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The Seven Razors of Ockham: An Utterly Gripping Crime Mystery Thriller Full of Twists by Roger Ormerod
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Overview: How could a harmless raffle for the local hospital put the lives of seven people under threat from a crazed serial killer?

The town of Ockam is proud of its long history. Famed for forging weapons in various wars, its residents are sticklers for heritage and tradition.

When the town’s Mayor, Bert ‘Slasher’ Harris, decides to choose the seven winners of a raffle in reverse order, the local crowd demand fair play.

As the angry mob becomes increasingly violent, the town’s most highly prized possession, the historic seven razors of Ockam, are stolen.

These seven cut-throat razors are each engraved with a day of the week… seven razors for seven attacks.

An anonymous killer is targeting the prize-winners, picking them off one day at a time.

It is up to Inspector Ralph Tomkins and Detective Constable Tony Finch to work out the identity of the slasher behind these seemingly unstoppable attacks before all the razors have been used.

Each target is kept under closely-watched police guard, yet the murders continue. Can Inspector Tomkins and DC Finch find the killer before the week is up?
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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