men’s deaths. Simultaneously, a second plot unfolds: that of the modern-day translator of the ancient text, who, as he proceeds with his work, becomes convinced that the original author has hidden a second meaning in the text, one that can be interpreted through certain repeated words and images. As the story advances, however, the translator is alarmed to discover references to himself, which seem to address him personally in an increasingly menacing fashion.

2. The Art of Murder – In 2006, the art world has moved far beyond sheep in formaldehyde and the most avant-garde movement is to use living people as artwork. Undergoing weeks of preparation to become ‘canvases’, the models are required to stay in their pose for ten to twelve hours a day and, as art pieces, they are also for sale. After being exhibited, the ‘canvases’ can be bought and taken to the purchaser’s home, where they are rented for weeks or months. Many beautiful young men and women long to become a ‘canvas’ – knowing they are a masterpeice and worth millions seems to make all the sacrifices worthwhile – especially if they can be ‘painted’ by the celebrated artist Bruno Van Tysch. But there is a darker side to this art movement when it is found that the models/works of art are sometimes used in interactive works – snuff movies, where the ‘art’ is filmed being tortured and killed. Van Tysch’s work is being targeted and the investigators must find the killer before the displays of imitations of Rembrandt’s masterpieces – the biggest exhibition of ‘hyperdramatic art’ yet seen – is put on show.

3. Zig Zag – Elisa, a young physics professor, has a terrible secret—a secret she’s been hiding for ten years, one which torments her every day. While an advanced physics graduate student at one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, Elisa was invited to join an elite research team working on manipulating String Theory, making it possible to witness images of the past as if they were happening—live. According to the team’s groundbreaking research, they theorized that the possibility of witnessing the past—viewing such milestone events as the crucifixion of Christ, or the earth when dinosaurs still roamed—was no longer a theory, but actually possible. But the team’s experiments resulted in something much more frightening and dangerous than any of them could ever have imagined. Something they awoke with their work now hunts them—something evil. .

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Download Gator Bowl by J.J. Cook (.ePUB)

Gator Bowl by J.J. Cook (A Biscuit Bowl Food Truck Mystery #1.5)
Requirements: ePUB | Retail, 213 KB
Overview: After quitting her job, the first thing Zoe Chase has to do is to drive out to the swamp to see her Uncle Saul. He still has the old Airstream trailer he once used for his own restaurant many years before, and Zoe is sure she can convince him to let her make a food truck out of it.

After making the perilous journey from Mobile, Alabama into the backcountry, Zoe finds her uncle embroiled in a cook-off with his neighbor—with the life of Saul’s albino alligator, Alabaster, in the balance. Once again, the gator has eaten chickens that didn’t belong to her. So Saul and his neighbor will each prepare a meal for a church social, and if Saul wins, the gator lives.
Now it’s up to Zoe to prove herself in the kitchen and come up with something no one has seen before—the biscuit bowl!
Genre: Mystery


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bk 1:

Download The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen (.ePUB)(.MOBI)(.AZW3)

The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI & AZW3 readers, 1.4 MB
Overview: Present day: Julia Hamill has made a horrifying discovery on the grounds of her new home in rural Massachusetts: a skull buried in the rocky soil – human, female, and, according to the trained eye of Boston medical examiner Maura Isles, scarred with the unmistakable marks of murder.
Boston, 1830: In order to pay for his education, medical student Norris Marshall has joined the ranks of local “resurrectionists” – those who plunder graveyards and harvest the dead for sale on the black market. But when a distinguished doctor is found murdered and mutilated on university grounds, Norris finds that trafficking in the illicit cadaver trade has made him a prime suspect.
Genre: Mystery/Thriller


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Download Midsummer Night’s Mayhem by Lauren Quick (.ePUB)(.MOBI)+

Midsummer Night’s Mayhem by Lauren Quick (A Sister Witches Mystery #3)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI & AZW3 readers, 1.3 MB
Overview: Teeming with mystery, mayhem, and the trio of cunning sister witches, A Midsummer Night’s Mayhem is a paranormal mystery with wicked twists to keep you guessing.

A Midsummer Night’s Mayhem is the third novel of the witchy Mayhem sisters, Vivi, Honora, and Clover, and in keeping with an old family curse, trouble has returned and this time it’s murder.

In the witching world of Everland, Clover Mayhem lives a quiet life in the Meadowlands, only capturing the attention of her neighbors once a year when she hosts her popular summer solstice party. And that’s just the way she likes it.

But there is much more to Clover Mayhem than meets the eye. Thanks to her secret magical persuasion as a word witch, she is also Cassandra Reason, one of Everland’s most successful romance novelists. However, when Clover discovers her cantankerous neighbor, Oliver Yearling, has been murdered in her yard during the party, her secret identity is in jeopardy. Even worse, Clover finds herself one of the prime suspects.
Genre: Paranormal Mystery


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Books 1&2 viewtopic.php?f=1294&t=749679&hilit=Lauren+Quick

Download The Accidental Pallbearer by Frank Lentricchia (.ePUB)

The Accidental Pallbearer by Frank Lentricchia (Eliot Conte #1)
Requirements: ePUB | Retail, 1.9 MB
Overview: Introducing a gritty new detective series set in the bleak hinterlands of upstate new York

Washed-up private investigator Eliot Conte would rather be teaching American literature and listening to opera than taking pictures of spouses in flagrante delicto. But he flamed out of an academic career when he hung the Provost of UCLA out a window, and he had to come home — to bleak Utica, New York, where his aging father, Silvio Conte, a political kingmaker, is still cutting deals and hustling appointments, and his all-but-in-blood brother Antonio Robinson is the city’s first black Chief of Police.

But now Antonio’s asking him for a favor that, to Eliot, doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a police chief should ask for … especially as he begins to uncover a trail of evidence leading back to the most sensational hit in local Mafia history. In a Utica marked by economic devastation and racial tensions, Eliot picks up one strand after another, weaving his way through a web of allegiances, grudges, and his own dark demons. Who is the spider at the center of it all?
Genre: Mystery


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Download 14 Mystery Novels by Howard Fast (.ePUB)

14 Novels by Howard Fast
Requirements: ePUB Reader | Retail, 3.6 MB; 1.9 MB
Overview: Howard Fast (1914–2003), one of the most prolific American writers of the twentieth century, was a bestselling author of more than eighty works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and screenplays.
Fast began his writing career early, leaving high school to finish his first novel, Two Valleys (1933). His next novels, including Conceived in Liberty (1939) and Citizen Tom Paine (1943), explored the American Revolution and the progressive values that Fast saw as essential to the American experiment.
Fast’s career changed course in 1960, when he began publishing suspense-mysteries under the pseudonym E. V. Cunningham. He published nineteen books as Cunningham, including the seven-book Masao Masuto mystery series. Also, Spartacus was made into a major film in 1960, breaking the Hollywood blacklist once and for all.
His later works included the autobiography Being Red (1990) and the New York Times bestseller The Immigrants (1977).
Genre: Fiction > Mystery, Suspense

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Books included in this Post:

The Confession of Joe Cullen

The Assassin Who Gave Up His Gun
The Wabash Factor

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Download Nowhere Bundle 1-3 by Nancy Bush (.ePUB)

Nowhere Bundle: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide & Nowhere Safe by Nancy Bush
Requirements: ePUB | Retail, 1.5 MB
Overview: NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author Nancy Bush has been writing for over thirty years. She and her sister, bestselling author Lisa Jackson, began their writing careers in romance and through separate paths found their way to romantic suspense, mysteries and thrillers. Nancy’s latest thriller, NOWHERE SAFE, will be on the stands fall 2013. Its companion stories, NOWHERE TO RUN and NOWHERE TO HIDE, consistently hit the bestseller lists.
Genre: Thriller


Some Secrets

When Liv Dugan ducks out of work for lunch, it’s just an ordinary day. When she returns, she stumbles onto a massacre. All her colleagues at Zuma Software have been shot. Only luck has left Liv unscathed, and that might be running out. . .

Will Follow You

Liv suspects the shootings are tied to her past–and to the package she recently received from her long-dead adoptive mother. Sensing she’s being followed, Liv jumps into a stranger’s car and orders him to drive. Her "hostage" complies, listening carefully as her story unwinds. Skeptical at first, he ultimately begins to believe all Liv’s fears are justified. . .

To Your Grave

Together, Liv and her unlikely confidant try to uncover the truth about her adoptive family, her birth parents, and her troubled childhood. Because somewhere in Liv’s past is a secret worth killing for, and a nightmare she can never outrun. . .

There Are Sins

"Do unto others. . ." Carefully, he carves the words into their flesh. The victims are all young, brunette, pretty. But she’s the one he really wants. The others are just a way to ease the rage that has festered for years, until the only thing that calms him is his knife slicing through skin. . .

You Never Live

Detective September Rafferty–Nine to her friends–recognizes the artwork that arrives in the mail. She created it back in second grade. Now a killer’s words are slashed across it in what looks like blood. He knows her. September’s investigation leads to her old classmate, Jake Westerly. She wants to believe Jake is innocent. But trusting anyone could be her last mistake. . .

To Regret

Every slight, every slur, he remembers them all. They turned him into a monster, and now they will suffer for it. Starting with September, he’ll show them that the past can never stay hidden, and the time of vengeance is at hand. . .

The Guilty

She senses their twisted desires before she meets them. It’s as if fate is helping her stop these monsters from preying on others the way she was preyed upon. And after she has delivered brutal justice, she’ll let the whole world see their guilt.

Will Atone

"I must pay for what I’ve done." The first victim–naked, bound, frozen to death–wore the note strung around his neck. Now there’s another note–this one attached to Detective September Rafferty’s own stepbrother. Stefan survives, but September is sure he knows more than he’s saying. Someone is eliminating suspected sexual predators. And the only thing more dangerous than a madman is a killer who’s ruthlessly sane.

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