Download Two Peas in a Pod by Annette Johansson (.ePUB)

Two Peas in a Pod by Annette Johansson
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 258 KB
Overview: In this variation of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth and Jane are identical twin sisters who are both beautiful and intelligent but have very different personalities. While Jane is sweet, forgiving, and gentle, Elizabeth is sharp-tongued and quick-witted, with an acute spirit of justice.

Jane, the epitome of grace and kindness, catches the eye of the amiable Mr Bingley, while Elizabeth’s intelligence and spirited nature captivate the proud Mr Darcy.

Instead of their mutual dislike, the gentleman is drawn to the most beautiful creature at the ball at first sight, and Elizabeth finds herself increasingly fascinated by Mr Darcy.

But the absence of a disdainful remark is not enough for a perfect outcome. Unexpected twists of fate lead to misunderstandings and heartbreak. And difficulties arise to test our dear couple and help them discover their true feelings.
The twins’ resilience and unwavering sisterly bond gives them the strength to confront the challenges that lie ahead.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Regency


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Download Rancher Under the Mistletoe by Joanne Rock (.ePUB)

Rancher Under the Mistletoe (Kingsland Ranch Book 4) by Joanne Rock
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2MB | Retail
Overview: He left the past behind…but the passion was never truly gone.
Clayton “Clay” Reynolds is only staying at Kingsland Ranch through the holidays. Despite his half brothers’ acceptance, bitter memories make him feel like an outcast. But seeing the love he left behind, veterinarian Hope Alvarez, has stirred up more memories—like the searing desire she ignited in him…and the letter telling him they were through. The aching hunger Clay and Hope both feel is as potent as ever. But neither is willing to trust the other until Clay discovers his past choices were not what they seemed…
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Heart of Thornes by Leo Rivers (.ePUB)

Heart of Thornes (#1,2) by Leo Rivers
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 238 KB
Overview: I like subs who act bratty to protect their wounded hearts, and doms who are tough enough to break through their shells.

And heat. Lots and lots of heat.
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM

Image Image

His to Own (#1)
I’ve always been the responsible twin. My brother’s always been the reckless one.
But now the mafia boss he pissed off doesn’t care that he’s taken the wrong twin…
After my twin flees from the mafia, everyone in the underworld is after the bounty on his head.
Including Zane Thorne. Ruthless, powerful, and domineering, he runs the city.
If he can’t find my brother, he’ll take me instead.
But as the days pass, I start to see through Zane’s shields. I’m torn between loyalty and love.
The need to protect my brother… and the desire to find out what caused the darkness in Zane’s eyes.

His to Break (#2)
I’ve committed the ultimate crime, one that’s left me on the run with no way out.
I’m Caleb, and I’ve kidnapped a mafia boss’s son.

His mother made me promise to make sure sweet little Eli never grew up in the underworld. She wanted more for him — everything that he could never have in the mafia’s shadow.
I never thought a reckless messed-up rentboy like me could take care of a kid… but for Eli’s sake, I’ll give it a shot.
Even if it means facing the relentless mafia enforcer, Ryker.
He’s a force of nature, determined to hunt me down and drag us back into the darkness. But as we dance the dance of predator and prey, lines blur.
I never expected that Ryker would be the one to truly see the pain that haunts me.
And I never expected Ryker to protect me.
The closer we get, the harder it becomes to distinguish friend from foe.
I need to save Eli.
But who will save me?

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Download Force of Corruption by E.N. Chanting (.ePUB)

Force of Corruption (Forces of Nature #1) by E.N. Chanting
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 538 KB
Overview: “If I tell you that, I may have to kill you.”

Paige Patterson hopes her new love interest is joking, she laughs.
Rhett Baker is mostly teasing, though he’s not ready to explain his chosen career just yet.

Their first date is filled with laughter and their chemistry is explosive. After a whirlwind weekend, Rhett disappears. Paige hardly has time to process Rhett’s absence when a childhood friend is arrested for a shocking crime.

Now she must fight to prove her friend’s innocence. The evidence is there, but fellow officers seem to raise roadblocks at every turn. The secret she uncovers goes to the core of the department. Paige and Rhett are pulled into a battle for their lives as they expose corruption and depravity like they’ve never experienced before. Falling in love may doom them to heartbreak, or it might be the very thing that saves them. Which is more powerful, the force of attraction or the force of corruption?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Billionaire’s Baby Mistake by Shayla Frost (.ePUB)

Billionaire’s Baby Mistake by Shayla Frost
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 377 KB
Overview: I definitely had plans for my new billionaire boss…..
But being his fake fiancé and getting pregnant was not it.
I knew I was in trouble, the moment I saw him,
The gorgeous, smoking hot, Alex – my new boss
I hate him
I hate the whole Bryson Family
Revenge in motion, my job is go in, get hired
Get the information and get out
But….you know what they say about the best laid plans.
Intensely drawn to him, I find I can’t resist.
The urge to lose my innocence to him is so strong.
Then, I broke the cardinal rule and slept with the enemy.
Now everything is on the line.
What happens when he learns I’m carrying his child
My fate is my karma… I gambled and lost…
Or, can he find it in his heart to forgive.
And give me a second chance?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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