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Heir of Wings and Flame by Deneka Bullock (The Four Guardians Book 1)
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Overview: In Eratia, you’re either magical or human, and being human makes you unnecessary here. 22-year-old Viri Harper used to pray to the gods for magic powers, but when those prayers went unanswered, she decided being human wouldn’t stop her from living to the best of her ability – even if her mother felt that clubbing and being a jewel specialist didn’t really equate to living one’s best life.

Viri disagreed. That is until she received a cryptic request to find a lost jewel for a mysterious woman. That’s the thing about cryptic requests in a magical city – they usually come with more than you bargained for. But she’d rather trek through a forest than remain home after her best friend’s engagement party and get hit with questions about her lack of a love life.

But that forest contained secrets. Secrets long forgotten. Secrets that revolve around her… and those secrets are seriously a whole hell of a lot more than she bargained for. Amidst a captivating landscape of intrigue, danger, and ancient wisdom, Viri realizes that her prayers for magic may have been answered in a way she never expected.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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