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Star Wars: The Battle of Jedha (The High Republic) by George Mann / Narrated by Raphael Corkhill, Kristen Sieh, Jonathan Davis, Sean Kenin Elias-Reyes, Philip Hernandez, Catherine Ho, Sullivan Jones, January LaVoy, Saskia Maarleveld, Brandon McInnis, Salli Saffioti, Marc Thompson, Shannon Tyo
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Overview: After the events of The High Republic: Convergence, the Jedi travel to Jedha in this all-new Star Wars audiobook original.

Jedha. The worn streets of this ancient world serve as a confluence for the galaxy. Visited by all, yet owned by none. Here, the Jedi are but one creed among many worshipping and studying the Force. From the Guardians of the Whills to the Path of the Open Hand, countless beings come to learn, and to share, in peace.

As all of Jedha prepares for its Festival of Balance, the galaxy still reels from the violence on Eiram and E’ronoh. But after foiling a plot to escalate the war between the two planets, the Jedi believe that a lasting peace may be within reach. Master Creighton Sun and Jedi Knight Aida Forte arrive on Jedha with delegations from both planets to formally end the “Forever War.” The Jedi hope that the harmony of Jedha’s many factions, along with the signing of a peace treaty, will create a symbol to the rest of the galaxy of what can be accomplished through unity.

But not all are happy with the Jedi’s involvement or ready to concern themselves with peace. Rumors begin to swirl that the Jedi bring war in their wake. The distrust and anger that for so long fueled the Forever War now threaten to corrupt the communities of Jedha. When violence breaks out on the sacred moon, the war that was meant to end on Jedha may soon engulf the entire world.
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