Download Lycan Lust series by Virginia Cavanaugh (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

Lycan Lust series by Virginia Cavanaugh (#1-3)
Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI Reader | 1.2 MB
Overview: Virginia Cavanaugh is a multi-published author of erotic romance. Her work covers many sub-genres as new characters present themselves to her every day. After working for years as a nurse in pediatrics, her love of the alpha hero sparked her desire to bring her own stories to life. When not playing housewife, mother, maid, laundress, taxi driver or just general all-around slave, she enjoys finding a quiet corner to read or work on her next story.
Genre: Romance Erotic

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The Fire Inside (#1) Werewolves be damned. Tyra Smith chose to leave behind her nature to protect her heart after the wrenching loss of her pack. She wants nothing to do with another wolf. Never again wants to feel the deep pain of loss. At least until a sexy-as-sin wolf named Konrad shows up, saving her from the roaming paws of another.
The sparks of lust ignite a desire that burns with hellish intensity, making Tyra crave something she’d vowed to forsake. The ability to resist wanes. Is it a true mate bond that pulls her to Konrad or just the heat cycle she’s entering? Only time can tell.
When a real threat from another pack presents itself, Tyra must move into Konrad’s den for her physical protection. But as things heat up between them, who will protect her heart?

When Lust Rules (#2) Lusty dreams of a tall, muscular man with long dark hair have filled Julie’s mind for the last few months, leaving her wanting alone in her bed. It would be one thing if he was only a figment of her imagination, but he is flesh and blood and even asked for her phone number. But has he called? Hell no.
So when he shows up out of the blue at her job, she really wants to push him away. But there’s something primal and erotic about this man that calls to her.
Luken is reluctant to get involved with a human female, but for some reason he can’t get Julie out of his head. He has enough on his plate with running his new pack, but the little blonde seductress presents a temptation he can’t resist.
But when Julie’s past catches up to her, Luken is prepared to offer his protection, along with his bite, making her one of his own.

Love Thine Enemy (#3) It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. Jasmine fights hard to defend her shapeshifter pack when a wave of savage wolves descends on them. As she notices one of her fellow pack mates going down, she plows into the dark-furred wolf on top. They roll together from the force of the blow, but when they stop, and his golden eyes meet hers, she never expects what happens next.
Shadeau immediately knows this fierce wolf is his mate and isn’t about to let her get away. Carrying her off, he plans to convince her to make a new start with him and forgive that he was a member of the rogue pack. Passion burns between them as hot as their tempers.
Shadeau knows Jasmine is worth the fight and he’s going to have to make sacrifices to prove he can be trusted. He just hopes that in the end she can find a way to love her enemy.

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Download 2 Novels by Anya Adonis (.ePUB)

The Billionaire’s Lesson by Anya Adonis
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 95 kb
Overview: Hi I’m Anya Adonis. I’m an aspiring smut peddler who plans to be a big deal one day.
Genre: Romance Erotic BDSM

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The Billionaire’s Lesson: As a young man, Bill was taught a lesson in just how desperate people are for the almighty dollar by his Dad. However, this lesson had the unexpected effect of shaping his sexual desires as well.
Can a billionaire dom like Bill ever learn to share his desires with someone who really cares for him? His personal assistant, Becca, is hoping to find out.

Young and beautiful, Mary Macavoy waits out a windstorm alone in her isolated home on the plains. That is until a big, old cowboy appears at her family’s homestead, looking for a little more than shelter from the storm.

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Download Bad Biker Stepbrother Series by Michelle Black (.ePUB)

Bad Biker Stepbrother Series by Michelle Black (#2-4)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 143 kB | 147 kB | 184 kB
Overview: Michelle Black is the author of six novels of the Victorian West, including the bestselling AN UNCOMMON ENEMY. Her latest, Séance in Sepia, debuted in October 2011, and features real-life feminist firebrand, Victoria Woodhull as its protagonist. She in a Queen Anne Victorian home near Boulder, Colorado.
Genre: Romance, Erotic

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#2. Against all odds, Mia and Damon have decided to start a relationship together. Damon promises that he will cut his criminal ties for her, but getting out is harder then he thinks… When more dark secrets come up from Damon’s past, Mia is forced to second guess her decision to be with her stepbrother. She knows he is nothing but trouble, but the connection between them is undeniable…

#3. As Damon recovers from his almost fatal injury, Mia takes care of her injured man. The couple plans a move to yet another new town, but trouble continues to follow them.. Old secrets come back to haunt Damon once again, and this time Mia is the victim…

#4. As Damon faces more demons from his past life, Mia wonders if she can ever have a normal relationship with the man she loves. Damon’s enemies will stop at nothing less then having him killed, but Mia may have a plan to escape.. The final installment of the series!

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#1. Bad Biker Stepbrother

Download His End Game by R.B. Hilliard (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

His End Game by R.B. Hilliard (MMG #1)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI readers, 1.4 MB
Overview: Ellie Davis has finally begun to mend the pieces of her shattered heart. With a new job slinging drinks behind the bar at Charlotte’s latest hot spot and a crush on her deliciously sexy bar manager things are finally starting to look up.

New job plus new man equals the perfect anecdote to help Ellie forget all about bad boy Max McLellan…or so she thinks.

This is Ellie’s journey and it isn’t always pretty.

It isn’t always neat.

It isn’t always happy.

But it’s hers.
Genre: Romance


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Download Marko Delacroix series by Alaska Angelini (.ePUB)

Marko Delacroix series by Alaska Angelini (#1-2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader | 505-545 kb
Overview: Alaska is an erotic BDSM author who also goes by the pen names Jennifer Salaiz and Jenny May. She lives in the Houston area…for now. She’s a dreamer, and longs for the day when her husband and kids can load up in the car and drive until their hearts’ content. Adventure and discovering new places play a huge role in Alaska’s life. It drives her, and feeds the creativity of coming up with new locations for her stories.
Genre: Erotic Romance

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Prey (#1): There are things that exist that cannot be explained or comprehended. Creatures so terrifying that the human mind refuses to believe the possibility of existence. Romantism of evil can only get you so far—dead. The stories are there throughout history. The proof is not. At least…until now. We’re here, moving amongst the shadows. Living beneath the homes and streets you believe are safe. You are not safe. You never were. All the times you looked over your shoulder because you felt you were being watched—hunted—you were. I am Marko Delacroix and I am not redeemable. None of us are. I am a Master Vampire and the worst kind of man there is alive or dead. I will make you fear me, want me, and then then I will kill you. It is the nature of who we are. Of the game. And yes, to us, this IS a game. Man versus the undead. The undead versus ourselves. In a new world of change and acceptance, no one is safe. But they don’t know that yet.

Blood Bound (#2): It was supposed to be easy—Tessa was meant to be my prey. In the end, she almost killed us both. Forever tied to a slave I don’t want, the small piece of humanity buried deep inside clings to the hope of loving her. Outside forces have other plans for our future, and Hunter is determined to make her his, but I’m ready to fight to keep what is mine. Fate, on the other hand, has its own agenda. Can I accept our bond and overpower the monster within? Will the plans being conspired take Tessa away from me? Or will my vampire prove blood is thicker than desire? Nothing is for certain, and in a world where greed and power rule, Tessa may show she has what it takes to betray us all.

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#1: 545 kb

#2: 505 kb

Download Massive Taboo Bundle by Lexi Hunt, Kelly Leigh (.ePUB)

Massive Taboo Bundle: 47 Stories by Lexi Hunt, Kelly Leigh
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 355 kb
Overview: Lexi Hunt is a best selling author that writes hot erotic sex stories and open minded erotica as well. Kelly Leigh delivers a wide range of stories based on: Erotica for Women, Erotica Short Stories, and more.

This is a massive collection of taboo stories written by Lexi Hunt and Kelly Leigh. 47 stories in all. 180,000 words (around 625 printed pages!). Read about insatiable young women who can’t keep their hands off the older men in their lives.
Genre: Erotica


Stories including:
Banged By Daddy
Daddy’s Horny Virgin
Rachel Screws Her Daddy
Daddy’s Little Slave
Jasmin Fucks Daddy
Sorry, Daddy
Giving It Up For Daddy
Relax And Take It For Daddy
Punishing The Runaway
Claim Me
After Dark
Only For Daddy
Seducing My Daddy
Screwing My Daddy
Dirty Daddy
Teaching Her Discipline
Daddy Caught Me Being Naughty
My Wild Night With Daddy
Sorry, Daddy
Daddy’s Dirty Little Thief
Daddy Doesn’t Know I’m A Virgin
Shared By My Daddy and His Girlfriend
Shared By My Daddy and My Principal
Lie Down And Take It For Daddy
Taken By My Daddy And My Boyfriend
Disciplined By Daddy In The Office
Daddy’s Little Cum-Slut
Anything For You, Daddy
Whatever Daddy Wants
Take It For Daddy
Babysitters Fantasy Come True
Seduced by the Teenage Babysitter
Babysitter Tied Down
Babysitter Interview Fuck
Black Babysitter Booty
The Porn Loving Stepdaughter
The Babysitter’s Punishment
The Babysitter’s Wet Panties
A Wife’s Sexy Surprise
Stepdad’s Dirty Little Daughter

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Download 3 Novels by Fran Lee (.ePUB)(.MOBI)

3 Novels by Fran Lee
Requirements: .ePUB .MOBI Reader | 1.2 MB / 429 kb
Overview: Fran Lee has written over 100 romance books…but has submitted less than one quarter that number to publishers. With twenty-four erotic romances already released, she is finally, after many years of hoarding completed manuscripts, realizing her dream of being a published romance author.
Genre: Romance Erotic

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Skinwalker’s Woman: Running away from heartache is easier than facing it. But when Chellie runs from a bad relationship with a cheating ex and lands smack-dab in the arms of a hot and sexy stranger who thinks she was born to be his mate, could things get any weirder?
They sure can…especially when she discovers she’s a closet nymphomaniac and he’s a shape-shifting explosion of animal magnetism she simply can’t resist.

Flint: Flint Calderon was a hard working, hard-bodied, hard headed Texan who’d had to grow up fast. He’d been alone for a long time. He’d kept his grand daddy’s sprawling ranch intact in spite of hardships and loss…some said he was as hard as his name.
He didn’t take anything he hadn’t worked damned hard for. He had his own set of personal guidelines that left no room for cruelty or deceit. He kept his friends close, and his loyalty was a thing of legend in Calder County, Texas.
He went by three simple rules: Keep your word no matter what, pay your debts before buyin’ more, and protect those weaker than yourself.
Lily was running from her own personal hell, only to jump from the frying pan into the fire. But the man who’d caught her sneaking into his motel room to get out of the rain was nothing like the bastard she was running from. Even being pinned on that motel bed under a pissed-off cowboy was a damn sight better than being dragged back to the man who’d murdered her mom and made her own life a living hell for so long. If only the hot cowboy wasn’t naked as a jaybird…
How could he turn her over to the law? The woman he’d caught was just a rain-soaked, freezing, starving, badly battered little hellcat with nowhere to go and nothin’ much to lose. And whoever had beat the hell out of her deserved no mercy…

Changing all the Rules: Haley has a husband she still loves, but who has the Saturday-night, three-minute orgasm—his—down to a fine art. She has been married for over ten years, but her bedroom experience is virtually nil. She wants her man to try something exciting, something new. Like actually giving her an orgasm instead of falling asleep. But Harry seems to be quite content with their once-a-week, damn near choreographed, and very vanilla sex.
When her closest friend tells her she should think about livening up her pathetic sex life, and offers a swap…or maybe a threesome, Haley is utterly shocked, and in total denial that there is a problem with her marriage. Yet despite her amazement that she has been so naive that she had no idea her best friend was interested in taking a test drive on her husband, or that her friend’s husband had expressed his wish to get into Haley’s pants, another more intriguing suggestion catches her off guard.
When her best pal suggests she hook up with her younger brother, Josh, Haley can’t get that totally shocking idea out of her head. Josh! The hot, younger kid she’d had a "sorta-crush" on back in high school?
The last time she’d seen Josh was before graduation. The kid had followed her around like an overgrown puppy through high school…three years her junior, but already showing the delicious promise of what he would become as a man. And her pal tells her that her little brother still harbors his X-rated teen-aged crush on her, and hopes she might be interested in renewing old acquaintances. Oh, my…
Josh has been crazy about Haley since he was just a kid. But he isn’t a kid anymore. He’s come back home for one thing only—for a shot at the girl he’d fallen for when he was too damn young to do much about it. His big sis has told him that Haley’s husband isn’t exactly taking care of his wife’s needs…and he is more than ready and completely willing to step up to the plate when the stupid jerk strikes out.
But Haley has been laboring under a major misconception about the man she married right out of high school…and they both have one hell of a lot to learn.
An amazing one-night stand with beautiful, delicious Josh Barnes opens Haley’s eyes to what a man needs…and what she needs in bed. The "kid" takes her for a hot, delicious ride beyond her wildest dreams, and opens her mind and heart to what she has always thought was out of her reach.
The rules have been changed…and now she has two hot men who are willing to give her anything…ANYTHING…she desires.

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Download Felony Romance series by Jeana E. Mann (.ePUB)

Felony Romance series by Jeana E. Mann (#1-3)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 2.4 MB
Overview: Jeana was born and raised in Indiana where she lives today with her two crazy rat terriers Mildred and Mabel. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Speech and Hearing, something totally unrelated to writing. When she’s not busy dreaming up steamy romance novels, she loves to travel anywhere and everywhere.
Genre: Romance Erotic

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Intoxicated (#1) Love is intoxicating, but the hangover can be agony…
Uptight accountant Ally Taylor always plays by the rules and it has gotten her nowhere. Deep inside, she longs for fun and danger. A night at the dark and dangerous Felony Bar is just what the doctor ordered for mending her broken heart.
Tattooed bartender and playful bad boy Jack Jameson likes to break all the rules. He’s been watching Ally for months, waiting for a chance to make his move. He might be willing to end his one-and-done philosophy for a treasure like her. She’s different from the nameless, faceless girls of his past. She’s smart and sexy and way out of his league. When Ally wanders into his bar after a devastating breakup, he’ll do anything within his power to seduce and claim her for his own.
After a night of the hottest sex she’s ever had, Ally’s hooked on Jack like a drug. When she begins to consider a relationship with him, a woman from his past arrives with a devastating secret. Ally is convinced Jack lied to her. Is she willing to take a chance on him, knowing his past will complicate her future? Can Jack persuade Ally to reconsider or will she walk away forever, taking his heart with her?

Unexpected (#1.5) Karly Eriksson’s past brims with painful secrets better left forgotten. Determined to make a better life for herself and her little sister, Karly has her eyes on the future, but misfortune greets her at every turn.
When Karly’s best friend invites her to underground Felony Bar, Karly looks forward to a night free from the complications of her past and a chance to forget her problems. Instead, she finds an unexpected attraction for Randy Mackenzie, head of security. Randy is dangerous and intense with a body made for sin. Everything about him screams bad boy, from his tattoos to the wicked scar on his neck, and that’s the last thing she needs in her life.
Randy lives his life in the shadows, but he yearns for the light. Karly, with her bright smile and effusive personality, is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating the darkness of his world. Still reeling from an unforeseen breakup, Randy has his emotions on lockdown, unwilling to show how badly he’s hurt. When he drives Karly home after a night of revelry at Felony, he doesn’t intend to sleep with her, but they have more in common than they know, starting with their broken hearts.
After one kiss, Randy and Karly are willing to forget their problems for a night of passion and lust that can never be repeated.

Vindicated (#2) Life has never been easy for Karly Eriksson. Raised in a dysfunctional and abusive home, she struggles to break the chain of misfortune. She’s determined to finish college and rescue her little sister Emma from a similar fate at any cost, including her self-esteem.
The mistakes of her past complicate her future when she hooks up with Randy Mackenzie, the tattooed bouncer/bartender from the infamous Felony Bar. They shared one night together during the previous summer, and now he’s back in her life. He’s hot, intense, and tortured by emotions he’ll never reveal to anyone, especially her.
Despite Randy’s feelings for Karly, he can’t tell her what she needs to hear. She’s the only sunshine in his bleak existence, illuminating the dark and dusty corners of his life. The mother of his child left him because he couldn’t say those three little words, and it cost him the most precious thing in his life: his son. Will he lose Karly, too, or can he overcome his irrational fear of emotional intimacy?

Impulsive (#3) Two best friends.
A self-destructive rock star.
A forbidden love…
Tasha is smitten with her best friend Luke. She knows from the start their impulsive sexual relationship will end badly. She’s unconventional and prone to bad decisions. He’s sweet. Sexy. And as vanilla as they come. If she wants their relationship to become something more, she’ll have to change inside and out.
And then Elijah Crowe, notorious rock star, stumbles off his tour bus and into their lives. He’s ready to self-destruct, and he wants to drag Luke and Tasha into the abyss with him. When the three of them come together, the line between friends and lovers blurs.
What begins as a harmless weekend of fun, ends in a dangerous game where she’s both the victim and the prize. Secrets tumble out, relationships crumble, and hearts break.
Tasha’s fallen in love with Luke. She wants him.
She’s not the only one.

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Download Young Women Reform by Candace Mia (.ePUB)

Young Women Reform by Candace Mia (Young Women Reform #1)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 108 Kb
Overview: At 42, Brody has spent almost half his life in prison. He’s kept busy, though. He’s tutored many men and filled notebooks with fiction. He knows he’ll never be a free man, but his skills have not gone unnoticed. He’s about to get a transfer to a new prison, where the inmates he’ll tutor are young women. And he’ll have to discover new methods of getting them to learn.
Genre: Erotic Romance


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Download Siren Island: Shipwrecked by Virginia Wade (.ePUB)(.MOBI)+

Siren Island: Shipwrecked by Virginia Wade (Siren Island #1)
Requirements: ePUB, MOBI & AZW3 readers, 1.4 MB
Overview: The adventure begins…

After surviving a horrific shipwreck, Lucy Wordsworth finds herself on a mysterious island in the Pacific Ocean. Among the survivors is her fiancé’s despicable older brother, Jack Carlyle, who seduces her at the first opportunity. Together they discover a hidden pool inhabited by three beautiful, sex-starved Sirens, who are determined to pleasure them in shocking and unexpected ways.
Genre: Erotic Romance


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