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Vacations End series by R.J. Murray (#1-2)
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Overview: When I was very young, I can vividly recall staring with fascination at the picture on the cover of a book my father was reading. I asked him what the book was about and he looked at me before saying "If you want to know what it’s about, then read it." So I did. That was the start of my fascination with books. While friends would be out playing football, I would be inside reading. I had discovered a rich and varied realm of imagination. Since that very first book I have rarely stopped reading for pleasure, yet as I grew older I realised that I wanted to share my own worlds, my own imagined adventures. I wanted to write my own stories. Which brings me to the present and my very first book, hopefully the first of many. I have always preferred Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror and I intend to take a look at these genres and more while I find my feet and learn more of the art of writing and telling a good story. I live in England with my youngest daughter and a vicious beast of a cat that my children lovingly call "Squeak."
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic | Dystopian | Zombies

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Vacations End (Book 1)
At the end of a wonderful mountain cabin vacation, Terri and Clive find themselves out of contact and their car not working. They set off down the mountain, headed back to town and slowly find things are not as they should be. While they were blissfully unaware, a previously unknown terrorist group have disrupted communications and unleashed a virus that not only makes people ill, but also extremely violent and contagious. The world they are returning to is one of hard choices and high risk. They will need to do everything that they can to survive in this tale of love and zombies.

The Journey Home (Book 2)
The small group of survivors holed up in a cabin in the mountains, have managed to survive for a couple of weeks but the Infected are moving in. Drawn out of the small towns and villages in search of food, they roam the forests and hills searching for those who aren’t infected. Forced to flee, they head out in search of other survivors and answers to their biggest question. What is happening back home, in England. A place they are all eager to return to.

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