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The Venus Assault by Felix R. Savage (Sol System Renegades Book 1)
Requirements: epub reader, 331 kb | 2019 Reissue
Overview: New REVISED edition of the hit space opera series starter! (Previously published as The Galapagos Incident)
Our most powerful AI has gone rogue. Now it lurks on Mars, hurling stealth fighters through space to challenge humanity’s control of the solar system.
Nowhere is safe.
But we refuse to give in to terror. In the shadow of the AI’s genocidal war on humanity, the Space Corps continues its mission of supporting human settlers in space.
One young Space Corps agent, Elfrida Goto, is about to face her toughest job yet. Based on a Venus orbital, she must evict thousands of colonists from a hollowed-out asteroid targeted for destruction.
Wherever you go, the war will find you.
Elfrida faces an unprecedented ordeal when the enemy assaults Venus. Trained as a communicator, she must now become a soldier, fighting to save the asteroid colonists … and her own life.
The PLAN will not be complete until the last human dies.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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