Download Secrets of Green & Gold by Jo Holloway (.ePUB)

Secrets of Green & Gold by Jo Holloway (Green & Gold 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 356 kb
Overview: A secret world, hidden creatures, and one girl who sees too much . . .
With her strange gold eyes, and haunted by things she can’t explain, Cara Ransome has never fit in. She’s down to one friend, and he’s four-legged and furry. On the cusp of high school, she vows to get a fresh start, and hearing a voice is not part of the plan.
The voice in Cara’s head tells her of a hidden world of ancient creatures she never knew existed. Now, one by one, they’re disappearing, and only she can help figure out why. That, or she’s losing her mind . . . along with her second chance. But the voice is insistent—they’re running out of time.
Will Cara embrace her true self before it’s too late, or will she end up alone again, lost in her secrets?
Genre: Young Adult


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Download The Secret Dragon by Ed Clarke (.ePUB)

The Secret Dragon by Ed Clarke
Requirements: epub Reader, 20.1MB
Overview: A heartwarming story of friendship and adventure – perfect for young explorers.

‘So if you’re not an animal that’s alive today, and you’re not an animal that’s extinct either, what on earth are you?’

Mari Jones is desperate to be a real scientist, even though she’s only eleven. So when she discovers a tiny dragon while fossil hunting on the beach, she’s sure she can find a good scientific explanation – as long as she can keep it hidden long enough to study it.

Unfortunately for Mari, this is one secret that doesn’t want to be kept. And as she starts to form a deeper bond with the mischievous dragon, she might have to admit that, when it comes to friendship, science might not have all the answers…
Genre: Children/YA Fantasy


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Download My Parents Cancelled My Birthday by Jo Simmons (.ePUB)

My Parents Cancelled My Birthday by Jo Simmons
Requirements: epub Reader, 20.9MB
Overview: Perfect for fans of Pamela Butchart and David Baddiel’s Birthday Boy – a hilarious tale of wish fulfilment gone wrong that every child will relate to.

Tom can’t wait for his LUCKY BIRTHDAY. It’s an EPIC family tradition and he’s dreamed up an UNFORGETTABLE party!

Only, after several disasters involving a flattened Chihuahua and a curse from the tooth fairy, it’s been CANCELLED.

But Tom won’t give up. With the help of his friends (and a pig painted like a zebra), Tom decides to throw himself the party he deserves.

What could possibly go wrong?
Genre: Children/YA Humour


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Download Twinchantment by Elise Allen (.ePUB)

Twinchantment by Elise Allen (Twinchantment #1)
Requirements: epub Reader, 6.8MB
Overview: In the kingdom of Kaloon, nothing is quite as it seems….

"Y-y-y-you," he stammered, and Flissa turned to see he’d gone ashen. "T-t-t-two of you!" Uh-oh. Flissa reached up and checked. Sure enough, her hood had fallen off. Their secret was out.

Princesses Flissa and Sara are even closer than most twins. In fact, most of the kingdom thinks they’re the same person.
When magic was outlawed in Kaloon generations ago, twins, black cats, and other potentially -magical beings were outlawed, too.
Since they were born, Flissa and Sara have pretended to be one princess, Flissara, trading off royal duties like attending glamorous balls, participating in fencing exhibitions, and making friends with other young nobles, all while hiding in plain sight.

But when the first magical attack in years puts their mother’s life in danger, the girls must break the rules that have protected them to save her. Enlisting a brave servant boy and his plucky black kitten as their guides, they set off on an epic quest to the Twists-a forbidden place full of dark magic-to find the evil mage who cursed the queen. With a case of mistaken identity, a wickedly powerful exile out for vengeance, and time running out for their mother, the twins might just need to make their own magic to save the day.

In the first book of this new series, author Elise Allen brings to life a fantastical world filled with high-stakes adventure, incredible twists, and all the spark and humor of sisterhood.
Genre: Children/YA Fantasy


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Download The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig (.ePUB)

The Truth Pixie by Matt Haig
Requirements: epub Reader, 16.1MB
Overview: From number one bestselling author Matt Haig comes a hilarious and heartwarming story, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Chris Mould, 100% fib-free.

Wherever she is, whatever the day,
She only has one kind of thing to say.
Just as cats go miaow and cows go moo,
The Truth Pixie can only say things that are true.

A very funny and lovable tale of how one special pixie learned to love herself.
Genre: Fiction > Children/YA


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Download The Adventures of Catvinkle by Elliot Perlman (.ePUB)

The Adventures of Catvinkle by Elliot Perlman
Requirements: epub Reader, 5.5MB
Overview: A brilliantly charming and beautifully illustrated story about a friendship that knows no bounds.

Catvinkle is a sleek and satisfied housecat, whose hobbies include baby-shoe dancing and snoozing (but mainly snoozing). Ula is a damp and down-at-heel dalmation whose owners have abandoned her, and she’s too hungry to have any hobbies.

Together they make an unlikely pair, but Catvinkle falls head over heels for Ula’s delicious musky scent, and soon they are best friends. But trouble is on the horizon in the shape of Catvinkle’s nemesis, Twinkiepaws…

Oh, and one last thing: Catvinkle can fly!
Genre: Fiction > Children/YA


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Download Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan (.ePUB)

Perfectly Preventable Deaths by Deirdre Sullivan
Requirements: epub Reader, 3.3MB
Overview: Everyone in Ballyfran has a secret, and that is what binds them together…

Fifteen-year-old twins Madeline and Catlin move to a new life in Ballyfran, a strange isolated town, a place where, for the last sixty years, teenage girls have gone missing in the surrounding mountains.

As distance grows between the twins – as Catlin falls in love, and Madeline begins to understand her own nascent witchcraft – Madeline discovers that Ballyfrann is a place full of predators. Not only foxes, owls and crows, but also supernatural beings who for many generations have congregated here to escape persecution. When Catlin falls into the gravest danger of all, Madeline must ask herself who she really is, and who she wants to be – or rather, who she might have to become to save her sister.

Dark and otherworldly, this is an enthralling story about the bond between sisters and the sacrifices we make for those we care about the most. For fans of Frances Hardinge and Laure Eve.
Genre: Fantasy > Young Adult


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Download Under Earth by Ellen Renner (Storm Witch #2) (.ePUB)

Under Earth by Ellen Renner (Storm Witch #2)
Requirements: epub Reader, 798kb
Overview: As the island’s new Weather witch, Storm must sail with the fleet into dangerous waters. The Drowned Ones are out for revenge and the sea itself is treacherous.
But it’s Bellum Town that brings Storm her first real test. And where she learns that her magic could save her or it could be the end of everything…
Another action-packed fantasy adventure as Storm discovers just how powerful she really is!
Genre: Fantasy > Young Adult


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Book 1 here

Download Bugs Potter Series by Gordon Korman (.ePUB)

Bugs Potter Series by Gordon Korman (#1-2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 837 KB
Overview: Korman wrote his first book, "This Can’t be Happening at Macdonald Hall", when he was 12 years old, for a coach who suddenly found himself teaching 7th grade English. He later took that episode and created a book out of it, as well, in "The Sixth Grade Nickname Game", wherein Mr. Huge was based on that 7th grade teacher. Korman moved to New York City, where he studied film and film writing. While in New York, he met his future wife; live in Long Island with their three children. He has published more than 50 books.
Genre: Fiction > Young Adult


Who is Bugs Potter? (#1)
An unknown drummer plays with famous rock groups – and sends the croud into a frenzy … Two scheming burglars try to steak a movie star’s fabulous ermerald – and are foiled by a phantom intruder… a national high school concert explodes into a riot … What has all this to do with Dave "Bugs" Potter of Red River High in Winnipeg? Even he’s not sure, but his uprorious antics will have you laughing through each crazy episode.

Bugs Potter Live at Nickaninny (#2)
Bugs Potter is not going to let a summer of roughing it come between him and his music. A cooking pot makes a great drum and soon he has a group going with plans for a concert. Will he have an audience?

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Download Heartseeker by Melinda Beatty (.ePUB)+

Heartseeker by Melinda Beatty
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 3.3 Mb
Overview: A vibrant fantasy-adventure debut about a girl who can see lies.

You’re a Fallow of the Orchard. You’re as tough as a green apple in summer . . .

Only Fallow was just six harvests old when she realized that not everyone sees lies. For Only, seeing lies is as beautiful as looking through a kaleidoscope, but telling them is as painful as gnawing on cut glass. Only’s family warns her to keep her cunning hidden, but secrets are seldom content to stay secret.

When word of Only’s ability makes its way to the King, she’s plucked from her home at the orchard and brought to the castle at Bellskeep. There she learns that the kingdom is plagued by traitors, and that her task is to help the King distinguish between friend and foe. But being able to see lies doesn’t necessarily mean that others aren’t able to disguise their dishonesty with cunnings of their own. In the duplicitous, power-hungry court, the truth is Only’s greatest weapon . . . and her greatest weakness.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult Fantasy


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