Download Complete Asian Cookbook: China by Charmaine Solomon (.ePUB)

The Complete Asian Cookbook: China by Charmaine Solomon
Requirements: ePUB Reader 7.34 MB
Overview: A beautifully crafted and comprehensive cookbook series based on the most iconic and influential book on Asian cuisine. For generations, The Complete Asian Cookbook has been the most well-respected and authentic cookbook on Asian food. Since its publication in 1976, it has become one of the most iconic and influential cookbooks in publishing history, garnering a dedicated following worldwide. Now, for the first time, Charmaine Solomon’s groundbreaking work has been divided into a series of six geographical regions, each with a complementary design so they may be collected as a set. Asian cuisine has a wonderful range of culinary delights that can be simple, complex, fiery, mild, and tantalizing. With page after page of beautiful, authentic Asian dishes, the recipes in The Complete Asian Cookbook series have been tested and re-tested to ensure the flavor and character of each dish is preserved. The labor-intensive traditional preparation methods have been cut back, making the recipes easy to follow for the home cook. Each book has an invaluable introduction to the food, culture, and cooking methods of the country as well as common ingredients. Learn to cook pork vindaloo, Thai green curry, crab with fresh Kampot peppercorns, steamed prawn dumplings, or delicious Peking duck. Filled with stunning food photography, The Complete Asian Cookbook series will guide you through the vast scope of Asian cuisine with authentic recipes that work every time. Start cooking tonight and dine abroad in the Asian country of your choice!
Genre: Non-Fiction – Food & Drink –


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Download Seraph: Prelude to The Newer World by Nephi Slade (.ePUB)

Seraph: Prelude to The Newer World by Nephi Slade
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 385 kB
Overview: “Rule First: cadets in your family are friends; Rule Second: other cadets are enemies; Rule Third: except in self-defense, killing shall be limited to Open Field and such other times as Her Majesty the Eyesource permits; Rule Fourth: killing outside prescribed windows will be punished with the loss of an appendage. Rule Fifth: except in self-defense, killing a family member prior to graduation will be punished with the loss of a limb; Rule Sixth: no weapons in class other than those brought by your Instructors; Rule Seventh: survive.”

Jack Ventura is the first from the remote province of Valley ever to gain admission to the elite war academy ARES. And though Jack is undoubtably talented, ARES will stretch him to his limits physically, mentally, and, to his surprise, even spiritually. For Jack, survival is a continual balancing act—one that will place him at the center of a plot to overthrow a god.
Genre: Science Fiction > Dystopian


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Download White Tower by David Longhorn (.ePUB)

White Tower by David Longhorn (Dark Isle Series Book 2)
Requirements: ePUB , reader, 180 KB
Overview: Professor Mark Stine can’t believe his working vacation on the island resort of Skara Farne is turning into the nightmare from Hades! First, he’s cursed – dogged by the sinister ghost of a medieval monk, Abbot Thomas Beauclerc. Then, when he tries to leave the island, he’s involved in a bizarre car crash. Now, through an Ouija board, he gets a message that’s loud and clear: Do Not Leave! With the help of his new friends, Mark is determined to break the curse and get back to the States, while staying out of the clutches of Abbot Thomas and his heinous henchman, the Follower!
Genre: Science Fiction,Horror


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Download Curse of the Dinosaurs by Von Kraemer (.ePUB)

Curse of the Dinosaurs by Von Kraemer
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 460 kB
Overview: What a paleontologist discovers in the Chinese Gobi Desert alters humanity’s destiny.
Prepare for the most action-packed and disturbing ride of your petty human existence.
CURSE OF THE DINOSAURS, consider yourself fortunate the dinosaurs are currently extinct.
Genre: Science Fiction


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Download Wolf’s Bane by Mia Darien (.ePUB)

Wolf’s Bane by Mia Darien (The Adelheid Series Book 11)
Requirements: ePUB , reader, 101 KB
Overview: Love is rarely what we plan.
Madison thought she knew the direction her life was going. She had a sorta boyfriend, and was fine with her place in the werewolf pack. But when the chance to become alpha comes, she considers it.
But becoming alpha female would mean marrying the alpha male. What about Chance? Can she find her way to a happily-ever-after that’s best for her? What if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s?
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy


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Download 3 Novels by Jenn Faulk (.ePUB)

3 Novels by Jenn Faulk
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 587 kB | 185 kB
Overview: Jenn Faulk is a native Texan who enjoys reading and writing chick lit. She’s a pastor’s wife, a stay-at-home mom, and a marathon enthusiast who loves talking about Jesus and what a difference He’s made in her life. She has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Houston and a MA in Missiology from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
Genre: Romance

Image Image Image

The New Girl: Beth Kirkland has been the new girl a few times in her life. As a pastor’s daughter, she spent her childhood going from one church to the next, saying goodbye to friends and bearing wounds along the way. When she finally settles down into a home of her own, she has no intention of ever moving again, even as the ministry she’s involved with takes some unexpected turns, reuniting her with Joey Anderson, her childhood friend, as he becomes the pastor of her church.

You and Me, Baby: Aiden Pearson is out of work and out of luck. When he loses his prestigious job as a PR executive, he’s forced to go back home to the middle of nowhere and plan his next move. As soon as he gets there, though, he begins to discover that the life he’s been living wasn’t as fulfilling as he thought it was. As he gets to know and help Laurie, a girl who he knew in high school, he finds that his dreams are changing along with his heart. You and Me, Baby is a love story about coming home, finding redemption, and becoming someone new in Christ.

Meet in the Middle: Travis Collins has spent his young life running a business and taking care of his sisters. When his youngest sister leaves for college, he finds himself trying to figure out what his purpose is now that he’s no longer raising a family. That’s when he meets Avery Huntington, who is an independent, free spirit given to generosity that borders on irresponsibility as she lives life completely on her own. As they grow closer, Avery challenges what Travis believes about success, worth, and faith, even as he causes her to ask herself some questions about what it might mean to count on someone else for a change. Will everything change when Avery figures out Travis’s biggest secret, or will they find a way to meet in the middle?

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Download Good Enough by Taryn Steele (.ePUB)

Good Enough by Taryn Steele (Enough #1)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 529 kB
Overview: The past doesn’t have to define the future …

With an abusive past that continues to haunt her, Hillary can only dream of a life in which she’s happy. And when Jameson, a shy boy she never noticed in high school, reappears in her life, she starts to wonder if her dreams can become reality.

Hillary must overcome her feelings of insecurity, and past fears if she wants their relationship to survive. But with the love she’s always craved being so close, perhaps it’s time to stop listening to the voices telling her that she isn’t good enough.
Genre: Romance


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Enough #2: Never Enough

Download A Bone to Pick by Rachel Shane (.ePUB)

A Bone to Pick by Rachel Shane (Campus Crushes #3)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 551 kB
Overview: By day college junior Erin Behr attends her Broadcast Journalism major classes like any normal student, but her nights are not so normal. For three years now she’s been keeping a dark secret from her best friends and roommates, pretending to go to the library to study as a cover for secret society activities that are far more dangerous than eye strain. It’s not just fun, it’s her future. The connections of the society stretch far and wide and promise Erin a lucrative career as a TV host. But when her dad, a former member of society, loses his job and puts her entire future career at risk, she takes matters into her own hands and starts a podcast in an attempt to build a portfolio.

Her first guest is Clever Trevor, a boundary-destroying Lady Gaga-esque pop diva who recently lost his record deal after a media scandal and retreated back to his hometown with his tail between his legs. Banter and sparks fly during the interview, which quickly goes viral. Trevor’s agent demands more podcast sessions and the media catches on, spinning headlines that all center around the same question: will-they-or-won’t-they? But Erin’s been secretly seeing Keane Fitzsimmons, the enigmatic leader of the secret society, and despite private romantic moments with Trevor, she can’t trust his intentions when re-branding his career is on the line.
Genre: Romance


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Campus Crushes #0.5: Cunning Linguist
Campus Crushes #1: Premature Evacuation
Campus Crushes #2: Master Probation

Download Cat Among the Pumpkins by Mandy Morton (.ePUB)

Cat Among the Pumpkins by Mandy Morton (Feline Detective Agency Series #2)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 210 KB
Overview: As All Hallows’ Eve approaches, Hettie Bagshot of The No. 2 Feline Detective Agency has more than just a ghost and warlock tart on her plate. Along with her faithful sidekick, Tilly, the tabby duo set out to investigate an old crime and a spate of new murders.

Why is Mavis Spitforce dressed as a pumpkin? Can Irene Peggledrip really talk to cats from the spirit world? Did Milky Myers murder his family on Halloween, longer ago than anyone can remember? All questions the pair must answer before the case can be solved. As the November fog closes in, where will the killer strike next – and will there be enough samosas to go around?
Genre: Fiction > Cozy Mystery


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Download Shadowlands Bear Shifters Series by Olivia Harp (.ePUB)

Shadowlands Bear Shifters Series by Olivia Harp (3-5)
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 1.4 MB, 662 KB
Overview: Olivia Harp is an up and coming Romance author with a knack for deep characterization and plot. You’ll find no whiney, weak heroines who need a man to be "complete". The characters in her stories are fully realized individuals with cares and worries, people who find strength through each other.
Genre: Paranormal Romance


3. Primal Obsession – An independent BBW + a sexy protective bear shifter + a dark enemy from the past = one action-packed romance that will leave you breathless!
After having her heart shattered one time too many, curvy photographer Cassie Bennett vows to never fall in love again, focusing only on her career. But when an accident in the middle of nowhere leaves her stranded and unable to get help, a deliciously sexy hunk of a ranger comes to the rescue, setting off an avalanche of emotions that she thought she no longer had with her.
There’s just one problem: he’s a single father, and definitely not looking for someone.
Warrior bear shifter Raiden Waller isn’t interested in another mate. He blames himself for losing his first love to tragedy ten years ago, and is dedicated to raising his spirited daughter, Deedee.
But Cassie turns everything upside down. Sexy as sin and sassy to boot, her curves make his inner animal roar in desire for the first time in a decade. He wants to fight the urge to be with her, but his polar bear refuses to let go, calling her his fated mate.
He knows he can’t claim her, especially now that an old enemy resurfaced, threatening to take everything away for a second time…

4. Primal Temptation – Sophia Korbin doesn’t want to hear anything about love again. Betrayed by her own crew, she now focuses on the only thing she’s ever been good at: hacking.
She has a debt to pay, and after years of trying, she might be able to finally atone for her past sins. But when her boss sends her to Alaska to find out what happened to a base North of the Arctic Circle, she will discover that the world is much more dangerous than she ever thought… and the greatest danger of all is falling in love.
Intellectual bear shifter Franklin Norwood is an alpha of few words, logic and hardware are his life. Fated mates? That’s a myth, a story shifters tell each other to feel better about themselves when they’re alone. But when he meets sexy, deliciously curvy Sophia, the ace coder he was sent to supervise, his world starts falling apart.
His bear roars for her, impossible to hold back. Desire floods him, is it possible that he was wrong?
Running against time, he struggles to keep his bear in control, especially now that it wants to claim Sophia as his fated mate… a move that would put her in a kind of danger much deadlier than he could ever imagine.

5. Primal Desire – Love knows no rules.
Coming from a ghetto in Los Angeles, Audrey Rodriguez knows exactly what she needs to do to turn Jefferson High into the best school in the country. She might be a tough principal, but that’s exactly what the school needs. She has no time for BS, and definitely no time for love.
But what is it about the school’s counselor? Yeah, he’s built like a tank and deliciously handsome, but she should know better than to get involved with someone at work. She has to stay as far away from him as possible… but the way he looks at her, as if he already owns her, makes her tremble.
After discovering his darkest secret, she’ll have to come face to face with the consequences. Even if it means surrendering herself to him.
Enzo Gallagher is a channeler. A shifter who bends the forces of nature to his will.
His bear is wild and brutal, constantly fighting him for control. Through the years, he’s kept it in check by being coolheaded, composed. But the school’s new principal turns everything upside down. Her sexy curves, her take-no-prisoners attitude… it’s more than he can resist, and his bear wants her.
But claiming her will put her in the sights of an ancient evil, one that wants nothing but her destruction. Will he tame his inner beast, or succumb to his desire?

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5. Primal Desire