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The Railroad by Jeffrey Reid
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Overview: Kyle has one problem. He has to save his friends and his species while trying to live a normal life. He stands tall in the face of danger but deep down he’s terrified. The love of his life Olivia stands with him through it all so it isn’t all so bad.

Olivia withstands the harshest conditions and it isn’t just freezing temperatures of the nuclear winter. Her parents aren’t just embarrassing but her mom is hiding a secret. Her brother is going through unimaginable pain. How can she save the world when she can’t save those around her?

The rest of the band of misfits fight for dear life at what the post-apocalypse throws their way. Leo the big lovable goof confesses his love to Aiden the quiet but sweet soul. Alex has her way with tools. Sam, Olivia’s brother fights for his life. Even with their weapons training, mutated monsters, and friendship can they withstand the test of fate?
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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