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Training the Trophy Wives (Part III of Seduced Trophy Wives) by Jordan Church / Narrated by Samantha Stroker
Requirements: .M4A/.M4B reader, 47 mb
Overview: Joy, Brookley, Prisha, and Andrea are four beautiful trophy wives who live in the same rich neighborhood. Their days of comfort, style, companionship, and boredom were interrupted when new neighbors moved in to the fanciest mansion in the neighborhood. Extremely unusual neighbors. Leila and Tiara. Two women with dyed hair, body tattoos, and augmented breasts who look like lead actresses in porn movies. The two newcomers have a dark mission and plans for the four trophy wives: the trophy wives’ seduction and total submission.

The newcomers are sadistic, cruel, into bondage and discipline, and lesbian domination of submissive women…whether the women know or agree that they are submissive or lesbians. Can the trophy wives team up to resist Leila and Tiara’s temptations and manipulations, or will they fall prey to domination and ultimately become more useful submissive creatures for the evil pair of dominants?

The new mistress-seductress neighbors want more and more trophy wives to submit and want more and more from them if they do submit. Their ambitions and expectations are overwhelming and over the top. They would like to use the trophy wives against each other to break them down, obtain their submission, and to get them to acknowledge Leila and Tiara as their new mistresses.

Can the trophy wives stay loyal to themselves, to each other, and to their husbands?

In the third book, the full scope of the mistress’s plans for the trophy wives are disclosed at last. The fate of each of the four trophy wives and of the two strippers the mistresses have acquired are revealed.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction /Erotic


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