Download Succubus Dungeon Series by Eden Redd (.ePUB)

Succubus Dungeon Series by Eden Redd (2-3)
Requirements: epub reader, 606 kb
Overview: Eden Redd has a supernatural lust for anything involving monsters and strange seductions. She often finds herself buried in a book, writing or daydreaming of far-off sexy worlds.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy


2. Divine Overlord – A pact sealed in dark magic, Lucian has now become a Dungeon Core and his life will never be the same in the digital fantasy world of Lukken.
Surrendering himself to the Succubus Queen, the former mage has been blessed and cursed to carry out Queen Systra’s commands of increasing her power and finding her eight elemental daughters. Their power added to his own, will make the Dungeon Core near unstoppable. But Lucian has his own plans of restoring balance to Lukken and fixing a world bathed in light.
Reborn deep underground, Lucian must create his dungeon, find the demon elementals and keep his few dwellers in line if he hopes to survive and lead the Queen’s dark crusade.
Can Lucian gather enough power before the surface world notices his presence and sends warriors to crack his very core?

3. Shadow Alliance – What is a Dungeon Core to do when the world wants you dead?
The recent raid on Lucian’s dungeon proved he will need more than power and cunning if he and his dwellers are to survive what’s to come. Lucian sends an envoy to a nearby kingdom to enlist their aid in his dark crusade. When he receives a cryptic message back, the dungeon core is intrigued and concerned.
Lucian and his succubi will be caught in kingdom politics, dungeon building and fighting for their lives as new and old enemies converge on his dungeon. Can Lucian gain allies and solidify his power before ancient enemies destroy his dungeon and everyone he holds dear?

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