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The Liberal Arts Techie: How to Break Into Your First Startup Job by Austin Gunter
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Overview: The Liberal Arts Techie is the book you need in order to break into your first job in a tech startup. The Liberal Arts Techie is packed with lessons learned from interviewing at companies like Google, Uber, Facebook, and more, so that whether you’re looking to get your first job out of school, you want to make a career change, or you already have a decent job but want to get an edge in a competitive job market, reading the book will get you to the next stage of your working life. The Liberal Arts Techie is designed to give you everything you need to know to level up your career by getting a challenging and exciting job at a tech startup, regardless of whether you got a fancy computer engineering degree or not. You’ll learn the words people include in their resumes that destroy their chance of getting an interview, and learn what to replace them with so you WILL get an interview. You’ll learn how to take your life experience outside of the tech world and make it relevant to a startup job. You’ll understand how startups interview candidates, what questions they ask, and the characteristics that will make you successful in your interviews, and help you crush the first 90 days of your job. You notice that you’re more confident about your job prospects, and feel fantastic knowing that no matter what happens to your current job (or to the economy) that you have what it takes to create an amazing job for yourself. Having this confidence in you career will transform every aspect of your life. You’ll make more money. You’ll come in contact with more world class men and women from all over the world. You’ll expand your horizon of what is possible. You can live this life. The Liberal Arts Techie will show you how.
Genre: Business/Resume/Job Hunting


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