Download Voice Changer for Gaming: PC PS4 XBox 2ndPhone v0.10.78 [Donated]

Voice Changer for Gaming: PC PS4 XBox 2ndPhone v0.10.78 [Donated]
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Use Android as real-time voice changing microphone for Gaming – for use with OTHER devices: PC, PS4, XBox, external speaker, or another phone.

You CANNOT use with apps running on the SAME device (Discord, Skype or game apps). Reason: Android does not allow two apps to use mic at same time – and doesn’t allow one app to send audio to another app.

High quality 14-voice voice changer can run in the background, and with screen off:

– Use as low-cost low-latency Noise Gate filter (remove low volume breathing sounds from live Podcasting/Broadcast with/without voice changing). Some voices benefit from Noise Gate as well (Venomous, Exterminator).

– Use with gaming headset with detachable mic, unplug mic and plug AUX to Android device

– PC gaming: Plug AUX from Android to PC line-in port

– PS4 gaming controller: use Android as USB mic (only up to Oreo 8.1), or use Y-splitter/AUX cable

– XBox gaming controller: need Y-splitter/AUX cable

– Cosplay: external speaker, or lapel mic/ext speaker (need Y-splitter)

– Mobile Gaming, Discord, Skype: output to another phone that runs game etc. (need Y-splitter)

– Phone Calls: output to another smart/dumb phone (need Y-splitter)

NOTE: Y-splitter is needed to convert TRS stereo output on AUX from Android headset port to mono input on headset port on PS4/XBox controllers or another phone. For PC line-in port, can just connect AUX cable directly from Android.

Click Help – Gaming/Cosplay for detailed instructions/diagrams/suggestions for Y-splitters, mics and speakers for Cosplay.


Plug in earphones and click Record (red buttton). Creates file AND outputs on earphones.

Click Live button (mic icon) to only output to earphones (NOT save to file).

Settings – Output Settings – Listen to Recording (Headset) setting is On by default. If headset/earphones are plugged in, it mirrors audio to that (make sure you plug in BEFORE you click Record/Live).

Force output: Sometimes Y-splitter/AUX cable are not recognized as "headset" – so click Settings – Output Settings – Listen to Recording (Always) and turn it On (it is off by default). Now audio will be played even if no headset is plugged in (there will be audio feedback/screeching sound!).

Voice Changer

Instantly change voices, by clicking on a voice, or click No Effects for no effects:

– No Effects
– Dark Father (not affiliated with Darth Vader)
– Rylo Ken (not affiliated with Kylo Ren)
– Dane (not affiliated with Bane)
– Exterminator (not affiliated with Daleks)
– Space Trooper (not affiliated with Stormtroopers)
– Captain Phase (not affiliated with Captain Phasma)
– Badman (not affiliated with Batman)
– Optimal Prime (not affiliated with Optimus Prime)
– Uldron (not affiliated with Ultron)
– P3CO (not affiliated with C3PO)
– Collum (not affiliated with Gollum/Smeagol)
– Smug (not affiliated with Smaug)
– Brog (not affiliated with the Borg)
– Venomous (not affiliated with Venom)

We disavow any and all affiliation with these character voices. They are the property of their respective owners. Using Dark Father, with some voice acting effort, you can mimic a voice that sounds like Darth Vader.

Each voice is individually customizable: You can create entirely new voices by simply adjusting the Pitch and Modulator settings for each voice! For example, you can use the Venomous voice to make a Lion’s roar type voice.

Click Reset to reset settings for that voice, or click Settings – Reset Settings to reset everything back to default settings.

Press Speak button to listen to samples that were created with the app. No copyrighted audio samples have been used.

DISCLAIMER: no copyrighted audio is used by the app.

Click Contact to get help via e-mail.

What’s New:
0.10.78: Added ‘Raw 2’ option for Audio Source (for Android 7.0+). Updated help.
0.10.76: Added recording volume button.
0.10.75: Beta is now live! Update your ratings and reviews to make visible to public!
0.10.65: Improved voice changer Venomous (not affiliated with Venom). Made voices have similar volume. Improved Help – Gaming/Cosplay.
0.10.63: This is the first version of this app, so please send us feedback using Menu – Contact.

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Download SuperDisplay – Virtual Monitor v1.1.31 [Unlocked][SAP]

SuperDisplay – Virtual Monitor v1.1.31 [Unlocked][SAP]
Requirements: Android 5.0 and up
Overview: SuperDisplay turns your Android phone or tablet into a high-performance USB display with pressure support for Windows 10.
SuperDisplay turns your Android phone or tablet into a high-performance USB display with pressure support for Windows 10.

Here’s how to get started:

① Download SuperDisplay from Google Play.
② Download the Windows driver from
③ Connect your device to your PC via USB or Wi-Fi.

Second monitor
SuperDisplay turns your Android device into a portable USB display for your Windows 10 PC. Duplicate or extend your screen simply by plugging in your phone or tablet.

Superb performance
A laggy display is as good as no display. SuperDisplay was built with performance in mind, and we’re not afraid to show it. SuperDisplay works at 60 fps for the optimal drawing and mirroring experience. Try the app for free to see for yourself.

Turn your Android device into a graphics tablet and use apps like Adobe Photoshop® through it. SuperDisplay supports pressure-sensitive styluses like the Samsung S Pen making it ideal for digital art and other creative work.

Adobe Photoshop® is a registered trademark of Adobe in the United States and other countries.

What’s New:
– Added software encoder support for PCs without hardware support (requires driver version 1.1.10).
– Improved connectivity reliability and added an auto connect option.
– Added support for connecting over an Android Wi-Fi hotspot (requires driver version 1.1.10).
– Added custom refresh rate as an experimental option (requires driver version 1.1.10).
– Fixed compatibility issues with some Android devices.
– Bugfixes

Mod Info:
● Standalone Android Package
● Android App Bundle Repacked (Split APKs Packer v6.9.0):
• Languages: en
• DPIs: xxhdpi
• CPUs: all
● Full features unlocked
● modded by roosphx

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Download X Icon Changer – Customize App Icon & Shortcut v1.8.8 [Premium]

X Icon Changer – Customize App Icon & Shortcut v1.8.8 [Premium]
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: X Icon Changer is a totally free and useful app which can help you to change & customize icons and names for any apps.

The new icons can be chosen from gallery, other app icons and lots of personalized icon packs. Our app will create shortcut with a new icon on your home screen. This is the easiest way to decorate your android phone.


1. Enter X Icon Changer.

2. Choose an app to change the icon.

3. Select a new image from the built-in icon packs, your gallery, other app icons or third-party personalized icon packs.

4. Edit a new name (can be null) for the app.

5. Go to home screen / desktop to see the new shortcut icon.


On Android 8.0 and above, the system will automatically add a watermark to the shortcut icon. We provide a way for you to perfectly change app icons without any marks by widget technology:

1. Go to your phone’s home screen / desktop, press & hold a blank space. Then click “Widgets” from the pop-up menu.

2. Find “X Icon Changer” in widgets page, touch & hold it and drag it to your desktop.

3. The widget of X Icon Changer will be opened automatically. After that you can change your app icon without any marks.

There are lots of selected personalized icon packs built in X Icon Changer. The app and those icon packs are all free to get. Just download X Icon Changer now to decorate your android phone.

What’s New:
Fixed the bug of always popping up shortcut permission dialog in some devices.

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Download WO Mic v4.6.2 [Pro]

WO Mic v4.6.2 [Pro]
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Overview: Are you trying to find one wireless mic for your PC or Mac? Well, you need not to spend time and money to buy one. Just try this app!
Are you trying to find one wireless mic for your PC or Mac? Well, you need not to spend time and money to buy one. Just try this app!

WO Mic turns your Android phone to be a microphone for your computer. You can use it for voice chatting, recording, and recognition. It has nearly little latency (*depending on transport and environment), just like REAL microphone devices!

The connection between PC and Android phone can be via Bluetooth, USB, or WiFi.

Our support website:
– Download page:
– FAQ page:

If you have any other questions or comments, welcome to send email to us at

What’s New:
v4.6.2 changes:
1. Add support for Russian language
2. Remove notification icon when user exits the app
3. Fix crash issues reported on some Android 5.1 devices

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Download Cameraless – Camera Blocker v4.2.1 [Pro]

Cameraless – Camera Blocker v4.2.1 [Pro]
Requirements: Android 4.0 and up
Overview: FCameraless app is a camera blocker used to disable all cameras in your mobile device, offering full protection against:
Cameraless app is a camera blocker used to disable all cameras in your mobile device, offering full protection against:
• Spies, stalkers and various malware
• Taking pictures/videos in secure areas.

Primary features
•  Option to grant permanent camera access to specific authorized applications
• Camera block as per day
• Password protection
• Multi-language support
• Special mode with maximum security level for classified workplaces
• Auto-camera block as per time/location (PRO)
• One click widget to block/unblock camera (PRO)
• Tasker/Automate integration (PRO)

Product Description
Using your camera remotely without your knowledge; to spy on you, stalk you or harm you is very easy.
Cameraless is the perfect anti-spy camera jammer application.
There are two major functions:
1. Enable / Disable camera manually.
2. Enable / disable camera automatically according to time of day or location.
Supported version: 4.0 and above (ICS,JB).

Cameraless is also useful for those who work at secure environments. One time only – define your workplace location and let Cameraless block your camera automatically when you’re at work. You can also protect your settings with a password so that the app will always function and your device will constantly be protected while you’re at work. Additionally, special notification allows you to verify the status of your device’s camera.

Please note: When the application is password-protected, the level of security is at its maximum. Even when your device has no cellular location reception or when you are in Airplane Mode, your camera stays blocked.

Don’t miss the PRO features with the camera blocker widget and the one-click shortcut to activate the camera even when it is blocked.

Feature List
• 24/7 anti-spy security
• 3 modes (Manually, lock camera by Time, Block by Location)
• Whitelist – option to grant permanent camera access to specific authorized applications
• Password protection
• Multi-language support
• Tasker/Llama/Automate plugin
• Extreme battery saving
• Quick uninstall function
• Location mode capabilities: automatic location acquisition, dynamic notifications, auto-sleep when screen is off and auto launch after
• Controlling camera widget
• Quick camera activation shortcut

How to use
•  Enable / disable camera manually, by time of day or location from the main screen.
• Whitelist:
Select “Whitelist” from the menu.
A list will be displayed including all apps installed on your device. Select any app you want to authorize to use the camera even when it is blocked.
Return to the home screen and you’ll see that for every application you have defined, a special Launcher icon has been added which offers camera access to the app at all times, even when blocked.
After closing the app, the camera will automatically be blocked either immediately or as per“Delay time” settings you’ve defined on the Configuration screen.
• Disable by location:
→ Insert the center location (lat,lon) of the target area where your phone should be disabled.
→ If you are standing in the center of the target area you can click on the "Set current location" button and the center location will be updated accordingly.
→ Insert the radius (meters) within which your camera will be disabled (around the center location).
That is all – your phone will become camera-less when you are in the target area and vice-versa.

For support please contact us by email:

This app uses Device Administrator permission. This permission level allows Cameraless to block all your device’s cameras.

What’s New:
Link to Camera and Microphone Blocker app

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Download Smart Security – Phone Cleaner, Booster, Defender v63.0 [Pro]

Smart Security – Phone Cleaner, Booster, Defender v63.0 [Pro]
Requirements: Android 4.1+
Overview: Why do our users believe that Smart Security is an ALL-IMPORTANT app?

Smart Booster and Cooler
Are you tired of deleting unnecessary apps and system junk files taking up your memory? Welcome to the 21st century! Enjoy the rejuvenated speed of your device with Smart Booster cleaning your cache memory and junk files.

Smart Defender
Are you still overly worried about threats on your device? Our Defender capabilities can help you to relieve that stress. Smart Defender is constantly monitoring and protecting you from various threats.

Smart Battery Life
Is your battery heating up and losing its power faster than usual? Smart Battery Life will help you to cool your battery and enable longer life.


Mobile Booster: Our state of the art mobile booster helps you to clear your RAM. Check your new speed on the speed test.

CPU Cooler: CPU Cooler helps you to remove tasks and processes that are loading your phone.

Battery Booster: Battery Booster helps you to save your battery life by hibernating apps in the background.

Junk Cleaner: Smart Security is your one solution in cleaning all that junk residual and cache files from your phone. This in turn results in a faster speed.

Defender: Scans and detects for all kinds of threats on your device. We continuously monitor your phone for vulnerabilities and prevent possible threats even when the app is closed. Take control of your information and privacy with our trusted Defender feature.

Please note! We pride ourselves in not sharing any of your personal information with any 3rd party parties. All your information is safe and secured.

Enjoy a faster and refreshing mobile experience with the help of Smart Security.

What’s New:
crash fix

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Download Free PC Games [Patched:removed adblockers detection]

Free PC Games v4.3.3 [Mod:removed adblockers detection]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: It shows you temporary free pc games


Free PC Games makes it easy for you to get all the free games. It shows you temporary free pc games. Game Stores often have time limited giveaways for free epic games for computers. Now it is no longer necessary to constantly search for free games because Free PC Games do that for you. This app will show all free games from Epic Games, Steam, Origin… The most common are Steam Free Weeks and Free Weekends and the Free Epic Games of the Week from the Epic Games Store, which are free-to-keep! Nobody likes to miss the opportunity to get a game for free. So download Free PC Games and never miss a free game again!

With Free PC Games you get the following features:
+ List of running, future and weekend offers
+ All stores combined in one app (e.g. Epic Games, Steam, Origin …)
+ Filter by permanent (giveaways, free-to-keep) and limited (free weeks,
free weekends) offers
+ Filter by Store
+ Optional Notifications of new free games
+ Optional Notifications of new weekend games
+ See all incoming free games
+ Games that can only be played for a period free of charge ("weekend")
are now displayed.

With every free game, there is a notification so you never miss a free game! Here you will find all games that are offered by Epic Games, Steam, Origin, or other stores for free for a short time. Free PC Games download for Laptop or Free PC Games download for PC. The system updates the Free Epic Games automatically so that errors can be excluded.

The app is constantly being developed!

What’s New:
+ Better filter
+ Bug-fix

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Download WarnWetter v3.1.0 [Unlocked]

WarnWetter v3.1.0 [Unlocked]
Requirements: Android 6.0+
Overview: With the WarnWetter-App, the German Weather Service provides the general public and emergency services (disaster control, civil protection and environmental protection) with important information on the current warning and weather situation as part of its legal mandate.


The app offers the following functions (free version):

– Overview of the current warning situation for Germany down to the municipal level
– detailed information on the warning situation for selected locations through official warnings including warning trend
– configurable warning elements and warning levels
– configurable alarm function (push) for on-site warning
– switchable on-site warnings of severe weather events (thunderstorms, snow, ice) when located via mobile device
– switchable alarm function when the warning situation changes on site
– Social media sharing to share information from the WarnWetter App, e.g. via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail
– Warnings of natural hazards (floods, storm tides and avalanches)
– predicted trajectories of thunderstorm cells
– Lake warnings for Bavarian lakes
– Video information for special weather conditions
– additional features like widget, selection of tones etc.
– configurable start page for your favorite products (from version 3.0)

For a fee (InApp purchase) the app can be extended to a full version with the following features:

• display of current values and forecasts up to 7 days in advance
– Precipitation (radar, model forecasts)
– Clouds (satellite data, model predictions)
– Lightning (lightning detection, predictions)
– Wind (model predictions)
– Temperatures (Model)
– location-based weather values (weather stations and forecast points)

• In the maps section (from version 2.0, paid full version) …
– … the different data without changing between "Current" and "Prospects" can be easily selected via a time control from the past to the future.
– … the data are sorted by weather elements (precipitation, clouds, temperature, wind…) and can be combined in any way.
– … additional current values and forecasts of individual locations (weather conditions, temperature, wind, precipitation) can be added.

– Forest fire hazard and grassland fire index
– Information on thermal sensation and increased UV intensity
– Model forecasts for warning relevant events such as storms, continuous or heavy precipitation
– Display of user messages for various weather events (thunderstorm, wind, tornado etc.) plus registration option with photo function

What’s New:
Thanks for the many weather reports!
We have improved the performance of the visualization and fixed crashes of the app.

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Download Popup Ad Detector-Detect ad showing outside of app v2.1.1 [Unlocked]

Popup Ad Detector-Detect ad showing outside of app v2.1.1 [Unlocked]
Requirements: Android 4.1+
**IMPORTANT: This app does not block pop-up ads and not detect in-app pop-up ads. It will not tell you which app contains ads either. It only indicates which app is causing pop-up ads.

Are you tired of finding which app causes pop-up ads?

Popup Ad Detector comes to the rescue, it can detect:
1.Lock screen ads.
2.Home screen ads.
3.Ads over other apps.
4.Notification bar ads(Airpush detector).

How it works:
When you setup, you will see a floating icon on the screen.
The next time an ad pops up, it will indicate which app the ad is originated from.
Then you can easily uninstall that app so no more pop up ads anymore!

In order to make Popup Ad Detector work properly, You must:
1. Grant Accessibility access.
2. Allow displaying over other apps.

Known issues:
The floating icon might make some app not clickable. To solve this problem, you need to manually disable the floating icon, and enable it when you’ve finished using that app.

If you find the intrusive app causing pop up ads, please leave a review to let others know Popup Ad Detector does a good job!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me at I’ll reply to you asap.

What’s New:
Popup Ad Detector – Help you figure out what app was sending you pop-up ads.

Added Dark Theme.

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Mirror :

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Download Auto Skip Ads Pro v1.0.8 [Pro]

Auto Skip Ads Pro v1.0.8 [Pro]
Requirements: Android 5.0+
This app helps you automatically skip the youtube ad when it has played 4 ~ 6s (It qualifies to ignore ads)

+ It also helps you to turn off the sound when the ad starts and reopen the sound when the ad ends
+ Control and have a specific chart with each use of Youtube application, start time – end time of the day, number of times to skip ads.
+ Nice interface smooth and without ram for applications running in the background.

* This app uses Accessibility services
We request this permission to automatically skip ads of youtube

What’s New:
Release version 1.0.8
Quick fix crash app when donate or upgrade pro version. So sorry for this issue.

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