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The Crimson Vampire Coven series by B A Stretke (#5-6-9-11)
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Overview: B.A. Stretke began writing when a fifth-grade teacher told him he couldn’t. That same stubbornness and drive led to the discovery of an actual talent. B.A. spends his days reading, engaging in sarcasm, and plotting ways to trap a rich Canadian husband so he can buy his mother a Lamborghini. He has dreams of being a schoolteacher and a novelist, as well as having a closet big enough to hold his obsessive collection of cardigans. B.A. writes to escape the mundane small town life—that same drive to write the great American novel never dying.
Genre: Paranormal Romance MM

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The Vampire Code #5: Benjamin Franklin Johnston is still reeling from the loss of his job and wondering what to do with his life when he shows up on the doorstep of his best friend Chris Hawthorne’s newly inherited Victorian mansion in Crimson, Virginia. He’s come to help Chris settle in and ends up getting much more than he bargained for. He finds himself in the middle of a supernatural battle and in the arms of a man named Raul, a security man for the Crimson Corporation. The very Corporation that bought out his employer and handed him a pink slip, essentially ruining his professional life. Ben doesn’t forgive easily and holds a grudge longer than anyone, but something about Raul has his defenses faltering. There is something different about Crimson, Virginia and there is something different about Raul that has Ben craving more. Can Ben let his anger go and give Raul a chance? Or will suspicions and mystical forces be the end of them?

Raul Abella has never been called an easy man. He’s gruff and to the point, sometimes too much so. He got off on the wrong foot with Chris Hawthorne, letting his prejudices get the best of him and now he finds himself drawn in a way he has never been before to this man Ben Johnston, who just so happens to be Chris’s best friend. Raul is certain he won’t be getting a glowing review from Chris, but he’s determined to capture the heart of Ben Johnston, his forever chosen love. The going is slow, Ben’s defenses are hard to penetrate, but Raul is willing to put in the work. Raul knows his position within the Crimson Corporation and the true nature of himself and his coven will be hard for Ben to believe, but he knows he must try if he wants a chance with his forever love. Raul may be gruff and at times off-putting, but he has the heart and soul of a warrior – he never gives up.

The Crimson Sorcerer #6: The Coven is in turmoil. Three casters escaped from their cells and have cursed Master Stone’s chosen and their unborn child. They killed an unsuspecting soldier before they were dispatched by Master Stone and his right-hand man Cullen Volakis. The Coven now must figure out how to break the curse before it takes the life of the unborn heir to the Crimson Coven. Tobias Yates has spent the last twenty years serving on the Vampire Council, but has returned home to find his beloved coven shaken to its core. Cullen finds a solution to their problems. A Sorcerer of great power can break the curse, but only for a price. Tobias, a man who hates anyone and anything practising magic must now act as bodyguard for this mystical man. Tobias’s parents were murdered by a witch, and he has spent his life making every caster he can find pay for her crimes. The Sorcerer he must now guard is more than meets the eye and Tobias finds himself yearning for the slender young man. Could this be his chosen? Can he make a life with this man or will his prejudice destroy everything before it can even begin?

Lucian Lemaire is the only Sorcerer left walking the earth. At the age of nineteen he is parentless and alone, but for a woman with a heart of stone acting as his guardian, although she acts more like a pimp. She extracts money out of people requiring the extraordinary magic that only a Sorcerer can provide. After his Father’s death, he bound Lucian to this woman, Joan Clinesmith, to repay a moral debt. He must serve her as long as she walks the earth. Lucian is a man trapped in a gilded prison. When he arrives at the Crimson Coven to rid them of their curse he is met by suspicion and hostility, two things he has come to expect from his life. He would love nothing more than to experience the kind of respect and love the Crimson Coven has for each other, but as long as Joan Clinesmith pulls his strings he is nothing but her marionette. Tobias Yates is the only one who can break through and reach his heart, but he can feel the hate and the anger beneath Tobias’ guarded exterior. Do these two have a chance at forever love? Or will pride, duty, and prejudice once again ruin everything?

The Crimson Beta #9: Death has taught Jai Livingstone to never take anything in life for granted. Saved from the clutches of death at the hands of a caster by the Sorcerer Lucian, Jai is now a highly regarded Crimson Guard. He is determined to distinguish himself and never again let his soft heart be his undoing. After coming back from the other side, Jai now possesses enhanced abilities that allow him to see the evil intent within people’s hearts. These powers make him a critical asset to the security of the Crimson Coven as Master Stone’s chosen Quinn’s pregnancy comes to term. This birth has inflamed the paranormal world, and there are dark forces at work willing to do everything they can to bring down the Crimson Coven. As allies are now under threat from the Coven’s enemies, it will be all up to Jai to level the playing field and give Crimson a fighting chance at survival. When he meets his chosen, the strong-willed first Beta of the Savage Mountain Wolves, his strength will be tested. Can he hold on to his life and his love, or will he have to lay it all on the line for the Crimson Coven?

Levi Drayman never knew he was lonely until Jai Livingstone walked into his life. His pack was under threat from magical forces and right in the middle of the chaos, he finds his fate destined love. Levi isn’t a man who has ever been good at waiting, so he swoops in and makes his claim. He will soon find out that there is much more to Jai than meets the eye and there are so many more questions than answers. These questions will send them both on a collision course with the most dangerous forces in the supernatural world. He has only just found his mate, how is he supposed just to let Jai go and risk it all?
No one ever said being loving a Crimson Guard would be easy.

The Demon Lord #11: Lord Nael DuFour, the Demon Lord, has been sealed in the Demon Sphere for a Millennia. The Dragon Stone has set him free. Little did Jai and his chosen Levi realize what they were unleashing when they made their deal with the Demon Lord to help save the Crimson Coven. Nael is just looking for a little fun when he drops in on the Crimson Plantation. A millennium away has made for a very bored Demon Lord. He worms his way into an invitation to stay at Crimson, much to the chagrin of Cullen Volakis, and is ready to lend some assistance in the Crimson Feud with Fane Minea and the Vampire Council. What Lord Nael is not expecting is the moment he catches the scent of his soulmate on the air. He has been trapped for so long he almost didn’t know what the scent and the feeling meant, until he laid eyes on the most beautiful creature in all the realms. Peter Deschamps, his soulmate. The patience and self-sacrifice of courtships do not come easily to a man like Lord Nael. He must learn to put his own desires second if he has any chance of winning his lover’s heart.
Peter Deschamps is the IT brain of the Crimson Coven operation. What he lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in unrivaled intellect. He is already two centuries old, although his small and slight stature makes him look much younger than his years. He has been waiting for his chosen, wondering when he would find the other half of his heart like many of his coven-mates had. What he does not expect is for the other half of his heart to be held by the Lord of the Underworld, the master of darkness Lord Nael DuFour. How can two people so different have any hope of coming together? Peter must defeat the fear of his own inadequacy if he has any hope of keeping his forever love. They are literally worlds apart, and they will stay that way if Peter’s courage continues to falter.
War and Death are coming to Crimson’s very doorstep. Courage is what they all need if they have any hope of survival.

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