Download The Bimbo Elixir Bundle: Books 4-6 by Claudia Daye (.ePUB)

The Bimbo Elixir Bundle: Books 4-6 by Claudia Daye
Requirements: ePUB reader, 144 KB
Overview: Claudia Daye is a Stepford style southern housewife with a naughty side. Purveyor of dirty stories. Gangbang queen. Welcome to her fantasy.
Genre: Fiction > Erotic > Bimbofication


The Bimbo Elixir continues to transform regular women into salacious bimbos in books 4-6. Each story features eye popping transformations, multiple male partners, and interracial action.

Stories include:

The Bimbo and the Billionaire
Carla is a cook who never minded her employer’s wandering hands up her skirt, or the liberties they took with her in their office. Now that she’s past her prime, her extra duties are a thing of the past. When her current employer, Mr. Goldman, offers her an elixir that will bring her back to her youth, she jumps at the chance. To make the offer even more exciting, Mr. Goldman says he and five of his friends would like the new Carla to be their entertainment for the night. After Carla drinks the elixir, she’s transformed into a full fledged bimbo, and goes to meet Mr. Goldman and his friends in his office. She soon finds out that the men have very particular tastes that she’s happy to indulge.

The Bimbo and the Frat
Zoe’s first year in college isn’t going well. She’d hoped to reinvent herself from the shy, studious person she’d been in the past, but she’s falling into old habits. Her roommate, Michelle, obtains an elixir that she claims will help Zoe cut loose at the frat party they plan to attend that night. The elixir is a bigger help than Zoe could have ever suspected. Once she drinks it, she turns into a full fledged bimbo! With her new body, she also experiences intense cravings for the one thing she’s never had. Luckily, at the frat party, there’s plenty of opportunity to satisfy that craving!

Sharing the Bimbo Hotwife
Charlotte’s marriage is in trouble, and her husband, Evan, is convinced that the only way to save it is for him to see Charlotte with another man. Evan’s so ready to be a cuckold, he even sought out the perfect stud, a muscular black adonis who could be a male model. Charlotte thinks her potential stud is hot, but her conservative attitudes are making her hesitant. To solve her problem, Evan obtains the Bimbo Elixir. Once Charlotte drinks it and she turned into a full fledged bimbo, she can’t wait to go out and meet her stud. When Evan and Charlotte get there, she finds three other men who want to get in on the action. Evan is stuck watching these hulking black men take his wife, hard and without protection, right before his cuckolded eyes.

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