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The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have: The Hyde School Program for Character-Based Education and Parenting by Laura Gauld, Malcolm Gauld
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Overview: For families, educators, corporations, and communities, The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have is nothing less than a new paradigm for reconnecting education with core values. With more than thirty-five years’ experience at Hyde, an organization of internationally known, award-winning schools and programs, Laura and Malcolm Gauld argue persuasively that true education for our children springs not just from seeking good grades and achievements but from reestablishing a true commitment to character, attitude, and a sense of purpose.

The Hyde program emphasizes ten core beliefs – the school’s 10 Priorities – that address how families can find the right balance between character and achievement. The results have been nothing short of astonishing: Children of all abilities and from every background have succeeded far beyond any expectations of them, both personally and academically, thanks to what they and their families have learned at Hyde.
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