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Spirals of Fate by Tim Holden
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Overview: 1549 – A COUNTRY DIVIDED

Two years after the death of King Henry VIII, England is a turbulent realm. His son, Edward, the child monarch is too young to rule, and the government is factious. The nobility jostle for personal power and prestige. The treasury is empty and the elite of wealthy landowners are bent on exploiting the poor.


To prevail, Kett must bring order to the chaos, impose his own justice, overcome the deception and betrayal that surrounds him and stay true to his cause. As events spiral and disobedience sparks rebellion, can his leadership withstand the dangers and opportunities of a country struggling to leave its past and discover its future?



When a yeoman farmer from Norfolk, Robert Kett, finds himself at the centre of a local dispute, his impulsive actions plunge him into a precarious alliance with the dissenting commoners.
Genre: Fiction > Children/Young Adult Historical Fiction


Based on real events, will appeal to Ken Follet, CJ Sansom & Bernard Cornwell fans

Prepare to be gripped by a cast of characters that will have you rooting for them, and against them, as they each navigate one unruly summer. This riveting story effortlessly captures both the hardships of daily life and the political realities of Tudor England.

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