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Walking with Spirits: How to Work with Spirits and Get Consistent Results by Taylor Ellwood
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Overview: In Walking with Spirits, I share my process for connecting and working with spirits that enables you to get consistent results, while building collaborative relationships with the spirits you work with.

Working with spirits doesn’t have to involve the coercion of spirits that you find in conventional approaches to spirit work. What I share is an alternative approach that enables you to develop a friendly relationship with the spirits you work with and allows you to get results. Instead of trying to force a spirit to do something for you, you’ll learn the following:

How to create a rapport with spirits that allows you to become allies.

Why a co-equal relationship with spirits is better than any other type of relationship you could form.

What the problems are with conventional Western spirit work techniques such as what you find in the grimoires.

How to use experiential embodiment to connect with spirits.

How to use a simplified approach to invocation and evocation that allows you to work with spirits and get results.

If you’re ready to learn a different approach to working with spirits, where you don’t create enemies, and instead have life long relationships where you and the spirits from working with each other, Walking with Spirits will show you a different path for working with spirits that gets you results.
Genre: Non-Fiction > Faith, Beliefs & Philosophy


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