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Stealth by John Hollenkamp (A Darren Mangan Thriller Book 1)
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Overview: From darkness things can creep up on you, and, before you know it, they devour you. A killer can do the same…

Darren Mangan is a big-city cab driver; his life runs a fine line between good and a little bad through his friendship with Johnno, a small-time drug dealer, bouncer and collector of shady debts…
One night, Darren breaks up a savage fight. The scrawny skinhead attacker is Martin Villier and he leaves a permanent impression… Darren will never forget the ghostly pale face, the lifeless, beady eyes staring into his. Like a foreboding…
A cache of handguns, promised to a ruthless biker gang, is stolen from Johnno. Martin escapes the city, the guns stashed in his bag. Loyalty to Johnno, and deepening feelings for Cate, a beautiful, ambitious detective on the trail of the bike gang, and their dangerous leader, Eddie, entangle Darren in a web of deceit and violent retribution. Unaware of Darren’s connection with Eddie, Cate walks a dangerous line which ultimately sends her on a path of no return.
Who will get to Eddie first? Cate or Darren?
In the background, Martin Villier is carving out his own future…
Life around Darren does full circle…it all started with Martin…and it all ends up with Martin as the last man standing…Or is it?

The decomposed body of a girl is discovered in a deep crevasse, a man is dead from a shot to the head, a kilo of high-grade cocaine is missing… Darren decides to take matters into his own hands and go after Martin. The only way to find him – follow the trail of bodies.
Genre: Mystery Thriller


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