Download Bullet by Zahra Girard (.ePUB)

Bullet by Zahra Girard (Steel Reapers MC Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 292 kb
Overview: He’s a dangerous biker—my ex-boyfriend—and he’s about to set my world on fire right before my wedding.

I’ve always been cursed when it comes to men.
Jackson, my first love, swept me away when my car broke down in the deadliest part of town.
He became my protector, my forbidden lover, the hope of freedom from an impending arranged marriage.
Then he vanished without a trace.

Now, to save my family’s failing business empire, I’m engaged to Alexander Covington, the heir to a criminal dynasty.
He’s filthy rich, diabolically ruthless, and my living nightmare.

Yet, just when I think I’ve hit rock bottom, Jackson kidnaps me.
And keeps me prisoner in an abandoned lighthouse.
He’s now a tatted, chiseled biker nicknamed Bullet who radiates pure, panty-melting danger.
He tells me he never stopped loving me.
His kisses ignite a blaze that burns my upcoming wedding vows to ashes.
He vows to rip the Covington crime empire apart to keep me.

As our enemies unleash hell to reclaim me, I’m torn between the fires of love and the chains of duty.
Do I pick the wedding ring to save my family’s future or the biker’s handcuffs to free my heart?
Genre: Romance


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Download Clipious v1.16.0 [Client for Invidious for YouTube] (Github)

Clipious v1.16.0 [Client for Invidious for YouTube] (Github)
Requirements: Android 5.0+
Overview: Clipious is an Android client for Invidious, the privacy focused YouTube front end.


Use own or public server
Subscription management
Video view/progress tracking
User playlists
Background playback
Live stream support
Android TV UI
Audio playback
Video / audio download
Video filtering
Return Youtube Dislikes

What’s New:
Add foreground service to get notified on new content (subscriptions / channel / playlists) @lamarios in #315
Translations update from Hosted Weblate by @weblate in #313
Fix search
Split settings in multiple settings sub pages as it was getting too big

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armeabi-v7a + arm64-v8a + x86_64



Mirror: … elease.apk


Mirror: … elease.apk


Mirror: … elease.apk

Download Pure Wit by Francesca Peacock (.M4B)

Pure Wit: The Revolutionary Life of Margaret Cavendish by Francesca Peacock
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 298 MB
Overview: A biography of the remarkable, and in her time scandalous, seventeenth-century writer Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle. Margaret Cavendish, then Lucas, was born in 1623 to an aristocratic family. In 1644, as England descended into civil war, she joined the court of the formidable Queen Henrietta Maria at Oxford. With the rest of the court she went into self-imposed exile in France. Her family’s wealth and lands were forfeited by Parliament. It was in France that she met her much older partner, William Cavendish, Marquess of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, a marriage that would remain at the heart of both her life and career. Cavendish was a passionate writer. She wrote extensively on gender, science, philosophy, and published under her own name at a time when women simply did not do so. Her greatest work was The Blazing World, published in 1666, a utopian proto-novel that is thought to be one of the earliest works of science fiction. Yet hers is a legacy that divides opinion. And history has largely forgotten her, an undeserved fate for a brilliant, courageous proto-feminist. In Pure Wit, Francesca Peacock shines a spotlight on the fascinating, pioneering, yet often complex and controversial life of Margaret Cavendish.
Genre: Audiobooks > Non-Fiction


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Download Apparition by Michaelbrent Collings (.M4B)

Apparition by Michaelbrent Collings
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 324 mb
Overview: Every year, thousands of children are killed…by their own parents.
Now, Shane Wills is about to discover why, as he comes under attack from an evil that has existed since the beginning of time. An evil that invades loving parents and turns them into something else. An evil that feeds on the blood and despair of dying children. An evil that most people will never know, because they cannot perceive…the Apparition.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Horror


Download Instructions: … n.rar.html

Download The Brave by James Bird (.MP3)

The Brave by James Bird, Narrated by Shaun Taylor – Corbett
Requirements: .MP3 reader, 250.3 MB, 9 hours and 6 minutes
Overview: Collin can’t help himself.

He has a unique condition that finds him counting every letter spoken to him. It’s a quirk that makes him a prime target for bullies, and a continual frustration to the adults around him, including his father. When Collin asked to leave yet another school, his dad decides to send him to live in Minnesota with the mother he’s never met. She is Ojibwe, and lives on a reservation.

Collin arrives in Duluth with his loyal dog, Seven, and quickly finds his mom and his new home to be warm, welcoming, and accepting of his condition. Collin’s quirk is matched by that of his neighbor, Orenda, a girl who lives mostly in her treehouse and believes she is turning into a butterfly. With Orenda’s help, Collin works hard to overcome his challenges. His real test comes when he must step up for his new friend and trust his new family.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction > Young Adult > Magical Realism


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