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Empire of Blood and Sand by Alister Hodge
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Overview: In a brutal desert empire, Jael Crowfeeder survives as a Beast Hunter. Last of his kind and despised by society, he’s betrayed and thrown in prison just as a legion of man and monster storm the border. Forcibly conscripted, Jael will soon wet his sword in the front lines. Standing against the invaders is General Larika, warrior princess and heir to the throne. As monsters of legend tear a bloody rent through her soldiers, a treasonous knife readies to strike. Defeat is a breath away. The enemy have harnessed an ancient magic that turns the order of man and beast on its head, a magic created by Jael’s ancestors that only he might break. Jael is torn. Larika may become a worthy Queen but can he fight for an empire that slaughtered his people?
Praise for Empire of Blood and Sand:
“With Empire of Blood and Sand, a monstrous tale of betrayal, blades, beasts, and bloodlust, Hodge proves his mettle as a master of military sword and sorcery. Jael Crowfeeder is the hero we all need right now.” – Lee Murray, Bram Stoker Award®-winner and author of Into the Mist.
“A glorious ride through monster-filled deserts with the last of the reviled Scalzini beast hunters. Hodge weaves war and political gain, betrayal and loyalty into a dark tapestry brimming with forbidden magic, and characters you want to ride alongside into battle, and others you’d like to force-feed your blade. Empire of Blood and Sand launches you into a world of magic and monsters that will have you clamouring for more.” – Amanda J Spedding, Shadow Award winning author and editor
“Part grimdark epic of political machinations in a darkly realised broken world, part exploration of the trauma of war and the trials of identity. With monsters and magic. Compelling stuff.” – Alan Baxter, award-winning author of Devouring Dark and The Gulp.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Empire of Blood and Sand by [Alister Hodge]

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