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Choke!: Sporting Flops, Fiascos and Brain Explosions by Tony Davis
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Overview: A quirky, amusing look at the most infamously legendary moments in sports. With photos, breakout boxes, lists, and quotes, the book includes legendary letdowns such as Greg Norman’s assailing of his statistically unassailable position in the U.S. Open and Nigel Mansell’s famous giveaway of the Japanese Grand Prix to Nelson Piquet when he accidentally hit the engine kill switch. All major train wrecks of sport have been compiled here from around world: the cerebrally challenged competitors who decked the ref, bit their opponents, or simply burst into tears and couldn’t continue, and the fans who spectacularly interfered and changed everything. Fantastically unsuccessful cheats are also included, plus players and umpires who pocketed a fee for the right result, entire teams that took a dive in unison, and bizarre moments involving unexpected wildlife.
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