Download Corporate Takeover: Part One by Lyka Bloom (.mobi) – Adult

Lyka Bloom
Requirements: .MOBI reader, 399KB
Overview: Tom Collinsowrth has never had to work an honest day in his life. His selfishness at work and home becomes the spark that ignites a terrible fight between Tom and his wife, Emily.

With his furious wife out of town, Tom agrees to go on a corporate retreat. Finding the accomodations staffed by gorgeous women, Tom and his fellow businessmen hardly suspect the fate that awaits them.

They soon learn that their friends and family have senetenced them to experience life as women of their own choosing, and Tom must fight to retain his identity, even as a new personality – Katie – begins to take over.

CORPORATE RETREAT: PART ONE follows Tom as his feminization begins, including his first time with a boy! A taboo tale of gender transformation, these are the first heeled steps of a man forced to dress as a woman and recognize that he is at the mercy of powerful femdom captors!

Genre: Fiction > Erotic (adult, erotica, gender swap)


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