Download The UnFolding Collection Three by S.K. Randolph (.ePUB)

The UnFolding Collection Three by S.K. Randolph (#13-15)
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 79.2 mb
Overview: The Unfolding races toward its climax

Intermingled within its currents, a galactic drama intensifies. On the surface of the fountain Elcaro’s Eye, pictures flash and disappear:
Esán and his friends, pursued by the Mindeco from RewFaar and a vicious creature from the planet TreBlaya, stumble over knee-high roots of giant trees in an effort to escape. A rumbling howl pushes them faster. If only they could teleport.

The raven Karrew sits on a makeshift perch, his injured wing taped to his side. Around him, ghosts of DerTah’s most violent criminals hover, empty eyes staring. Distantly, he remembers the life he once led…distantly…

Wolloh, High DiMensioner od DerTah, lays in an unconscious stupor. Only Relevart, the VarTerel of the Inner Universe, has the knowledge to help. Where is he?

Flames fill the fountain’s bowl. A long hiss echoes through Veersuni. The fire fades. Red eyes of death search the sanctuary. “Almiralyn, come to me.”

Water spills from alabaster palms erasing the image, but not the evil intentions of The MasTer’s Reach.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


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