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Siren’s Debt by Richard Amos (Dylan Rivers Chronicles Book 1)
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Overview: What do you do when you’re the last of your kind, hunted every day of your life?
Become a famous pop star!
Dylan Rivers is the last siren in existence. His family were slaughtered by the evil oil barons, his homeland ravaged and stolen from him. He is a target for hatred, the last thorn in the side of those who just want to see him a corpse.
For him to survive is the biggest middle finger to his enemies. He could hide in the dark, be terrified of his own shadow, but that isn’t Dylan Rivers.
Music is Dylan’s life, as are the pleasures that can be found with his celebrity lifestyle—good food, beautiful clothes, fabulous parties, and gorgeous men. He particularly enjoys the company of his two favourite bodyguards—a handsome fae and a delicious werewolf—who are always on hand to look after his body in more ways than one.
Something is stirring
Pleasure of the flesh drowns out pain, pushes away the sting of broken memories. He cannot fully remember what had happened to bring down his once glorious realm, but one day the opportunity to discover the full truth presents itself, and everything points to him.
Dylan must travel the river of prophecy…
There is change in the air, whispers on the water. His life is about to be turned upside down, for the idea of hope has risen…
The last siren has a debt to pay…
Genre: Romance MM


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