Download The Witch and the Werewolf by Michele Hauf (.ePUB)

The Witch and the Werewolf by Michele Hauf (The Decadent Dames #3)
Requirements: Epub reader, 2.70 Mb
Overview: The werewolf’s fate rested in the witch’s hands . . .

Mireio Malory is a quirky witch who’s on a quest to complete a dark spell that will grant her immortality – at the expense of using a live vampire’s heart in the spell. She’s ready to conjure that dangerous and life-changing spell, until she meets a lone werewolf and beekeeper.

Lars Gunderson has secrets of his own. His alpha allure is obvious, but Mireio senses that there’s something more to him than his raw sexiness. When Lars entrusts her with a devastating revelation, Mireio has to make a choice. Will she now sacrifice the most potent magic she’s ever worked on to be with the man she loves?
Genre: Romance, Paranormal


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