Download Hidden Graves by Jack Fredrickson (.ePUB)

Hidden Graves by Jack Fredrickson (Dek Elstrom #6)
Requirements: Epub reader, 963 Kb
Overview: Someone is trying to frame Chicago private investigator Dek Elstrom for murder in the latest intriguing mystery.

It’s election season in corrupt Cook County, Illinois – where the dead vote on who lives and who dies.

A skeleton’s hand spills out of an abandoned grain silo, aiming an axe at a candidate. A heavily-disguised woman hires PI Dek Elstrom to head west to find men with no pasts – and one with no present. While he’s away, someone dead comes calling to frame him for murder.

A sheriff’s deputy wants Dek arrested. Someone else wants him dead. No one knows what the woman who hasn’t spoken in decades wants.

And Dek Elstrom? He wants to stay alive.
Genre: Mystery


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