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Uschi Series (#1-3) by Lesley Finch
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1. Uschi
“Uschi snapped open her back band of her bra under her blouse and detached the shoulder straps from the cups, then pulled the undergarment away from her body. Her delicious breasts resumed their inviting natural pout beneath the sheer fabric. ‘Have you never heard of the cause being the cure? Think of when we have our ‘flu jabs every year. They’re actually immunising us by giving us the ‘flu. And this is the same. The best cure for an obsession with tits is more tits. Tits everywhere. Tits, tits, tits, tits.’ She let hers shimmy gently under her blouse. ‘We can’t really come to work topless, but we can do the next best thing. Just think of all the downblouse glimpses, the nipple slips. Have you seen the weather forecast for next week? 27 degrees, Roger. We’ll be wearing our flimsiest, lowest cut tops, and the air conditioning in the office… brrr. Our nipples will be hard as diamonds, Roger darling.’”
When she discovers her manager’s policy to exclusively employ large-busted women, office worker Uschi decides to “cure” him of his fetish in her own unique way: through relentless overexposure. But as the experiment begins to spiral out of control, it could be that Uschi’s approach is actually turning her manager into a bigger pervert than before!
The novel “Uschi” is another saucy satire from Lesley Finch on how women and men come to terms with the outward physical characteristics that make them so desirable. The author makes no guarantee that readers’ own obsession with boobs will be cured.

2. Uschi Returns
Now managing the customer support line at Tempest Lingerie, Roger Addington’s breast fetish is well and truly catered for in a way he could never have dreamed. But when the company’s owner puts Roger in charge of improving his female staff’s attitudes to their own bodies, there is only one person he can think of to take on as a consultant: Uschi. Before long, she is up to her old schemes and getting Roger into a lot of sexy big-breasted trouble.
The sequel to Lesley Finch’s novel “Uschi” takes things much further!

3. Uschi Unlimited
Book 3 in the Uschi series. Since his ignominious departure from Tempest Lingerie, Roger has been living a life of celibate solitude for months. Until one day a classified ad, clearly written by Uschi, tells him that his old nemesis is setting up her long dreamed-of business venture, and soon Roger inveigles his way into the unlikeliest of roles working for her. Inevitably, this being Uschi, and this being a Lesley Finch book, this business venture involves boobs, more boobs than ever.
If the previous two novels in the Uschi series struck you as, frankly, unlikely, then brace yourself for the most preposterous breast-obsessed caper yet.

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