Download Nemesis: Alcibiades and the Fall of Athens by David Stuttard (.PDF)

Nemesis: Alcibiades and the Fall of Athens by David Stuttard
Requirements: .PDF reader, 6.2 MB
Overview: Alcibiades was one of the most dazzling figures of the Golden Age of Athens. A ward of Pericles and a friend of Socrates, he was spectacularly rich, bewitchingly handsome and charismatic, a skilled general, and a ruthless politician. He was also a serial traitor, infamous for his dizzying changes of loyalty in the Peloponnesian War. Nemesis tells the story of this extraordinary life and the turbulent world that Alcibiades set out to conquer.

David Stuttard recreates ancient Athens at the height of its glory as he follows Alcibiades from childhood to political power. Outraged by Alcibiades’s celebrity lifestyle, his enemies sought every chance to undermine him. Eventually, facing a capital charge of impiety, Alcibiades escaped to the enemy, Sparta. There he traded military intelligence for safety until, suspected of seducing a Spartan queen, he was forced to flee again—this time to Greece’s long-term foes, the Persians. Miraculously, though, he engineered a recall to Athens as Supreme Commander, but—suffering a reversal—he took flight to Thrace, where he lived as a warlord. At last in Anatolia, tracked by his enemies, he died naked and alone in a hail of arrows.

As he follows Alcibiades’s journeys crisscrossing the Mediterranean from mainland Greece to Syracuse, Sardis, and Byzantium, Stuttard weaves together the threads of Alcibiades’s adventures against a backdrop of cultural splendor and international chaos. Navigating often contradictory evidence, Nemesis provides a coherent and spellbinding account of a life that has gripped historians, storytellers, and artists for more than 2,000 years.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History


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Download The Comfort of Figs by Simon Cleary (.ePUB)+

The Comfort of Figs by Simon Cleary
Requirements: .ePUB, .PDF reader, 1.6 MB
Overview: 1939. A bridge is built, and a country town becomes a city. Three young men forge a close friendship as they labour precariously high above the river, but one slip transforms their lives. A generation later, Robbie, a young landscaper, is grappling with those who should be closest to him – his father, whose past is linked with the iconic bridge, and his girlfriend, Freya, who is left shattered after a vicious assault. The Comfort of Figs is the unforgettable story of the birth of a city, the power of obsession and the burden of a family secret.
Genre: Fiction > General Fiction/Classics


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Download Tarleton’s Wife by Blair Bancroft (.ePUB)

Tarleton’s Wife by Blair Bancroft
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.8 MB
Overview: Julia Litchfield, who has followed the drum all her life, is statuesque, independent, courageous, closer to handsome than pretty. Not at all the petite, sweet type her father’s aide-de-camp Major Nicholas Tarleton prefers. But on his deathbed in Spain, the major marries Julia so she will have a roof over her head when she returns to England.

Eighteen months later, when Julia has established an herbal business to aid the major’s tenants and is contemplating a new life with an old friend of his, Nicholas Tarleton returns home-with a Spanish fiancée at his side. And no recollection of his marriage to Julia. In the dramatic weeks that follow Julia nearly loses both men in her life before the final resolution of a conflict of love and honor that might have challenged Solomon himself.
Genre: Fiction > Romance Historical


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Download Loopsie – 3D Photo Dazz Cam & Pixeloop v5.1.9 [Premium]

Loopsie – 3D Photo Dazz Cam & Pixeloop v5.1.9 [Premium]
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: Loopsie is the best app that lets you shoot stunning 3D PHOTOS and living photos in motion on the go. No tripod or professional tools needed. Just a bit of creativity and your photos will come to life with a stunning cinematography effect!


With Loopsie you can create original video motions effects that you can not create with Enlight Pixaloop, Dazz Cam, or similar apps that uses images as source.


★ Stunning video effects in motion and stills

Our living effects make your videos unique and let your content stand out from the others. Welcome our new breathtaking video loops.

★ 3D Photo and 3D Dazz Cam

Loopsie has a powerful integrated 3D camera that let you shot your dazz in full HD resolution.

★ Integrated Video Camera

Loopsie has a powerful integrated video camera that let you shot your video in full HD resolution.

★ Easy video editor

The video editing is straight simple. Everyone can create beautiful contents.

★ Stabilization Algorithm

Loopsie removes shaking hands effects on your videos.
 From unwanted motion to stills! Thanks to the top notch stabilization algorithm you can leave your tripod at home!

★ Full HD videos

No blurred or low definitions videos. Loopsie fully supports Full HD.

★ User friendly UI

You don’t need to be a geek or a post production or videomaking expert.

Taking a Loopsie is as easy as taking a selfie!

★ Loop effects

Choose if you want your video to have bounce or a repeat loop.

★ Share it easy

Social ready video output resolutions.

★ Aspect Ratios

You can choose between all the most common aspect ratios.

★ FAQ:

1) How does it work?

To obtain this video effect a part of the video is kept still, while another part plays in loop.

2) How can I select the moving and the still part?

With #loopsie you just have to drag your finger over the video.

There are two brush mode (motion / stills) that you can select.

3) How can I shot a good video setup?

#loopsie usually works in every setup, but there are some good common videos scenarios that you can exploit to create some beautiful videos.

Some of these videos scenarios are: waterfalls, water flows, fires, seas, moving backgrounds.

4a) What are the differences between Enlight Pixaloop App and Loopsie App

While Pixaloop app creates living photos starting from still images, Loopsie starts from videos.

4b) What are the differences between Dazz Cam App and Loopsie App

While Dazz Cam app creates 3D photos starting from depth images, Loopsie creates 3D photos like Dazz Cam but it starts from videos.

5) Are you affiliated/connected to Flixel Photos Inc. AKA Flixel? Are you the maker of Cinemagraph (TM) / Cinemagraphs?

No, Loopsie is in no way affiliated or connected with Flixel Inc. (TM) .

Cinemagraph (TM) is a trademark owned by Flixel Inc.

6) What can I do to prevent weird video effects?

The video stabilization algorithm, the autofocus, the high quality encoding and the new camera2 api should automatically prevent glitches and weird video effects. However it’s important that you stay as still as possible while taking the video.

What’s New:
– Fixed a looooot of bugs.

– Fixed app stuck on loading.

This app has no advertisements

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Download Startup Myths and Models by Rizwan Virk (.ePUB)

Startup Myths and Models: What You Won’t Learn in Business School by Rizwan Virk
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1.8 MB
Overview: Budding entrepreneurs face a challenging road. The path isn’t made any easier by all the clichés they hear about how to make a startup succeed—from platitudes and conventional wisdom to downright contradictions.

This witty and wise guide to the dilemmas of entrepreneurship debunks widespread misconceptions about how the world of startups works and offers hard-earned advice for every step of the journey. Instead of startup myths—legends spun from a fantasy version of Silicon Valley—Rizwan Virk provides startup models—frameworks that help make thoughtful decisions about starting, growing, managing, and selling a business. Rather than dispensing simplistic rules, he mentors readers in the development of a mental toolkit for approaching challenges based on how startup markets evolve in real life.

In snappy prose with savvy pop culture and real-world examples, Virk recasts entrepreneurship as a grand adventure. He points out the pitfalls that appear along the way and offers insights into how to avoid them, sharing the secrets of founding a startup, raising money, hiring and firing, when to enter a market and when to exit, and how to value a company.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General


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Download Lego with Dad: Awesome Brick Projects by Warren Nash (.ePUB)

Lego with Dad: Creatively Awesome Brick Projects for Parents and Kids to Build Together by Warren Nash
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 23 mb
Overview: Break out the bricks, it’s time for awesome family fun! LEGO bricks can be an endless source of imagination and joy for kids of all ages, and now dads can join in and help build amazing new creations. LEGO(R) With Dad is the ultimate guide to utilizing your LEGO supplies to make creative new projects. No expensive new sets required! With detailed instructions on the basic LEGO techniques as well as more advanced and complex builds, this book is perfect for parents and kids all skill levels.
Genre: Non-Fiction > General


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Download The Summer Man by S.D. Perry (.ePUB)

The Summer Man by S.D. Perry
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 1 mb
Overview: He’s Here Amanda Young doesn’t know who?or how?or why. She only knows that evil has come to Port Isley, the picturesque seaside village she calls home. It arrives on the wings of summer, in the guise of a sinister, nameless man crowded among the tourists from Seattle. He’s there when Amanda has a premonition of a classmate’s murder and when the girl’s mutilated body is discovered hours later. He’s lurking nearby when the neighbors she’s known forever inexplicably begin to?change. There ? when their suddenly raging emotions transform them into lustful, violent shadows of themselves. Only a select few see the dark signs: Amanda, the town psychiatrist, and the local newspaper publisher. Together, they set out to discover exactly what’s happening in Port Isley ? and whether or not anyone has a prayer of getting out of the town alive.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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Download Basic College Mathematics with Early by Elayn Martin-Gay (.PDF)

Basic College Mathematics with Early Integers (4th Edition) by Elayn Martin-Gay
Requirements: .PDF reader, 53 MB
Overview: Elayn Martin-Gay’s student-centric approach is woven seamlessly throughout her texts and MyLab™ courses, giving students the optimal amount of support through effective video resources, an accessible writing style, and study skills support built into the program.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Educational


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Download Falling back by Mercy Celeste (.ePUB)

Falling back by Mercy Celeste
Requirements: ePUB Reader, 210kb
Overview: Laid off unexpectedly, Chase Breland found himself back in his small Alabama hometown. With few options in his field, he returns to the diner he’d worked at as a teenager. Waiting tables again was like rubbing salt in an open wound.
Resigned to his fate, Chase puts on a smile to greet his very first customer.

Divorced, children’s book author, Gavin Hayes was looking for a quiet place to write. The corner table at the diner down the street had the best afternoon light. He could grab a bite to eat and work on his manuscript in peace while he tried to salvage what was left of his life.
He never expected the friendly smile of the new blue-haired waiter to spark something inside him that had grown cold.

While Chase has no plans to stay. Gavin has no plans to leave.
Can love at first sight, bring them together?
Genre: MM Romance


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Download The Face of Britain by Simon Schama (.ePUB)

The Face of Britain: A History of the Nation Through Its Portraits by Simon Schama
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 83.7 MB
Overview: Author of a number of celebrated works, including the bestselling The Story of the Jews and Citizens: A Chronicle of the French Revolution, Simon Schama’s latest book fuses history and art to create a tour de force of narrative sweep and illuminating insight. Using images from works-paintings, photographs, lithographs, etchings, sketches-found in London’s National Portrait Gallery, The Face of Britain weaves together an account of their composition, framed by their particular moment of creation, and in the process unveils a collective portrait of nation and its history.

“Portraits,” Schama writes, “have always been made with an eye to posterity.” Commissioned to paint Winston Churchill in 1954, Graham Sutherland struggled with how to capture the “savior” of Great Britain honestly and humanely. Schama calls the portrait, initially damned, the “most powerful image of a Great Briton ever executed.” Annie Leibovitz’s photograph of a nude John Lennon kissing Yoko Ono, taken five hours before his murder, bears “a weight of poignancy she could not possibly have anticipated.” Hans Holbein’s preparatory sketch for a portrait of Henry VIII depicts “an unstoppable engine of dynastic generation.” Here are expressions from across the centuries of normalcy and heroism, beauty and disfigurement, aristocracy and deprivation, the familiar and the obscure-the faces of courtesans, warriors, workers, activists, playwrights, the high and mighty as well as pub-crawlers. Linking them is Schama’s vibrant exploration of how their connective power emerges from the dynamic between subject and artist, work and viewer, time and place.
Genre: Non-Fiction > History


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