Download The Hunt Club Chronicles Bundle by Heather Boyd (.ePUB)

The Hunt Club Chronicles Bundle by Heather Boyd
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 487 KB
Overview: Bestselling historical author Heather Boyd believes every character she creates deserves their own happily-ever-after, no matter how much trouble she puts them through. With that goal in mind, she weaves sizzling English set love stories that push the boundaries of regency era propriety to keep readers enthralled until the wee hours of the morning. Brimming with new ideas, she frequently wishes she could type as fast as she conjures new storylines. While writing full time north of Sydney, Australia, Heather collects dust bunnies in all corners of the house and does her best to wrangle her testosterone-fuelled family into submission.
Genre: Erotic Romance MM


Almost an Equal: When the Duke of Byworth’s empty marriage is threatened by the revelations in his wife’s diary, both he and his steward, Henry Stackpool, attempt to recover it separately. Yet they are drawn together by the secrets of their past and an intoxicating mutual lust. But can true happiness exist for a duke and a former whore when their positions in society are so unequal?

Barely a Master: The trappings of wealth and power give the Duke of Lewes little joy and certainly no pleasure. Tormented by grave mistakes he made with a past lover, Aiden’s determined to end it all. Terrance Bridgewater is in London briefly en route to a ship bound for the continent to see the things he’s only read about. Running into the dark and dangerous Duke of Lewes is a complication he’d hoped to avoid.

Hardly a Stranger: The Duke of Staines has the worst luck in wives and lovers. A widow for fifteen years, Ambrose is busy running his gentleman’s club, snatches pleasure from transient lovers, and relies on Francis Redding to provide intelligent companionship between social engagements. There is only one problem with his relationship with Redding; the man would make the perfect lover, if only he wasn’t a dependant servant.

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Download Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison (.ePUB)

Seducing Sarah by Jinx Jamison (The Madame X School of Sex #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 196 KB
Overview: Ever since her fiance left her, Sarah Caldwell has led an unremarkable life. She goes to work, she pays her taxes and she always separates the whites from the colors. The most exciting thing in her life is fantasizing about her hunky boss Quinn Sanders, who has no idea how she feels.

All she wants is the chance to do something exciting. Anything to prove she’s not as sexually inept as her former fiance made her feel.

When Quinn Sanders gets a call from an old friend, the last thing he expects to hear is that his paralegal Sarah has signed up for sex school. He left his life as Master Q behind for a reason and once vowed to never set foot in the Madame X School again.

But he’s lusted after Sarah for years and if sex education is what she needs…

Master Q is about to come out of retirement
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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Download Tyron’s Mega Adventures With White Girls by Tyron Blackrod (.ePUB)

Tyron’s Mega Adventures With White Girls Box Set by Tyron Blackrod
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 225 kb
Overview: For adult readers only, you are in for a treat with this 6-in-1 box set including six great stories from Tyrone Blackrod. Tyrone is a divorced African-American male in his 30’s who has a fetish; A fetish which he really loves to feed. His fetish revolves around sharing his BBC with young, white, suburban teens (although he only shares with those who are 18 or older). It’s not every day that he gets to share it, but when he does, it’s a story to remember…

Book # 1: Tyrone at the Beach: As Tyrone heads to the beach for summer vacation, he knows deep down that he is going to feed his fetish; A fetish which he seldom has had a chance to indulge in lately. However, little does Tyrone know that just down the beach there are three barely legal high school students who are partying while their dads are out fishing for the day. As the three high school students surround Tyrone, they realize that they’ve always had a fetish for a well-hung black man, but didn’t realize it until they met him. They begin to realize that they’ll need to feed their fetish for dark meat, long before their dads return home from fishing.

Book # 2: Tyrone Gets A New (White) Roommate: Tyrone is thrilled to find out that he will have a new roommate in his two-bedroom apartment; A roommate who is moving out-of-state to stay with him. As he looks at her photo in the app, he sees that she is young, white, and innocent. How might she react when she is away from her family and finally gets to experience the dark meat?

Book # 3: Tyrone Stuffs A Student: Tyrone, a 30-something urban African-American has started taking a substitute job in the suburbs as a way to earn extra money and also as a way to meet young, white women. Teenage women like Patricia Smith, who on the surface looks like an innocent 18-year-old suburban light-skinned girl, with her brown hair, blue eyes, and cute face. As Tyrone and Patricia keep exchanging glances at each other during class, Tyrone knows that he has to do something, and he knows that asking her out on a romantic and secluded horse carriage ride might be the perfect first date. In addition, it’d also be a perfect way for this sheltered suburban white girl to finally get her first taste of jumbo dark meat…

Book # 4: Tyrone Travels Back in Time: Fed up with being unemployed, Tyrone goes to a top secret government agency to partake in an experiment; An experiment that he quite honestly doesn’t fully understand, but on the plus side, the pay seems to be decent. Tyrone later ends up being transported by the government agency back in time to the 1800’s, where he comes to find that he is alone in a big house in England and there is a blonde servant who is assigned to assist the ‘newcomer’ with bathing and feeling at home. When she gets a glance of him nude as she bathes him, will she be able to ignore her prim and proper upbringing and become stretched wide instead by a BBC?

Book # 5: Tyrone’s Shopping Mall Hook Up: After seeing his daughter’s white friend at the mall, he can’t help but notice that she seems to keep checking him out as his daughter and her converse. After Tyrone speaks with her, he realizes that there is definitely a connection between him and his daughter’s friend; A connection that he knows he must explore more.

Returning to her job right before they close, Tyrone tries on pairs of underwear in the fitting room; A fitting room that is soon inhabited by his daughter’s friend as she gets her first glimpse of BBC at the tender age of 18. After seeing his BBC for the first time, will she able to resist seeing it more?

Book # 6: Her First BBC: As Tyrone goes to his local ‘Bullseye’ big box store to shop, he comes across a young, redheaded cashier. As he stares at her tight, petite body and feels his manhood grow, he knows he must ask her out on a date. She agrees to the date, and as they sit in her car, she realizes that she must get her first taste of dark meat.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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Download The Lesbian School Girls Chronicles series by Jade Fillmore (.ePUB)

The Lesbian School Girls Chronicles series by Jade Fillmore (#1-#4)
Requirements: Epub reader, 1.09 Mb
Overview: Jade Fillmore is the author of short erotic fiction.
Genre: Erotic Romance, Lesbian FF


1. Baby’s First Time
Stella’s spent her whole life afraid of sex and intimacy. Her own parents labeled the topic too taboo to discuss and never taught her about her own body. But lucky for Stella, she has Cassie, her lifelong girlfriend and confidant.
One Saturday night during their weekly slumber parties, Stella’s intrigue comes to a head and her sexual education begins with her best friend as her instructor.

2. Return The Favor
Stella couldn’t have imagined what it was like to be intimate with anyone, much less another woman. But now that she has an inkling, her mind is filled with questions.
Cassie has the answers, but they don’t come with words. They come with a touch, a breath; with fingers and tongue.
The flames of Stella’s curiosity are about to be fanned into an inferno!

3. Perfect Practice
Three weeks into her sexual awakening Stella is a mess. After an emotional dinner at home with her parents, she turns to Cassie for the understanding only her friend can provide.
Cassie is there for her, to help her, and guide her, and yes, even practice with her, but this time Stella’s ready to take control.
Practice makes perfect and now it’s time for Stella to have some perfect practice of her own.

4. On Her Own
Stella’s got an itch to scratch. With Cassie home sick it’s up to her to entertain herself over the weekend. Will she stay home and sulk or take the time to practice the skills she has spent the last few weeks learning.
Anything’s on the table when her parents leave and Stella is left on her own.

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Download 5 books by Sondra Wilde (.ePUB)

Helping Nina Nurse;Wet Nurse For Hire;The Breast Machine;
The Breast Enhancer; Nursemaid for the Neighbors by Sondra Wilde

Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.9mb
Overview: I like naughty things. I like thinking about them, I like doing them – and I like writing about them! If you’re reading something with my name on it, I can guarantee you two things: (1) it was written 100% by me, and (2) there is something about it that is a little forbidden. After all, aren’t most things that are erotic a little forbidden or a little taboo?
Genre: Fiction > Erotic

Helping Nina Nurse She was a young mother – full and naive and inexperienced – and she needed their help…
Susan, Peggy and Barbara were three women who had become friends through years of play dates and raising their children. Their children were grown, and the women had become frustrated with their sexless marriages. Their weekly luncheons were now filled with wine and suspicious talk of their husbands’ wandering eyes…
Wet Nurse For Hire Susan was a gorgeous young MILF, eager to supplement her husband’s meager income for the good of their household. Her options for work were limited, and her greatest asset was her youthful bounty. When she discovers that young women like her were making a lucrative income as wet-nurses, she thought it was a dream come true…
She answered the call of a new client one night and was surprised to see things are not what they appeared to be. Instead of a hungry infant at the large mansion she found a bachelor party. Leaving was her first instinct but when she heard the amount of money they were willing to offer how could she refuse?
And besides, maybe her little show will help quench the fire that has been slowly consuming her inside!
Certainly all they wanted to do was watch!Surely there would be no touching!There were 3 of them and only one of her after all!
The Breast Machine Never would Susan have thought she would have put herself in such a position. Her huband had been her first and the only one to have ever seen her naked – and now here she was in front of two strangers, being touched in a way that was making her slightly uncomfortable.But she needed the money, and participating as a subject in their study paid a king’s ransom…
"They’re professionals" she kept telling herself. But there was touching as they prepared her for the study – it seemed inappropriate, yet it made Susan oddly aroused, and she wrote it off as a byproduct of the black nurse’s good looks. And then they put on the device..
The Breast Enhancer Dr. Fleming was on the verge of an important breakthrough. His company was working on a pill – a natural breast enhancer. They had done the market research, they knew there was an entire population of women looking for a natural alternative to surgery. He just needed a test subject…
Wendy was a sexy MILF and a recent divorcee. She was looking to reenter the dating scene but there was just one thing about her body she wished she could change. She saw the advertisement and she couldn’t call the doctor fast enough. Sure, she was willing to test his new drug – how bad could the side effects possibly be? She thought there would be swelling. She figured there would be sensitivity. She wasn’t prepared for the creamy discharge. By the time the doctor’s sexy lab assistant started helping her, she was too turned on to care…
Nursemaid for the Neighbors Jess was a college senior, home for one more summer before going off on her own. Her mother offered her a suggestion which to anyone else would sound so innocent. Their neighbors the Wilsons have just had a baby – why doesn’t Jess offer to help them for the summer? Only it’s a suggestion that is a little trickier than it appears…
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Download Taboo 240 – One Million Words of Erotica by Tori Westwood (.MOBI)

Taboo 240 – One Million Words of Erotica by Tori Westwood
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 6.74mb
Overview: One million words of smut. The entire catalog of sinful stories from Tori Westwood and Taboo Inc. Incest, breeding, threesomes, bestiality, lactation, creampies, virgins and everything in between.

Contains 40-Packs 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 & 6.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


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Download The Bimbo Wand Bundle 3 (Books 7-10) by Bo Naidal (.ePUB)

The Bimbo Wand Bundle 3: Four Stories of Bimbofication by Bo Naidal
Requirements: ePUB reader, 476 KB
Overview: I love writing erotica. I love its raw power. My goal is to write the hottest, most imaginative erotica that the world has ever seen. With each new work I write, I just keep trying to do better.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Bimbofication


What would happen if you found a wand that could transform any woman into a sex goddess? Just how grateful would that woman be? What would she want to do with her new body? MC Jones is about to find out!

The Bimbo Wand 7: The Teacher
Sexually starved math teacher Fiona Funbuns has a crush on alpha male MC Jones from the moment she sees him. But knowing with her body he would never sleep with her, she takes her frustration out on the whole class. Little does she realize that with one wave of his Bimbo Wand MC can transform Ms. Funbuns into the voluptuous living love doll she’s always wanted to be! Things heat up as MC Jones decides it’s time he taught the teacher a few lessons, himself.

The Bimbo Wand 8: The Princess
Princess Ivanna has always searched for her Prince Charming. However, with a flat chest like hers, she’s been without luck. When alpha male MC Jones finds an ancient crown, he seeks the owner and finds out it belongs to none other than Princess Ivanna. As fate would have it, she is visiting the US and invites MC to her hotel room, where they can work out an exchange. Learning of Princess Ivanna’s despair over her almost sexless body, he uses the Bimbo Wand to make her into a living Venus love doll. The princess is so excited that she asks MC to play along in her favorite game of barbarian invader. A riveting and shattering climax is reached. But as if that weren’t enough, things heat up even more, as Princess Ivanna then wants to play a game of master and servant. Who’s who in this sexy game of domination?

The Bimbo Wand 9: The Night Nurse
Night Nurse Ophelia has a secret problem. Can alpha male MC Jones solve it with one wave of his Bimbo Wand? MC is injured and finds himself in the hospital under the care of Ophelia! She knows just what type of loving care will heal MC. Get ready for a climax of epic proportions! Ophelia must use her own mouth to resuscitate MC and she knows just where to put it! MC is about to learn how skilled his night nurse really is! Her skills run deep, really deep.

The Bimbo Wand 10: The Rock Star
Sugar Walls is a rock star sensation with a secret problem. Alpha male MC Jones is about to uncover the secret. But can a wave of his Bimbo Wand solve the problem? MC has discovered a rare vinyl album. It’s called Soixante Neuf. That’s sixty-nine in French! Sugar Walls is desperate to buy the album. Is she a fan of the number sixty-nine? But MC will only sell the classic album if Sugar Walls lets him in on her secret. Will she?

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Download OMG! – Five Complete Romps in One Bundle of Fun by Just Dave (.ePUB)

OMG! – Five Complete Romps in One Action-Packed Bundle of Fun by Just Dave
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 151 KB
Overview: In Just Dave’s epic collection, he explores multiple genres of erotica, with something for just about everyone! From hypnosis to gorgeous aliens, busty nurses and Warrior Princesses, this set provides a veritable "What’s out there?" in erotica today, even providing a taste of gender-swapping, in the form of a hunky pro football player experiencing the side-effects of an experimental performance enhancer.

Pull up, dig in, and enjoy!
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Book One: OMG! My Neighbor’s Stop-Smoking Program Turned Her into a Cougar
Blake spends most of his days daydreaming about his hot MILF neighbor, Samantha Lacroix.

Samantha, by far his senior, has innocent good looks and the perfect body to match and she’s been the center of his attention for years. Though, the beautiful Samantha isn’t actually a MILF.

Turns out, Samantha wants to have a baby, but before she does, she needs to quit smoking. When his mother suggests his dream-girl try a self-hypnosis program, life starts changing rapidly.

Will Blake even grasp what the heck is going on? Will he even care?

Book Two: OMG! No One Said the Side Effects Might Turn Me into a Girl
Okay, so Greg and Dylan are professional football players. Their last season wasn’t so hot, so this training program was definitely in order. The handsome duo spend their days toiling to hone their craft while they spend the evenings with a string of nameless, shameless groupies.

That is, until Greg meets someone who puts him onto a doctor who has a transformative treatment program. Unfortunately, instead of increased physical performance, he finds himself the victim of a side-effect.

Mind, body, and desire, Greg slowly becomes Grace, and her brotherly love for her best friend transforms with her.

Book Three: OMG! – I Picked Up a Nymphomaniac Hitchhiker from Outer Space
Okay, so Jacob made a mistake and he’s run out of gas along Interstate 10 between Los Angeles and Phoenix. He coaxes the car back into motion, hoping to lurch into the next town on fumes without stopping. Sitting on a suitcase with her thumb out is Claire, by far the most beautiful woman he ever would have expected to see. She has a little bit of a secret, though. She’s an alien. An alien sent to earth to search for acceptable genetic material to help her dying planet. Starting right there in the dark desert night, she lets him know what she needs from him.

Unprotected sex. More than he could ever handle!

She’s studied us.
She knows what we like.
…and she’s on a mission.

Book Four: OMG! If I Fail Out of Warrior Princess School I Will Probably be Sold
So Rielle is in Warrior Princess school and is dreading her upcoming Swordsmanship final. The reason? She’s been matched with her roommate and lover, Eina, who towers above her like a giant. One will graduate and the other will likely be sold as a slave.

There’s more than one way to get around it. While Eina tries in vain to convince the board that she needs a better match, Rielle uses the knowledge she gained in her Feminine Wiles and Recognizing Social Injustices to get the votes required to be granted a new foe.

Everyone knows stories of Warrior Princesses and their trusty sidekicks, but how did it all begin and who is really who?

Will Rielle’s feminine wiles be strong enough to protect her from her apparent fate?

Book Five: OMG! The Nurses Around Here All Seem to be Turning into Bimbos
Connor is in the hospital. That sucks, but he’s surrounded by a bevy of beautiful nurses. Life is basically just an endless tease of these hot and intelligent women, but something changes. Why is Amber acting so funny?.

It turns out that the nurses all seem to be turning into bimbos and his life has never been better.

So what’s really happening to all of the nurses around him?

Does he even care?

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Download Revisionist History: The Complete Series by Avery Poole (.ePUB)

Revisionist History: The Complete Series by Avery Poole
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 226 KB
Overview: Avery Poole has a light side and a dark side. Writing from home in suburban Rochester, New York is almost therapeutic for Avery, sometimes sitting non-stop for eight to ten hours, putting fantasies to the page.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


Book One: Inheriting the Pin-Up Girl
As the vultures circle in Elijah Jacobs’ beautiful Victorian mansion, his favorite nephew, Matthew, hopes to just get something to remember him by.

While the others divide the spoils, Matthew is left with an elegant wooden box and a stipulation that he is allowed to stay in a specific room in the mansion whenever he likes.

Following a series of mysterious clues and artifacts finds Matthew transported back to 1943, when the house served as a women’s boardinghouse during the war. Will he be able to figure out the reason his mysterious uncle led him back in time to that specific date? When he tries to go to the very next day, he finds the house in flames. Can he stop it?

Book Two: Beats vs. Bobby Soxers
Matthew has another date. This one in 1954. Again, he has no idea why his uncle would send him to this date. The last time there had been a purpose to it; a mission. There was no reason why this time would be any different.

Transported back in time once again to when the house served as a Beat recording studio, housing some of the greats of folk rock legend. Will he be able to figure out the reason his mysterious uncle led him back in time to this specific date?

Book Three: Love the One You’re With
Matthew has another date. This one in 1966. Again, he has no idea why his uncle would send him to this date. The last time there had been a purpose to it; a mission. There was no reason why this time would be any different.

Transported back for what he always hopes is the last time, he runs smack into the free love movement and has to determine whether he is there to meet the love of his life or to encourage a budding young singer.

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Download First Class Bimbos Bundle #2 (Obedience School) by Eric Stray (.ePUB)

First Class Bimbos Bundle #2 (Obedience School Book 4-6) by Eric Stray
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 121 KB
Overview: The next bundle of Obedience School stories to scratch that teen bimbo itch!

Disclaimer: All characters depicted in this bundle are over the age of 18.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic


The New Girl: Melanie is a struggling single woman aiming to be a teacher. A new job opportunity means a new house, a new town… a new life. With help from a very special drink in her welcoming gift, Melanie finds her ambitions aiming quite a bit lower… Body and mind shifting to her new goals, and new needs, Melanie quickly starts feeling younger, sexier and just a little bit more ditzy than she ever remembered being before… and a bit more top-heavy besides. Still, with help from an experienced bimbo, she finds herself adjusting to her new position very well.

Physical Re-Education: Rumor has it, any kind of naughtiness on school grounds at Halford High changes a girl, mind and body, into the perfect little teenage bimbo. On a dare, Erin goes to test that theory, finding it to be absolutely, shockingly true. Thankfully, the school board has set up classes for girls with needs like Erin’s to ensure they’re well prepared for their later careers, and she finds herself really taking to her lessons…

Fund-raiser Revenge: Allison is outraged when she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her with her former best-friend turned bimbo. In an attempt at vengeance, she enlists the help of her friend Megan in competing in the Halford High fund-raiser, hoping to block her rival from winning the prize, and earning a nice little payoff in the process. As Allie and Megan struggle to match and beat the other girl’s uninhibited methods, they find themselves quickly becoming accustomed to behaviors and even bust sizes they had never before expected…

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