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The One Who Got Away by Bethany Bloom
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Overview: ** Have you ever wondered about the one who got away? The person from your past whom you’ve never quite managed to stop thinking about? What would happen if that certain someone returned—today? **
Olivine Eriksson never needed a man until Henry Cooper tumbled into her path. And just as Olivine falls for him, Henry vanishes. Mysteriously and completely.
Fast forward ten years. Olivine has given up, finally, on fairy tales of the re-emerging lover and, as the clock on her living legacy ticks away, she decides to move on and begin planning her wedding to Paul. A surgeon and humanitarian, Paul is helping her to lead the life they’ve dreamed of together. Loving him makes perfect sense. He needs her, and he has plans for her. Big, important plans. And Olivine wants nothing more than to live a big, important life.
But a twist of fate and a mysterious intervention brings Henry back to Olivine’s idyllic mountain village and in search of the only woman he has ever loved.
His return triggers Olivine to remember the wide-eyed, wilder woman she once was and to recognize the ways she has distorted herself to fit into her perfect life with Paul. Now Olivine must choose between the man who will give her everything and the man who proves she needs nothing.
A wise and deeply moving portrait of a woman rediscovering the power she once held, The One Who Got Away is a masterful love story that will remind readers how fate can change in the blink of an eye. Will Olivine decide what she truly wants before she loses it all?
Genre: Romance


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