Download War and Millie McGonigle by Karen Cushman (.ePUB)

War and Millie McGonigle by Karen Cushman
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.7 MB
Overview: Millie McGonigle lives in sunny California, where her days are filled with beach and surf. It should be perfect–but times are tough. Hitler is attacking Europe and it looks like the United States may be going to war. Food is rationed and money is tight. And Millie’s sickly little sister gets all the attention and couldn’t be more of a pain if she tried. It’s all Millie can do to stay calm and feel in control.

Still–there’s sand beneath her feet. A new neighbor from the city, who has a lot to teach Millie. And surfer boy Rocky to admire–even if she doesn’t have the guts to talk to him.

It’s a time of sunshine, siblings, and stress. Will Millie be able to find her way in her family, and keep her balance as the the world around her loses its own?
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Download Thornwood by Leah Cypess (.ePUB)

Thornwood by Leah Cypess (Sisters Ever After #1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 3.7 MB
Overview: For years, Briony has lived in the shadow of her beautiful older sister, Rosalin, and the curse that has haunted her from birth–that on the day of her sixteenth birthday she would prick her finger on a spindle and cause everyone in the castle to fall into a 100-year sleep. When the day the curse is set to fall over the kingdom finally arrives, nothing–not even Briony–can stop its evil magic. You know the story. But here’s something you don’t know. When Briony finally wakes up, it’s up to her to find out what’s really going on, and to save her family and friends from the murderous Thornwood. But who is going to listen to her? T
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Download She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen (.ePUB)

She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 972 KB
Overview: After an embarrassing loss to her ex-girlfriend in their first basketball game of the season, seventeen-year-old Scottie Zajac gets into a fender bender with the worst possible person: her nemesis, Irene Abraham, head cheerleader for the Fighting Reindeer. Irene is as mean as she is beautiful, so Scottie makes a point to keep her distance. When the accident sends Irene’s car to the shop for weeks’ worth of repairs and the girls are forced to carpool, their rocky start only gets bumpier. But when an opportunity arises for Scottie to get back at her toxic ex—and climb her school’s social ladder—she bribes Irene into an elaborate fake- dating scheme that threatens to reveal some very real feelings.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult | LGBT


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Download The True Colour of a Little White Lie by Gabriel Bergmoser (.ePUB)

The True Colour of a Little White Lie by Gabriel Bergmoser
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 827 KB
Overview: After a catastrophic attempt to ask out his crush, fourteen-year-old Nelson is desperate for any chance to escape the daily humiliations of his small-town high school. And with his parents taking over a nearby ski lodge, that chance seems to have arrived. Up at the lodge he discovers a whole new freedom in a world where nobody knows he’s a loser and he can be whatever he wants. But reinvention is complicated, especially when a few white lies land you in the middle of an unexpected love triangle which leads you to sign up for a ski race that you’re nowhere near good enough for. As Nelson’s new world spirals out of control, he’ll slowly discover that no matter where you are, sometimes the hardest thing to run away from is yourself.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Download Merlin’s Harp by Anne Eliot Crompton (.ePUB)+

Merlin’s Harp by Anne Eliot Crompton (Merlin’s Harp #1)
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 1.6 Mb
Overview: When I was yet a very young woman I threw my heart away. Ever since then I have lived heartless, or almost heartless, the way Humans think all Fey live.

Among the towering trees of magical Avalon, where humans dare not tread, lives Niviene, daughter of the Lady of the Lake. Her people, the Fey, are folk of the wood and avoid the violence and greed of man. But the strife of King Arthur’s realm threatens even the peace of Avalon. And while Merlin the mage has been training Niviene as his apprentice, he now needs her help to thwart the chaos devouring Camelot. Niviene’s special talents must help save a kingdom and discover the treachery of men and the beauty of love…
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Merlin’s Harp – Anne Eliot – 1.6 MB

Download Tales of Aradia, the Last Witch by L.A. Jones (.ePUB)+

Tales of Aradia, the Last Witch by L.A. Jones AKA Magnum Opus (Tales of Aradia: The Last Witch #1)
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 1.1 Mb
Overview: Unknown to the humans who hanged innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials, real witches of the hidden race were slaughtered on the belief that they had betrayed the hiddens to the humans. Not one witch survived the genocide, or so it was believed for more than three hundred years. Until one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, Massachusetts, and all that changes.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Tales of Aradia_ The Last Witch – Magnum – 1.1 MB

Download At the Crossroads by Travis Hunter (.ePUB)

At the Crossroads by Travis Hunter
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.3 Mb
Overview: The future he was meant for is just within his reach. . .

Franklyn “Franky” Bourgeois is fifteen, and he’s already done more living than most. First he was blasted out of a normal childhood in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. Determined to survive, he left town with two older cousins. They were nothing short of thugs, but they were all he had. And hard as he tried, even for a good kid like Franky, their influence was hard to resist. . .

Now Franky’s just a heartbeat away from a life of crime–until he gets an unexpected chance to turn things around. Getting back on track is easier said than done, especially when a group of prep school fools set out to keep Franky on the streets. But Franky’s always been a survivor. He’ll just have to prove it one more time. . .
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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At the Crossroads – Travis Hunter.epub – 2.3 MB

Download The Sorcerer’s Companion by Allan Zola Kronzek (.ePUB)

The Sorcerer’s Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter by Allan Zola Kronzek
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 6 MB
Overview: Who was the real Nicholas Flamel? How did the Sorcerer’s Stone get its power? Did J. K. Rowling dream up the terrifying basilisk, the seductive veela, or the vicious grindylow? And if she didn’t, who did?

Millions of readers around the world have been enchanted by the magical world of wizardry, spells, and mythical beasts inhabited by Harry Potter and his friends. But what most readers don’t know is that there is a centuries-old trove of true history, folklore, and mythology behind Harry’s fantastic universe. Now, with The Sorcerer’s Companion, those without access to the Hogwarts Library can school themselves in the fascinating reality behind J. K. Rowling’s world of magic.

Newly updated to include Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Sorcerer’s Companion allows curious readers to look up anything magical from the Harry Potter books and discover a wealth of entertaining, unexpected information. Wands and wizards, boggarts and broomsticks, hippogriffs and herbology, all have astonishing histories rooted in legend, literature, or real-life events dating back hundreds or even thousands of years. Magic wands, like those sold in Rowling’s Diagon Alley, were once fashioned by Druid sorcerers out of their sacred yew trees. Love potions were first concocted in ancient Greece and Egypt.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult


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Download Cute Mutants Series by S.J. Whitby (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Cute Mutants Series (Volumes 2-4) by S.J. Whitby
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 2.2mb
Overview: SJ Whitby lives in New Zealand with their partner, as well as various children and animals. They are predictably obsessed with X-Men and spend too much of their free time writing.
Genre: Fiction > YA, Fantasy > FF, LGBT


Cute Mutants Vol 2: Young, Gifted & Queer

"I spent my life dreaming of being invited to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Turns out irl it has the vibe of a Dark Kermit gif. I just want to stay in the closet kissing my hot girlfriend.”

Despite the chaos and me being a dumpster fire, things turned out okay last time. We beat the villain, and I’m part of a superteam. I have cool friends, and somehow (don’t jinx it, Dylan), I even got the girl. Not just any girl—the icy badass who’s secretly soft-hearted. Things should be great, right? Now the government’s come knocking, and we’re summoned to superhero school. Which is a dream come true, except it’s run by a corporation. But not all corporations are shady, right? It’s fine, if you can get over the teeny, tiny problem that there’s also an evolution-obsessed organisation trying to figure us out. Plus, it turns out we aren’t as rare as we thought. There’s another group of mutants with dangerous powers running loose, and we’re the ones who’ll have to stop them. I hope the part on my school records that says “near-pathological disregard for authority” isn’t going to come back and bite me. Maybe it’ll be the thing that saves us.

Cute Mutants Vol 3: The Demon Queer Saga

“I let the mask fall away from my face. I let them see me. Dylan Taylor. Chatterbox. Mutant and monster. Teen Magneto. This is one of those pivotal moments. There’s a metaphor for this. I learned about it in history. The name of some river in Rome.”

Here we go again. The Cute Mutants are back, bigger and badder than ever. Even better, we’re in charge of ourselves now. We’ve got a headquarters, gear, and an actual budget.
Except, we’ve also got EMID—the American Extrahuman Monitoring and Intelligence Division—breathing down our necks to track down mutants for them. Even worse, there’s rumours of a mysterious killer with superpowers and a grudge against the rainbow community. And then there’s the promise from our last boss. The threat of war. Humans vs. mutants.
The dream was to thrive, but maybe all we can hope for is survival. Whatever that takes. I think I’m beginning to understand the saying, “the end justifies the means.” There used to be a line between heroes and villains, didn’t there?

Cute Mutants Vol 4: The Sisterhood of Evil Mutants

“Then understand this. I want to shoulder that burden for others. I want Quietus to break against me, to shatter. When I killed Abigail Tanner, I knew it would make me a target. I want that. It was on purpose. I’m not some reckless teenager who knows nothing. I’m a reckless teenager who knows exactly what I’m doing.”

We’ve finally found a safe place for mutants, but it may not stay that way for long. There’s no shortage of battles to fight, and I’m itching to take the war to our enemies, even if not everyone agrees. Eli Crane has a lot of money, guns, and hate—and he’s only the first name on my list.

Because Crane’s not our only problem: a terrifying mystery lies in our past waiting to be unveiled, and we’ve got a dark vision of the future swinging at us like a fist. A lot of people are gunning for mutants, and we have to keep ahead of all of them. We’re not schoolkids anymore. We’ll have to be revolutionaries, politicians, and criminals to make it through. Surviving the experience isn’t guaranteed.

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Volume 1: Mutant Pride

Download Designs by Isabelle (Girl of the Year #2) by Laurence Yep (.ePUB)+

Designs by Isabelle (Girl of the Year #2) by Laurence Yep
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 46.1 MB
Overview: As Isabelle rehearses her ballet routine for The Nutcracker, she wonders if she’ll ever master her pirouettes, especially with her classmate Renata pointing out her every mistake.

She tries focusing on the other parts of the production she enjoys: exploring the costume and props room and helping out with costumes for some of the younger dancers. But when Jade, her big sister who also attends Anna Hart School of the Arts, becomes moody and withdrawn, Isabelle taps into her design skills to try to find a solution for Jade.

In the meantime, can Isabelle find the confidence to tune out Renata and perfect her own performance, too?
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult > Girls & Women > Middle Grade


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Bravo, Mia! (Girl of the Year #1)