Download The Holiday Hotwife: 3 sexy wife sharing stories by Zoey Adams (.ePUB)

The Holiday Hotwife: Three sexy wife sharing stories by Zoey Adams
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 213 KB
Overview: Zoey Adams writes erotic stories about wives who love to have fun with men who aren’t their husbands.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


This collection of books contains three hot and steamy stories of hotwife fun!

The Hotwife’s Festive Fun (Part of the Ultimate Hotwife Christmas series)
Lucy Matthews is looking forward to a quiet Christmas at home with her husband, Anthony. She’s decorated their home and cooked a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, ready to spend some quality time with the man she loves.

Yet when Santa knocks on the door with a sack full of the kind of toys only adults can enjoy, Lucy knows it would be rude of her not to put on a special show with them for him and her husband. And it’s not long before Lucy finds out what else Santa keeps in his sack.

The Hotwife’s Blind Date (Part of the Ultimate Hotwife Valentine series)
When my husband, Anthony, can’t make it back from his work trip in time to take me out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, he doesn’t hesitate to arrange a stand in.

I’ve never met the co-worker he has set me up with, but I know I have my husband’s permission to do whatever I wish with him. After all, he always enjoys hearing about my steamy adventures with other men.

But when my date and I arrive at the hotel that’s been booked for the night, I find out Anthony has arranged another surprise for me…

A Hotwife At The Hideaway (Part of the Ultimate Hotwife Summer series)
As an anniversary treat, my husband arranged a vacation for us both in a private tropical resort called Holly’s Hideaway, named after the owner of the place. What I hadn’t realised was the resort was often called something quite different by the people who visited. To them, it was known as the Hotwife Hideaway.

My husband had plans to share me around, and when I laid eyes on the singer of the band on our first night there, my body instantly reacted. Noticing the attraction, my loving husband organised for the singer to meet up with us after the show.

But things didn’t go to plan when Holly caught Max and I having fun by the pool later that night.

Will she ask us to leave? Or will she be tempted to join in?

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Download The Freeuse Elf by Matt Lake (.ePUB)

The Freeuse Elf by Matt Lake (Freely Used For Christmas)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 310 KB
Overview: It’s a stressful time at Santa’s Grotto in the mall.

Attendance is down, complaints are up.

Everyone is feeling the pressure. And what they need is some good old-fashioned stress relief.

That’s when the new Christmas Elf turns up. Helpful, charming and freeuse for anyone that wants to use her.

She’s the toy that everyone want’s this Christmas and if more than one wants to play with her at the same time, she’s into sharing.

But it’s Santa she really wants to help out. And she has just the plan to make his Christmas full of cheer. It’s going to be more than Christmas cheer that she’s spreading.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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Download Ana & Her Boss by Damien Dsoul (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Ana & Her Boss by Damien Dsoul
Requirements: ePUB / PDF Reader | 2.0 MB
Overview: Born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Damien Dsoul has written more than thirty books and screenplays, and is only getting started.
Genre: Fiction » Erotica » Interracial


Ana & Her Boss
Ana’s boss has had the eyes for her a long while. Ana and her husband have thus found the best form of role-play neither thought they would ever experience, awakening moments of lust in their lives, the likes they had never experienced.

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Download Cuckold Confrontation by Christian Quinn (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Cuckold Confrontation by Christian Quinn
Requirements: ePUB / PDF Reader | 704 KB
Overview: – A British Cuckold Short Story –
When Ryan discovers that his wife Lydia has been unfaithful with their neighbour Simon, he is left reeling with shock and anger. As he grapples with feelings of betrayal, he finds himself unable to resist the allure of the forbidden excitement of cuckoldry.
Ryan’s choices seem straightforward – forgive Lydia and move on, or end their marriage.
However, as he confronts Lydia about her infidelity, a surprising third option presents itself. Ryan finds himself questioning everything he thought he knew about his wife and their marriage. Will they find a way to move forward together or will they go separate ways?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Cuckold


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Download Tempted By The Babysitter Trilogy by Christian Quinn (.ePUB)(.PDF)

Tempted By The Babysitter Trilogy by Christian Quinn
Requirements: ePUB / PDF Reader | 1.3 mb
Overview: Christian Quinn is an erotic author based in Manchester, in the North West of England. He’s a husband to a sexy hot wife who inspires and enlivens his many highly rated hot wife / cuckolding sex stories.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Babysitter

Image Image Image

Tempted By The Babysitter 1
At just over 20, Hannah is getting a little too old to be a babysitter. Most of the girls her age are out partying at the weekend, but then most of the girls Hannah’s age don’t have a secret thing for older guys.
Whilst Hannah could never really be with any of her clients, that shouldn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun teasing the fathers.
Even a tiny glimpse of her would give the dads something to think about that evening, should his wife not be willing to do with him everything that Hannah knew he would thoroughly enjoy imagining doing to her.
She relished it. The power. The control. Knowing they would be thinking of her for many more enjoyable nights to come. It had built her quite a steady line of repeat sittings.
But now with her new clients Mr and Mrs Wallace, things are immediately different. Hannah is fully aware she’s been playing a dangerous game, and this time, she might not be completely in control. The idea of being a bad girl thrills her, but how far can she really go?

Tempted By The Babysitter 2 Training The Babysitter
Hannah knew what she had done was wrong. Sleeping with another woman’s husband – a man whose name she didn’t even know – should have filled her with shame. Instead, all she could feel was lust. The taboo had already been broken, now Hannah has to decide how far she is willing to go.
When Mrs. Wallace calls on Hannah to babysit the kids once again, there’s no way she can say no without drawing suspicion. Only when she arrives at the Wallace’s home does she find out that Mr. Wallace has his buddies round for a poker night.
Once the kids are tucked up in bed, can Hannah keep a straight face, or will she end up going all in?

Tempted By The Babysitter 3 Sharing The Babysitter
Hannah had come a long way from the innocent babysitter who first met Mr. and Mrs. Wallace. The things she had done with Mr. Wallace… Justin, were beyond the experiences of the average 20 year old. They were delights one could only enjoy with an older, more experienced man.
Now Hannah has one last test: how far is she willing to go to please Mr. Wallace? Is she willing to share her lover with his best friend?

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