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Souls for the Master by John C. Adams
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Overview: In a dark world where inequalities of income and power appear insurmountable, people from the west of The Metropolis, like eighteen-year-old Ivy Spires and her older brother Valentine, are strictly segregated from easterners such as Trainee Surgeon Gerald Flint.
Ivy and Valentine are members of a resistance group that plans to right these injustices, but the authorities plan to strike first by infecting and incinerating people from the West in a bizarre act of sacrifice to their spiritual guide, The Master, who maintains the barrier. The Master operates a system of thought control to restrict easterners from challenging the political elite.
Genre: Fiction > Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Gerald operates on Rhea Ironbark, only daughter of hospital director Todd Ironbark. Rhea is secretly pregnant with Valentine’s child. Gerald’s father Senator Ian Flint and the senator’s ruthless young sidekick Hendra Tungsten encourage Todd to exploit Gerald’s medical prowess in the delivery of Project Omega. He is forced to vaccinate key personnel against a weaponized virus called Virion 1.
Valentine rescues Rhea from the hospital and takes Gerald to the West to provide the post-surgery care. Gerald is introduced to their teenage leader Don Allwood and learns of resistance plans to use cyber warfare to bring down the Master. The group narrowly avoids getting rounded up in the clearing of the ghettos. But will Rhea survive?
Ian Flint’s brother-in-law, Captain Frederik Nicobar of the SS Antilles takes control of the Umbra Archipelago, where the sacrifices will take place. He awaits the incinerator construction teams. His misgivings about Project Omega grow.
Valentine begins to hear voices from the Master. He agrees to assassinate Senator Flint in return for information about his parents. Ivy is captured and taken to the infection zone. Gerald and Don cross the border and Don activates sleeper agents to disable the East’s infrastructure. Don wages a propaganda war through Radio East. But will they be able to save the thousands being loaded onto ships bound for Umbra?

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