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Rescue Me by Karin Scott (Addicted to You #1)
Requirements: ePUB MOBI Reader, 580 Kb
Overview: They called her Vanity. She was a world-famous star successful in both the music and movie industries. She had it all, the lavish lifestyle, fame and fortune. Until one day, she disappeared. Kidnapped from her home and carried off into the dead of night by a stranger who hated her.
‘His gaze lingered over her body, spellbound, unable to look away. Her skin was flawless perfection, looking as soft as silk, asking to be touched. Her shoulders were drawn back, her carriage proud even now, in the weary early hours of the morning. Her breasts were full, not overly large but in perfect proportion to her body. Her waist narrowed, tight and flat, before widening to her hips and buttocks. And then her legs, her unforgettable legs. They were so very long. Statuesque. Magnificent.
She reached out, touched her mirrored image, finger to finger, hand to hand, connected. Her despondent gaze drifted over her reflection, measuring, displeased. Her poignant discontentment was palpable and drifted out into the night, encompassing him. He almost felt sorry for her, for what he was going to do to her. Almost.’
Genre: Romance


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