Download Tinsel Rose by Stephen Alix (.ePUB) (.MOBI)

Tinsel Rose by Stephen Alix
Requirements: .ePUB/MOBI reader, 644 KB
Overview: A reimagining of Hans Christian Anderson’s, The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Tinsel Rose takes readers on a wild, weird, and wondrous journey where belief is only the beginning and love has no boundaries.

Aeneas is the ideal man. He cooks, cleans, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. The only problem is he’s not human. He’s a Synthetic, a machine who looks and acts human. He arrives in the small conservative town of Hector, Nebraska, and it’s not long before he’s caught up in the sexual desires of a women’s book club, barely survives a church fire, and must deal with a tragic personal loss.

As he seeks the answers to his existence, he struggles to gain freedom from his programming and must face his greatest challenge: earn the love of a human girl.
Genre: Fiction > Romance > Sci-Fi


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Download False Worship – Book 3 by Rachel Stoltzfus (.ePUB)

False Worship – Book 3 (Amish Faith (False Worship) Series) by Rachel Stoltzfus
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 232 Kb
Overview: With his sixteen-year-old daughter, Beth Zook in tow, they hire a driver, pack their stuff and head for Hope. After a tragic accident on the road, their driver heads off for help, and they are left to be picked up by the mysterious people from Westington. All is not as it seems, and it becomes a race against time for them to get out of this creepy Amish community called Westington. Will Beth and her daed live to uncover the town’s secrets before it’s too late? Find out in Book 3 of the False Worship Series by Rachel Stoltzfus.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download When Irish Guys Are Smiling by Suzanne Supplee (.ePUB)

When Irish Guys Are Smiling by Suzanne Supplee (Students Across the Seven Seas)
Requirements: epub Reader, 253kb
Overview: For seventeen-year-old Delk Sinclair, studying abroad in Ireland means one thing: escape. Delk is tired of hearing about her friends’ debutante parties, watching her pregnant stepmother redecorate her mother’s house, and having to smile sweetly even though she doesn’t think she’ll ever get over losing her mother.
Ireland is Delk’s chance to be happy. With the stunning green landscape as backdrop, Delk revels in all things Irish, from living in a real Irish castle, to celebrating St. Paddy’s Day in Galway, to enjoying Irish music and dance, to studying Yeats and shearing a sheep!
So when Delk begins to fall for a very handsome Irishman, she wonders if there’s more to the Emerald Isle than it first seemed. It is fun, to be sure, but will those smiling Irish eyes really be able to heal her broken heart?
Genre: Romance > Young Adult


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Download Nameless Darkness by Elle Lincoln (.ePUB)

Nameless Darkness by Elle Lincoln (The Raven Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 259 kb
Overview: Hindsight is an obnoxious word. No matter how vital the perspective hindsight brings you, you can’t see it while you star in your own show. There is no glowing neon sign that flashes a warning. But looking back, I see it now. I see how fucked up my life was, how horrible a person I had been. Looking back on who I was and the things I did makes me cringe.


But not then. No, then I walked through life enjoying every little nonsense my twenties threw at me. Drugs, sex, and manipulation. I was walking chaos. But the thing about chaos is that there should be order in it. Even then my chaos had no order and I did what I wanted, when I wanted. Damn the world.

You wouldn’t have liked me very much.

Consequences? I didn’t even know what those were. Morals? Those were for my parents’ generation. Ethics meant nothing. Falling to my knees with a coy smile granted me power and influence. I became very good at getting what I wanted.

If you asked anyone, they would have told you I was living my life to the fullest. I wasn’t. That’s hindsight. I spent my days hazed out and destroying everyone around me by collecting their secrets. Burning bridges I didn’t even know existed. I hurt others with my words and my actions.

I’m trying to tell you I, Bette Morgan, sucked as a human being.

So yeah, hindsight and all that. It took dying to realize how fucked up I was as a person. Yet that was the easiest part of my story.

Living destroyed me, broke me into a thousand little pieces no one could put back together. Not when I became something sinister, dark, and not human. My broken shell was given purpose that shattered me even more.

Until them, even though they became the reason for my destruction.

I only wish I’d known then what I know now…
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Perilous Pleasures by Jenny Brown (.ePUB)

Perilous Pleasures by Jenny Brown (Lords of the Seventh House #3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.8 Mb
Overview: A Mysterious Lord under A Vow of Chastity…A Virgin Who Must Seduce Him to Save Her Life

Lord Ramsay has waited years to exact his vengeance on the scheming courtesan who sent his sister to the guillotine. Now the courtesan’s grown daughter is completely under his control. Her virginity is essential for the ancient rite that will give him the mystical powers he’s worked to master since his sister’s death. But Ramsay isn’t prepared for the vulnerable, courageous woman he finds–a woman with powers of her own.

Zoe has only one weapon against the fate that awaits her…seduction. Only that will rid her of the virginity Ramsay so prizes. Yet even as Zoe uses her charms to bewitch her abductor, Ramsay’s haunted, Pisces soul weaves a sensual spell around her too. Soon, the two will be bound together by a passion as bright as the stars–and locked in a desperate struggle against an ancient sorcery that can only be vanquished by love.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Historical


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Download Wild Wulfs of London series by Ronda Thompson (.ePUB)

Wild Wulfs of London series by Ronda Thompson ( Book 1-3 )
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 2.1 Mb
Overview: Ronda Thompson lived in the great state of Texas. Ronda had been an avid fan of romance for years and was published in several different genres. Paranormal romance is one of her favorite genres to write because anything can happen and usually does!
Genre: Fiction > Romance Paranormal, Historical


Book 1 The Dark One
Rosalind Rutherford knows full well the scandal she courts when she attempts to seduce the notorious Armond Wulf–in fact, she’s counting on it as a means to escape her sadistic stepbrother’s control. Unfortunately, Lord Wulf’s better instincts prevail…although not before he gives Rosalind a tantalizing taste of what she’s missing. And when the opportunity arises to rescue Armond from a grim fate while changing her own, Rosalind knows she must seize it…
Armond can no more ignore the Rutherford woman than his ancestor could resist the temptress who cursed the Wulf men with a terrifying transformation that occurs at the appearance of the full moon–and is set in motion by love. Now, to save her reputation and his freedom, Armond must marry Rosalind. But he vows that while they may share the pleasures of the marriage bed, she will never have his heart…

Book 2 The Untamed One
Running from angry villagers and the man who ravaged her, the witch Lucinda flees into the forest to have her child. But Lord Jackson Wulf hunts her down, believing her death will break the family curse that transforms him into a monster. Instead of killing the witch, Jackson is moved by her beauty and desperate plight. And Lucinda seizes the chance to find safety for herself and her babe when a bargain is struck between this outcast woman and this doomed man–and sealed by their marriage in name only!
In return for his protection, Lucinda has promised that her magick can free Jackson from his torment. But this pretty witch soon finds herself in danger of being seduced by Jackson’s charms and pursued by the man who would see both her and her child dead. Can she trust a Wulf with her safety and the safety of her child? Can she trust her heart to Jackson? To surrender to a Wulf is a terrible risk, for love will either unleash the beast within the man…or finally set him free.

Book 3 The Cursed One
Wed and widowed in one day, stunning socialite Amelia Sinclair’s honeymoon is anything but typical. Then again, neither is Amelia— rebellious and impulsive, marrying Robert Collingsworth was the one sensible thing she ever did. Now he’s dead, and she must escape the vicious creatures stalking her—even if it means relying on a stranger. Well, maybe not a complete stranger. Amelia first glimpsed Gabriel Wulf years ago on the busy streets of London; since then he has haunted her dreams. But in the flesh, Gabriel is much more tantalizing than she ever dreamt, and much more complicated.
Gabriel Wulf, the strong one, the sensible one—the, and the curse that plagued them, were his only priorities; there was little time for women and none for love. Now, he must protect an enticing beauty—and not just from the dangers that prowl the woods around them. Gabriel has secrets, dark ones he’s sure Amelia must never know and could never understand. But she has already awakened his heart…and the beast within. Will Amelia be the key to his salvation, or the architect of her own demise?

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Download A Man Who Knows What He Wants Series by Flora Ferrari (.ePUB)+

A Man Who Knows What He Wants Series by Flora Ferrari (96-99)
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.4 Mb
Overview: Susan Schussler writes realistic love stories full of twists and turns. Growing up in a large family, she discovered early that every story has multiple points of view and she writes her novels with this in mind.
Genre: Fiction > Romance

Image Image Image Image

96. Possessive Hunter
My brother’s best friend is a possessive hunter, possessively protecting animals in South Africa while he hunts poachers all by himself, in the middle of nowhere.

And nowhere is exactly where my life is headed if I can’t hunt him down myself and tell this older man about the crush this younger woman has had on him for years.

But even if I manage to miraculously find him, can we find true love together? And if we can, will my brother do everything he can to prevent us from being together…now and forever?

And what if my brother’s not the only one trying to keep us apart?

97. Dad’s Russian Mafia Friend
Your dad asked me to do what he can’t…protect you.

But one look at you and I know I won’t be able to protect myself from all the bad things I want to do to you, you naughty little girl.

You’re too young, too innocent, and too perfect not to claim as mine.

Once I get a taste of you, and you get a taste of the fantasies filling my head that I’m saving just for you and only you…neither one of us will ever let go.

You’re mine now…forever.

98. Russian Teacher
When I walk in on my mom and my dad’s boss in my parent’s bed, my mom walks out…with half of everything we own, including the modest college savings my dad was working like a dog for eighteen years to save up.

Needing a fresh start, and a new job, he accepts the first offer that comes in, an expat package in Moscow.

Little did I know the biggest part of his benefits package would be the package on the Russian language instructor my dad’s new company hired to help us assimilate.

Back home I was always overlooked, but this sexy Russian can’t take his eyes off me. I tell him my lips should be learning how to pronounce these strange Cyrillic sounds, but he tells me his lips need to learn every curve of my body instead.

If my dad finds out our lessons consist of a little less talk and a lot more action, will he pull us out of Moscow for good? Or will my Russian teacher, who constantly has me screaming vowels, tell me there’s no pulling out…not now, not ever…making me his and filling me full of babies as he breeds me in the land famous for bears and borscht…forever?

99. Australian Obsession
My brother’s best friend is an inked bad boy from Australia…and I’m completely obsessed.

I decide to escape the cold of the Northern Hemisphere’s brutal winter to get closer to the older man of my dreams. But will I escape detection down under when he gets closer to finding out just how obsessive my need for him really is?

And when secrets are shared, and truths revealed, will I find out my obsession for him pales in comparison to what I discover under the Sydney sunset?

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Download Pride & Prejudice Continues Series by Karen Aminadra (.ePUB)

Pride & Prejudice Continues Series (Book 2-5) by Karen Aminadra
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.4 MB
Overview:Karen is a multi-genre author who writes novels within many different genres; Historical Romance, Historical Crime, Fantasy, and modern Chick-Lit under a pen name.
She can usually be found sat at the computer either writing a novel, writing down new ideas or on social media chatting!
Her love of reading, writing short stories, and her childhood imaginary world led quite naturally to writing novels. Encouraged to read by her bookworm father and grandmother and by winning a writing competition in just her first year of secondary school, she was spurred on, and she has been writing stories ever since. Her love of mystery and plot twists that she put into that first story continues today.
She has travelled to and lived in many countries, not just in her imagination, and has gained an insight into people’s characters that shines through in her work. Today, with her feet firmly back in the United Kingdom, she travels the world, the universe and in time through her imagination and her novels.
Genre: Fiction > Romance

Image Image ImageImage

Trapped and cloistered in her own home.
Anne de Bourgh, wealthy heiress daughter of the inimitable Lady Catherine de Bourgh, yearns to be set free from her luxurious prison, Rosings Park.
Her life stretches out before her, ordered and planned, but it is a life she does not want. She wants more. She wants to be free. She wants to do everything that has been forbidden her, and she wants more than anything to fall in love with whom she chooses.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh has other plans for Anne.
Will Lady Catherine have her own way as always?
Will Anne succeed?
Can she break through the barriers of wealth, rank and duty?
From the award-winning author of Charlotte ~ Pride & Prejudice Continues comes ROSINGS ~ Pride & Prejudice Continues Book Two!

Wickham’s desire could be his undoing…
Wickham believes life is cruel to him until he comes face-to-face with an irresistible pair of dark brown glinting eyes and falls in love.
He is bored with his wife, Lydia, and his lot in life. She drives him as mad as a hornet’s nest, and he does not give her the attention and respect she demands.
They both yearn for change.
When Wickham leaves England to fight against Napoléon’s army in France, they both get their chance.
However, what they want is dangerous, foolhardy, and could wind up killing Wickham and ruining Lydia’s reputation forever.
Lydia’s wicked neglect of their infant son in favour of her own desires and need for attention could lead her into very hot water.
Wickham’s desire for the Frenchwoman he yearns for could be his complete undoing.

Christmas at Longbourn
While their sisters, Jane, Lizzy, and Lydia, married favourably and lived in great style and comfort, Kitty and Mary Bennett remain unmarried and living at Longbourn.
Kitty, recently jilted, and Mary, overlooked wherever she goes, are thrown together and, through their hurt, they begin to see one another in a whole new light.
With the help of the worst winter storms England has ever seen, they are forced to face their flaws and tackle life head-on, for fear that nothing will ever change for them.
Their greatest fear is to end their days unmarried.
Yet, this year – with the aid of the ever-deepening snow – they are set to have their best ever Christmas at Longbourn!

Miss Darcy’s Christmas
Two cousins, one aunt, and a suitor – what could possibly go wrong?
Georgiana Darcy’s head is in a spin after being invited to London for the Christmas season.
Thrust into high society, she is overwhelmed by the attention.
Her cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and the dashing Lord Hugh DeVere come to her rescue.
But all is not as it seems. One is goodness himself, while the other has all the appearance of it.
With her head full of love and matrimony, can Georgiana see the gentlemen for who they truly are?
Having dreamt of finding true love, will she accept a match that dazzles on the surface, or dare she strive for a love that fills her heart?

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Download Bad Breed MC by Amanda Heartley (.ePUB)

Bad Breed MC by Amanda Heartley
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 306KB
Overview: Violence has dogged me all my life. An asshat father, a cruel foster home. Seems I’m following the same path.Only worse.

I lost someone, and it hurt me bad. Drugs and street crime were all I knew. But that all ended the day I got patched.We owned Hardale, CA. It was our town.Until that firefight with the Cobras. Now, we’re laying low…or supposed to be. But a cute waitress soon changes all that. She’s beautiful, alluring, but I can’t get involved.Risking my brothers is the last thing I want.

Our lives are poles apart. But there’s something about her. I want her in my bed.And I’m gonna fight to get her.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Darcy On The Edge by Charlotte E Robins (.ePUB)

Darcy On The Edge by Charlotte E Robins
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 129 KB
Overview: Fitzwilliam Darcy was at his home in London when his friend, Charles Bingley, told him the news that turned his world upside down and finally broke his heart. Elizabeth Bennet and George Wickham had married and were on a ship heading for Ireland when it was caught in a violent storm. No person survived the sinking.

All these months since he and his friends left Netherfield to return to town he had thought of her and had just missed seeing her by a day both at Rosings and later at Pemberley and each time he felt her loss more than ever. He had often believed he had seen her in town but it was just wishful thinking, or perhaps a mirage. Recently he had seen a young woman riding in a carriage and thought it might be her, but he knew it could not be because the paper said she had died.

He went into Hertfordshire to see for himself how the Bennet family was fairing and would soon have his answer, but he still did not know if he would ever be whole again, but he would try.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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