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Arcana Unlocked Series by Gregory Blackburn (1-2)
Requirements: epub/azw3/mobi reader, 538 KB
Overview: I craft worlds and write novels in the LitRPG genre.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


1. Unbound – A game too good to be true. A golden opportunity. A nightmare he can’t escape.
If Arthur Mallory plays one more steaming pile of garbage disguised as a virtual role-playing game, he might hang up his gaming hat for good. When he discovers the new “deep dive” game Worlds Unbound, he decides it might be worth a try. If it sucks, he’ll just return it the next day and cancel the financing.
The game is everything he could have wanted, even without elves or dwarves or character creation. The magic system has him hooked.
He’s willing to overlook the mangled sleep schedule and crippling nightmares if it means feeling that power running through his veins. But when an accident leaves his headset broken, he realizes he might be cut off from the magic – and the game – for good.
He’s not going to let that happen.

2. Shackled – His home forgotten. His trust betrayed. His dreams within reach.
Korrash, an Adventurer from the kingdom of Eastmere, is bored. In the weeks since the pitched battle with the Ghoul Nurse-matron, he’s cleaned up so many vampire infestations that he’s on auto-pilot. He’d rather be out honing his Heroic magic into something truly Legendary.
Occasionally, he remembers that his name is Arthur Mallory: a real person with a family, and maybe even some friends. Trapped in this virtual world, his attempts to log out have ended only in failure and migraines. It’s easier to just forget, especially with otherworldly invaders draining Nightfall’s aether – the source of his beloved magic. He must embrace every source of power he can find if he expects to stop them.
As that power begins to change Korrash, will there be enough of Arthur left to rescue?

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