Download Nero by Mel Teshco (.ePUB)

Nero by Mel Teshco (Alien Fugitives Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 351 kb
Overview: Can he protect her from his own enemy?

Nero Hart is one of only seven alien survivors, all of whom are Strazanian rares blessed with special powers. But nothing can save them from their power-hungry enemies, the Dronians, who wiped out the innocent Strazanian people. Nero and the six other rares are forced to flee their planet and survive on Earth, where they each become human and lay low. Nero becomes Jack, a nondescript male whose memories are wiped out for his own safety. But he can’t escape his past forever. Recollections start flooding back, compromising his very existence. The danger further snowballs when he rescues a gorgeous human woman from her violent ex. A woman he can’t seem to let go.

Brynn Monash was never a believer in fairytales, until her knight in shining armor appears and saves the day. Too bad her knight comes with scales and a fin, as well as bloodthirsty enemies determined to hunt him down. But Nero will do everything he must to keep them both alive and safe, even if he has to draw on every one of his unstable alien powers to do so.

Then Nero realizes Brynn isn’t some helpless damsel in distress and there is more to her than meets the eye. Were they always meant to be together?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Bound to the Fae King by Megan Van Dyke (.ePUB)

Bound to the Fae King by Megan Van Dyke (Courts of Faery Book 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 6.1 mb
Overview: Wren Dawson spends her days tending to her ailing grandmother and her nights bartending. Orphaned after her parents tragic death years ago, she’s taken on the mantle of the responsible one, trying to keep her splintering family together. Her dreams of travelling the world aren’t going anywhere, and life is great. Mostly.

When thieves rob her bar at closing time, Wren flees into the nearby forest to avoid becoming a grim headline. But her aimless sprint lands her in a whole different world and in the arms of a stranger—Sigurd, Fae King of Air. She’s the spitting image of his long-lost love, and he’s not about to lose her again.

Bound to Sigurd by his magical spell, Wren pursues the one opportunity she has to return home: enter and win a Faery competition where the winner receives a wish granted by the powerful fae cauldron. But Sigurd challenges her in a way no one ever has and sparks a desire she never saw coming. As enemies close in on the Court of Air from all sides, Wren is torn between two impossible choices: seizing victory and returning home, or standing by the side of the king who sets her heart on fire.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Blue Flames by Madilynn Dale (.ePUB)

Blue Flames by Madilynn Dale (Ember Series 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 419 kb
Overview: With the chaos of her escape from Hell and loss of a mate, Ember attempts to focus on her pack. More is coming for them with Alpha Gale keeping secrets and Greed building an army. It’s only a matter of time before she must return to claim her place as princess of Hell and train as a hellhound. Still, having spent her entire life thinking she was a latent shifter, she doesn’t want to leave those she loves unprotected.

In her pursuit to bring Alpha Gale down, Ember must reach out to other packs. With Adam’s lead, and all their friends by their side, they devise a plan to stop Alpha Gale and have him removed once and for all. No more sacrifices, arranged marriages, or hidden agendas.

When Ember is forced to leave before their plans can take effect, she must depend on her vampire mate, Zeke, and her friends, as she begins to learn how to lead Hell. What Lucifer didn’t expect was having to prepare her for an all out war so soon. The balance of power and time are now on her shoulders. Will Ember buckle under pressure or will her unrealized power be able to bring down those seeking to conquer them all?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Winter’s Haunting Pledge by Leigh Ann Edwards (.ePUB)

Winter’s Haunting Pledge by Leigh Ann Edwards (Maidens of the Mystical Stones Book 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 543 kb
Overview: By winter’s end, will she survive the sworn pledge or be forever haunted?

Newlywed, Rhianwyn Mulryan is blissfully happy. But a magical pact she made with three close friends foretells the impending end of her enchanted life. Over the next year, as the seasons change, the women will exchange lives. With the first transformation, Rhianwyn will experience her friend Selena’s life as a harlot where she’ll need to fend off the cruel brothel owner and evade a mysterious murderer. Worse still, until she’s herself again, Rhianwyn must battle the powerful attraction to her husband, Broccan––or risk destroying everything she loves most.

Celebrated knight Sir Broccan Mulryan is unexpectedly content in his harmonious life with his beautiful wife. But jealous rivalries and disturbing visits from his past force a dangerous journey to another kingdom. Upon returning, Broccan is distressed to find his beloved Rhianwyn completely changed. Not only that, but he’s suddenly absurdly attracted to her best friend, a harlot.

As winter’s chill descends, the fires of friendship and romance flicker. Can true love weather the season? Or will the magical spell destroy them all?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download A Draught of Ash and Wine by Kristin Jacques (.ePUB)

A Draught of Ash and Wine by Kristin Jacques (Midnight Guardians Book 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 696 kb
Overview: Johnathan Newman is a changed man, and he has the claws to prove it.

Following their bloody confrontation in Cress Haven, Vic and Johnathan flee the town in search of answers. Johnathan’s human life has ended, but his journey has just begun. Grappling with violent instincts and a supernatural bond to the vampire he’s falling for is complicated enough, but a dangerous new enemy is hot on their heels.

The machinations of the Society reach farther than either of them realized. Their foe’s dogged pursuit forces the pair to seek sanctuary. Vic brings Johnathan to the Estate, a haven for creatures nestled in the wilderness of upstate New York. Taken in by the Estate’s unusual proprietors, Johnathan soon learns not even sanctuary is safe for one of his ilk. This haven provides the pair an opportunity to explore their burgeoning relationship, and Johnathan a chance to learn control- A skill he is desperate to master, no matter the cost.

Because time is not on their side. The Society’s Agents are catching up to them, armed with a weapon straight from the Heavens. With their enemy’s plans creeping toward fruition, humans won’t be the only ones they have to worry about.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download The New Town Librarian by Kathy Anderson (.ePUB)

The New Town Librarian by Kathy Anderson
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 930 kB
Overview: Queer middle-aged librarian Nan Nethercott, a wisecracking hypochondriac with a lackluster career and a nonexistent love life, needs to make a drastic life change before it’s too late. When she lands a job as librarian in a seemingly idyllic small town in southern New Jersey, Nan quickly discovers unforeseen challenges.

Nan’s landlady, Immaculata, launches daily intrusions from below. The library, housed in the former town jail, is overrun by marauding middle-schoolers. A mysterious reader leaves distressing messages in book stacks all over the library. Thomasina, the irresistible butch deli owner, is clearly a delicious affair and not the relationship Nan craves.

There’s no turning back though. Nan must come up with her own wildly unorthodox solutions to what the town and its people throw at her and fight for what she wants until she makes a shiny new life—one with her first true home, surprising friends, a meaningful career, and a promising new love.
Genre: Fiction > Romance LGBTQ+ | FF


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Download Fill Your Cup, Valentine by Rachel Anne Jones (.ePUB)

Fill Your Cup, Valentine by Rachel Anne Jones
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 711 kB
Overview: Big-city girl Ali Post returns to her sleepy hometown to run mom’s café for a week, bringing her Vegas-girl touch with her; leaving her broken engagement behind. It isn’t long, and she’s shaking things up. She instantly clashes with Alex Cirillo, her mom’s upstairs renter and Ali’s temporary restaurant assistant. He’s unavoidable as she ducks and dodges, only to find him at every corner. Somewhere in the middle of their ongoing battle, Ali is legitimately shook, but she’s only in town for a week. Is seven days long enough to find true love? Ali’s resistance is a challenge, but Alex knows he’s got what it takes to sweep her off her signature 4-inch stilettos. Ali’s not so sure.

Meanwhile, Maggie Post flies off to the big city, leaving her smalltown life behind. She’s reeling from the loss of her best friend and confidant, Natalie, younger sister to Joshua Porter. Joshua was Maggie’s secret crush from her high school days, but that was years ago. Maggie has one goal in mind, pack up Natalie’s things, get closure on her feelings for Joshua, and return to work at her dream job, running the café. When Maggie and Joshua meet, sparks fly. They only have a few days, but Joshua is determined to make them memorable.

Ali and Maggie are reluctant to trust in something so new; but one thing is certain, love is in the air.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Expired Return by Lisa Phillips (.ePUB)

Expired Return by Lisa Phillips (Last Chance Fire and Rescue Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 780 kb
Overview: She’ll give everything to protect her family.

He always knew she was the one.

Veterinary tech Pepper Miller lives a quiet life in Last Chance County. She’s watching her niece until her sister shows up…if she ever does. When Victory’s father demands he take over her care, Pepper knows something has gone wrong. With a new drug in town, and her sister embroiled in a dangerous bargain, it’s up to Pepper to protect the people she loves.

Even if it costs every secret she’s ever kept.

Fire Department liaison Allen Frees lives with the injuries he sustained as a police officer in a raid gone wrong. He’s put his life back together but getting the truck crew and engine squad to succeed might be his toughest assignment yet. When Victory is nearly kidnapped at a community event, Allen steps in to help Pepper keep her niece safe. The one thing he couldn’t fix was the love he lost, but he isn’t going to let Pepper walk away this time.

No matter what walls he has to break down.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download The Courtesan Queen by Anna Triss (.ePUB)

The Courtesan Queen by Anna Triss
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 4.4 MB
Overview: After centuries of peace, the four Elemental Clans of Symbiosis are at war with each other. Sylvan, the young Fuegis King, a cruel and ruthless warrior with the ability to control Fire magic, is enslaving the other three kingdoms of Symbiosis, spreading death and terror in his path.

I am Queen Alena of the Glace Clan, which is affiliated with Water magic. I was captured by my worst enemy during the siege of my city. I already know the fate that awaits me tonight. Like the princesses of the other two Elemental Clans that preceded me, I am destined to become the new wife of the tyrant Sylvan.

And tomorrow at dawn… I will be executed.

But queen or slave, I am first and foremost a Glace. I will honor our ancestral philosophy.

“Facing his enemy, a Glace sheds no tears, and never gives up wielding his weapons.”
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download New York, New Year, New You by Rachael Bloome (.ePUB)

New York, New Year, New You by Rachael Bloome
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 582 KB | Retail
Overview: Sometimes it takes starting over to discover who we really are…

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, forced to choose between who you used to be and who you want to be?

And whichever path you choose will wind up hurting someone you love?

Well, if you haven’t, I can tell you firsthand: it’s the worst.

But it’s exactly where I find myself. In New York, the city of endless possibilities, faced with an impossible choice. Kinda like deciding between Wicked and Hamilton on opening night, except the wrong decision could ruin your life.

And I have no idea what to do.

It all started three months ago, with a friendly family competition, decade-old bucket list, and a long overdue trek across the country.

But as I checked off tasks like learning to cook French cuisine (pro tip: it helps if you actually turn the oven on) and running a marathon (which is way longer than I thought), something remarkable happened.

I discovered skills and strengths I never knew existed, gained the respect I’d once deemed undeserved, and ditched my not-so-endearing nickname—Quincy “The Quitter” Carmichael.

I also reconnected with my childhood best friend’s older brother—who’s still swoon-level cute, by the way—and let’s just say, Nora Ephron would be proud.

But if I’ve learned anything from binge-watching romantic comedies, it’s that most happily ever afters come with a price. And not usually the one you expect.

So, here I am, torn between family and friendship, past and present, love and livelihood. And I could really use some advice.


Neurotic in New York

From the USA Today bestselling author of the beloved Poppy Creek series comes a humorous and heartwarming stand-alone about love, friendship, family, and the bumpy road to self-discovery.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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