Download Navicat for MySQL v2.3.5

Navicat for MySQL v2.3.5
Requirements: Requires iOS 11.0 or later
Overview: Best Database Administration Solution


Navicat for MySQL is the first complete database administration tool developed for iOS, giving you the power to manage your databases on the go. Whether you are working from an iPhone or an iPad, Navicat frees you from your workstation.

Navicat has a whole new set of features aimed at making your database administration portable and at enhancing the classic Navicat experience. Sync your connections and queries to Navicat Cloud, or organize your work through a UI-enhanced multi-tasking workflow.

Navicat is compatible with MySQL and has sophisticated features that provide professional developers with the tools they need, but are accessible and easy-to-learn for users new to database servers.

Navicat Cloud

– Get real-time connections and queries anytime, anywhere.

– Create projects to share connections & queries with your team members.

– Add members and define each member role in the project.

– Get visibility into your team activities from the Activity Log.

Simplify Your Data Editing

– Add, modify, delete with an iOS-centric UI.

– Zoom into tables for optimum clarity.

– Use filters to isolate and find data.

– Anchor and view connected databases.

Streamline Your Queries

– Construct queries with our code completion feature.

– Select properties and SQL keywords from a suggestion list.

Control Your Objects

– Create, modify, and design database objects.

– Field Type Prediction predicts field types based on input.

– Avoid complex SQL editing..

Increase Your Productivity

– Multi-task with the Tab View.

– View Tables and Objects in a unified workspace.

– Simultaneously access Tables and Objects across different servers.

Choose Your Connections

– Establish secure SSH/SSL sessions through SSH/SSL Tunneling.

– Strong authentication and secure encryption.

– Bypass ISP restrictions with HTTP Tunneling.

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Download HOME Security Camera & Monitor v3.3.15

HOME Security Camera & Monitor v3.3.15
Requirements: Requires iOS 12.1 or later
Overview: IP cam viewer and surveillance


Home Security Monitor Camera is an anti-thief app made for guarding and monitoring your house. Connect any two devices (phones or tablets) and turn them into the perfect anti-thief system – leave one device in the area you want to monitor and take the second device wherever you need to go.



– You can monitor anything, anywhere and anytime thanks to the full-screen video in five different quality levels. Feel free to use the front or back camera of your monitoring device.


– Home Security Monitor Camera works via WiFi, 3G or LTE networks. It reconnects automatically and quickly in the case of WiFi outage!


– With the Home Security Monitor Camera, you can monitor your home with just one glance at your phone‘s display.


– You can hear every tiny noise, every breath or sigh of sound, even if you are away (in a live audio-video stream). The Home Security Monitor Camera could be used as an audio remote control of your safe home.


– Home Security Monitor Camera allows you to monitor an area from an unlimited number of devices. You can connect to devices on different software platforms.


– Fast and secure configuration over local WiFi with automatic device lookup or over QR invitation code takes less than 30 seconds.


– A wide range of supported networks brings you limitless connectivity. Thanks to the Home Security Monitor Camera, you stay connected wherever you go, even where there is a weak WiFi signal.


– All communication is securely encrypted via cloud solution. Industry standard encryption is used to ensure that only your viewers have access to your stream.


– Stay informed about the battery status on the remote device. The alarm will always alert you when the battery level drops below 10 % or an individually set value.


– With our Home Security Monitor Camera, you only pay once and you are then free to use the application on several devices.


– Want to personalize some features? It’s only up to your imagination how you will use our surveillance camera. Do you love using Security Camera?

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Download Niffelheim v1.5.3

Niffelheim v1.5.3
Requirements: Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Overview: Viking`s way to Valhalla!


Your avatar is a brave warrior who has fallen in battle. But instead of well-deserved peace in Asgard, his soul is trapped in the harsh world of Niffelheim. Survive in this hostile world, ransack the neighbor lands, explore dangerous dungeons and find your way to Valhalla

Survive in the Underworld

Warriors remain warriors even after death. Set out on the path to the last challenge and prove yourself to the Gods. In life you were never frightened by the cold, darkness and death, and you won’t fear now. make sure you have enough provision, defend yourself and unravel the mysteries of these lands.

Do not be forgotten

Crush anyone who dares to attack your lands. Each fallen enemy brings you closer to Asgard! Bones, teeth, fur – use all that you scavenge to craft weapons and armor. Build a fortress that will protect you from enemies and help you to destroy the attackers. The Death Priests will issue ultimatums. Will you bend to their will, or reject their orders and accept the battle against their dead minions?

Find a way out

Collect all the pieces of the portal to Asgard. But be careful – they are fiercely guarded by mighty giants, deadly spiders and hordes of undead.


Brew potions from mushrooms and slain beasts to become stronger. Cook the best dishes to feed all your friends. Prepare poison that will kill the most powerful troll.

Explore ancient caves

Reach the very heart of the world to find powerful artefacts that will help you win the final battle. Discover what lies hidden in the darkness.

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Download Divinity – Original Sin 2 v3.6.70

Divinity – Original Sin 2 v3.6.70
Requirements: Requires iOS 14.2 or later
Overview: Who will you be in the world’s most expansive RPG? The complete 95 Metacritic Divinity: Original Sin 2 experience is finally on iPad, with NO compromise.


This is a next-gen iPad game, and WILL NOT WORK on any device not listed below.

Supported devices:

– iPad Pro 11 (2021)

– iPad Pro 12.9 (2021)

– iPad Air (2020)

– iPad Pro 11 (2020)

– iPad Pro 12.9 (2020)

– iPad Pro 11 (2018)

– iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)

At least 18GB of free space is required to install the full game.

Create a hero and change a world. A flesh-eating Elf, an Imperial Lizard or an Undead, risen from the grave? Discover how the world reacts differently to who – or what – you are.

Gather your party and develop relationships with your companions. Blast your opponents in deep, tactical, turn-based combat. Use the environment as a weapon, use height to your advantage, and manipulate the elements themselves to seal your victory.

Ascend as the god that Rivellon so desperately needs.

Explore the vast and layered world of Rivellon alone or in a party of up to 4 players in drop-in/drop-out cooperative play. Go anywhere, unleash your imagination, and explore endless ways to interact with the world.

– Play how you like. Featuring touch controls, mouse & keyboard, and with support for connected devices.

– Venture alone, or as two players on a single device. Or, go online and play as a party of up to four. Drop in, drop out co-op means the choice is yours.

– Seamless split-screen means two players can play at opposite ends of the world without any loading screens, whenever they like.

– Invite, matchmake, and gain achievements through Game Center and use the iCloud for your savegames.

– Cross-save across multiple devices, and cross-play between Mac and iPad. Play on the go, with a friend on Mac, for example!

– Unlimited freedom to explore and experiment. Go anywhere, talk to anyone, and interact with everything! Kill any NPC without sacrificing your progress, and speak to every animal. Even ghosts might be hiding a secret or two…

– Choose your race and origin. Choose from 6 unique origin characters with their own backgrounds and quests, or create your own as a Human, Lizard, Elf, Dwarf, or Undead. All choices have consequences.

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Download Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus v1.4.7

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus v1.4.7
Requirements: Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Overview: Take control of the most technologically advanced army: The Adeptus Mechanicus.


Take control of one of the most technologically advanced armies in the Imperium – The Adeptus Mechanicus. As Magos Dominus Faustinius, you’ll lead the expedition on the newly rediscovered Necron planet of Silva Tenebris. Customize your team, manage resources, discover long-forgotten tech, and control your Tech-Priests’ every move.

Your every decision will shape the missions ahead and ultimately decide the fate of the troops under your command in over 50 hand-crafted missions. Choose your path carefully – the Imperium depends on it.


Flesh is weak! Upgrade your Tech-Priests with weapons, support items, Servo-Skulls and other mechanical augments as you assemble your cohort. Customize your team’s disciplines, choosing from multiple character classes to create a squad for every playstyle.

Difficult Decisions:

Make tough decisions that will forge the future from your Ark Mechanicus, The Caestus Metalican, and send you towards alternate endings for a truly unique playthrough. Be warned, however, the more you explore each tomb, the greater the rewards but also greater the threat.

Unique Tactical Combat:

Engage in immersively strategic combat that will test your mettle under the extreme pressure of the xenos ambush. Access your most powerful weapons and abilities by using Cognition Points and advance on your enemy without pause. Fear not, the Omnissiah favours the brave.

Canticles of the Omnissiah:

Collect in-game achievements and be rewarded with strong abilities that can be used once per mission to aid you in the heat of battle.

The Library of Immersion:

A compelling story written by Black Library author, Ben Counter, specifically crafted to fit the unique personality of the Adeptus Mechanicus faction, with each character having their own personalities and agendas. Feel the tension and admire the devotion with unique visual effects and breathtaking audio.

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Download Rash ID – Rash Identifier v2.1.4

Rash ID – Rash Identifier v2.1.4
Requirements: Requires iOS 14.0 or later
Overview: Scan & Identify Your Rash


Easily identify your rash, bump, or skin condition.

RashID is your personal dermatologist helping you diagnose, learn about, and treat your skin condition. Using advanced AI running on your device, Rash ID instantly recognizes your skin condition safely and privately.


– Identify Your Rash: Rash ID automatically finds your rash using your camera. Just tap the predicted area for your skin irregularity to be identified.

-Treatments: Get information about medications, treatments, and home therapies for your rash, so you can quickly soothe your symptoms.

-Save Your Scan: With the ability to save your scan, you can come back to verify your rash or compare scans. This makes it easy to track your healing process.

– Helpful Content: Rash ID is packed with content for each disease. It can help you understand your rash, where you got it, and how to treat it.

-Secure & Private: All skin analyses are performed on your device keeping your scans private.

While rashes can be difficult to diagnose, Rash ID’s advanced AI is trained on thousands of images, allowing it to identify dozens of rashes, skin allergies, and other irregularities in any location. Just aim your camera. Tap to confirm, and identify your skin condition in seconds.


Rash ID uses your phone’s cameras to perform a comprehensive scan of your skin. By scanning your skin in real time, rather than using a single picture, Rash ID is able to gather more data producing a more accurate scan.


Using advanced AI, Rash ID analyzes a high detail scan right on your device quickly and securely identify your skin disease. Trained on a dermatology database containing thousands of images, Rash ID is built on reliable clinical data you can trust.


Rash ID is equipped with a library of information where you can learn about each condition. Get insight on the causes, symptoms, and treatments of your skin condition.

Rash ID’s medical content is based on the best available medical knowledge. All sources are evaluated for statistical validity, diagnostic accuracy, and clinical viability to help produce the most precise content. Rash ID’s content is adapted from leading sources including U.S. National Library of Medicine, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and notable textbooks and medical review articles. Content is regularly screened and updated by our editorial committee to ensure RashID’s content remains valid and relevant.

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Download iColorama S v4.53

iColorama S v4.53
Requirements: Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Overview: Photo Editor & Brush Painter


iColorama is a creativity app for people interesting in enhancing their photos and converting them into amazing pieces of art.

There are too many effects to be listed here, more than 300! The effects are from simple image adjustments to complicated transformations.

Images can also be repainted with many different brushes and you can import and use directly your own Photoshop brushes!

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Download Company of Heroes v1.2

Company of Heroes v1.2
Requirements: Requires iOS 14.2 or later
Overview: Take command in World War II


Company of Heroes is the critically acclaimed and enduringly popular World War II game that redefined real-time strategy with a compelling combination of fast-moving campaigns, dynamic combat environments, and advanced squad-based tactics.

Command two crack companies of American soldiers and direct an intense campaign in the European Theater of Operations starting with the D-Day Invasion of Normandy.

Tailored to and optimised for iOS, Company of Heroes features an intuitive user interface for rapid execution of advanced real-time tactics in the heat of battle.


One of real-time strategy’s most celebrated games optimised for iOS. From the new Command Wheel to flexible barbed wire placement, play using features designed specifically for mobile gaming.


Direct squads of US troops against the mighty German Wehrmacht through 15 gritty missions based on some of the most challenging fighting of World War II.


Destructible environments let you exploit the battlefield to your best advantage.


High-resolution graphics optimised for a range of iOS devices.


Lead the British 2nd Army and German Panzer Elite in two full-length campaigns, and command both armies in Skirmish mode.

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Download n-Track Studio Pro | DAW v9.4.4

n-Track Studio Pro | DAW v9.4.4
Requirements: Requires iOS 9.3 or later
Overview: Music Recording & Beat Maker


Produce Music & Beats with n-Track Studio. Includes our industry-leading Step Sequencer beat maker, loops & playable instruments. Record, edit & mix audio and MIDI tracks

n-Track Studio is a powerful Audio and MIDI multitrack recorder & music-making app that turns your iOS device into a complete Recording Studio & Beat Maker.

Record a virtually unlimited number of Audio, MIDI & Drum Tracks, mix them during playback and add effects: from Guitar Amps, to VocalTune & Reverb. Edit songs, share them online & join the Songtree community to collaborate with other artists.

Check out n-Track Studio Tutorials for iOS:


• Record a track with the built-in mic or an external audio interface

• Add & edit audio tracks using our Loop Browser & royalty-free sample packs

• Import grooves & create beats using our Step Sequencer Beat Maker

• Create melodies using the internal keyboard with our built-in virtual instruments. You can connect external keyboards too

• Use the mixer to adjust levels, pan, EQ & add effects

• Save or Share the recording directly from your device


• Stereo & Mono audio tracks

• Step Sequencer Beat Maker

• MIDI tracks with built-in Synths

• Loop Browser & in-app Sample Packs

• Virtually unlimited number of tracks

• Group & Aux channels

• Piano-roll MIDI Editor

• On-screen MIDI keyboard

• EQ with 2D & 3D Spectrum analyzer + chromatic tuner

• VocalTune – pitch correction: automatically correct any pitch imperfections on vocals or melodic parts

• Guitar & Bass Amp plugins

• Reverb, Echo, Chorus & Flanger, Tremolo, Pitch Shift, Phaser, Tube Amp and Compression effects can be added to any track & the master channel

• Built-in Metronome

• Import existing tracks

• Automate track volumes & pan using volume and pan envelopes

• Share your recordings online

• Collaborate to create music with other musicians with the integrated Songtree online music making community

• Languages included: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian


• 64 bit double precision floating point audio engine

• Follow Song Tempo & Pitch Shift dropdown menu on Audio Loops

• Export 16, 24 or 32 bit audio files

• Set sampling frequency up to 192 kHz (frequencies above 48 kHz require an external audio device)

• Internal audio routing

• Sync with other apps or external devices using MIDI clock & MTC sync, master & slave

• Record 4+ tracks simultaneously from USB pro-audio devices such as RME Babyface, Fireface & Focusrite

• Support for multiple audio output when using compatible USB devices

• Input monitoring

What you get:

• Unlimited audio & MIDI tracks

• Unlocks all the available effects

• Unlimited number of effects per channel

• Export to WAV or MP3

• 64 bit audio engine

• Export in 24, 32 and 64 bit uncompressed (WAV) format

• 3D frequency spectrum view

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Download GoodNotes v5.7.4

GoodNotes v5.7.4
Requirements: Requires iOS 12.0 or later
Overview: Note-Taking & PDF Markup



* Create digital notebooks and type text with your keyboard or write and draw with the mouse/trackpad or the Apple Pencil using Sidecar on your iPad

* Import PDF and images to annotate them in GoodNotes

* Add documents from your Mac to existing GoodNotes notebooks via drag and drop


* Organize your documents in folders and create unlimited subfolders

* Mark your most important documents, pages, and folders as Favorites to access them quickly

* Create custom outlines for easier navigation through your documents

* Instant export of documents or pages as PDF via drag and drop


* Sync your latest changes to your iPad, iPhone, and other Macs using iCloud

* Prepare documents on your Mac and pick them up on another device to continuously work on them


* Move, resize, and rotate your handwriting or change colors

* Draw perfect shapes and lines with the Shapes Tool

* powerful & smart eraser tool: Choose to erase the entire stroke or only parts of it. Set it to “Erase Highlighter Only” to leave the ink intact

* Navigate through imported PDFs with existing hyperlinks

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