Download The Truth (The Disturbance, #3) by Brandon Q. Morris (.MP3)

The Truth (The Disturbance, #3) by Brandon Q. Morris / Narrated by Greg Tremblay
Requirements: .MP3 player, 643 mb
Overview: No one has ever ventured deeper into space than the astronauts of Shepherd-1. The aim of their mission: to witness the creation of the cosmos and to see who had a hand in it.

The answer never reaches Earth. Shepherd-1 looks functional but abandoned. Former crew member Benjamin sets off and sends his consciousness to the spaceship. Although an enemy throws clubs between his legs, he finds the culprit. The fact that there appears to be no remedy whatsoever does not remain his only problem: The ship, which is about to be destroyed, suddenly receives radio signals from interstellar space.

Benjamin has only one chance: he must join forces with his adversary to ward off the danger to his friends and Earth and hopefully uncover the final truth in the process.

The Truth is the grand finale of the Disturbance trilogy.
Genre: Audiobooks > Fiction


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