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Twice Blessed by Taryn Noelle Kloeden (The Fenearen Chronicles Book 2)
Requirements: epub reader, 821 kb
Overview: What happens when her greatest gift becomes a curse?
Rayna Myana’s dreams are broken and she doesn’t know why. Her dual abilities as a wolf-shifting Fenearen and seer allowed her to stop the invasion threatening her home, but ever since, her mind has turned against itself. Plagued by headaches and fractured dreams that make little sense, she fears she is going mad. When a friend arrives desperate for Rayna’s help, she must put aside her anxieties and find a way to free her captured allies from an old enemy, Councilor Tallis Terayan.
But Terayan has his own agenda. Rayna’s stubborn survival may have altered his plans, but now he is prepared to enact a spell powerful enough to change the world forever. With Rayna and others, including a mysterious–and rare–white wolf Fenearen, acting as his unknowing pawns, Terayan will stop at nothing to reach his goal.
Rayna must uncover Terayan’s schemes if she is to stop him from destroying not only Fenear, but all of Osterna. Courtly intrigue, hidden identities, and torn loyalties form a labyrinth Rayna will need all her powers and allies to navigate. But in seeking the truth, she risks exposing the darkness lurking within those she loves, and laying bare her own hidden demons.
The battle lines form between truth and lies, love and hatred, and right and wrong. Which side will Rayna find herself on in the end?
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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