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The Leak by Denis Redmond (Dennis Royle #1)
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Overview: Rejection of a considerable donation to the government, an animal rights raid and six mysterious deaths. What is the connection?

In a small community, six unexplained deaths baffle the police. Could an excessive donation to the government from chemical giant Biomed hold the answer? Chairman, Roland Balmer, asks ‘security consultant’ Dennis Royle to investigate.

Pivotal to the deaths, the police identify a modified nerve agent. Biomed denies involvement. As deception mounts, detectives place the victims’ families under house arrest, bringing deeper distress to the bereaved.

A leaked letter to the local paper sets young reporter Stuart Francis on the trail. His findings attract Julia Havers, an investigative journalist from a national daily. Will she and Dennis Royle expose the truth?
Genre: Fiction > Mystery/Thriller


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