Download The Awakening: Part Two by Michael Timmins (.ePUB)

The Awakening: Part Two by Michael Timmins (The Lycan War Saga)
Requirements: .ePUB Reader | 388 kb
Overview: The world is awakening

The monsters of myths and fairytales walk among us.

While Clint, Shae, Kat and Blain awaken to their powers, the others have too. Realizing that they are not like everyone else, and that they aren’t alone.

Samuel, who was once known as Syndor, has managed to survive all these years preparing for Kestrel’s spell and her arrival.
Five of the original eight bloodlines have awoken, but what of the others? How will their awakening happen?

Sylvanis continues to grow at a rapid rate, much to the bafflement of her parents, but her body recognizes the need and responds. Now, she must make a desperate gamble to call out to her Lycans, knowing Kestrel will be able to find her if she does.

Blood has been spilled already, but the war has only just begun!
Genre: Dark Fantasy


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