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The Unicorn series by Mia Moore (#1-#4)
Requirements: Epub reader/Azw3 reader, 1.49 Mb
Overview: Mia Moore is a new time author making her debut with 22. This book means everything to her, and it is her pride and joy. 22 took two years to write and fully edit. Her daughter, Payton Moore, helped edit with the grammar.
Genre: Erotic Romance


1. No Strings Attached
Erica’s girlfriends want to meet the right guy, settle down and raise families. Reasonable goals for women in their late 20’s. But not for Erica. She’s a rising star in her engineering firm, due for a major promotion. She’s spent her life since graduation living and working around the world and loves her life.
A Saturday night dare leads the three women to visit The G-Spot, an elegant swinger’s club. They’ll go in, have a drink, have a giggle watching the action, and leave. At the last minute, Erica’s ‘wannabe housewives’ friends chicken out, leaving her alone at the entrance.
Erica enters the club and learns most of her assumptions about swingers were wrong. In a good way. In a very, very VERY good way!

2. Running with the Bulls
Erica visited a swinger’s club on a Saturday night where the patrons are mostly married couples. What’s a professional career woman, whose success and beauty intimidates most men, supposed to do when she wants sex? She was treated like royalty. Unicorns usually are.
She’s been advised by her new friends Sherri and Richard to try a Friday ‘Bulls’ Night’ when single guys attend. THAT could be fun! The evening starts out rocky when she encounters a co-worker, Mike, who is also an old flame. Their affair ended badly and worse yet, would he say anything at work about seeing her at a swinger’s club?
She rejects his advances and despite her concerns, she experiences the most erotic night of her life. But Mike isn’t through with her yet. Her worst fear of word getting out at work is borne out and he isn’t through hurting her yet.

3. Drawn to You
In Unicorn 2, ‘Running With The Bulls’, we met Buckley, a rising star in the police department. Like a Blue Knight, he effortlessly got her out of one hell of a jam. Afterwards, they discovered new realms of passion.
The attraction is overwhelming and mutual. She’s 29 and it’s about time she had a boyfriend! And to think, they got together because of her being a Unicorn—that rare creature who’s a single woman in the Swinger Lifestyle.
It can be hard for a man to get his head around the concept of Swinging especially when he’s falling hard. What kind of woman is Erica anyway? Having sex with strangers? Maybe he doesn’t get it, but does he even want to try to understand?
Erica’s confused and hurt. How could such a man, a man so talented, strong and smart be so prejudiced? He’s never been to a club, only heard about them! He doesn’t even want to try to accept the deep friendships she’s formed there!
Will she always be a Unicorn?

4. Time to Say Goodbye
It was supposed to be No Strings Attached, right? It started out as a one night stand, but it didn’t take long for Erica and Buckley to realize that they had something special. Erica didn’t have to sacrifice joy on the altar of her career. She still was on the fast track for advancement, and now with Buckley, her life was complete. They could even start planning a future.
In a single day, unprecedented opportunity comes wrapped up in calamity. Erica has to decide which will be more important- the career she’s been developing for the last eight years, or this love that’s been flourishing for the last eight weeks? Her dilemma tears open old wounds for Buckley she never knew about. How could life be so unfair?

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