Download A Golden Skulls Wedding by Rebecca Joyce (.ePUB)

A Golden Skulls Wedding by Rebecca Joyce (Golden Skulls M.C. Book 6)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 302 kb
Overview: You have been cordially invited to a Golden Skull Wedding!

The club is in turmoil.

Deception is everywhere.

No one knows who to trust.

As the tension rises in the clubhouse, some turn away from the brotherhood.

Reaper knows he is about to lose everything because of a decision he made many years ago.

Lost in his own lies, a secret from his past comes crashing forward.

With no way out, Reaper comes up with a dangerous plan to keep his past hidden.

Because the secret he never wanted to be aired just might be the catalyst to bring the whole club down around him.

As the Vice President of the Golden Skulls, Ghost knows Reaper is spiraling.

Shocked about the truth he’s learned, Ghost enlists help from an unlikely ally.

The cost is great, but Ghost will willingly defy Reaper to save his brothers.

Phantom is waiting for Ascari.

She knows he’s coming for her.

When she learns the truth about Reaper, she must make a decision that will change everything.

The club is no longer the brotherhood she knows.

It’s now every woman for herself.

As the club gears up to celebrate the wedding of their President and his Ol’Lady, friends and acquaintances arrive to celebrate with the happy couple.

Reaper knows the wedding is a mistake.

Ghost knows the Golden Skulls will never be the same again.

Phantom knows that if she wants to survive, she must reach out to her past.

Allegiances will be tested as a dark, sinister secret comes to light.

Grab your invitation and dress for the occasion because nothing will prepare you for this Golden Wedding.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Her Rockstar Deal by Kristen Jaye
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.1 mb
Overview: I should know better than to want Bret Starling.

But I need him.

My stepbrother is the only person I know who can connect me with the real estate mogul who owns the land that’s perfect for my wildlife sanctuary. I exhausted every last option before I knocked on Bret’s door, and he knows he has me exactly where he wants me.

So we make a deal. He’ll help me if we pick up where we left off, playing a dangerous game, pushing each other’s limits.

Everything is different on Bret’s turf. He’s back with his band, and he’s given his fans an all-access pass to his life. But when the wrong video goes viral, our secrets are all over the internet.

This isn’t a game anymore, and there’s more than just my reputation on the line. I should’ve known better than to put my future in Bret’s hands.

But now, I think I’ve fallen for him. And he’s more than ready to up the ante.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Rescued By the Alien Gladiator by Carlotta Page (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Rescued by the Alien Gladiator by Carlotta Page (The Outlaws of Deep Space 2)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2 mb
Overview: Emery’s whole world has fallen apart …

I was just beginning to get my life together when I was abducted by aliens and dumped on a deserted planet with four other women. Believe it or not, finding a way back to Earth isn’t currently my biggest problem. Nope, I’ve gotten myself separated from the others and trapped in a cave with a huge male alien who doesn’t understand a word I say.

Torksten’s world is threatening to implode …

For seven long years I fought in the arena as a gladiator slave. Now I am free, and I have made a new life for myself on a deserted planet in deep space, away from everyone else’s problems. That is, until a ship crash lands in my forest and Emeryel stumbles into my cave. Soon I am questioning whether being alone is really what I want. But how can I contemplate a life with Emeryel when her very presence threatens my stolen freedom?
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download The Lady Is a Lush by Orrie Hitt (.ePUB)+

The Lady Is a Lush by Orrie Hitt
Requirements: .ePUB, .MOBI/.AZW reader, 1.3mb
Overview: Why do pretty housewives like Amy Collins so often fall into that common trap – the afternoon hour at some bar? Do they drink because of loneliness, boredom with a society that offers too little to women? Or is it the other way around? Is it the alcohol itself that generates the urge for male companionship, excitement, thrills?

A heavenly body in a deadly orbit of men and martinis, the golden Amy wasn’t old enough to vote. But she was old enough, smart enough, to know life need not be dull while Chip, her lusty husband, was away. All she had to do was drown her inhibitions in a bottle, then throw herself into the arms of the nearest man. If Chip learned of it, she could still hold him. He loved her, didn’t he? Besides she was by far the prettiest, sexiest thing in sight!
Genre: Fiction > Romance, Suspense


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Download Stranded (Jax Walker #3) by Gypsy Reed (.ePUB)

Stranded …Up Shit Creek by Gypsy Reed (Jax Walker #3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 298kb
Overview: It’s gettin’ deep! Send Paddles, Sis!

I knew if I was patient life would stop kicking me in my DDs.

Nope! All good things come to those who wait is bullshit.

You have to take that bull which is life by the horns and ride it hard like you can’t break it.

If you do then everything you ever dreamed of will be laid at your feet wrapped in a pretty perfect bow.

I’m a biker princess, an Ol’ Lady to the Prez of one of the baddest outlaw MCs in this nation. My Ol’ Man is also my boss since he’s letting me prospect for his charter.

Yep, you read that right.

All my dreams are finally coming true!

That’s a big deal for this ramblin’ wildflower heart from Texas.

My darkest days, all those trials, and tribulations in the search for true love are over, right?

I mean, even if they aren’t- I’m Jax Walker- I can handle anything that’s thrown my way.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Feenin’ For A Real One series by Tina J (.ePUB)

Feenin’ For A Real One series by Tina J (1-3)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.2mb
Overview: Tina Jenkins is a married mother of three, currently resides in New Jersey and have been writing Urban Fiction since 2015.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


Book One :
Ingrid is a woman who most men lusted for. She was smart, beautiful, independent, had a loving man, and a secure job. One would believe if she has all this, she has to be happy. Sad to say, that even though, she may have everything she needed in life; one thing, is still missing. TRUE LOVE!

Her man, Roger, is all a woman can ask for; however, there’s a lot of things, he isn’t willing to do in order to keep Ingrid happy. Unbeknownst, to him, the betrayal he’s committing behind her back comes to the forefront and her world comes crumbling down, but not for reasons you think.

Cason Hill suffered a traumatic loss and has been fighting himself every day to move past it. Unfortunately, a woman who is destined to be in his life because of his daughter, Kiyah, brings so much drama in his life; he has to make a choice, on if he should kill her or let her be.

Pierce came to be with Cason in hopes of helping him retire from the game. They both decided, going legit is the best thing, for each of them. However, he meets Rebel and she turns his world upside down. Crazy as it may seem, she’s exactly the type of woman he needs to balance him out. He later finds out that she isn’t the person he thought she was and walks outta her life, only to be dragged back in to save her.

With so many twists and turns, take a journey with these characters and decide if Feenin’ For A Real One is worth the drama.

Book Two :
Ingrid was humiliated in front of Cason’s entire family at Christmas dinner. Not only did Rose embarrass her, Selina; who she thought was her friend, turned on her too. In the midst of chaos, her worst nightmare showed up. Cason, didn’t understand why she was shaken up until she informed him that Roger was there to kill her. Scared and terrified, Cason told her to stay put so he could grab their things to leave. Unfortunately, Roger goes missing and so does Rose. A gun goes off, but no one knows who did it or who was hit.

Cason is still fighting with Desi’s mom. She has gone through extensive lengths to gain custody. However, he isn’t giving his daughter up and will do whatever it takes. With everything going on, Cason is forced to deal with the new drama unfolding. Everything begins to take a toll on him; making him unleash the beast, he’s kept away for a long time.

Pierce is still unaware of where Rebel works. However; on her last job assignment, someone she least expects, will uncover her secret. In hopes to keep it from being exposed will Rebel make a deal with the devil or come clean to the man she fell in love with?

Book Three :
Cason and Ingrid were finally getting what they wanted the most; a baby. However, their happiness doesn’t last long with so many people trying to destroy them. Odessa comes up with a plan to get her man and help Roger get Ingrid back. But when it backfires, where does that leave the two of them?Marsha comes around and gives Cason devastating news that could cost him his daughter. He lashes out on everyone around, causing the one who loves him to question if staying together is worth it.

Pierce found out what Rebel’s job is and couldn’t handle what he walked in on. However, a witness puts him there at the time of the shooting and it lands him in jail, which is the last place anyone wants to be.Shayla, left her daughter to follow behind a man who she finds out is using her for more than just a job. Still, she goes on the hunt for Pierce to finish what she started, but things don’t work out in her favor.

The time will come to make a decision to either save her life or someone else close to her.The secrets and lies continue to come out, and only a few will be left standing. Find out who in the finale of Feenin For A Real One

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Download Zaddy: This Love Hit Different by Candy Moore (.ePUB)

Zaddy: This Love Hit Different (Standalone) by Candy Moore
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 314 KB
Overview: At 31 years old, Amari Winters is a beautiful, successful woman who is now the proud owner of her very own veterinary clinic. Because she possess wealth, luxury vehicles, and lives in a lavish condo apartment, people seem to think that Amari has it all. However, there is one thing Amari has yet to conquer…love. Her success and strong, independent nature intimidate men and scare them away. Giving up on the idea, will Amari find a love that accepts all of her as she is? Or is she doomed to live a single life forever?

At 40 years old, Xander Fraser is the devilishly, handsome former gangsta turned powerful, business tycoon. Taking care of his daughter is his main focus, so when her pet has an emergency, it lands Xander right in the path of a face he’ll never forget. Always getting what he wants, he vows to get Amari on his team… and no doubt about it, he certainly wants the doctor. Will Xander be able to knock down the barb wire fence that surrounding her heart? Or will his age and status play a factor in keeping them a part?

Amari’s twin sisters, Arizona and Alaska, are the co-owners of a successful salon and are happily in love with their men, respectively. Or are they? When life intervenes and shakes up their foundation, the sisters find themselves in unfamiliar territory. But will they stay there for long? In the blink of an eye, life gives the twins a harsh reminder that what they want is not necessary what they need.

Love doesn’t come with a manual. There no special formula to making it work. It does, however, come with a lot of work, ups, downs, and even a little bit of drama. But what happens when love comes in an unsuspected package? A package that’s not your usual type? In this tantalizing, standalone African America urban romance, see what happens when Amari, Arizona, and Alaska let go of old expectations, open their hearts, and usher in a new love that they’ve have known or experience before.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Honey, I F*cked The Plug 3 by Lisa Austin (.ePUB)

Honey, I F*cked The Plug 3 by Lisa Austin
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 412 KB
Overview: In this explosive Finale, things have taken a turn for the worse. Zoriana has been not only stepping outside her marriage with her husband’s brother and expecting his child but finds that she isn’t the only person holding secrets. Ansloe is living another life on the east coast, and instead of leaving well enough alone, Lil baby insists on poking the bear.

Vanessa just wanted to make her money, live the life of a single celebrity MUA and forget her past. Now, pregnant without knowing who her child’s father was, she decided to confront one of the possible daddies face to face. Toxic is dead, Vanessa is pregnant, and his twin girls are grieving. Now she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Kitty Kat forces herself into her music to escape the pain of her past. She works herself to the bone all to live a lie. The kitty Kat that the world knows is simply a façade. There isn’t a man on this earth that can get her to open up; at least, that’s what she tells herself. Katilia is batting Kitty Kat in this Finale, but who will win?

The Plug has always been about his money. Since he was a young boy, he dreamed of being larger than life. A tragedy from a loved one forced him into the life he once dreamed of earlier than he anticipated. Now all grown up and rich, the last thing on his mind is settling down. He has a slew of women on his Rolodex but finds himself not only with a baby on the way but with a thudding heart as well… Plug would never have imagined that the woman to hold his heart belongs to the one person that changed his life for the worse, forever.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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Download Burn by Lorelei M. Hart, Colbie Dunbar (.ePUB)

Burn by Lorelei M. Hart, Colbie Dunbar (The Phoenix Omega Trilogy Book 1)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 361 KB
Overview: Sometimes it’s not just bats in the belfry.

Omega phoenix shifter Egan has lived his entire life in the same home in the same small town—this life anyway because phoenixes have many. Egan has never traveled beyond the county and, while he’s lonely sometimes, he’s content with his uncomplicated no-fuss existence.

Warlock Tamon thought he was escaping his life but found himself driving directly to it instead. Little did he expect that his car would lead him straight to his mate, an omega phoenix. But mating a phoenix shifter isn’t the same as mating a warlock or other shifters. Even taking a human mate would be less complicated, but no one else exists for Tamon once he sees Egan.

Tamon’s past catches up with him in the form of his warlock cousin. When the pair invoke powerful enchantments and spells, Egan unleashes his own magic—one he didn’t know he possesses, and that’s when things get really interesting.
Genre: – MM


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Download Caveman by Tracie Douglas (.ePUB)(.AZW3)

Caveman by Tracie Douglas (Dirty Sinners)
Requirements: epub, mobi, azw3 reader, 1.3 MB
Overview: Former Marine Maddox “Caveman” Foster is known for his quiet, deadly demeanor. He’ll protect his family at any cost, and the Dirty Sinners are the only family he’s ever known. When his surrogate father, Chains, is shot, Caveman vows revenge against the man who’s bullet nearly took Chains’ life.
Even if it means placing an innocent in the line of fire—that is, until he realizes the innocent might be his angel.
He’s everything any father would never want for their daughter. Too bad Caveman doesn’t care that she’s the Sheriff’s daughter. He’s claiming her as his.
But will Caveman’s quest for revenge destroy any chance at true love, or will his angel save him from his sins?
Genre: Romance


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