Download Amazing Breaker v1.09

Amazing Breaker v1.09
Requirements: Android O/S : 2.2+
Overview: The worldwide smash hit game Amazing Breaker is now available on Android!


The worldwide smash hit game Amazing Breaker is now available on Android!

Full high resolution graphics
Addictive “Aim and Shoot” Gameplay
Game Center & Achievements & OpenFeint
100 Awesome Levels
More levels coming
Easy to learn but hard to master
Explosive Excitement – create cascades of exploding crystals
1 STAR = 90% of level cleared
2 STARS = 95% of level cleared
3 STARS = 100% of level cleared
Spike Bomb – simply aim and shoot
Ghost Bomb – goes through ice, rub the screen to control it
Helicopter Bomb – tap to deploy violet crystals
Split Bomb – tap to split into 3 green explosive crystals
What’s in this version:
+ fixed the bug with saving at Stage 6
+ fixed issue "black screen" on some devices
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What’s New:
Bug fixes

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Download Vertigo Racing v2.0.2 [Mod Money]

Vertigo Racing v2.0.2 [Mod Money]
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview: Can you become champion in the gnarliest hill-top driving game ever seen?


Put your pedal to the metal and hurtle through stunningly vertiginous landscapes in gorgeous 50’s automobiles! Travel as far and as fast as you can without falling to your destruction.

Game Features:

Put your foot down and race across a series of roller-coaster like mountain tracks, each time getting further and faster, without destroying your beautiful vehicle.

GO, GO, GO!!!
With a whole selection of tracks to go at, from deadly glaciers to ancient walls, you will always have fresh challenges and new trophies to win.

Relive the classic era of the automobile in 10 evocative vehicles from the diminutive ‘Piccola’ to the fin-tailed ‘Prestige’, Vertigo Racing is the new home of chrome.

Contrasting interior, sir? No problem! Customize your automobile with a fancy paint job, inside and out. Tune your vehicle under the hood until you have the perfect speed demon.

Drift and jump your way to the finish line and complete awesome challenges en route.

What’s new
* Now you can also Race against other cars!
* You can switch between "Distance" game mode and "Race" game mode in the Levels menu.
* Win 100 cups for Distance mode and 100 cups for Race mode (by winning races).

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Download The Judgment of Paris by Ross King (.MP3)

The Judgment of Paris: The Revolutionary Decade That Gave the World Impressionism by Ross King
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 406 MB
Overview: While the Civil War raged in America, another very different revolution was beginning to take shape across the Atlantic, in the studios of Paris. The artists who would make Impressionism the most popular art form in history were showing their first paintings amid scorn and derision from the French artistic establishment. Indeed, no artistic movement has ever been, at its inception, quite so controversial. The drama of its birth, played out on canvas, would at times resemble a battlefield. With a novelist’s skill and the insight of a historian, Ross King reveals how Impressionism would reorder both history and culture as it resonated around the world.

A tale of many artists, The Judgment of Paris revolves around the lives of two, described as “the two poles of art”: Ernest Meissonier, the most famous and successful painter of the 19th century, hailed for his precision and devotion to history; and Edouard Manet, reviled in his time, who nonetheless heralded the most radical change in the history of art since the Renaissance. Out of the most fascinating story of their parallel lives, illuminated by their legendary supporters and critics, King recalls a seminal period when Paris was the artistic center of the world, and a revolutionary art movement had the power to electrify and divide a nation.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction


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Download Almost A Hero v3.4.2 (Mod Money)

Almost A Hero v3.4.2 (Mod Money)
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Almost A Hero is an RPG clicker game where 9 of the most useless idiots embark on a quest to be slightly less useless idiots.

Image Image

They say never give a loser an even chance. We say different.

Nine deeply unique and deeply flawed individuals have been chosen for greatness. Heroic, noble, enlightened… Just 3 of the many words they can’t spell. They will set off on an epic journey that will turn them from zeroes to almost heroes. Or dead people. More likely the latter.

Join these 9 zeroes on a quest to become heroes in an ancient land. Train them to learn battle skills, magical powers and which end of a sword is the business end.

In AaH you’ll find quests, secrets to unlock and there’s lots of clicking to do. Yup, it’s a clicker game. Have nearly got what it takes to become almost a hero?

What’s New:
• New alchemy system! Level up and evolve your artifacts to get unique bonuses.
• 3 new mythical artifacts.
• Adventure mode rework: new quests and a new max stage! (3200)
• 2 year anniversary event: outfits, gifts and more!
• Balance changes to trinkets and heroes.
• QoL and bug fixes.
• Read the patch notes here:

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Download Rebel Inc. v1.4.0 [Mod]

Rebel Inc. v1.4.0 [Mod]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: Can you stop the Insurgency? From the creator of Plague Inc. comes a unique and deeply engaging political/military strategic simulation.



The war is ‘over’ – but we all know that doesn’t mean anything. To stabilise the country, you need to balance military and civilian priorities to win the hearts and minds of the people, whilst also stopping insurgents from seizing power!

Rebel Inc. is the brand new game from the creator of ‘Plague Inc.’ – one of the most popular paid games ever with over 120 million players. Brilliantly executed with beautiful graphics and critically acclaimed gameplay – Rebel Inc. offers a deeply engaging, strategic challenge inspired by the complexities and consequences of modern counter insurgency.

● Stabilise five richly modelled regions
● Innovative representation of counter insurgency tactics
● Fund realistic initiatives to empower the local government
● Highly detailed, hyper-realistic world based on extensive research
● Intelligent strategic and tactical AI
● Sophisticated narrative algorithms shaped by your decisions
● Six unique governors with radically different abilities
● Comprehensive in-game help and tutorial system
● Full Save/Load functionality
● Internet connectivity not required

What’s New:
Rebel Inc. Update 3 – The Tanks and Caves expansion

New map: Black Caves – this region is infamous for its imposing mountain range, riddled with underground cave networks. Insurgents will use these to hide and regroup, leaving towns and farms along the river under constant threat.

New Governor: Tank Commander – Equip your soldiers with tanks! Tanks are extremely powerful but have limited mobility. If only the Insurgents would stay where you want them to…


Premium Unlocked

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Download Flying USA – October 2019 (.PDF)

Flying USA – October 2019
Requirements: PDF Reader 71.3 MB
Overview: The sharp wit and experienced judgment of Flying’s experts cover all the challenges and rewards that aviation offers to all flying enthusiasts. From industry news updates, regulations, trends, air shows and events to carefully researched reports on all categories of airplanes, helicopters, avionics, products, technology, accessories and equipment to pilot technique, flight training, safety, weather, operations and maintenance.
Genre: Magazine –


Download Instructions:

Download Dude Theft Wars v0.85e (Mod Money)

Dude Theft Wars v0.85e (Mod Money)
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Welcome to Dude-o-polis!
A beautiful city where all the awesome and perfect dudes live!


Jack used to live a normal dude life when one day he found out that life can be so much more fun in Dude-o-polis. You can drive around the town in any car you want and drift your way while you freeroam around the towns, parks and fields and a 3D City full of bliss, buy any weapon you like with cash and become a Gangstar, tease, annoy or SLAP other dudes,
Troll People with grenades and watch them "RUN", explore beautiful buildings or just spend your day slacking on your smartphone!

Dude Theft Wars is an open world sandbox game and a life simulator as well as a perfect Dude Simulator. The main objective is to enjoy the beautiful city and things it offers on a pleasant sunny day. You can do what you like to do. Explore the City in a shopping cart or shoot at garbage on a sunny day, say hello to your neighbor, enter any building and steal their cash or join a mafia gang and go on a heist stealing around cash & money and spend it to buy weapons or sports cars with cash or go crazy and shoot some dude with crazy weapons and start a battle royale to form a gangster squad mafia and become the best mafia gangstar ! (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

Just everything that can be done in a dude’s perfect life. You can live a regular life of an ordinary dude or you can do crazy stuff, annoy other dudes, fight other dudes, explode grenades, drive an auto and watch silly ragdolls fly all around, have a dance party with the perfect dudes and so on – it is all up to your imagination!

☑ An open world sandbox game
☑ Experience all the action in First Person
☑ Visit Weapon Shop to buy INSANE Weapons like AK47, SMG, REVOLVER, SHOTGUNS Or just use your hand to SLAP People.
☑ Drive many different Cars like RAMP CAR, MONSTER TRUCK, Rc CARS. Alien UfO, SKATEBOARD, DragSter, QuadCars, Karts Or just drive around the town in a SHOPPING CART.
☑ Fun AI and hundreds kinds of people with ragdoll effects.
☑ Perform amazing stunts with ragdolls and Cars that are as fun to watch complete as they are to see fail horribly.
☑ Use your smartphone to use dUber and order Brand New Cars.
☑ Explore Beautiful City and buildings and find Secrets and easter eggs.
☑ Do action pack stunts in slow motion
☑ Troll People with grenades and watch them "RUN"

What’s New:
Fixes: Missions Difficulty, Car handling , Too many Street people and more

Missions added
Taxi Driver Minigame
Police now has Cars
New Vehicles
Cars are now Explodable
Sell cars to make money
New Buildings Gym,Duber & more
Player Ragdoll
Speedometer with nos indicator
Revive Option
Gyroscope Aiming
Try Weapons for Free
New Car Camera
New cheats
More Stylish Dudes
Dance Nades
Option to Disable Blood
Removed Elon

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Download [Substratum] FAB v3.0 [Patched]

[Substratum] FAB v3.0 [Patched]
Requirements: 9.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root
Overview: This is dark theme with beautifully crafted icons in all the apps and gradient UI elements, such as switches, progress bars, buttons, navigation bar, floating action buttons and more.


There are 2 different backgrounds to choose and 5 different gradient accent combos.

Navigation bar aren’t gradient in all the apps because of themeing limitation.

If you ever get bored of gradient navigation bar you can always choose dark variant.

NOTE! If you own device with hardware/capacitive navigation buttons you need to apply dark navigation bar variant in Android system overlay


• Theme works ONLY with Android Pie Google stock and custom AOSP based ROMs

• You need substratum app (still doesn’t work with substratum lite) from the Play Store to apply the theme

• You need to be rooted

IMPORTANT! When you open the theme in substratum app you’ll see the drop down menu on top of the overlays. You still need to choose Pie (cause theme is formatted to support upcoming Android Q). There are also some overlays with different variant you’ll need to choose.

HOW TO apply theme. Select all the overlays, press floating action and choose Build & Update. Wait until the process is over and reboot. Open substratum again, go to Manager, select all the overlay you previously built, press floating action button and choose Enable this time. Enjoy the theme! For updating an overlay you need to Disable it first, Build & Update and finally Enable. There’s no need for reboot, except for Android System overlay.

After every update I recommend clean install (uninstall all the overlays from substratum Manager, reboot and repeat the process like you did first time). Also, after updating an app from the Play Store if it force close, try first to uninstall overlay for that app and install it again. I recommend to disable auto-update the apps from the Play Store if you want fully working theme.


System, main Google’s and third party apps

For bug reports and support join my Telegram group

What’s New:
– Added support for Android Q

– Added support for substratum lite

– Digital Wellbeing: updated to 1.0.266

– WhatsApp: updated to 2.19.244

– Gmail: updated to 2019.18.08

– Play Store: updated to 16.6.26

– Messages: updated to 4.8.058

– You should update all the other apps to latest

– Bug fixes

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Download Translucent Substratum Theme v4.00 [Patched]

Translucent Substratum Theme v4.00 [Patched]
Requirements: 7.0 & up + Substratum Theme Engine + Root
Overview: You must be rooted and running a rom with OMS Substratum theme support to use this theme. if you have no idea what I am referring to, please don’t download because it will not work.


Please read the full description before purchasing or leaving a bad review, and if you have any problems or question, email me and I WILL get back to you and help! I completely understand how complicated some of these things can be and I will be there to support you!

Theme ready Gapps not needed but, will enhance your transparent experience. This will theme your stock Google apps!


1) Download and open Substratum app and select Translucent theme

2) Once open you must chose framework in order for other apps to become transparent.

3) Choose any other options of apps you want from various selections

4) Use the floating button at the bottom right to build and apply the overlays

5) Reboot(most changes will take affect instantly however, some may need a reboot)

6) If for some reason it takes an extreme long time for the overlays to work, simply reboot and apply again.


This theme allows your wallpaper to show as your background! In effect, you could have a different theme everyday when you change wallpapers.

-Many apps you have installed will become clear or translucent such as


-Notification drawer and all system UI

-Android Messages

-AOSP Messaging (MMS)

-AOSP Email

-Android Keyboard

-Nova Launcher

-Titanium Backup

-Google app and Google Assistant

-Google Play Store

-Google Inbox


-Google Music

-Google Calendar

-Google News and Weather

-Google Voice

-Google Phone in-call screen

-Google Camera

-Google Plus

-Google Photos

-Desk Clock



-Tesla Unread

-Omni Switch

-Documents/Files (for Android N only)

-Package Installer

-ChainFire Super Su app

-Magisk Manager

-Whats App

-Almost all your Android Framework such as Pop-up/menu screens

-And many more to come!

*Google apps such as Contacts, Phone, Google Home, Keep, and, Gallery cannot be made transparent so I made them Inverted*

*!*!*! you also have control over system accent and primary colors for almost all Google Apps. This will change the basic color of your Play Store to match. For Google App itself you have a choice between half-transparent and full-transparent! Most other Google Apps you have a choice between Black or Transparent!! Simply check the colors and backgrounds you like and watch the magic*!*!*!


If you want to go back to a android system/primary color section, Google App or other background shade, Navbar, and/or Battery icon previously applied you MUST clean installed overlays then apply your choice again. You can go through all 40 plus colors however, if you want to go back to one twice you must clean overlays.

How to Clean Installed Overlays:

1- Go to the upper right hand corner of Substratum (while inside the Translucent theme)

2- Click the three little white menu dots. This will drop-down a menu then hit the “clean installed overlays” section.

3- Wait for it to clean (takes like 5 seconds) your screen will flash dark then back on

4- Reboot your device, then your free to re-apply your choice again.

This process sucks however, system color on newer phones has become very difficult to theme/overlay, but it works every time!

If for any reason you run into problems or force closes, you can always flash the Substratum Rescue zip in custom recovery and that will get you back up and running.

Also, If you ever run into problems or force closes after an app updates, let Substratum uninstall the overlays and then reapply. 99 percent of the time it will work!

For those running Samsung TouchWiz, you WILL run into problems with this theme!

For some awesome companion Transparent/Translucent and Inverted apps such as, DropBox and XDA go here!!

What’s New:
Update 4.00

Updated Google Calendar to 6.0.52

Updated Magisk Manager to 7.3.3

Added Nougat theming back for Android System, Settings, and Systemui


If you do not have any of the updated apps listed above go to and download

Any problems email me

This app has no advertisements

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