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Weekend Boyfriend by Dillon Hunter (The Reunion Book 1)
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Overview: “Taking a fake boyfriend to my class reunion? How many ways can this go wrong?”

Trevor Turner has a problem. Newly single and with a class reunion just a couple of weeks away, all of his old high school friends are about to find out that his picture perfect life is actually falling apart. Except maybe nobody has to know. Maybe Trevor can still have his cake and eat it, too.

“Pretending to be gay to score a free trip home? Nothing to worry about, right?”

Wyatt Hayes never expected that his life would be this hard. The modeling contract he’d scored was supposed to have been his ticket to the good life. Waiting tables and sharing a walk-up studio the size of a shoe box was never supposed to be part of the deal, but even those things are easier to stomach than constantly having to make excuses to his family to hide the fact that he’s too broke to visit.

“One weekend, no strings attached.”

But sometimes even the best laid plans can get a little tangled when faking it starts to feel a little too real…
Genre: Fiction > Romance MM


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