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Primal Igniting by Melody Rose (Prime Shifter Academy 4)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 528 kb
Overview: Something wicked this way comes…

With the help of the Cintamani Stone, things are almost back to normal for my mates and me. Well, as normal as the five of us were ever going to get. But as classes resume, more than one thought pulls me from enjoying the sliver of peace we fought for…

Is it the sea-green eyes of the Sea Clan’s devilishly handsome leader? Or is it something else… a shadow over the horizon that threatens to drag me back into the sea? Only this time, it’s a sea of despair.

We might have restored the stone and restored the world, but something inside of my spirit is broken, something on black wings that might snuff out the phoenix for good.
Genre: Fiction > Romance


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