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Eternally My Duke by Dawn Brower (Ever Beloved Book 4)
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Overview: ​A love only a fairy tale can design…
Lady Delilah Everly hasn’t led the charmed life some might believe. Evil didn’t even begin to describe her mother or how she treated those she was supposed to love. It hardened Delilah to love and she learned early to depend on herself and started to gain the skills necessary to survive on her own.
Marrok Palmer, the Duke of Wolfton can’t fathom the turn his life has taken. To protect his sister he was forced to take his father’s life. The previous duke was not a good man, but having a hand in his death is destroying Marrok.
Both Marrok and Delilah both go on a journey. Through a fate neither could have imagined they cross paths. In their travels they must learn to lean on each other. Along the way they discover the possibility of an eternal love, but only if they’re willing to take a leap of faith and accept each other faults and all.
Genre: Romance


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