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The First Time (Broken Boys #1) by Zane Menzy
Requirements: .ePUB reader, 224 kB
Overview: You only get one first time.

Mike Freeman is a self-assured teen who thinks he knows everything. But he has one big weakness—abandonment issues. Which is why he is struggling after his best friend moves away unexpectedly. He turns to Jockey Savage for company, a scruffy stoner dude who Mike usually only visits on Friday nights for the pair’s secret bro-job arrangement.

Mike is ashamed of the arrangement. Not because he’s getting sexual relief from another guy, but because of who the guy is. Jockey Savage is an oddball and a pervert, and if anyone found out about the purpose of Mike’s Friday night visits then he would be the joke of the town—just like Jockey is.

Up until now their arrangement has been a one-way street, all in Mike’s favor. But that might change with Jockey’s twenty-first birthday fast approaching, especially when the birthday boy asks Mike for a special present. The sort of present that if Mike isn’t careful could see the pair going all the way for the first time…
Genre: Romance MM


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